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Since coming into the spotlight, Nicole Mary Kidman has become one of the most well-known figures in the industry. Gorgeous beauty and a highly successful career, Nicole is also praised for being extremely intelligent. Is she a true genius? Please get to know Nicole Kidman's IQ and her life through the article below. 

I - What is Nicole Kidman IQ?

Nicole Kidman's IQ is estimated at 132. With a solid educational background from a family whose father is a clinical biologist/psychologist and whose mother is a nursing instructor, it is understandable to see Nicole possessing superior intelligence with Nicole Kidman's IQ of up to 132. This "Australian Swan" studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and Phillip Street Theater in Sydney; then, the actress joined the Australian Theater of Young Talents. 

What is Nicole Kidman IQ chart

Kidman is an international icon who inspires countless individuals worldwide. As both an actress and philanthropist, Kidman has inspired people across the world since she first found her calling as an acting professional at an early age. At that same age, she began formal acting training, which only furthered her love of performing arts and acting. When she moved to Hollywood, success seemed like a much more attainable goal because she had shown glimmers of it since her debut in the Australian film industry.

II - Nicole Kidman IQ and her life 

On June 20, 1967, Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. David Kidman and Janelle Ann gave birth to Nicole Kidman. Her mother was a nursing instructor, and her father was a clinical psychologist, author, and biochemist. Antonio Kidman is the name of her younger sister. Although Kidman's parents were Australian citizens, they were both temporarily residing in the US on an educational visa at the time of her birth. Kidman could, therefore, claim dual citizenship with Australia and the United States. At the age of four, Kidman traveled back to Australia with her parents.

Young Nicole Kidman.

Young Nicole Kidman.

1. Nicole Kidman Education Background 

The acting bug bit Nicole Kidman at a young age, and it persisted throughout her years in elementary and high school. She even signed up for a ballet class. After graduating from Lane Cove Public School, she enrolled in North Sydney Girls' High School. Kidman abandoned her studies as a result of the unfortunate event that her mother was given the breast cancer diagnosis. She worked as a massage therapist to assist the family financially. Kidman later attended Phillip Street Theatre in Sydney and the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. She went to the Australian Theatre for Young People as a result. 

Nicole Kidman's IQ of 132 puts her in the top 2% of the world's population, possessing a high intellectual quotient. Kidman started performing in plays and miming. Kidman's professional entry into the entertainment industry was a natural progression due to her innate talent for the same and attractive appearance.

2. Nicole Kidman IQ and her successful career

a. Entertain 

Nicole Kidman has had a remarkable career, and the age-defying actress is still going strong with an impressive list of films and television shows to her acting credits. 

"Days of Thunder" was Nicole Kidman's first film in the United States. Kidman has long been one of the leading Hollywood productions. Her influence can be found in movies like Batman Forever, To Die For, Moulin Rouge, The Others, and The Hours - to name just a few. 1995 proved particularly noteworthy for Kidman when she played leading roles in two high-grossing live-action movies: To Die For and Batman Forever. Both earned Golden Globe awards that year, while To Die For became the highest-grossing live-action movie as of 2011.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in Golden Globe Award.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in Golden Globe Award.

Kidman did not abandon her passion for theater despite her films' immense box office success and widespread critical and public acclaim; she could often perform in David Hare's production "The Blue Room," which premiered in London.

It should be no surprise that Kidman received much positive feedback for her movie performances. Nicole Kidman's IQ was evidenced in how she cleverly dealt with the media. In addition to receiving numerous accolades from critics, she was awarded an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA for her outstanding performance in the role. 

b. Beside Acting 

  • In addition to movies, Kidman frequently appears in advertisements. She served as the symbol of the Chanel No. 5 fragrance line. With US$12 million, Kidman set the record for the highest actor pay per minute during her three-minute appearance in Chanel No. 5. She became the spokesperson for the international Schweppes ad and the Nintendo marketing campaign.

  • Kidman has participated in many charitable endeavors, drawing particular attention to children living under challenging circumstances worldwide. She was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF in 1994 due to her tireless work to improve their living conditions.

  • To fight breast cancer, Kidman teamed up with the Little Tee Campaign. She actively participated in creating vests and t-shirts to raise money to fight the disease. After witnessing her mother's struggle with the illness, Kidman became inspired to support this cause. 

  • Kidman was chosen as the UN Women's Development Fund's goodwill ambassador in 2006. (UNIFEM).

c. Awards & Achievements 

  • In 2006, she received the Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) at the Australian Day Honors in recognition of her philanthropic efforts and contribution to the film industry.

  • She was featured in a series of postage stamps in 2009 that also included other well-known Australian actors. Each actor made two appearances: once as themselves and once in the role for which they received the Academy Award. 

  • She earned three Academy Award nominations and made history by becoming the first Australian actress ever to be honored with a Best Actress Oscar.

  • Kidman made three wins out of the ten nominations at the Golden Globes for her roles in "To Die For," "Moulin Rouge," and "The Hours."

  • Six times, Kidman was nominated for an AACTA award, which she went on to win for her performance in "Vietnam." This talented actress was nominated seven times for Critics' Choice Awards. She once claimed it for her role in the movie "To Die For."


Nicole Kidman gained worldwide recognition for her phenomenal performance. Through success, Nicole Kidman became Hollywood's iconic actress. Nicole Kidman has an estimated net worth of $250 Million, thanks to over three decades in the entertainment business. The multi-talented actress has established herself and continues to prove her worth as one of the premier actors today. Like other great stars, her allure can come from many factors. Besides Nicole Kidman's IQ, there are other factors contributing to her success.

  • Elegance: Nicole Kidman stands out from the crowd and evokes the glamor of classic movie stars thanks to her inherent grace, dignity, and sophistication.

  • Talent: She not only dazzles audiences with strong and convincing performances, but she has also received numerous honors, including an Oscar for her portrayal of author Virginia Woolf in the drama The Hours from 2002.

  • Versatility: Nicole Kidman is one of the few actresses who could pull off comedies, historical dramas, thrillers, fantasy, and musicals with equal ease. Audiences have always been in awe of her versatility.

  • Classic Beauty: Kidman stands out for having a classic beauty that will withstand the test of time thanks to her flawless skin, feminine features, swan-like figure, and refusal to change her appearance to suit fashion trends drastically.

  • Participation in High-Quality Projects: Nicole Kidman frequently selects movies that are regarded as being of high quality. Her films are more likely to endure the test of time because she has a habit of picking work with artistic merit.

  • Reputation as a Fashion Icon: Kidman is praised as a fashion icon for her fearless risk-taking on the red carpet, in addition to having gorgeous clothes and an incredible sense of style. Even her most daring outfits are always in line with acceptable taste. She is adept at expressing herself through her style, just like any true fashion icon. She is reflected in her wardrobe.

  • Individuality: Nicole Kidman has consistently displayed a strong sense of herself on-screen and throughout her career, which can be seen through many choices. Kidman stands out because of the powerful combination of strength, intelligence, sensitivity, and charisma she exudes.


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