Amsterdam by Bite

You’ve problably heard about Amsterdam before. Some say that Amsterdam is a city of freedom, a place where almost anything that has ever been forbidden is possible, a postmodern Sodom and Gomorrah. You can do a lot in Amsterdam, but you surely can’t do anything, any time, everywhere. There are some rules, we do have a law and we do have some moral standards. We don’t like arrogance, aggression, intolerance and discrimination.

In a city with so many different kinds of people you have to learn to be tolerant. If there’s one thing most of us have learned, then it’s this: if you don’t accept the sociocultural diversities of your fellow citizens, you shouldn’t be surprised when some people, someday won’t accept your way of life anymore. Tolerance is not a luxury good for the happy few who want to defend their privileges, it’s a necessary rule of life for all of us.

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam, there are a lot of places you shouldn't miss. We have made a selection of information resources and interesting sites. It is not a complete view on digital Amsterdam and it is not a tourist guide. But you will find some of the most useful and remarkable sites.

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