Abraham Lincoln
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Abraham Lincoln stands out in American political history. Often called Honest Abe or Father Abraham, Lincoln rose quickly through the ranks from humble origins. Through unwavering resolve and diligent effort, he rose quickly through government service until ultimately taking an initiative that led to abolishing slavery for good - giving equal rights to citizens across caste, color and creed.

Abraham Lincoln must have been an incredible individual with an exceptional history. Discover more about his IQ and life through this blog!

I - What is Abraham Lincoln IQ?

Abraham Lincoln possessed an IQ score of 148 and invented an innovative tool to free stuck steamboats, becoming the only US President with a patent in 1863. He was also known for preserving the Union during the Civil War and proclaiming the Emancipation Proclamation which permanently freed slaves in Confederacy states.

Abraham Linoln IQ chart

Nancy Hanks Lincoln was aware of Abraham Lincoln's exceptional talent as early as possible and took great pride in ensuring his education. Although Abraham may appear slow at processing information initially, he proved exceptionally studious, and inquisitive, and dedicated his research skills toward uncovering facts and knowledge - something his peers quickly forgot! Similarly, Nancy Lincoln never allowed any lesson learned to slip from memory easily either.

II - Abraham Lincoln IQ and his life


Thomas and Nancy Lincoln gave birth to  Abraham Lincoln on February 12, 1809, in a log cabin close to Hodgenville, Kentucky. Sarah (his older sister) and Thomas (their infant brother who passed away early) also played key roles.

Lincoln's father exerted tremendous effort, becoming one of the wealthiest men in America due to his efforts. All people respected and honored Thomas Lincoln. Unfortunately, however, upon losing everything Thomas moved his family from Michigan to Indiana - his fortune did not last very long and so Thomas Lincoln's wealth did not survive long into Spencer County in Indiana's frontier region.

Lincoln was often thought of as lazy due to his dislike for hard labor in frontier life, yet he disproved all these criticisms by becoming an admirably responsible and dedicated adult. He completed all expected household duties of boys at that time while honing axe-handling abilities so he could construct rail fences himself; additionally, he generously gave all earnings directly back to his father as promised.

 1. Abraham Lincoln Education Background 

It is thought that Lincoln only received approximately 18 months of formal education during his life; nevertheless, he made extraordinary efforts to learn. Lincoln's parents encouraged his reading and writing despite both of them being both illiterate and uneducated themselves. Lincoln read voraciously throughout his lifetime including all best-selling books such as the Bible which allowed him to accumulate most of his wisdom through self-study alone.

Abraham Lincoln legendary speech.

Abraham Lincoln held an exceptional intelligence quotient (IQ). This put him among only 0.1% of people worldwide with such an exceptional IQ. After years of diligent study by night by firelight - often at night when other students went home - Lincoln became one of his grammar school class top students and eventually the district's top speller and something of an astronomy expert in later career endeavors. This early intellectual exploration laid the foundation for his later achievements, unlike prodigies who rely solely on indefatigable independent study.

 2. Abraham Lincoln IQ and his successful Career

Abraham Lincoln served as president during one of the most trying eras in American history - during and following the American Civil War. Many today hold Abraham Lincoln in great regard and remember him not only for helping keep the union intact but also due to his exceptional speaking and thinking abilities which demonstrate Abraham's Intelligence (IQ).

 a. Major Works

Lincoln took aggressive and decisive action to prevent Southern secession from the Union and unite America again, employing all available political and practical instruments against secessionist forces while unifying his nation under one banner. Lincoln achieved immense and meaningful achievements over three years of war: defeating Confederates forces while unifying his country under his direction; his practical accomplishments can easily be quantified:deftly managing military and congressional interests and representing his constituencies which included foreign nations as well as ordinary Americans through extraordinary political acumen.

Abraham Lincoln was, first and foremost, an astute politician - often underestimated by both allies and adversaries alike - renowned for transforming American politics by harnessing executive powers for war-time goals and expanding government activities such as expanding government activities through various means such as approval of transcontinental railway and Morrill Act settlement of western lands. Furthermore, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus which caused violent protests after military draft orders came.

b. Legacy 

Lincoln left behind an extraordinary legacy rooted in his historic accomplishments: leading a successful political uprising and civil war that preserved the Union, abolished slavery, and provided African Americans civil and social freedom despite racism; yet due to his assassination he was never able to oversee its restoration due to becoming a martyred symbol for millions; when Edwin Stanton described Lincoln's passing with "Now He Belongs To The Ages," many regarding Lincoln as being near-supernatural embodiment of American brilliance compared with whom many regard regarded Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln, with an IQ of 148, can more accurately be described as an extraordinarily pragmatic genius. While known for his patient, kind, and humane personality - not unlike what one finds today in world leaders such as Presidents Barack Obama or Bill Clinton - Lincoln also demonstrated remarkable skills at perceiving events, adapting accordingly, and taking decisive actions when necessary - most significantly on civil rights development; after beginning the Civil War to unify America back together again it ended by promising African-American freedom pledging our future away. How our society might have changed had Lincoln lived to complete his second term remains one of America's great unanswerable questions in American history!

III - Abraham Lincoln Timeless Lessons

Abraham Lincoln lived an extraordinary life. Although his efforts at enacting emancipation would ultimately cost him his life, they left us a timeless legacy worth remembering. Long before entering politics or becoming well-known, Lincoln was an avid reader and lifelong learner largely self-taught; drawing inspiration from great thinkers of history like Thomas Aquinas or Frederick Douglass (both self-taught). You'll discover many if not all these lessons throughout history repeated over and over.

1. Success Is Not Solo

Knowing there is someone else you are striving towards can make all the difference when it comes to success or failure. Having someone believe in and motivate you toward realizing your full potentials - such as family members, mentors or anyone else close - inspires effort and success in equal measures. No success happens solo: every success requires team effort (even two people working together!).

2. Never Give Up

Success does not happen instantly; most achievements take longer to materialize behind the scenes and require hard work and perseverance from both you and others involved in its creation. Like Abraham Lincoln said, "Never walk back, keep going, persist". 

3. Envision success for yourself

It is vitally important that you visualize success for yourself rather than waiting around and hoping something good comes your way; not everything happens by accident and fortune is often waiting just beyond our grasp. Opportunities often lie within reach if pursued actively.

Imagine yourself living out your ideal life and future development imagining it all as though it were already happening - then ask and dare yourself to achieve them. Life gives us only what we demand of it and believe we deserve for ourselves.

4. Select Your Path to Happiness

Consumerism wants us all to relinquish control of our happiness for something else, but in reality, happiness is a personal choice, not contingent upon external rewards. It comes from within and should be actively chosen daily when so many millionaires and celebrities remain unhappy in today's society - happiness must come from within, not be demanded of you from someone outside yourself as an award of sorts for future victory or sacrificed as something intangible; happiness is something you choose and give yourself permission for!


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