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Introduction about High IQ - Celebrity and Criminal  with high IQ

Many people think that singers and artists are not as smart as those who choose academic professions. But many idols have demonstrated that stigma is wrong. These celebrities are not only incredibly intelligent but almost as high as their IQs - some equal - is the IQ 160 of Albert Einstein! There are 19 idols with incredibly high IQ here.

Not only are these stars brilliant and intelligent, they really are geniuses. Besides the big and little screens, several have also gained membership in Mensa, an international society for IQ-persons among the top 2% of the population. (The IQ is 100 in average; the IQ is 140 in high). These celebrities are therefore essentially part of a selected set of people who prove that smart is cool.

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19 Celebrities with high IQ

1. Masi Oka - 189 IQ

Having relocated into Los Angeles, California while he was a boy, actually, Masi was born in Tokyo, Japan. He  has an 189 IQ - an impressive figure, even above the term "genius". He is excellent at Japanese, English and German.  His hobbies are Japanese clasps, video games played, romance comedies watched and written, piano played and sang. Masi  attended Mirman School primary school and graduated from Harvard-Westlake School in 1992 

He graduated from Brown University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Informatics and Mathematics (with a minor in theater). He later worked as an expert on several top Hollywood films, including episodes I-III of the Star Wars series and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

2. James Woods - 184 IQ 

James Woods is most known for the performance of his voice, his work in the Family Guy, The Simpsons and the Hercules of Disney has been popular all over he world. He was awarded an MIT Baccalaureate, where he studied politics. But he stopped his study to pursue before graduation. Woods claimed to have an IQ of 184 in an interview with the program "Inside the Actor Studio" - considerably beyond the "genius" threshold. He's one of the high IQ celebrities.

3. Quentin Tarantino - 160 IQ

Quentin Tarantino has written some of the most successful movies in Hollywood critical and trade. Quentin Tarantino, a high school dropout, has an estimated IQ of 160, and that is reflected in her revolutionary film "Pulp Fiction." His intellect is apparent through his work, although Tarantino's minimal formal training is based on his artistic talent and staggeringly high IQ.

4. Matt Damon - 160 IQ

Matthew Paige Damon was born in 8 October 1970.  Because of his high IQ level, Matt Damon IQ is a successful American actor, film producer and writer. He is one of the most bankable stars according to  Forbes magazine and one of the wealthiest actors in history. During his tenure in the field, Damon has earned several awards, including an Academy Award from five nominations, two Golden Globe Awards from eight nominations, and has been nominated for two British Academy Film Awards and six Emmy Awards.

He is known as a child from Boston, starring in 'Good Will Hunting as a co-writer of an unfamiliar mathematical genius who purifies the school surrounding Ivy League.  Surely, perhaps this character was not such hard for Matt Damon, a genius with an high IQ of 160 who left Harvard for a task and was able to create the first script for Good Will Hunting in his English class. 

5. Epik High's Tablo - 160 IQ

Tablo is a famous Korean singer. He is noted for having an IQ of 160, which equals that of Einstein.  

Because of how often his family traveled abroad, Tablo was growing up in different schools. During his visit in Canada, before his family moved to the Seoul International School, he attended St.George's School in British Columbia.  He got admitted as a coterminal student at Stanford Institution, America's fourth-rank university. In just three years, he completed both his bachelor's in English and a master's in creative writing.

In the recent episode of tvN's "Problem Men," his high IQ and problem solving talents were once again highlighted. The cast was given an IQ problem/puzzle on 5 March, in which the situation was presented in a mixed order and the tester must correctly arrange it using visual indicators. 

Because the ordinary cast comprises Jun Hyun Mo, Ha Suk Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jang Woo, Tyler and Rap Monster, this task revealed a tape (A Curiosity of Y Star) showing that Tablo of Epik High's solved the identical issue four years ago just under 11 seconds.   The 20-second or less resolution of this issue means that you have an IQ of about 170. Though this is not a shocking news to longtime fans of Tablo, who is already known to have a high IQ.

6. Block B's Park Kyung - 156 IQ

Park Kyung has a 156 IQ, just four points behind Einstein's. He is one among the world's top 1% of the intelligent. Park Kyung is a member of Mensa International, the biggest and the oldest high IQ society in the world that is available exclusively to those who have a standardized IQ or an authorized intelligence test at the 98th percentile or above. 

Park Kyung is regarded as a prodigy of math – the people being seen; it accounts for just 0,0002% of the population! He attended a special school for geniuses as a high school student.

It is revealed that when the financial documents with earnings come out each month, Park Kyung calculated the numbers and broke them down accurately in real-time in his head.

7. Aisha Tyler - 156 IQ

The American actress, director, comedian and talk show host, Aisha N. Tyler (famously referred to in Andrea Marino in the first season of "Ghost Whisperer"). Her roles were all autonomous women's characters with their voices in films and television series like Criminal Minds, Lana Kane and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It turned her into an inspirational light among women fans. 

She holds a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host right now. Her voice has been used in great video games such as Halo: Reach and Watchdogs. Tyler is famous for a multitask woman, but what she isn't known for is the fact that she has an IQ of 156.

8. Sharon Stone - 154 IQ

The former model and star Sharon Stone initially made it big into the movie Basic Instinct in 1992 as Catherine Tramell, the accused serial murderer and bisexual temptress. The beauty pretended to be part of Mensa for many years, but she ultimately confessed in 2002 that it was a fraud. Stone is nonetheless said to have typically an IQ of 154 and a representative of Mensa said that if she applied, she probably would be admitted into the company.

9. Nolan Gould - 150 IQ

The youngest celebrity with the highest IQ in this list is Nolan Gould. Nolan's a Mensa member. At 13, he graduated from high school and intends to study online. Nolan is currently a renowned player and a skilled musician. 

The successful ABC comedy, the Modern Family, was best known to actor Nolan Gould for becoming Luke Dunphy. He is by far the youngest on the list at the age of fifteen, yet his IQ is among the highest. Nolan, a member of Mensa, was 13 years old in high school. He's one of the high IQ celebrities who might startle folks.

10. TVXQ's Changmin - 150 IQ

Changmin got a 150 IQ score, just lower than Einstein 10 points.  His IQ is sufficient to make it a genius. He placed third in the national high school graduation examination as a high school senior. Changmin went and studied postmodern music at one of Asia's leading universities, Kyunghee University. In 2011, he graduated in the Faculty of Film and Arts from Konkun University, one of the largest private institutions in Asia. He also graduated from Inha University with a Master degree.

11. BTS's RM - 148 IQ

RM has an IQ of 148.  While a student in secondary school, he tested the English skills of non-native speakers on the TOEIC, an international standardized examination, 900 out of 990. As a secondary-school student, he was among the 1% most likely to take language, math, foreign and social studies examinations at the national university. 

BTS joined UNICEF with the 2017 LOVE MYSELF Action Campaign to enhance the world via music and raise funding for the UNICEF #ENDviolence initiative. BTS was invited for the inauguration of Generation Unlimited in 2018 at the United Nations, and RM's emotive address rapidly attracted international notice. His eloquence and skill are certainly a tribute to his outstanding intelligence in such a nervous circumstance.

12. David Duchovny - 147 IQ

David Duchovny has an IQ of 147, it has been revealed in a show. In 1982, he received a B.A. in English Literature from Princeton University. While there, his poems was honored for the Academy of American Poets' College Prize. He received his MFA in English from Yale University and then started his PhD, although at now it remains unfinished.

13. EXID's Hani - 145 IQ

Hani has an incredible 145 IQ! As with RM, 900 of 990 proceeded to her TOEIC examination and when she revealed that she had been prepared for only two months, she astonished everybody. Hani studied English and Korean for a year and can speak Chinese fluently when she went abroad in China in a year. She also learned Japanese. 

As a student, she regularly participated in primary and secondary triathlons, and she was also an ardent swimmer. She got 3rd place in the Children's Triathlon Competition of the Korean Triathol Federation.

14. ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo - 142 IQ

While he is mainly regarded as a genius for his face, he is also a scholastic genius with an IQ of 142. Cha Eunwoo remains in the 3rd position in the total score as far as grades are concerned and has never dropped from the top 5 rankings. He had also received honors for English contests, ability exams and reading discussions. He was the student council president. 

Currently Cha Eunwoo attends and has a major in performing arts at Sung kyungkwan University, however his professors felt that he might study in justice at Kyunghee University or Seoul University. He opted to give up the chance to be a judge to concentrate on music and acting.

15. TVXQ!'s Yunho - 142 IQ

Yunho was born into a family working in the field of law, and grew up in the ambition of being a prosecutor in childhood. However, once he discovered the dance and signed up for an SM Entertainment trainee he discarded these dreams. His parents, who suffered a lot from the IMF crisis, were fiercely against his ambition of being a sänger and he had taken strange jobs to take care of himself while training. 

After graduating from high school, Yunho was admitted at Kyunghee University but chose to go to Myongji University. He then graduated from the University of Chungwoon. Yunho is proficient in Japanese and speaks his native Korean in the IQ of 142.

16. Steve Martin -  142 IQ

Steve Martin is not only hilarious, he's smart, too. He was at the State University of California, where he studied philosophy. Father Bride star. His lectures, which he claimed to have modified and even thought he was a teacher, intrigued him. However, he finally left college to work for entertainment after shifting his principal into the theatre.

17. Red Velvet's Wendy - 140 IQ

Wendy is now a member of girl group Red Velvet, which is really famous in Korean. She was an honor student, a sportsman, and received several honors for university and music related activities when she studied at the Shattuck-Saint Mary's in Minnesota. In her time in school, Wendy's lowest grade was B+. She gained the Obama President's Honor in 2009, an award which is awarded yearly to highly qualified pupils. At the Hall of Fame of her school, she got a certificate and her name was etched. 

She had been able to pick up four languages throughout her stay in the United States and Canada: Korean, English, Spanish and French. 

She had an average of 3.93 over 4.0 during her time as a student. While her IQ was never disclosed, it is estimated to be about 140.

18. Shakira - 140 IQ

The Colombian songwriter, Shakira is among the world's most powerful ladies and is nowadays one of the famous people with 140 IQ. The dancing vocalist creates all her songs and is proficient in Spanish, French, Catalan and Arabic, English and Portuguese. 

At UCLA Extensions, she is passionate about the history of western civilization. Shakira recognizes the significance of education and has established two schools in her homeland. 

Shakira is one of the world's leading IQ figures. She is the music industry's most strong and successful musicians.

Not many people know she  writes all of her songs, and she can speak fluently a lot of languages as English, Spanish and Portuguese as well as some Italian, French, Catalan and Arabic.

19. Madonna – 140 IQ

The Queen of Pop is renamed a straight-A student for her excellent average grade in high school. Although she received a bursary from Michigan University, she opted to drop out of school and to start her career as a dancer. It is certain that Madonna is a type of artistic genius who contributed to reshaping pop culture in the 80s, 90s and the new century. Her IQ was published in the magazine around 140 worldwide – such an astounding figure!

No studies have shown a clear link between celebrities and high IQ. However, if you check all the 19 celebrities listed above, one thing is found that most of these stars are developed and studied in such good environmental conditions.

There are many artists who are exposed to many countries by studying abroad, migrating,... or in the process of working, they can go to many different countries. This can also be seen as a good opportunity to exercise intelligence.

However, this theory is also not completely true because there are still many idols, singers, actors, who are not educated in good conditions but still have an amazing IQ.

Criminals with high IQ

According to the Serial Killer Information Center, the average serial killer had an IQ of 94.5. Little lower than the typical lower side. The statistics indicate that serial killers are usually slightly less intelligent than the typical member of society.

However, among them, there are still criminals with high IQ who are able to hide their sins wisely, even some people who have been in prison still use their abilities to get pardoned quickly. The high IQ criminals were also more likely to escape their crime, with far fewer convictions per incident reported. 

Smart, sophisticated, furiously intelligent... Certain personality features and features that come to mind when you look at the classic serial murderer. Here are 7 of the brutal killers with extremely high IQs:

1. Nathan Leopold - 210

In 1924, a local child – 14 year old Bobby Franks – was abducted in Chicago by 2 rich kids Nathan Leopold and Richards Loeb, although there wasn't much motive for them. Anyway, not at least a conventional one. It was not for financial gain or retribution that they bludgeoned him to death and discarded his corpse. It was only to test if they could get away. 

The egotistical thrill seekers Leopold and Loeb subsequently became the foundation of both Patricia Highsmith's novel and Alfred Hitchcock's train movie Strangers. Both were intelligent, but the diabolical plot was developed by Leopold. He has been a genius, unmistakably. Odd enough, however? Their plot was dreadfully designed and implemented, and the duo were arrested rather soon

2. Ted Kaczynski - 167

In technical terms, the Unabomber is still worthy of attention, being categorized more as a 'domestic terrorist' than a serial killer. He did kill a lot of people after all.   And he's got a very high IQ, about 167. The former mathematical professor possessed a tremendous brain and an IQ that was greater than that of Albert Einstein's.

3. Charlene Gallego - 160

Gerald and Charlene Gallego, the married couple behind 'The Sex Slave Murders,' were not very nice people as you may expect. Charlene obtained a reduced sentence in return for testifying against her husband after the abduction, raping, torture and killing of 10 female young men during their reign of terror. It's been an intelligent move. However, Ms. Gallego is an intelligent woman with a high IQ, approximately 160 IQ. She is a clever, liberated lady now.

4. Andrew Cunanan – 147

The assassin of Giovanni Versace - included - Andrew Cunahan was a strangely obscure character before he was focused for his second series, The Assassination of Giovanni Versace, by the television anthology program America Crime Story. Anyone who has seen the program will know what a Cunahan psychopath is, manipulating and deceiving. And also a clever one with such a high IQ.

5. Edmund Kemper - 145

He's been large, he's powerful, he's wild. He will ultimately develop to a man's three hundred pound, six foot nine inch "hulk," which hides an apparent calmness of his fixation with sexual violence. Tests show a very high IQ for him.He pretends to be a very polite, friendly and model prisoner. With his extremely high IQ, he tries to find a way to get pardon as quickly as possible. And after only five years he's paroled. This contradicts his doctor's and Edmund's recommendations.

6. Jeffrey Dahmer - 145

Few of us would use the word "genius," but perhaps we should. Jeffrey Dahmer. One of the most unstable and reputed serial murderer historical figures is the Milwaukee Cannibal. However, he was darned intelligent also after his IQ tests, which show a high IQ. 

He nearly fully covered the dead corpses of 12 victims, but only afterwards found proof for the police because of his weird habit of snapping photos of his victims' bodies. The fridge was then searched and the fridge container disclosed a list of three more horrors and the gallery of gruesome pictures, including preserved skulls, genital jars.

7. Dr. Harold Shipman - 140

Without being clever you will not become a doctor (the average doctor scores around 120 on IQ tests - much higher than the average person). And you won't be able to kill more than 250 people without getting caught . Yet while his IQ points to Harold Shipman being a genius, he is a cold, callous monster via his deeds. A police computer expert then confirmed how Shipman had changed his data to produce symptoms that his dead patients had never experienced, typically within hours of death. As the trial moved towards the additional victims and their family stories, the behavioral pattern of Shipman became increasingly obvious.

A final argument against IQ holds that even if all people commit crime with equal frequency, less intelligent people would be less able to evade detection and would be arrested more often. This detection hypothesis has received some empirical support in that IQ scores tend to correlate more strongly with officially recorded crime than self-reported crime. However, most studies still find a significant correlation between IQ and self-reported crime, which is not easily explained by differential police detection 

One probable reason is that very smart people might feel less constrained by traditional moral norms. Oleson spoke to high-IQ respondents throughout his continuous interviews who suggested, but not with the broader public, that adherence to conventional rules and behaviour. Many of his offenders stated they believed themselves to be "valid alternatives to compliance to traditional social norms and regulations," maybe superior.

Oleson is keen to stress out, especially when considering how unusual are its themes, that the results provided in his book should be considered as preliminary rather than final. One further concern is that the bulk of his talented cohort has been recruited from a private high IQ society and that those who join such organizations may not generally represent very smart people.

Notwithstanding the warnings, Oleson's work represents the first comprehensive study of genius IQ-level adult criminals with consequences for criminal justice and public policy. Oleson says that it implies that our jails are primarily packed with unlucky people whose actual crimes have been detected. It does not just mean the elites are prone to lie, cheat and steal like anybody else, he said.

A last causal explanation links IQ with crime via performance at school. Less smart children do less good in school, leading to academic dissatisfaction. This frustration, in turn, reduces their attachment and commitment to education, and, as a social control theory, the weaker link to school enables greater criminal conduct (Hirschi and Hindelang). 

This theory has been well supported by empirical investigations and is perhaps the most commonly accepted explanation for the link between IQ-crime (Moffitt). The significance of intelligence—especially word intelligence—during infant socialization is highlighted with a more modern and strong causal explanation.

 The socialization of kids needs continual verbal communication and understanding of abstract symbols; youngsters with low linguistic and cognitive abilities are thus more at risk of an uncontrolled and antisocial conduct by completing the socialization process. This developmental theory has been confirmed by empirical research as a whole (Moffitt, p. 116) and is particularly strong in the connection between verbal IQ and crime.