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Rap Monster, also known as R.M., is a well-known South Korean rapper, songwriter, and producer perhaps best known for being a part of the hip-hop group "Bangtan Boys."  

How high is Rap Monster I.Q. that he is called the "Lord of Destruction"? Learn about this multi-talented leader through this article.

I - What is Rap Monster IQ?

Rap Monster I.Q. boasts a 148 score and, at age 15, achieved a remarkable 850 out of 990 on the TOEIC language test. The Test of English for International Communication, or TOEIC, is frequently used in Korea to assess a person's level of English.

Rap Monster IQ chart

With an intelligence as high as Rap Monster I.Q. of 148 and excellent academic performance, he can fully pursue his education and achieve many achievements. However, R.M. successfully persuaded his mother with just one poignant question: "Do you want your son to be the #1 rapper or a student who ranks 5000?". Thanks to that determination, B.T.S. now has a talented and reliable leader.

II - Rap Monster IQ and his life 

Kim Nam-joon, better known as Rap Monster, was born in Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea, on September 12, 1994. He was raised in Soul alongside his younger sister, Kim Geong Min. He was fascinated by uniforms in elementary school and aspired to work as a housing society security guard.

Most of R.M.'s early English education came from watching Friends with his mother. He actively wrote poetry as a student and frequently won prizes for it. For about a year, he published his poetry on an online platform, where he received a fair amount of attention. Through this, R.M. developed a passion for literature but ultimately decided against it. R.M. first became interested in hip-hop music when he was 11 and heard Epik High's "Fly" in fifth grade.

Rap Monster gives very inspiring speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York City during its Generation Unlimited ceremonial event.

 Rap Monster gives very inspiring speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York City during its Generation Unlimited ceremonial event.

Rap Monster's I.Q. is 148, and he performed among the top 1% of students nationwide on the university entrance exams for language, math, foreign language, and social studies. 

1. Rap Monster Educational Background 

He majored in broadcasting and performing arts with distinction at Global Cyber University. He had a TOEIC score of over 850, which is commendable, and was among the top scorers on the national school exam. It can be seen that Rap Monster I.Q. affects his education quite a lot.

His native tongue and Japanese were taught to him in school, and he also became fluent in English by watching hit American sitcoms like "Friends." Additionally, he spent time studying in New Zealand and self-taught himself English, which he saw as being crucial. 

His parents anticipated him taking a regular job due to his academic performance. But his passion for music and the people he hung out with won them over, and he persuaded them to let him pursue rap as a full-time career. Even while he was still in school, he was already producing songs with catchy lyrics. 

He claims that rapping helped him cope with the pressure of his studies, and the days when he studied late into the night for his exams inspired his song "No More Dreams." Rap Monster I.Q. is not the only element that helped him to be so successful; learn more about his career in the following part. 

2. Rap Monster’s Successful Career

Rap Monster I.Q. of 148 is something that few would think a K-Pop artist would have. But this is true if you look at his outstanding academic achievement and foreign language ability. In addition, his intelligence is best reflected in his success in leading B.T.S. to become the top group not only at home but also abroad. Their outstanding achievements and awards have shown this guy's ability to be a leader - a multi-talented leader.

Rap Monster’s Successful Career

a. BTS

  • Rap Monster made his Mnet's M! Countdown debuted on June 13, 2013, performing "No More Dream" from B.T.S.'s debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. On all of B.T.S.'s albums, he produced and wrote the lyrics for various songs.

b. Solo Work

  • Rap Monster has worked with several reputable American and Korean artists. He and Warren G jointly released the song "P.D.D. (Please Don't Die)" on March 4, 2015, along with a music video that showed behind-the-scenes images of their L.A. recording session. Warren G praised Rap Monster in an interview for the Hiphopplaya webzine, saying: "Rap Monster is one of the best rappers I know, if I were to comment from the perspective of an artist and a producer. His delivery of his rap is excellent ". 

  • Krizz Kaliko's song "Spaz" was featured in a B.T.S. intro performance on M.B.C. Gayo Daejon on December 31, 2014. Rap Monster's solo mixtape and the music "Rush," which was later produced by Krizz Kaliko and Rap Monster, were both made available on March 20 on B.T.S. 's SoundCloud.

  • Rap Monster worked with the hip hop project group MFBTY on the song "Bucku Bucku", along with E.E. and Dino J. He appeared in the music video for "Bucku Bucku" and also made a brief appearance in MFBTY's other music video for the song "Bang Diggy Bang Bang" (). Rap Monster is "the industry junior who changed his preconceptions about idols," according to Tiger J.K. from MFBTY, who made this claim on the four things show. 

  • On March 10, 2015, Rap Monster posted a photo to his blog along with the text: "Rap Monster's RM. I do I, You do You ". This image served as a preview for Rap Monster's upcoming March 20 release of R.M., his debut mixtape. On March 12, "Awakening ()," his debut song, and a music video were available. He also uploaded music videos to YouTube for "Do You" and "Joke ()," two more songs from his mixtape. The mixtape was listed as the 48th best hip-hop album of 2015 by Spin.

  • Rap Monster and Kwon Jin Ah appeared in the song "U" from Primary's mini-album, 2-1, released on April 9, 2015. Marvel and Rap Monster worked together to create the music for the Fantastic Four movie. On August 4, Melon, Genie, Naver Music, and other music websites released the digital single "Fantastic" with Mandy Ventrice.

  • Along with the following hip hop performers, Rap Monster participated in the 2015 All Force One (A.F.O.) Hot & Cool Concert on September 20 at AX-Korea: Palo Alto, Verbal Jint, Supreme Boi, Sik-k, and Incredible.  

c. Other Work

  • Rap Monster is a panelist on the upcoming variety talk show Hot Brain: Problematic Men, which debuted its preview on March 23 on tvN. Rap Monster and five other male celebrities have conversations with viewers about social issues. 

  • Along with Iron and Jimin of A.O.A., Rap Monster serves as a spokesperson for the coffee company K'hawah. 

  • Two books titled "HipHopHada" were published in July 2016. 42 Korean hip hop artists' autobiographies, including Rap Monster, are included.

  • Rap Monster was included on the list of the top ten rappers from Korea compiled by the American hip-hop publication XXL for its readers.  


Rap Monster (R.M.), who represents the face of the K-Pop phenomenon, is adored by ARMY for his steady leadership, kindness toward his team members, and moving speeches about self-love and overcoming stereotypes. Of course, his flawless rapping and dancing abilities are the cherry on top. It is clear from the numerous videos and lives that the group adheres to their leader's every word and worships him. Even though he frequently makes mistakes backstage, they still call him the "god of destruction" and make fun of him. 

Rap Monster performed on stage

Rap Monster performed on stage

Like his friends on the B.T.S. journey, R.M. has experienced it all, including brutal trolling, hatred, claims of plagiarism and Chartbeat manipulation, and even death threats at one point. He has, nonetheless, handled the criticism leveled at him with composure. R.M. reads out all the hurtful remarks against him in an old video, where they criticized his lyrics and claimed he could never be a K-Pop idol. After reading the comments, R.M. responds to the trolls by saying, "I will prove it to you." Aside from the phenomenal success of B.T.S., he also enjoys a successful solo career and has put out a mixtape. Rap Monster I.Q., as well as his intellect, combined with his natural rap talent and work ethic, deserves to be an excellent example for future generations of young idols.


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