All Facts about IQ 142

The more brilliant the intellect, the higher the possibility of exceptional innovations. And someone with an IQ 142 is thought to be smarter than 99 percent of the population. Is an IQ 142 considered brilliant?

I. Is 142 a high IQ?

A typical IQ scale label separates scores above the average range into the following groups. Scores 115 to 124 are above average, scores 125 to 134 are 'talented,' scores 135 to 144 are very gifted,' and scores 145 to 164 are 'genius.'

What does an IQ 142 mean?

Anything above 140 is regarded to have a high or genius IQ. It is estimated that 0.25 to 1.0 percent of the population belongs to this elite group. In any event, your IQ 142 distinguishes you as a rare clever individual. What impact would a high score have on your life?

If you had an IQ 142, you would be motivated to research comparable questions and talents. A highly intelligent person is typically seen to be an intellectual, someone interested in academic work, someone who studies, someone with a good education, and so forth.

A person with an IQ 142 will almost certainly follow an academic profession since such a high IQ requires regular intellectual stimulation. They would not only pursue it energetically, but they would also quickly obtain high degrees.

IQ 142 equates to a PhD degree. People with such high IQs have outstanding abilities in abstract language and logical reasoning. They could readily navigate complicated theoretical materials and propose entirely new concepts.

Their perspective on life is broad and profound. Many would point out the disadvantages of having such a high IQ, but it all depends on the individual. People with extraordinary IQs, particularly those this high, are by definition loners. They are loners mostly because, given their deep and rich inner lives, they do not require much connection.

They should not be misconstrued as misanthropes or the like. They may be deeply interested in mankind, but their methods differ from those of the general population.
A high IQ makes one stand out, and such a person would find no joy in ordinary conversation; it could not thrill them sufficiently.

Perhaps more important than the interpersonal component is their overall outlook on life. Consider the difference between a very intelligent pessimist and a highly intelligent optimist.

II. Famous people with IQ 142

1. Steve Martin IQ

Steve Martin belongs to MENSA since he has an IQ of 142. He is one of the world's most intellectual persons, accounting for 2.1 percent of the total population. His intellect is evident in many parts of his life and work achievement.

Steve Martin IQ 142

(L-R) Martin Short, Steve Martin and Tina Fey pose at the opening night of the new musical based on the 1992 film "Mr. Saturday Night"

Steve Martin is the 7111th most famous person in the world and the 248th most famous male actor. In 1945, the entire population of the United States was around 139,928,165 people.

The philosophy major from California State University was on the verge of becoming a professor. Martin is a successful creator of screenplays, novels, and children's books in addition to his acting career.

Steve Martin is a multi-talented musician and artist. He is a screenwriter as well as an amazing comedy actor, having appeared in films such as Cheaper by the Dozen, Parenthood, Father of the Bride, The Pink Panther... and has presented the Oscar ceremony three times.

Steve Martin is not just an outstanding banjo player, the recognized inventor of air quotes, and one of the world's funniest people—also he's a genius. While at Cal State, he pondered becoming a professor, but instead chose a vocation that allowed him to wear bunny ears or an arrow through his skull. Excellent decision.

2. Muhammad Haryz Nadzim IQ 

After scoring IQ 142 on an IQ test, a three-year-old Malaysian child from Durham becomes the UK's youngest member of Mensa. The child is now a full member of Mensa UK, a group for persons with extremely high IQs.

His parents, Anira and Mohd, are Malaysians who now live in County Durham and work as engineers. They knew he was intelligent, but they had no clue he would be among the brightest in the country before he even started school.

 Muhammad Haryz Nadzim IQ 142

Nadzim was named to the honor list at his Kumon after-school program in September for both math and reading, according to his mother. But, as his mother pointed out, the youngster is more than simply his mind.

He said his first word when he was seven months old, but by the age of two, he was reading himself bedtime stories and reciting them off the top of his head. 'He enjoys painting and reading books, as well as everything arts and crafts.' He enjoys using Legos and Play-Doh.' He's not just bright academically, but he's also a kid who enjoys playing and growing up.

'We are confident that he will contribute significantly to society in the future.'

According to CNN, in Nadzim's instance, both the psychologist's assessment and his exam results played a factor in his entrance into British Mensa.

According to the organization's website, applicants into British Mensa must have an IQ in the top two percent of the population.

3. Juan Mata IQ

Juan Mata has an IQ 142 and is an exceptionally clever and talented footballer. He studied journalism at the Madrid Polytechnic. Juan Mata joined the Chelsea army while also completing distance courses and earning a degree in marketing and sports science in physical education. He is currently one of the rare players with two full-time university degrees. His coworkers and everyone admired him for his warmth and honesty.

Juan Mata IQ 142

Mata, a product of Real Madrid's development system, spent the 2006–07 season with Real Madrid Castilla before joining Valencia in the summer of 2007. He became an important member of the club's midfield, appearing 174 times in four seasons.

Mata joined English Premier League team Chelsea in August 2011 for a sum thought to be in the region of €28 million, and won the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup in his rookie season.

Chelsea won the UEFA Europa League the next year, making Mata and teammate Fernando Torres the first players to hold the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, and European Championships all at the same time. Mata was moved to Manchester United in January 2014 for a cost of £37.1 million after falling out of favor at Chelsea under José Mourinho.

Mata has represented Spain in the under-16, under-17, under-19, under-20, under-21, Olympic, and senior levels. He represented his country at the FIFA U-20 World Cup in 2007. Mata made his senior debut in the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup in June 2009.

Mata scored his first goal for the senior team against Estonia on September 9, 2009, earning the nation's spot at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, and was a member of Spain's World Cup-winning squad. He returned to the under-21 squad in 2011, helping Spain win the 2011 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship in Denmark.

He received the Golden Player award and was a member of the Tournament Team. Mata returned to the senior team for UEFA Euro 2012, and scored Spain's fourth goal in the final as Spain overcame Italy 4–0 to maintain their title as European champions. 

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