Barack Obama
IQ 145

Barack Obama IQ and this president's massive career will be presented in the article below.

I. What is Barack Obama IQ?

Barack Obama IQ estimated at 145 IQ. He's extremely intelligent, a great communicator, well-read, and honest. Barack Obama IQ has all of the characteristics of a highly intelligent individual.

To begin with, admission to Harvard Law School is quite competitive. After Columbia, he was admitted to Harvard Law School on merit and was chosen President of the Harvard Law Review before graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Barack Obama IQ chart

A very tiny fraction of persons are intellectual enough to achieve the grades and LSAT scores required for admission. He is also quite eloquent. Language proficiency is another evidence of high intellect.

He took the time to cultivate his God-given talents, learn new skills, and CHOOSE to care for and serve others. All of these factors together groomed him to be a great leader of a people's nation.

Humans who choose not to care about others and want others to serve them will constantly strive to invent methods to rank themselves higher or lower than others. That is simply a better approach to reject, separate, and disqualify people who are competent of executing the work, while qualifying others based on other characteristics/over-weighted elements that are not required to flourish in the profession.

He doesn't boast or declare himself a stable genius, but he's clearly very brilliant, as professional briefers, employees, and cabinet officials have written and noted on several occasions.

II. Barack Obama IQ and his successful life

1. Barack Obama education

Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Barack Obama Sr. was born in Nyanza Province, Kenya, of Luo ancestry. Obama Sr. grew raised in Africa herding goats and finally won a scholarship that allowed him to leave Kenya and follow his ambition of attending college in Hawaii.

In 1979, Obama enrolled at Occidental College in Los Angeles. After two years, he proceeded to Columbia University in New York City, where he earned a degree in political science in 1983. In 1991, he received a magna cum laude from Harvard Law.

Obama worked in the business sector for two years after graduating from Columbia University as an undergrad. He relocated to Chicago in 1985, where he worked as a community organizer for low-income people in the Roseland and Altgeld Gardens districts on the city's poor South Side.

Obama, who stated that he "was not reared in a religious environment," joined the Trinity United Church of Christ around this time. He also paid tearful visits to the graves of his biological father, who died in a vehicle accident in November 1982, and paternal grandparents.

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Barack Obama IQ and his successful life

"I sat between the two graves for a long time and grieved," Obama wrote. "I understood how my life in America — the Black life, the white life, the sense of abandonment I'd had as a youngster, the frustration and optimism I'd experienced in Chicago — were all linked to this tiny piece of earth an ocean away."

After returning from Kenya with a renewed feeling of purpose, Obama enrolled at Harvard Law School in 1988. He met with constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe the next year. Tribe was so pleased by their conversation that when Obama wanted to join his team as a research assistant, the professor approved.

"The better he did at Harvard Law School and the more he pleased people, the clearer it became that he could have had anything," Professor Tribe told Frontline in a 2012 interview. "But it was evident that he wanted to make a difference to people, to communities."

2. Barack Obama Community Organizer and Attorney

After a two-year career in corporate research and at the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) in New York City, Obama relocated to Chicago, where he worked as a community organizer for the Developing Communities Project, a church-based organization.

He spent the following several years working with low-income residents of Chicago's Roseland neighborhood and the Altgeld Gardens public housing tract on the city's mostly Black South Side. Obama subsequently described the experience as "the finest education I ever had, greater than anything I got at Harvard Law School," the distinguished university he joined in 1988.

Between 1992 and 2004, he taught constitutional law part-time at the University of Chicago Law School, first as a lecturer and subsequently as a professor, and he helped coordinate voter registration campaigns during Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign.

Barack Obama Community Organizer and Attorney

While working as a summer associate at the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin, Obama met his future wife, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, a fellow Harvard Law School graduate. On October 3, 1992, he married Michelle Obama at Trinity United Church of Christ.

In 1995, Obama released his book, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. Toni Morrison, among other literary heavyweights, praised the piece. Since then, it has been printed in over 25 languages, including Chinese, Swedish, and Hebrew. In 2004, the book was reprinted and reworked for a children's edition.

In 2006, the audiobook edition of Dreams, narrated by Obama, won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.

III. Barack Obama - 44th US. president

Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States, as well as the first African American to hold the position. He was first elected president in 2008 and was re-elected in 2012.

Obama formally declared his campaign for President of the United States on February 10, 2007. He became a serious rival to the early favorite, former first lady and current New York Senator Hillary Clinton, whom he defeated in a bruising primary struggle to win the Democratic nomination in early June 2008.

During the primaries, Obama's campaign worked to build grassroots support and used what supporters saw as the candidate's natural charisma, unusual life story, and inspiring message of hope and change to draw large crowds to his public appearances, both in the United States and on a campaign trip abroad. They attempted to get new voters active in the election, many of whom were young or Black, demographics they thought backed Obama.

Barack Obama - 44th US. president

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was inaugurated in as the United States' first Black president. With 1.8 million people assembling in the cold to watch Obama's inauguration, it set a new attendance record. Obama was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., using the same Bible that President Abraham Lincoln used for his first inauguration.

One of Obama's first acts as president was the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, which he signed just nine days after taking office, providing legal protection for women in the battle for equal pay. To solve the financial crisis he inherited, Obama enacted a stimulus package, bailed out the faltering car sector and Wall Street, and provided tax relief to working Americans.

In international policy, Obama initiated discussions with Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela, as well as establishing a timeline for the departure of American forces from Iraq. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 "for his outstanding efforts to improve international diplomacy and people-to-people interaction," as well as his "vision of and fight for a future without nuclear weapons."

In 2012, Barack Obama was re-elected to a second term, defeating Republican Mitt Romney and his running partner Paul Ryan. The 2014 midterm elections were difficult, as Republicans seized control of both chambers of Congress.

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court legalized homosexual marriage, which was a watershed point in Obama's presidency. "We are big and vast and diverse; a nation of people with different backgrounds and beliefs, different experiences and stories, but bound by our shared ideal that no matter who you are or what you look like, how you started, or how and who you love, America is a place where you can write your own destiny," Obama said on that day.


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