Intelligence Quotient

Definition of IQ test

Definition, IQ Scale and How to Take an IQ Test

I. Definition of IQ test

The official IQ test is defined as a common competence test from the 1900s , is how many businesses and organizations measure the capacity of a person to solve issues and remember the knowledge they've heard — and how fast. 

The IQ test is done in many distinct categories, but the objective is to assess cognitive ability, language, math, visual processing potential and memory capacity as well as speed,  and handle each person's information.

In a number of areas, IQ was the watchword for success such as: education, work and health - begin to understand yourself and look after your health, and particularly the amazing capacity in logic and language.

II. IQ Scale

The IQ Scale is a total score obtained from a number of standardized tests to evaluate human intellect. Your IQ is an intelligence measure. The higher the IQ, the more intelligent it is.  Usually your IQ is evaluated across a wide range of IQ and the conventional IQ range is as follows:

IQ scale

Interpretation of IQ score

above 140

Very gifted




Above average intelligence


Average intelligence


Below average intelligence


Cognitively impaired

  • 140 and above: it implies you are a genius or almost genius when you have IQ range from 140 and above. 
  • 120 - 139: With an IQ from 120 to 139, it implies that you have a very high intelligence and greater intelligence than others. Higher intelligence indicates you have greater intelligence than most individuals, but not as high as someone with an IQ of 140. 
  • 110 – 119: On the contrary, if your IQ is about 110-119, it implies your intellect is in the middle ground – that is high, but not more than most.
  • 90 - 109: If you have 90-109, this implies that you have typical or ordinary people's intellect. Normal thinking indicates you're smarter and you usually think slowly. Those who are not able to get the solution or who ponder more slowly will thus have normal intellect. 
  • 80 – 89: If you know, on the other hand, you are really not intelligent enough if you have 80-89 IQ.   An individual one or a boisterous person is often too pleasant to engage in. Someone who is below average intelligence does not enjoy overly difficult stuff.
  • Below 80: If you got this score perhaps after numerous tries you'll realize the reasoning behind certain questions. Make sure that you do not leave some questions unanswered. If a question is left unanswered, a 0 point will be placed.

III. How to take a test of IQ?

Methods for carrying out another IQ test are various. Many well-conditioned families will bring their children to a psychologist for direct IQ tests and to discover more scientific standard ways for intellectual growth. There are several private schools including IQ testing in their educational programs. Or many companies are also demanding an IQ test from their workers during the interview round. 

However, not everyone in public schools or families may not have access to a doctor or psychologist who can do the IQ test. This can lead to lost chances for critical testing – particularly in the early years of a child when treatment is essential.

Therefore, the IQ test, in particular the online IQ test, is the most common tool for measuring IQ that is taken from foreign sources. This online IQ test is also the sort of test that makes it convenient and fast to a big number of consumers.

You may search for multiple websites free of charge or paid for an IQ test online. Thousands of IQ test results from several sources both locally and overseas, from pictures to logic, mathematics, to the capacity to analyze and reach speeds. 

They are accessible, but if you are looking for a medical diagnosis you shouldn't depend on them. Because many of them come from unknown sources. You ought to know what the IQ standard test source is, which should be a reliable place to test and then be certified by a system outside.

Classic IQ Test - Cattell Culture Fair Intelligence Test

1. Introduction

There are many types of IQ tests. Both of them are made for valid and reliable IQ score measures, although their respective definitions of intelligence vary. An IQ test consisting of more questions will generally be more reliable than shorter ones. 

You may typically discover numerical reasoning, logic reasoning, brain perceives and spatial intelligence in a standard IQ test. A non-verbal IQ test that assesses mostly abstract reasoning, whether it is inductive or deductive. 

This is why the latter is then known as a Cattell culture fair.  This IQ test prevents cultural and linguistic distortions and focuses exclusively on logic. The exam is based on Dr. John Raven's highly science-validated, advanced matrix test.

2. Structure

This IQ test employs a form of question that evaluates your intellect. Each question is a matrix of 3 by 3 and one cell has a question mark. The candidates must identify the missing element which completes a form pattern by choosing the proper element from eight alternatives. 

The IQ test includes 25 questions which, based on the answers you have provided and lasted 30 minutes, will be increasingly difficult along the way.

Reference test: 

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Test IQ for kids

1. Introduction

A child's IQ will be the logical way of thinking. Since 4 years of age, children's IQ has begun to develop and continues to develop until 16 years. This indication can assist parents rapidly determine the skills of their child and provide them with suitable learning guidelines.

Usually, kids who have a high score on an IQ test are able to use the left hemisphere well (Logic).  However, it really does not mean that kids without high IQ ratings are dumb. These children are just more gifted to use the right hemisphere (Emotion). 

You can lead your youngster towards future growth using the results of the IQ test. The children's IQ test is to assist guide their study and career from the start rather than to score. If they do poorly or don't obtain a high mark in the exam, we should not display behaviour.

2. Structure

The IQ test for kids must be developed according to the worldwide standards that are attractively designed in several appealing hues and complemented with an image based on 100% content. The test is the same as all cultures and languages and suitable for kids who are not already literate or attend the school. The age for the exam is between 4 and 9.  

The test IQ for kids usually has 22 questions to be answered in 15 minutes. This exam aims to influence children's learning and careers from an early age, not to score.

High range IQ test

1. Introduction

Unlike the Cattell Culture Fair or the Classical IQ exam, a High-Scale IQ Test is meant to search out the brilliance and genius of the highest classes- IQ level is measured beyond the limit of all standard IQ Scores (142) ( according to Alpha High IQ Society). 

The online IQ test advance exam may assess up to 172 IQ score, which equates to 0.000079% of the population. In other words, this advanced test is not for ordinary people. This Genius IQ test can determine the IQ well up to 172 score. You are privileged to be invited to join high IQ Members when your result in IQ scores is over 130.

2. Structure

There is absolutely no clue of the response or suggested responses (question 1, 2, 3,...) in the High Range for people to choose from. People testing IQ must identify their own answers and fill in the blanks of the IQ exam by themselves 

The IQ test has math issues and is difficult, therefore no time limit is required for this test. As long as you like, you can do it. If you spend all your lives solving this exam and get it perfectly, you still make up 0.000079% of the population. 

Structurally, the IQ test contains 30 questions, needs the ability to multiply and subtract, test operators should be at least 18 years old to assure accuracy. Unlimited time for IQ testing is set.

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