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Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party and Supreme Commander of its Armed Forces, pledged that Germany either become a world power or not at all. As architect of World War II and Germany's Chancellor during its Third Reich, Adolf Hitler laid the groundwork for its devastation. He was known around the globe as an unstoppable "Fuhrer," responsible for overseeing and organizing the systematic killings of millions of Jews and non-Aryans whom he considered unsuitable or inferior for membership into an ideal "Aryan" race. Wilhelm Hitler was widely considered the founder and leader of Nazism; an avid anti-Semite who attempted to create an expansive and pure nation for German people with his megalomaniacal behavior that started and ended World War Two before ultimately sinking his nation into ruin. He is known for his exceptional leadership abilities, buoyant personality, and being an accomplished writer, artist, and militarist.

People tend to disagree with Adolf Hitler's intelligence because he was one of history's most divisive figures. Was Hitler smart? Read further through this article for insight.

I - What is Adolf Hitler IQ?

Adolf Hitler is estimated to have had an IQ between 141 to 150. Unfortunately, due to declining to participate in Nuremberg IQ tests administered exclusively to Nazis during Nuremberg Trials, his true IQ score may never be known.

Adolf Hitler IQ chart

Adolf Hitler has long been subjected to widespread debate regarding his intelligence, which will likely continue for decades. When you consider that Adolf Hitler achieved great success as a statesman, author, and orator before becoming leader of Germany - including the adoption of the Nuremberg Laws, annexed Austria, and occupation of Sudetenland among his numerous accomplishments - you would tend to view him as intelligent.

Hitler had an extraordinary memory. Rather than simply memorizing information, his memory allowed him to retain knowledge for extended periods, making academic books and newspapers no challenge at all. Even without access to them now, Hitler could recall passages and details he'd previously read months or even years ago.

II -  Adolf Hitler IQ and his life

Adolf Hitler IQ and his life 

Adolf Hitler was one of the world's most formidable figures during the 1930s, dominating Europe under his dictatorial regime in Germany and giving orders directly. While many may recognize Adolf as being among history's more controversial characters, few know his intelligence was far superior than most people think; his history alone makes for fascinating reading!

At birth in Austria, Hitler was raised by both responsible housewives and customs officials - his mother Klara Hitler (nee Pozl) was considered quiet but reserved; she held great character qualities that set her apart from Alois Hitler who could often become harsh or short-tempered; she is often credited as inspiring Hitler's desire to travel to Vienna in pursuit of art studies.

1. Adolf Hitler IQ with his Education Background

Much is well known about Adolf Hitler - concentration camps, racism, genocide, hatred. Unfortunately, his academic accomplishments remain far less well-known.

Adolf Hitler had an exceptional IQ and enjoyed immense school popularity; however, frequent disagreements between himself and his father over his passion for fine arts caused Hitler to drift apart from family life while developing a volatile temperament, resulting in him becoming reclusive, unhappy, and resentful child despite becoming the most famous person ever known to humanity. Adolf Hitler's academic accomplishments are surprisingly meager, with almost zero academic successes or accomplishments overall being met over his academic history, which was an absolute mess upon unexpectedly losing his father with encouragement from his mother. After their father passed unexpectedly, his dream to pursue fine arts was supported with encouragement by his mother, though her encouragement only enabled her.

Adolf Hitler studied briefly at the University of Vienna. He studied law there and never showed an interest in politics. Additionally, he took courses at both engineering and architecture programs at Technical University Vienna - it can be concluded that Adolf Hitler's IQ didn't shine bright in his educational journey.

Adolf Hitler rose to numerous victories.

Adolf Hitler rose to numerous victories.

2. Adolf Hitler IQ and his Career

a. Early anti-Semitic views in Vienna

He resided for four years in Linz before leaving school at 16 to relocate to Vienna aspirating to become a painter, ultimately being denied by two rejections from the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts for membership and eventually developing a pathological hatred of Marxists, Habsburg monarchy, and Jews due to rejection. While in Vienna, he first came to believe Jews were to blame for all chaos, corruption, and destruction within society, eventually being able to identify "The Eternal Jew."

b. During World War One

Hitler moved from Vienna to Munich in May 1913 and enlisted as war erupted in August 1914 as a dispatch runner with the 16th Bavarian Infantry Regiment as soon as war broke out in August of that year. Due to two wounds sustained from World War I fighting, he ended up temporarily blinded and filled with anger following Germany's military defeat and subsequent revolution in 1918.

He came to believe after his recovery that fate had chosen him to liberate a dishonored nation from its captor, the harsh Treaty of Versailles he so loathed.

c. Gaining Notoriety & The Nazi Party

 Hitler decided to organize his Nazi Party around strong squads such as his bodyguards - known as Schutzstaffel (shielded), or black-shirted bodyguards known as Schutzstaffel; or stormtroopers known as Sturmabteilung (SA). When permitted to speak out publicly after its exclusion in 1925, Hitler quickly established himself as the ultimate arbitrator within its ranks.

By August 1934, following von Hindenburg's death, Hitler had assumed control of all aspects of state power and was widely seen as its unassailable dictator. Over the next four years he achieved domestic and international triumphs that ousted rival political figures both abroad and at home; agreeing on a friendship-and-nonaggression pact with Soviet Russia for two-front warfare preparation; and later breaking this accord himself.

d. War Crimes in World War II

War Crimes in World War II German "Blitzkrieg" tactics of sudden assaults on airfields or military installations with swift-moving armor and cutting-edge bombers was the hallmark of World War II in its first phase. Hitler suffered his first setback during the Battle of Britain when the Royal Air Force prevented Luftwaffe aircraft from seizing control over British skies. Following this setback, Hitler quickly instituted his "Final Solution of the Jewish Question," first considered in 1939, rapidly expanding armies across the Baltic and Black Sea regions. However, Soviet Russia did not disintegrate as anticipated.

III -  Adolf Hitler IQ to Life Lessons

Adolf Hitler was an incredible leader renowned for captivating speeches, leading the Nazi Party, initiating World War II, and upholding the German race rights he upholds. Based on academic records, reading preferences, writing abilities, and creative output. Adolf Hitler caused a dark period in history with his brilliant military strategy and impressive intelligence (IQ of 141). While understanding Adolf Hitler is difficult due to IQ being such an individual factor, we can learn lessons from Adolf's life, such as:

  • Most individuals will use their dark side against others if given the chance.
  • People can be easily persuaded in difficult times to support grand national projects through deception and future-faking, providing compensation for feelings of rejection, humiliation, and shame (which many Germans experienced after WW1).
  • Hatred for another race, religion, minority group, community, or gender can be exploited to gain power and used as a target of propaganda or ideological justification.
  • Nationalism, an extreme form of nationalism, thrives by disparaging other people and nations.
  • Pathological leaders can accurately anticipate the state and expectations of an entire country. By adding charisma and being articulate, pathological leaders have proven very adept at anticipating national attitudes.


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