All Facts about IQ 148

People with an IQ of 148 are called “Genius” by the scientists, and only 0.068587105624% of the world population can be able to achieve this level. Read the article below to know more about IQ 148 

I. What does an IQ 148 mean? 

From numerous research, experts concluded that only 1 in 1,458 people possess the IQ level of 148. . You may easily attain success in one or more areas with an IQ 148. With sound judgment and analysis, you may easily conquer any problem in life. As a result, you are frequently of good social standing.

What does an IQ 148 mean?

People with an IQ of 148 are called “Genius” by the scientists, and only 0.068587105624% of the world population can be able to achieve this level

Please be mindful that having an IQ level which is equivalent to 148 means that you are smarter than the famous British actress Emma Waston, but unfortunately, it is not enough to be more intelligent than the Tesla’s owner Elon Musk.

A 148 IQ score is unquestionably excellent. Even on the most stringent criteria, this score qualifies you into Mensa.

When viewed in an academic context, this score is quite promising. The IQ score of 148 equates to a PhD degree.

People with such high scores might do extensive and rigorous scientific research, as well as write original readable works. They are very good in reasoning, verbal comprehension, and logic. Even such top scores, however, differ from one another.

For example, one with an IQ 148 may be introverted and not a strong public speaker, although having amazing ideas, but the other may inspire many people via their aggressive eloquence.

In general, most high scorers think that having an IQ as high as 148 IQ might make life a little boring, because things that everyone else finds hard and fascinating intellectually appear quite easy to you.

A highly bright individual would require more mental stimulation to be pleased. If others were not as brilliant as them, such people would frequently feel alone or bored in their presence.

They may be extremely successful in specific areas of interest and be quite content if surrounded by others who challenge their smart minds. A high score, however, does not speak to their true potential for a great job, a happy, well-positioned life, or anything else.

They are fully aware of these issues. It is better to think of high scores as a collection of unique abilities; persons with lower scores may have their own, distinct set of abilities.

II. Suitable jobs for us people with IQ 148

1. Business Analyst

Business Analyst (abbreviated BA) is also known as a business analyst. The main task of a Business Analyst is to analyze customer needs and coordinate with the company internally to come up with appropriate solutions.

Besides, they also help innovate business operations between departments to make the best use of available resources. From there, businesses can optimize operating costs and best serve customers.

The job of a Business Analyst is a broad category that covers many different specialties and operations. In particular, Business Analyst has three main specialties: Management Analyst, Systems Analyst, Data Analyst. 

As a Business Analyst, you need to master and be "super proficient" in the following skills:

1.1 Communication skills

The nature of a Business Analyst's job requires you to interact and discuss work with many people. These can be people inside the business (supervisors, colleagues, project teams), or people outside the business (customers, partners, users). No matter who the person you need to interact with is, with the ability to communicate clearly and fluently, you will "easily" create sympathy with the other person.

Good written and verbal communication skills are essential to help you present your project in the clearest and most detailed way. Thanks to that, it contributes to creating "satisfactory" success for each project you participate in.

1.2 Technology skills

Modern life today is associated with technology. Meanwhile, the most important task of a Business Analyst is to find effective business solutions for businesses. Therefore, understanding technology becomes an important factor to help you "easily" find the most optimal solutions.

Not only do you learn about the latest technologies, but you also have to grasp the results that will be obtained when using those technologies. Furthermore, understanding technology and business also helps Business Analysts contribute to building "respect" and "a sense of confidence" between users and information technology platforms.

1.3 Analytical skills

To ensure a correct understanding of customer requirements and accurately convey that information to the project team, you need to have "excellent" analytical skills. On the other hand, thanks to analytical skills, you can easily "glide" through data analysis operations, survey results and work processes. From there, quickly determine the right treatment measures to completely overcome the problems that arise. In general, possessing “strong” analytical skills is a sign of a successful Business Analyst.

1.4 Problem solving skills

Like most other careers in the IT field, the job of a Business Analyst also contains constant "changes". In the process of developing business solutions for customers, no one can be 100% sure about a certain problem. Everything always has "variables". Therefore, to be successful as a Business Analyst, you must possess "super good" problem-solving skills to be able to quickly resolve everything satisfactorily. From there, step by step bring success to projects.

2. Cloud Architect

An IT specialist who creates a company's cloud computing strategy is known as a cloud architect. Cloud architects focus on back-end coding, user functionality, appearance design, and network connection problems, among other aspects of developing, designing, and maintaining cloud technology. A cloud architect can enhance their abilities to function better.

Cloud architects are the people responsible for managing cloud computing architectures throughout the system. They help businesses ensure risks, convert information to cloud computing successfully and economically. 

The attributes and technological know-how that cloud architects may require in order to carry out their jobs well are known as cloud architect talents. The following are some of the most crucial abilities that cloud architects may require in order to carry out their duties successfully:

  • Master in Java, Python and C#: Learning one or more programming languages might be beneficial for cloud architects as they may collaborate with developers or write code. In the process of creating new solutions, they may experiment with various code combinations to see what can be fixed or what is theoretically feasible. Languages that cloud architects may utilize include Python, C#, and Java.
  • Operating system mastery: It is possible for cloud architects to work with several clients whose devices run different operating systems. Therefore, being able to connect to the cloud and comprehend how various systems operate can be beneficial for these experts. Operating systems knowledge might be useful to them in identifying problems and coming up with solutions because they occasionally supervise or collaborate with employees, such as system administrators.
  • Data storage expertise: A deep comprehension of database architecture and data storage is crucial for cloud architects. Cloud architects can identify which databases are most useful for the company's data by using their expertise in data storage. Finding the finest storage solutions is made possible for cloud architects by their familiarity with cloud storage, backup software, and hybrid cloud storage alternatives.
  • Cybersecurity: Proficiency in cybersecurity is essential for cloud architects to ensure data protection. As a cloud architect, you can get knowledge about firewalls, VPNs, domain names, and security breach prevention. Architects can apply cybersecurity principles to cloud data storage solutions they design, ensuring data protection.

III. Famous people with IQ 148

1. Abraham Lincoln IQ

Lincoln is unquestionably one of the sharpest presidents, with an estimated IQ of 148. Despite never having attended college, Lincoln was a well recognized lawyer and orator. In 1861, just before the commencement of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the country's 16th president.

Lincoln, the son of a Kentucky frontiersman, worked on a farm and broke rails for fences while learning to read and write. According to Simonton's calculations, Abraham Lincoln had an IQ 148 and was the only president to obtain a patent for developing a mechanism to liberate stranded steamboats.

Abraham Lincoln IQ 148

Lincoln was a contemplative and cerebral thinker who struggled with depression for much of his adult life and navigated a tough marriage with Mary Todd Lincoln, who also struggled with mental health concerns.

Lincoln, as a superb strategist in finding the most beneficial qualities in his fellow humans, was able to handle recalcitrant cabinet members as well as Union generals who were inferior in training and expertise to the Southern generals. Lincoln was eventually able to pull the country out of its huge dysfunction and lead it to the end of the civil war soon before his assassination.

Lincoln was not simply intelligent. Lincoln had the smarts to manage the smarts, all while cloaking himself in elegance, humility, and a wicked sense of humor.

And he recognized that tough problems do not have simple solutions. He is most known for preserving the Union throughout the Civil War and for signing the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, which permanently emancipated slaves within the Confederacy.

2. BTS - Rap Monster IQ

Rap Monster has an IQ of 148, which places him in the top of the world's population. If Rap Monster's IQ statistics aren't impressive enough, he also earned 900 on the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) while in middle school.

RM, or Rap Monster, is more than BTS's frontman. RM was chosen "best leader" of any K-pop group in a 2018 survey by Korean music channel Mnet, closely followed by Onew from Shinee and S. Coups from Seventeen.

BTS - Rap Monster IQ

RM (born Kim Nam-joon) has been killing it as the cornerstone of Korea's largest export to date. He is a superb rapper and all-around captivating character who commands the spotlight across the world.

Rap Monster spent years training with underground rapper Min Yoon-gi (Suga) and dancer Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope). Rap Monster made his debut as a member of BTS on Mnet's M! Countdown on June 13, 2013, with the track "No More Dream" off their first single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. He produced and wrote lyrics for several tunes on all of BTS' albums.

Kim Nam-joon of Bangtan Boys' notoriety in the music industry is plainly seen in his stage name – he's labeled Rap Monster because he is one. Dancing and singing abilities are almost always required for kpop stars, but Rap Monster has also shown to be a great rapper. He's also a significant member of Bangtan Boys because he's the only original member still alive.

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