Amsterdam by Bite

Cannabis Users in Amsterdam
by Peter Cohen (CEDRO = Centrum voor Drugsonderzoek, Universiteit van Amsterdam). @ Cannabisgebruikers in Amsterdam, door Peter Cohen. Een voordracht over gebruikers van cannabis, voornamelijk in Amsterdam. Er is ook een Nederlandse versie[pdf].

CEDRO - Centrum voor Drugsonderzoek
The second largest drug research site in Europe, from the Univ. of Amsterdam. It provides research findings, articles, books and statistics on drugs, drug use, drug policy and drug distribution. The most important publications are translated into French, Italian, English, German, and of late, also into Russian. @ Het Centrum voor Drugsonderzoek van de Universiteit van Amsterdam presenteert onderzoeksresultaten, artikelen, boeken en statistieken over drugs en druggebruik, drugsbeleid en -distributie.

CoffeeShops in Amsterdam

St. Antoniesbreestraat 71.
Includes a menu that stretches over the seven seas of the world.

The Bulldog
Amsterdam The Bulldog created the awareness to de-legalize cannabis and is fighting for the legalization of cannabis.The Bulldog created "House Rules" which became the base of the Amsterdam soft drug policies and standards to grant soft drug licenses. The original Bulldog might be a bit passé now, but this is where it all began back in 1975. Some say it offers not the best cannabis in town, but the orange juice is still good.

La Canna
Nieuwendijk 121-5.
An informative site, including 'menu', prices, and some cool pictures.

Cum Laude
Langeburgsteeg 7a.

Nieuwendijk 19

De Dampkring
Only potheads may enter, but the animation on the front page is worth a visit cleanheads.

Dread Rock

Dutch Flowers
They don't say that they are the best and that their personnel is the kindest, but you are invited to convince yourself. Dutch Flowers specialize in grass and rare, high grade, hash. And they sell weed cigars.

Oude Hoogstraat 13.

Nieuwendijk 30. Internetcafe and coffeshop: surf and smoke.

Front Page
A typical tourist coffeshop where all nationalities meet.

Global Chillage
A nice chill-out lounge with a strong ambient vibe, including a shop stocking of weed and hash.

The Grasshopper
A nice place to hang out and to smoke a joint.

The Greenhouse Effect
Warmoesstraat 53-55.
Bring a printout of the homepage you'll get a special discount.

Green House
If you don't understand the message they are conveying, put fire in your joint...

The Grey Area
Oude Leliestraat 2
One of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

Homegrown Fantasy
Be sure to visit the toilet where the black light...

Rosmarijnsteeg 9.

'T Kruydenhuys

De Kuil
Oudebrugsteeg 27.

Lucky Mothers
Keizersgracht 665
Your mother will be happy when you eat a hempburger after after a good joint.

Machu Picchu
Amstel 36
After a classic English breakfast you can smoke like an Indian.

Bloemgracht 82

The Noon
Zieseniskade 22.
Between the Leidseplein and the Museumplein there's a coffeeshop that's best know for it's outstanding bong-hits. Always wanted to know how to roll a regular joint? This the place to learn it, in 10 steps.

The Rookies
Meeting friends close to the Leidseplein in a relaxed bar-coffeshop in art deco style.

Speak Easy
Oudebrugsteeg 4
It's easier to speak after a good smoke.

Oude Schans t.o. nr. 134
The only coffeeshop floating along the strands of the www.


Directories - Gidsen
Listings of coffeeshops in Amsterdam with address, phonenumber, description of admosphere, and services.
Lijsten met Amsterdamse coffieshops, met adres en telefoonnumber, beschrijving van sfeer en diensten.
Amsterdam Coffeeshop List
A partial list of the better knows coffeeshops.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory
A comprehensive guide to cannabis outlets in Amsterdam that informs you on more than 800 coffeeshops, plus an illustrated guide to 65 of the best ones. Includes a map of coffeeshop-Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Coffee Shop Guide
Presented by "The Smoking Team" in English, Italian and Slovenian.
A listing of coffee and grow shops in Amsterdam and the rest of Holland.

THCi - Coffeeshops index Amsterdam
A long list of coffeeshop adresses.

Drew's Cannabis Information Site
A page devoted to the campaign for the decriminalization of cannabis.

Drugs and Drugs Policy
General resources on drugs and drugs policy. @ Links naar sites over drugs en drug beleid (SocioSite).

Drugs policy in the Netherlands
From the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. @ Van het Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport (VWS).

Progress report on the drugs policy
From the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. @ Van het Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport (VWS).

Books and research papers concerning psychedelic drugs and their uses. @ Boeken en onderzoeksrapporten over psychedelische drugs en hun gebruik.

Get Lost!
The Cool Guide to Amsterdam is a listing of the coolest, cheapest, most interesting and delicious places in Amsterdam. For those who want to have a good time in alternative Amsterdam this underground guide is an absolute must. The site only provides updates of the written guide.

Global Seedbank
Where to buy cannabis seeds. Getting high after the next harvest. @ Verkoop cannabis zaden. High worden na de volgende oogst.

Helderheid, De
Are you drinking or smoking too much? Here's an organization that helps people with alcohol and smoking problems. @ Geeft trainingen en begeleiding aan mensen met alcohol- en rookproblemen en aan mensen die vastgelopen zijn. De site geeft informatie over alcohol en het stoppen met drinken en roken.

Information Systems on Addiction Care and Treatment (IVV)
Resources on addiction care and treatment in the Netherlands. @ Informatie over verslaving, verslavingszorg en -behandeling in Nederland. Gepresenteerd door de Stichting Informatievoorzieking Verslavingszorg. De database LADISis een landelijk informatiesysteem over alcohol en drugs.

Just Say Know!
The decriminalization of cannabis products for personal use allows people to enjoy a good smoke without police paranoia. Visit one of the many coffee-shops, order your drinks, check out the menu, choose from a variety of different kinds of hash, grass or pre-rolled joints, then light up and relax.
Information on coffeeshops and marihuana. @ Informatie over koffieshops en marihuana.

Mind's High
Information on drugs, the brains and different states of conciousness. @ Informatie over drugs, de hersens en de verschillende bewustzijnstoestanden.

Positive Grow
Growshop for lightsystems, lamps, soil, hemp seeds and hydro weed. Just put these things together, and wait untill you can see your own marijuana grow.

Sagarmatha: Psychedelic Gallery and Sagarmatha Seeds
Catalogs of seeds of medicinal plants and a concise pricelist of Cannabis seeds.

Sex, Drugs & Democracy
A feature-length, documentary film, explores the limits of personal freedom. The film takes an uncensored look at the unconventional approach to morality and politics in Holland with an outstanding soundtrack, featuring all American and Dutch indie bands. @ Een documentaire waarin de grenzen van de persoonlijke vrijheid worden verkend. De film geeft een ongecensureerd beeld van de onconventionele benadering van moraliteit en politiek in Nederland. Je kunt scenes van de film bekijken en het hele script van de film downloaden.

The Honest Cannabis informatinon site (THC)
THC offers cannabis news, an information section with international cannabis sites, a how-to-do section, and a shopping center with books and CDs. Dutch, English, German and French version. @ THC biedt nieuws over cannabis, links naar internationale cannabis sites, hoe-doe-ik dat instructies, en een winkel met boeken en cd's over cannabis. De site kent een Nederlandse, Duitse, Engelse en Franse versie.

Trimbos Instituut
Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction.