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Alicia Keys, an award-winning American singer-songwriter who first came into prominence with her groundbreaking debut album Songs in A Minor which sold over 12 million copies and established her as an instant sensation, sold numerous important awards, garnered rave reviews from critics, and rose in popularity over subsequent albums to become one of modern America's favored vocalists.

Are we wondering whether Alicia Keys truly possesses a genius-level intelligence or not? In the following article we explore more of Alicia's IQ and life.

I - What Is Alicia Keys' Intelligence (IQ)?

 She boasts an intelligence score of 154 IQ, making her one of Hollywood's most esteemed intellectuals. At 16 she earned top honors when graduating from her professional performing arts school and received an invitation to Columbia University; instead she made the conscious choice to focus on music instead. And her success with her debut Album served as confirmation that it had been made wisely.

Alicia Keys's IQ chart

At home and away from showbiz, Alicia Keys can be seen as an everyday female singer. She passionately commits herself to arts and charitable causes while infusing those around her with positive energy - which all add up to a compelling persona and contribute to her enduring beauty and attractiveness. All these traits reveal an intelligent individual; in which case Alicia Keys IQ must certainly be high.

II - Alicia Keys's Life  

Alicia Augello Cook was born January 25th 1981 in New York City to Teresa and Craig Cook who both worked in various fields - her father as a flight attendant while Teresa, herself an actress-part-time, reared Alicia after they separated when she was still fairly young. Her ancestry includes both African American, European American, Latino American as well as other races; though the majority of Alicia's childhood years were raised under Teresa.

Alicia Keys possesses a keen ear for both jazz and classical music, having started learning piano when she was seven years old. For amusement she selects gemstones as milestones on her journeys towards success in music industry, falling in love, becoming pregnant or becoming motherhood.

Alicia Keys possesses a keen ear for both jazz and classical music, having started learning piano when she was seven years old.

1. Alicia Keys and Her Education Background

She first experienced the entertainment world early as the daughter of an actress-part-time, when her mother encouraged her to study music and dancing training at Professional Performing Arts School when she was 12 years old. There she found out her innate songwriting talent as well as singing ability by time she graduated - much to everyone's amazement and delight!

At 16, she graduated as valedictorian. Following graduation, she decided to pursue music full time, signing with Columbia Records shortly afterwards and receiving acceptance to Columbia University; though after one month there, she left to focus solely on singing career.

2. Alicia Keys' Intelligence Quotient and Career

Although Alicia Keys had an intelligence quotient (IQ) score of 154 which placed her amongst 0.1 percent of individuals possessing high intelligence, her career saw it put to full use.

Songs in A Minor was her breakthrough album that sent shockwaves through the music world in 2001 and earned five GRAMMYs, while also becoming platinum five times, an achievement only accomplished by select musicians. She continued winning Grammy awards through three additional releases before she released As I Am in 2007 which received excellent reviews while rising to No.1 on charts; its success earned Keys two Grammy awards as well as connecting her with well-known musicians like Jack White.

At the close of 2009, Keys had released four studio albums: Element of Freedom became her first full-length release to reach No.1 on UK charts while Girl on Fire (her fifth) entered at no.1 on Billboard Hot 200 chart in 2012. Keys received additional recognition in 2014 when she won Grammy award for Best R&B Album; here (2016) made Keys an internationally popular and prosperous R&B singer thanks to two singles that peaked No. 1 on R&B/Hip Hop chart In Common and Blended Family which both reached No 1 position respectively on R&B/Hip Hop chart respectively

Alicia Keys has long been celebrated as an advocate, yet in addition to singing she also serves as an accomplished humanitarian and philanthropist. Co-founding Keep a Child Alive as well as serving as its global ambassador are just two notable activities she takes part in outside her singing profession.

Alicia Keys on her journey as musician and healer.

Alicia Keys on her journey as musician and healer. 

III - Alicia Keys on her path to success and her life lessons 

Her musical career in the entertainment world may include cat games and backstage shenanigans; press language that always seems to surround her; but this dark-skinned R&B girl has navigated its success journey without experiencing "lights out and redo" periods in her career. Each time Keys produces something, she knows she did her very best work while producing something which gives satisfaction; every time, Keys feels confident her intellectual children will flourish successfully into adulthood!

Alicia Keys' fame goes beyond being an extraordinary musician; in addition to being an incredible songwriter, Alicia is immensely inspiring due to her advocacy work to empower women and promote equality, diversity, and love in a society so divided by hatred and anger. 2017 must see those supporting love, equality, diversity and empowerment of all people take front stage as humanity will only gain from learning how to combat hatred more successfully and unify around what unites us as more of us do it together.

There are life lessons you could apply to help achieve success without needing such an advanced IQ as that of Alicia Keys. She often advises others to put trust in themselves. She herself learned not to neglect advice from brilliant, amazing people in her life such as those surrounding Alicia - without whom her success might not have come so easily. Family was everything to Alicia; in particular her mother supported her endeavors so much more effectively if Alicia hadn't trusted herself and been true to himself/herself throughout. Finally Alicia advised people to remain authentic no matter the obstacles they encounter, always being yourself and staying true to who/you truly are is key if success and distinguishes you from all others around you.


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