Benjamin Netanyahu
IQ 180

Benjamin Netanyahu's IQ score is 180 IQ, which regarded him as brilliant as “ Genius at a high level “ and in top 0.000004831648% of the world’s population. As a highly successful former prime minister, how smart can Benjamin be? Learn about Benjamin Netanyahu IQ and his life through this blog. 

I - What is Benjamin Netanyahu IQ 

According to townhall.com, Benjamin Netanyahu has an IQ of 180 and is ranked number 11 on The New Statesman's list of the world's 50 most influential people in 2010. With the ratio of only 1 in 20,696,873 people possessing this IQ level, it’s almost impossible to find few other individuals who possess IQ this high.  In order to participate in the Yom Kippur War, Netanyahu left MIT in 1973. After the fighting was over, he returned and received a B.S. in Architecture.

Benjamin Netanyahu IQ chart

Without a doubt, Netanyahu possesses a high level of intelligence. He served as an officer in the IDF's elite Sayeret Maktal division, which is comparable to the American Delta forces in Israel. He thereafter enrolled at MIT, where he completed both his undergraduate and graduate degrees. During his time there, he also pursued a doctorate in political science. But before he could finish his dissertation, he returned to Israel. His resume displays a lifetime of accomplishments that only someone with exceptional intelligence could attain.

II - Benjamin Netanyahu IQ and his life 

Benjamin Netanyahu was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, on October 21, 1949, and raised in Jerusalem. He resided in the Philadelphia region for the majority of his teenage years since his father, the eminent Jewish historian Benzion Netanyahu, held a professorial position there. Being born a Jew set the stage for Benjamin Netanyahu IQ. 

Benjamin Netanyahu IQ and his life

1. Benjamin Netanyahu IQ and Education Background

In the same year that he returned to the country, Netanyahu earned degrees in business administration and architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He worked for the Boston Consulting Group in 1976, but after the death of Yoni, his elder brother, who was killed while attempting to release hostages from an Air France flight in Uganda, he returned to Israel. Netanyahu actively participated in global counterterrorism initiatives, which aided in the beginning of his political career. After working in Washington, D.C.'s Israeli embassy He was appointed Israeli ambassador to the UN (1982–1984). (1984-88). He spearheaded a successful drive to declassify U.N information when he was there on war crimes records of the Nazis. Benjamin Netanyahu's IQ truly made him shine in diplomatic work. 

2. Benjamin Netanyahu IQ and his career

a. Political Success 

Netanyahu officially assumed the roles of Likud Chairman and Leader of the Opposition in the Knesset in December 2006. After right-wing parties secured a majority in the 2009 legislative vote, in which Likud finished second, Netanyahu forged a coalition. He was the second person, after Israel's founding father David Ben-Gurion, to be elected to the office of Prime Minister for a third term following his victory in the 2013 elections. Netanyahu was chosen to serve a fourth term as prime minister in March 2015. 

Benjamin Netanyahu with President Donald Trump.

Benjamin Netanyahu with President Donald Trump.

Benjamin has been elected Israel's prime minister four times, matching David Ben-record, Gurion's thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu IQ and other considerations. Netanyahu is the only Israeli prime minister to have won three consecutive elections. If his current administration lasts the whole term, Netanyahu will surpass David Ben-Gurion as the longest-serving Prime Minister in Israel's history. Currently, Netanyahu is the second-longest-serving Prime Minister in the country's history.

b. Scandals

Even though he and his wife Sara are being looked into for a variety of scandals, Netanyahu has maintained his popularity in Israel in part because of his firm stances against terrorism and Iran, a booming economy, and a lack of any opposition. 

On February 17, 2015, State Comptroller Yosef Shapira published a report on Netanyahu's spending. Records of the prime minister and his wife's lavish expenditures at their official mansion were included in the report. The 2015 report did not result in any charges being brought. Nevertheless, Sara was charged with fraud and violation of public trust on June 21, 2018, after she allegedly misrepresented the employment status of cooks at the prime minister's official house and fraudulently spent around $100,000 on takeout food orders between 2010 and 2013.

III - Benjamin Netanyahu IQ and the secret behind his success

The reputation Mr. Netanyahu established as the guy who could best protect Israel from hostile forces in the Middle East was a major factor in his unmatched success in the polls. He adopted a tough stance toward the Palestinians, prioritizing security considerations over any discussions of peace, and he has long warned that Iran poses an existential threat to Israel. The outstanding success of his career is the clearest evidence for Benjamin Netanyahu IQ being used extremely shrewdly.

The huge shifts in the Israeli political landscape brought about by the occupation and settlement of the West Bank and East Jerusalem more than 50 years ago are reflected in Netanyahu's rise to power. He represents, if not leads, a steadfast national population that, regardless of party allegiance, favors settlement across the West Bank and the ensuing denial of Palestinian statehood west of the Jordan River. 

The tremendous political, electoral, and demographic changes brought about by this national endeavor have been effectively utilized politically by Netanyahu, who has also successfully solidified a national majority against making concessions to Palestinian nationalism. Netanyahu presides over a national political scene that has become accustomed to backing policies that encourage de facto and occasionally de jure annexation in the Palestinian domain as he runs for yet another popular mandate. A less harsh type of settlement and occupation than what has become the norm over the last few decades is no longer seen as advantageous from an electoral standpoint by Labor, and it has been unable to garner sufficient party or public support for diplomatic contact with the PLO.

As the expression, if not the creator, of this national growth, Netanyahu, who is despised by the right and excoriated by the center and what little of the left survives, is on course to become Israel's longest-serving prime minister. He is up against a fragmented political opposition that has almost completely abandoned any intention of removing settlements in order to establish a workable territorial foundation for Palestinian national self-determination.


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