Ted Bundy
IQ 136

Theodore Robert Bundy, also known as Ted Bundy, was an American serial killer and rapist who operated throughout the United States in the middle and late 1970s. He admitted to committing 30 murders in addition to other crimes like kidnapping, rape, and necrophilia. He was known to be an introvert and a very timid child when he was born to a single mother, raised by his grandparents. Family members do, however, recall instances where his behavior seemed peculiar and unsettling. 

Due to his inability to comprehend interpersonal relationships and admission that he knew nothing about creating and maintaining friendships, Ted Bundy chose to live a solitary life during his formative years. The majority of his victims thought he was extremely attractive, which he used to gain their respect and attention.

Ted Bundy, who committed one of the most notorious murders in history, attracted unwary women to his car with his attractiveness and charm. But did his good looks go with his intelligence?  Learn about Ted Bundy IQ and his life through the article below.

I. What is Ted Bundy IQ?

A test result revealed that Ted Bundy's IQ was 136, which is considered "gifted." The University of Washington awarded him a psychology bachelor's degree. He used cunning to lure his victims in close by tricking them, including making up injuries and passing for a police officer. He was also successful in breaking out of police custody twice. With the deviant three senses, he squandered his outstanding intelligence on the execution of his crimes, making himself depraved, deviant, and indignant.

Even one of his attorneys referred to him as "the very definition of heartless evil." But he represented himself in court during his trial. He was actually as effective as the majority of experienced attorneys thanks to his intelligence and charisma. But he received the death penalty after being found guilty.

II. Ted Bundy IQ and his life

In Ted Bundy’s early life, the killer exhibited problematic behavior and showed signs of the darkness that would later make him a serial rapist and murderer. On November 24, 1946, Bundy was born in a Burlington, Vermont, home for single mothers. After his birth, he stayed there for two months. Eleanor Louise Cowell, also known as Louise, thought about giving her child up for adoption, but Sam Cowell reportedly wanted the child to live with the family in Philadelphia. 

Ted Bundy claimed that his childhood was uneventful. This claim was frequently supported by his friends and family. But a closer inspection reveals that he was a shy youngster who occasionally erred on the side of propriety, morality, and the law. Although young Bundy's suspicious behavior was seen in others who did not go on to rape and murder numerous victims, his early life provides some insight into how he came to be a serial killer.

1. Ted Bundy Education Background 

As an undergraduate, Ted Bundy attended a number of institutions, including the University of Puget Sound, Temple University, and the University of Washington. He had plenty of opportunity to research the habits and weaknesses of female coeds, who were among his most frequent targets, because he was a part of so many diverse campus communities.

Bundy originally intended to major in Chinese, followed by urban planning, before deciding on psychology. He obtained a psychology degree from the University of Washington in 1972, graduating "with distinction." Bundy desired to attend a prestigious law school, but none of his top choices accepted him. Instead, regrettably, he started attending night classes at the University of Puget Sound School of Law in September 1973. Bundy started skipping classes though because he was too busy killing.

Bundy started attending the University of Utah School of Law in 1974. His recommendation letters from his college professor and the governor of Washington, whose re-election campaign he had worked on, helped him get accepted in part. The timing of the school switch was fortunate because it allowed Bundy to leave Washington and the active murder investigations there.

The fact that Bundy studied psychology suggests that his knowledge of how to isolate victims may have helped him in his murderous rampage. He also had a chance to avoid arrest because he had studied law and could stand in for himself in court. Bundy's education along with Ted Bundy's IQ of 134, however, did not spare him from receiving the harshest punishment for his crimes.

2. Ted Bundy IQ and his Career Path

Ted Bundy left school in 1968 and went on to work a number of odd jobs. He also volunteered for Nelson Rockefeller's presidential campaign in Seattle during this time. The first recorded murder attempt by Ted Bundy took place in January 1974 when he attacked and tried to kill an 18-year-old girl while she slept. A few weeks later, he broke into the home of a different woman and beat her before dragging her away. Later, she was discovered without a head. He killed eight more women in Washington within a six-month period.

Ted Bundy relocated to Utah in the fall of 1974, where he enrolled at the University of Utah to study law. He then started killing people in October 1974 when he abducted and killed three girls, one of whom was a police officer's daughter. The following month, he abducted a girl by convincing her that he was a police officer. But the girl managed to flee. He killed another person that day, and the girl's body was never discovered. Ted Bundy had murdered five more women by the start of 1975—four in Colorado and one in Utah. 

Ted Bundy was detained by the police in August 1975 for failing to stop his car and disobeying traffic laws. Handcuffs, masks, and a crowbar were among the tools the police discovered in the car. They also discovered that the car matched the description provided by the attack survivor from the previous year. Ted Bundy spent several months on the lam after making his second jailbreak. He relocated to Florida in the beginning of 1978, where he continued his murderous spree by killing two women and injuring three others. Prior to his arrest on February 15, 1978, he had killed a 12-year-old girl.

He became a national television spectacle during his subsequent trials, representing himself and attempting to persuade the jury with his charm and legal expertise. He was executed in 1989, not long after confessing to thirty-two murders, because it didn't work.

III. Ted Bundy and what we can learn from his life

We catch a glimpse of how a seemingly innocent man in the 1970s was able to murder more than 30 young women. What can be learned from this instance?

1. This world is full of monsters, and they are made of flesh and blood just like us

In spite of how often we scare ourselves silly with supernatural tales and films, the people we should fear the most are our fellow humans. No shadowy figure in our closet can hurt us as badly as a person. During Bundy's reign of terror across several American states, he committed crimes that are beyond comprehension, including kidnapping, rape, mutilation, and murder. Because of him, the phrase "serial killer" was created. He was only a man at the end of the day (and he passed away like any man would), but the fact remains that he committed numerous sins while he was still alive.

2. There are just some people who don't feel any regret or guilt

They assert that Ted Bundy and other serial killers have psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies, and they are incapable of feeling empathy or regret. They have no concept of guilt, so they could essentially commit the most heinous crimes without feeling guilty. Bundy acknowledged practicing necrophilia while he was incarcerated. Additionally, he dismembered some of his victims and dispersed their body parts throughout his preferred mountain and forest areas. In addition to all of this, his youngest victim was an innocent 12-year-old Florida schoolgirl. Such behaviors scream complete disregard for human life.

3. Exercise cautious faith

Ted Bundy was intelligent enough to improve the world, but he chose not to. His charm and good looks helped him win the trust of those around him, and he was able to conceal the fact that, on the whole, he was a wasted genius who was barely human. His family and friends couldn't believe it when the murder accusations started to flow in. Can you really believe a liar who has been proven to be false? Later in his life, he claimed that he was driven by a compulsion and a voice in his head. We should never ever put ourselves in such a helpless situation because we can never truly know what people are capable of. "Continuous attention,"

4. We ought to keep being disturbed

In any case, Ted Bundys could come into the world at any time or they might even already exist; we just don't know for sure. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, so we should take advantage if watching serial killer documentaries will give us a slight advantage.


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