Intelligence Quotient

How to increase IQ?

You can increase IQ rate by a standard deviation with a few life hacks. Challenge your brain by altering your habits, reading, solve puzzles and searching for new IQ experiences. Wonders may be achieved with the correct diet and lifestyle.

I. Activities that can increase your IQ

1. Sports

Sports raise your blood oxygen levels and increase your muscles and brains' activity. Sports can also enhance your response speed and increase IQ.  Breathing has a direct connection with concentration duration. Doing aerobic exercises would be helpful to enhance your breath. 

After waking up and before you go to bed, exercise twice a day for 45 minutes. The more endorphins are released throughout your workout, the more your brain is engaged and the better you feel.

2. Meditations

Many studies have demonstrated that meditations not only relieve stress and enhance mood, but also improve brain function (in other words, it helps to increase IQ level). Significant advances in meditations are extremely useful for increasing IQ and enhancing blood flow to the mind, cultivating patience, concentration and memory. 

Moreover, meditation has the greatest relaxation. Take 30 minutes a day to meditate. This technique can be divided between 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a day. In the morning, after all the training, and at night before going to bed, it is best to meditate.

3. Drinking

Natural supplements are better than anchovies or carbonated beverages. They are regarded as the safest. Caffeine, ginkgo biloba and omega-3 fatty acids are some of the most helpful and effective additions. This tiny trace element enhances blood circulation into the brain. You will receive a complete supply of nutrients in one of them when you obtain vitamin B. 

But not overdoing it is equally crucial! The most essential thing is to determine the dosages. Calculate the dosage of this vitamin from your doctor. Natural supplements are good things for your health and to improve your IQ.

4. Eating

Eating enough of breakfast protein is extremely important. The protein is able to enhance the synthesis of brain neurotransmitters, thereby increasing all norepinephrine and dopamine levels. The attentiveness is going to increase! This is particularly crucial as breakfast will prepare you for the next day and fill you with energy.

 Breakfast without enough sugar leads to a significant decrease in energy in a few hours, which slows you down and makes you even hungry. In green leafy vegetables, whole-wheat, meat, eggs and cheese you may also get specific vitamins. 

The vitamin B composition is composed of folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine and niacin. Fulfill your endeavors with a lot of protein and vitamin B and rest that boost your brain's awareness, and naturally increase your level of IQ. 

There are several foods, such as oily fish , dairy products, whole grain, eggs, vegetables (spinach, pulses,..) and fruit, which naturally increase  IQ. 

In improving brain health, for example, avocado is nearly as beneficial as blueberries, in particular, increasing your IQ. The vitamin E of these fruits is surprisingly high. And this vitamin is one of the most effective antioxidants and protects the fatty tissue of the brain against aging. 

You may also boost your IQ by using nuts or seeds.These foods are good sources of vitamin E, that is beneficial for your brain health. A number of research studies show that appropriate consumption of vitamin E may contribute, in particular early age, to avoid cognitive deterioration. Supplementing these foods at every meal every day is an effective method if you want to increase IQ.

5. Game

A game that has blocks, puzzles or cubes, crossword will enhance your understanding of the space, which depend on your strategic, critical and fantastic skills. Solve puzzles and exercises to avoid dementia and keep the brain busy! 

These applications such as Lumosity, Hasbro Scrabble Crossword, Sudoku, Riddles & Brain Teasers, Rubik's Cube and other games, make you joyful, provide enjoyment at the same time that they enhance your mental skills,  your IQ and brain health simultaneously. You have a number of activities that measure your ability to understand things fast. 

6. Music

Scientists have shown that music contributes to verbal memory, reading abilities and numeracy. It also helps enhance focus and concentration. 

A relationship with music has been proved over and over again to have significant benefits for brain development. Especially, kids are particularly sensitive to their surroundings and brain, and open for development in their early years. 

The most generally recognized impact of music on your brain is the "mozart effect" - which states that listening to Mozart's music enhances your mood, lowers blood pressure and therefore increases your cognitive capability. For at least 10 minutes, listen to Mozart's Sonata for two pianos in D major. This improves your perception of the space. 

Sound waves influence the brain waves and assist us get access to our wisdom. This then has to do with improved performance. This helps to spark a brainwave which then leads to increased awareness by exposing it to musical sounds and compositions. This too might have an effect on your IQ.

7. Sleeping

Sufficient sleep is absolutely important for your brain. Research indicated that the effect of sleep in memory is essential. Firstly, an individual who is sleepless cannot properly focus his attention, and so cannot learn well. Secondly, it is sleep itself which is important for learning new information in the consolidation of memory. 

These will lead to a detrimental influence on mood, which has implications for learning. Mood changes influence our capacity to gather and recall new knowledge afterwards. It is obvious that the rest of a good night has a powerful memory and learning influence. Sleep scientifically and on time is possible to increase IQ levels.

8. Practice

No easy tests are accessible. And without preparation and practice, no exam is simple to accomplish. It is the same as the IQ test. In order to achieve higher results, you must continue to train and test IQ several times. These tests can be conducted in numerous ways. You may either go to IQ centers or contact a psychologist directly. 

Furthermore, it is a straightforward and quick approach to take an IQ test online. You will evaluate your current IQ level and the improvement over time after each implementation.Therefore, the more tests you pass, the better results will be.

Practice these specific exams most often and attempt to figure out which pieces are more difficult for you. Attempt not simply to solve the problems, try to grasp the reasons behind them.

 It is not about getting as many questions and answers as possible, but about comprehending the questions so that in future they will become simpler to answer. Practice the IQ test over and over directly affects the performance of your brain and can increase IQ score.

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II. Activities that won’t boost your IQ

1. Fast food and unwholesome food 

Many studies have demonstrated that good diet, healthy eating, particularly in youngsters, is strongly connected to increase IQ. Fast food is nonetheless one of today's most popular cuisines, particularly at a time when everyone is too busy. Scientists have cautioned that consuming too much fast food is health-dangerous, especially for the brain and memory. 

Stay clear of hazardous items like chips, sweets, and convenience meals to maintain the brain working at the greatest level. Cooking at home is better – both the brain and the pocketbook will work. It is also healthier for you and increases IQ.

2. Pressure

Research has shown people perform worse if they are told that they are going to take an IQ test instead of being told they are going to solve some puzzles. Because before taking the IQ exam, people must study intensively. They put pressure on themselves from there. This is a terrible habit, which can impair the health of your brain and lower the IQ score.

In addition, excess of information leads to needless brain over-stimulation. Prepare your brain for ignoring information that is unneeded. If you plan your day according to these principles, you will probably greatly enhance the effectiveness of your brain. Having brains that require selected information is an effective technique to increase IQ.

3. Lack of face-to-face interactions

The absence of face-to-face communication has also risen significantly with the growth of technology nowadays. Everyone spends too much time on laptops, phones, video games, televisions. Increasingly digital technologies are replacing face-to-face contact. In the meanwhile, electronic waves impact the human brain directly enormously. All this time on the screen might adversely affect our mind and feelings.

A face-to-face conversation is indeed very good for your brain. A research from the Michigan University revealed that memory and cognition have enhanced even 10 minutes a day in communication with someone else. 

Socializing was as effective as the traditional types of mental training in memory and intellectual performance enhancing, claimed by Dr. Oscar Ybarra, a psychologist at the U-M Institute for Social Research (ISR). Excessive screen time has a detrimental impact on both intellectual capacity (IQ level) and emotional well-being, according to researchers.