Alicia Keys
IQ 154

Alicia Keys is a ‘Grammy’ award-winning American singer who rose to fame with her debut album ‘Songs in A Minor’ which sold over 12 million copies and established her as an overnight sensation. Her debut album was not only a big financial success but also won her several important awards and received high praise from critics. With the release of her succeeding albums, her success persisted, and she rose to become one of modern America's most favored vocalists.

Is Alicia a true genius inside that multi-talented person ? Get to know more about Alicia Keys IQ and her life in the article below.  

I - What is Alicia Keys IQ?

 Alicia Keys IQ is 154 IQ, which makes her one of Hollywood's most admired intellectuals. At the age of 16, she earned the highest honors in her graduation from the professional performing arts school and received an invitation to the prestigious Columbia University. But Alicia Keys made the decision to stop so she could focus on her music career. And the success of the first Album served as proof that she made the right decision. 

Away from the world of show business, Alicia Keys is viewed as a straightforward female singer. She passionately commits herself to the arts, takes part in charitable causes, and constantly surrounds those around her with positive energy. Her enduring attractiveness is primarily due to her positive outlook and healthy health. All of these traits and personalities clearly portray a true genius, which proves that Alicia Keys IQ is really high.

II - Alicia Keys IQ and her life 

Alicia Keys was born Alicia Augello Cook on January 25, 1981, in New York City, USA, to Teresa and Craig Cook. Her father worked as a flight attendant, while her mother was a part-time actress. She has multiracial ancestry. Her mother reared her mostly after her parents divorced when she was still pretty little. 

Alicia Keys has a talent for jazz and classical music and has played the piano since she was 7 years old. She also enjoys selecting gemstones for amusement. They serve as milestones for each of her travels, such as finding success in the music industry, varying degrees of love, and becoming a baby.

1. Alicia Keys IQ and Education Background 

She was exposed to the entertainment industry at a young age as the daughter of a part-time actress and was urged by her mother to take music and dancing training. When she enrolled in the "Professional Performing Arts School," she was just 12 years old. Alicia Keys IQ  was soon exposed in her good songwriting abilities in addition to her singing ability by the time she finished. 

At age 16, she graduated as valedictorian. After graduating, she committed herself to pursuing a career in music and obtained a recording deal with "Columbia Records." She received acceptance into "Columbia University" around the same time. She left college after a month, though, to focus on her singing career. 

2. Alicia Keys IQ and her career

Although Alicia Keys IQ of 154 placed her in top 0.1 percent of the population who own high intelligence quotient, it was her career where she used her IQ in.

Songs in A Minor, her debut album, shocked the music industry in 2001. She won five GRAMMYs as a result, but more significantly, the album went platinum five times, a feat that only a select few musicians can claim. Additionally, she received Grammy Awards for the following three albums. Keys released her album As I Am in 2007. The album garnered excellent reviews and peaked at No. 1 on the charts. Her album earned her two Grammy Awards and connected her with well-known musicians like Jack White.

By the end of 2009, Keys had released four studio albums. The Element of Freedom, her fourth studio full-length album, became her first to reach the top of the UK charts, while Girl on Fire, her fifth album from 2012, debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 200. Keys received another reward for her efforts in 2014 when she won the Grammy for Best R&B Album. Keys became one of the most well-liked and prosperous R&B singers in the world with her 2016 album Here. In Common and Blended Family, two singles, both peaked at No. 1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

Alicia Keys is well recognized for her advocacy but she is also a humanitarian and philanthropist in addition to her singing profession. She co-founded the nonprofit HIV/AIDS organization Keep a Child Alive and serves as its global ambassador.

Alicia Keys on her journey as musician and healer. 

III - Alicia Keys on her path to success and her life lessons 

Whether her musical career in the entertainment world is loaded with cat games, behind-the-scenes gimmicks, or a storm of press language always around, the dark-skinned R&B girl has gone on a straight, trouble-free route of success. Keys is perhaps one of the only celebrities who doesn't have to struggle to rely on others or endure "lights out and redo" periods in her career. Every time she produces something, she believes that she has done her best, delivered the most satisfying result, and is quite certain that her brainchildren will successfully blossom. 

Alicia Keys IQ is not the only famous thing about her. In addition to being a fantastic songwriter, Alicia is incredibly motivating for her drive to empower women and promote equality, diversity, and love in a society that is so divided by hate and anger. In 2017, the discourse urgently needs to put those who support love, equality, diversity, and the empowerment of all people at the forefront. In the long term, mankind will benefit more from our learning to combat hate and come together around the things we share if more of us do so.

There are some life lessons that could help you achieve success without having to own such a high IQ like Alicia Keys IQ. Alicia always tells people to trust in himself. She has discovered that, even if she was a fool to ignore the counsel and life lessons of the brilliant, amazing people in her life, she must also pay attention to what she has to say. And to Alicia, family is everything. Maybe she wouldn't have been so successful without her mother's support. Last but not least, Alicia advised people to stay authentic. No matter what obstacles you face, always being yourself and keeping your own uniqueness is important if you want to succeed and not be confused with anyone.


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