Dolph Lundgren
IQ 160

Dolph Lundgren’s IQ is 160, which places him in the “Genius” category in the IQ classification, corresponding to 0.00316% of the world’s population. 

I. What is Dolph Lundgren’s IQ?

Dolph Lundgren’s  IQ is so rare that only 1 in 31570 people will possess this IQ score. This places his name with the most notable neurosurgeons, scientists, and college teachers who have an IQ of more than 140.

You probably never considered the enormous Swede from "Rocky IV" to be the wisest person in the room. However, in most rooms, this would be the case. This guy has a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney and a Fulbright scholarship to MIT, and he has a Dolph Lundgren IQ of 160. He will not only shatter you, but he will also break down your chemical constituents and tell you precisely what you are made of.

Dolph Lundgren IQ chart

Dolph graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with a degree in Chemical Engineering and a full MIT scholarship. He also speaks English, French, Swedish, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Italian.

The actor also studied in the United States for a while and frequently received academic grants to further his education. He went to Clemson University in South Carolina before transferring to Washington State University.

In 1982, he got his Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering, and in 1983, he was given a Fulbright scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

Dolph now works for the Swedish government on occasion and assists with various chemical engineering projects.

While this is all super impressive, it reminds us not to judge celebrities by their covers.

Shakira, Madonna, James Woods, Reggie Jackson, Matt Damon, Steve Martin, Ashton Kutcher, Quentin Tarantino, and many more global superstars have genius IQs, such as Dolphas Dolph Lundgren IQ.

II. Dolph Lundgren’s IQ and his life

Dolph Lundgren IQ and his life 

1. Dolph Lundgren - from a lousybad Background to a successful career

Hans Lundgren, better known as Dolph Lundgren, is the son of Sigrid Birgitta, a language teacher, and Karl Hugo Johan Lundgren (1, a Swedish government engineer (M.Sc.) and economist (MBA). He resided in Sapna till age 13, when he relocated to Nyland, in Ångermanland, to live with his grandparents.

Lundgren alleges his father was physically violent and abused his wife and eldest son. He noted that his father would label him a "loser" during his tirades, which spurred him later as he became more determined to prove himself.

However, he also stated, "Regardless of what occurred, I still adore my father. There are many aspects of him that I still admire. I was probably too much like him as a youngster, stubborn—perhaps that's what he couldn't deal with." He has stated that his poor connection with his father motivated him to pursue heavy contact sports such as boxing and karate.

With the release of Rocky IV, he was first credited as Dolph Lundgren. The name "Dolph" was given to him by a relative on his mother's side. Lundgren has stated that he felt insecure as a youngster and suffered from allergies, referring to himself as a "runt." He exhibited a strong interest in drumming and aspired to be a rock star.

He tried judo and Gj-ry when he was seven years old. He began Kyokushin karate at the age of ten and weightlifting as a teenager. "My dad always told me that if I wanted to accomplish anything extraordinary with my life, I had to travel to America," Lundgren said. After graduating with straight A's from high school, he spent some time in the 1970s in the United States on various academic scholarships, studying chemical engineering at Washington State University and Clemson University.

Between 1975 and 1976, he studied chemical engineering at Washington State University before beginning his mandated one-year service in the Swedish Coastal Artillery at the Coastal Ranger School. He studied in the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in the late 1970s and graduated with a degree in chemical engineering.

Dolph Lundgren - from bad Background to successful career

Lundgren improved his karate talents by working hard at the dojo for five years while studying, earning the title of 2nd dan black belt in Kyokushin in 1978.

When he was only a green belt, he commanded the Swedish Kyokushin karate team and was a tough contender in the 1979 World Open Tournament (organized by the Kyokushin Karate Organization). In 1980 and 1981, he won the European championships, and in 1982, he won a heavyweight competition in Australia.

Lundgren earned a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney in 1982. During his tenure in Sydney, he worked as a bouncer in a famed King's Cross nightclub.

In 1983, Lundgren received a Fulbright Scholarship to MIT. However, while planning to go to Boston, he was discovered at the Sydney nightclub where he worked and was employed as Grace Jones' bodyguard, and the two became lovers. Their romance proliferated, and he went to New York City with her.

Lundgren dabbled with modeling at the Zoli Agency while living with Jones in her New York City apartment but was characterized as "a touch too tall and powerful for a model's size 40."

He worked as a bouncer for Chazz Palminteri at the Manhattan nightclub The Limelight, which was situated in the old Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion. He studied acting at the Warren Robertson Theatre Workshop during the day and has stated that "My time in New York City exposed my adolescent Swedish eyes to a diverse range of people and lives, mostly in the arts.

I socialized with Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Iman, and Steve Rubell, performed at Studio 54, and studied acting with Andie MacDowell and Tom Hulce." Friends advised him that he should work in movies. After only two weeks, he dropped out of MIT to pursue acting.

2. Dolph Lundgren successful career

While most of his other films aren't worldwide blockbusters, Lundgren has had a colorful career, starring in over 40 films and sharing the screen with celebrities like Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Dolph has also directed seven films.

His first acting job was in "James Bond: A View to Kill," in which he played a KGB operative. However, it's no surprise that his most famous part was that of Ivan Drago in "Rocky IV," a film that many fans believe to be the greatest in the Rocky series.

Many people are unaware that Dolph seriously hurt Stallone while filming "Rocky IV." Sylvester urged Dolph to beat him as hard as he could during practices

Given his stature, we can all guess how big of a mistake it was. He smacked Stallone in the chest so hard that the actor's heart swelled dramatically.

 Dolph Lundgren successful career

It was so terrible that Stallone had to stay in critical care for five days. Dolph has often landed parts like soldiers, boxers, and various sorts of combatants due to his remarkable body during his acting career.

It's perhaps no surprise that the actor was an elite ranger in the Swedish military and holds a black belt in Kyokushin karate. But his resume doesn't stop there; he was also a Pentathlon leader, professional model, and Grace Jones' personal bodyguard.

Surprisingly, while working for Grace, the teenage singer was the one who persuaded him to pursue a career in acting. Who knows if Apollo Creed would still be alive if it weren't for the lovely model.


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