All Facts about IQ 156

If you have an IQ 156 or know someone who does, the following article will help you better grasp what this number signifies!

I. How good is an IQ 156?

An IQ 156 is a very high score. If you received this score on the exam, you are among the 0.000094330724% of the human population with Very Superior intellect. That is something to be proud of, but it is not an excuse to be self-centered or boast about it.

How good is an IQ 156?

This IQ 156 score places duty on you to use your mental abilities appropriately. You may consider how you could use your abilities and talents to benefit the world in some way, or at least those who are less fortunate than you.

Your IQ 156 is a blessing, but you must be grateful for such a gift from the Universe. Don't let it go to waste because you're too lazy or lack ambition. Maybe you don't consider yourself exceptional, but consider all the others who suffer every day because they lack the resources to make their life better.

You have more than enough ability with an IQ 156, which is why it is critical to use your uniqueness to aid people who are less fortunate and brilliant than you.

II. Famous people with IQ 156

1. Donald Trump IQ

Donald Trump IQ 156, who was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York. Fred Trump, his father, was a successful real estate developer. The older Trump was of German descent, while his wife, Mary McLeod, was of Scottish descent. Donald was the second youngest of their five children. He attended the New York Military Academy and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. He was lured to real estate and construction even before he graduated, and as a young man he took over his father's corporation, dubbing it the Trump Organization.

Donald Trump IQ 156

The Art of the Deal, his first of many books, was released in 1987. He established The Apprentice (later The Celebrity Apprentice) in 2004, a successful television series that aired until 2015. During the 2016 primary season, Trump overcame more than a dozen seasoned opponents to gain the Republican nomination, and he went on to defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the election. His campaign slogan was "Make America Great Again," and he quickly reinstated "Buy American, Hire American" rules.

Donald Trump's IQ is estimated to be about IQ 156, and no one can deny that he has a sharp mind!

2. Sigmund Freud IQ

Sigmund Freud, born Sigismund Schlomo Freud, was an Austrian neurologist and the creator of psychoanalysis, a therapeutic approach for diagnosing and treating psychiatric diseases through conversation between a patient and a psychoanalyst.

Freud was born in the Moravian town of Freiberg, Austrian Empire, to Galician Jewish parents. In 1881, he received his doctorate in medicine from the University of Vienna.

Sigmund Freud IQ 156

Upon completing his habilitation in 1885, he was appointed a docent in neuropathology and became an affiliated professor in 1902. 

After graduating from the University of Vienna, Freud began working at Vienna General Hospital and collaborating with fellow physician Josef Breuer. Breuer was an advocate of treating patients via hypnosis, which intrigued Freud. One of Breuer’s patients, known as “Anna O.,” seemed to recall unpleasant memories only when under the influence of hypnotic suggestion. Freud traveled to Paris to learn more from other physicians using hypnosis, but when he returned to Vienna in 1886 and opened his own practice, he began to step away from hypnosis—patients simply relaxing on his couch seemed to produce a similar recall effect.

Freud lived and worked in Vienna, where he established his psychiatric practice in 1886. Freud fled Austria in 1938 to avoid Nazi persecution. In 1939, he died in exile in the United Kingdom.

In developing therapeutic approaches such as the use of free association and discovering transference, Freud established its important position in the analytic process. Freud's expansion of sexuality to encompass infantile forms led him to develop the Oedipus complex as a major tenet of psychoanalytic thought.

Despite its overall decline as a diagnostic and clinical practice, psychoanalysis continues to have an impact on psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy, as well as in the humanities. As a result, it continues to spark heated discussion about its therapeutic efficacy, scientific standing, and whether it promotes or hurts the feminist cause.

Nonetheless, Freud's work pervades modern Western philosophy and popular culture. In his 1940 lyrical homage to Freud, W. H. Auden portrays him as having produced "a vast atmosphere of opinion / beneath which we conduct our many lives."

3. Asia Carrera IQ 

Looks can be misleading, especially when they belong to a pornstar like Asia Carrera. This adult movie actor has a Mensa IQ of 156 and was an exceptional pianist as a youngster, earning a full academic scholarship to Rutgers University.

Asia Carrera, a Mensa member, is the most intelligent lady to have ever graced the porn business. Carrera, who was born in New York City to a Japanese father and a German mother, had accomplished more than most of us do in a lifetime by the age of 16, when she was already teaching Colloquial English at Tsuruga College in Fukui, Japan.

As remarkable as this achievement seemed to be, it was really simply the frosting on the cake for an extraordinary student. Asia was the New Jersey spelling champion, a member of the National Mathematics League and the Spanish National Honour Society, and she competed in the National Geography, Language Arts, and Mathematics Olympiads. 

Her musical skill at such a young age, though, was what truly set her apart. In the age of 13, the gifted pianist performed Ernesto Lecuona's Malaguena at the world-famous Carnegie Hall, and returned the following year at the age of 14 to perform Bach's 13th Invention, but by the time she arrived at Rutgers University, she had decided to major in Business and Japanese.

Carrera, like many of the other females on the list, was spotted and given an alternate method to make money with her quick fingers. Over the course of her ten-year career, she made over 400 performances in film and video features, becoming the first Asian performer to receive the coveted AVN Female Performer of the Year title.
Those of you who wish to hunt her up under the pretence of being a real actress might point to her appearance in the faux porn movie Logjammin in the Coen Brothers' The Big Lebowski.

4. Aisha Tyler IQ

AIsha Tyler has 156 IQ. According to Moodspike.com, Aisha has a Bachelor's degree from Dartmouth, speaks three languages, and is an expert at poker.

Aisha Tyler IQ 156

Tyler, Lewis' character on the TV show Criminal Minds, and how she goes about her work are hugely visible for her high IQ, and also speak to a bigger issue of how mental illness is treated in society in general. 

Lewis hasn't done any field work as a forensic psychologist, which is why she wants to join the BAU. But don't expect her to gag at the sight of a dead body, like Strauss (RIP) did. "This is absolutely something she wants to accomplish as the next stage in her career," Tyler explains.

"She's a very accomplished analyst with an exceptional understanding of how a sociopath's mind works. She has had field training since... everyone who works for the FBI gets field training, but she has yet to put it to use."

"She's serious and dedicated, but she's also a joy to be around. The BAU, which deals with really gruesome and macabre circumstances, is overjoyed to have someone who is capable and brings value to the squad."

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