All Facts about IQ 180

In fact, the world population’s IQ scores are often from 40 to 140. So, have you ever wondered how IQ 180 owners look? If you don’t have the answer, please read this article. The below information will explain to you what IQ 180 people look like in the world.

I. Is 180 IQ good?

You are one of the luckiest people in the world if you own an IQ of 180. Scientists believe that talents who own an IQ score of 180 are extremely prominent in terms of many aspects (lifestyle, behavior, intellect and so on).

Is 180 IQ good?

2. How many people have an IQ of 180 

1. Bobby Fischer - American prominent chess player with an IQ of 180

Bobby Fischer was born in 1943 in Chicago. Regina Wender Fischer - his mother was a laborer who experienced various jobs (teacher, registered nurse and physician). She was a Swiss and became an official US resident.

Bobby and his sister Joan started to learn how to play chess through the instructions from a toy set bought from a sweet store when he was 6 years old. Joan finds chess uninteresting while Bobby’s mother can’t spend more time playing chess, Fischer had played a lot of first games by himself until he joined his family’s vacation at Patchogue, Long Island, New York. 

Bobby Fischer - American prominent chess player with an IQ of 180

Bobby accidentally found a book which was written about how to play chess games while he played out. After that, he studied that book seriously. Since Bobby’s family moved to a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, the talented boy Bobby had been so engrossed in the chess game that his mother was worried because she feared her son had often stuck himself in the room alone. 

Finally, she made a postcard and sent it to one of the most famous press in America, the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper to book an ad place. The postcard was written about whether there are the same-age children of Bobby who were keen on playing chess with him. But the press rejected her requirement because it was not a type of news and they don’t know where that information should be put on. 

However, they helped her to transfer this information to Hermann Helms, the “Dean of American Chess” and Helms told her that there was an exhibition which was organized on January 17, 1951, and the former Scottish chess champion, Master Max Pavey was an attendant also. Bobby Fischer played in that exhibition but he lost after a 15-minute attempt. 

After finishing that match, Carmine Nigro - Brooklyn Chess Club President expressed his impression of Bobby’s ability of chess playing and Nigro invited him to join the club and started to teach him advanced skill sets of chess playing. In 1952, Fischer's first chess tournament was hosted at Nigro’s home in the year of 1952. Fischer joined the Manhattan Chess Club when he was 12 years old and Nigro had accompanied Bobby until Nigro passed away in 1956. 

When speaking of the first teacher, Bobby said that “ Mr. Nigro was possibly not the best player in the world, but he was a very good teacher. Meeting him was probably a decisive factor in my going ahead with chess.”

Bobby Fischer owned an IQ score of 180 and it was not surprising when he was the eleventh World Chess Champion and an American chess grandmaster.

2. Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli politician having an IQ of 180

Benjamin Netanyahu has an IQ 180, who was born to a Jewish woman in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1949. His father, Benzion Netanyahu was a historian who was active in the field of the Jewish Golden age of Spain. Netanyahu was the second child in a Jewish family. When he was a child, he was educated in Jerusalem where he was a student at Henrietta Szold Elementary School. According to the evaluation of his 6th-grade teacher, Benjamin was a courteous, polite and helpful person.

Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli politician having an IQ of 180

In 1967, Benjamin’s family moved to a suburb of Philadelphia in the United States and his father worked as a professor at Cheltenham College. Netanyahu was active in soccer and the debate club while he studied at Cheltenham High School. His brother and he express their dissatisfaction with the corruptible lifestyle which included the prevalent youth counterculture movement in their zone.

Netanyahu came back to Israel to be called up by the Israel Defense Forces after graduating from high school in the US in 1967. He was trained as a soldier and active in an elite special forces unit of the IDF, Sayeret Matkal for five years. He was entrusted with a lot of army missions which included the Israeli raid on Lebanon in 1968. 

He was wooden in the shoulder while practicing the rescue of the hijacked Sabena Flight 571 in 1972. In 1973, he was discharged from the study in America and back to serve in the Yom Kippur War. After that, he attended special raids on Suez Canal against forces from Egypt before becoming a leader of the commando attack inside Syrian territory.

Netanyahu was nominated as the official Leader of the Opposition in the Knesset and Chairman of Likud in 2006. He was elected to be the Prime Minister for a third term after the great victory in the 2013 elections. Benjamin was elected for his fourth term in the same position in March 2015. If his current authority lasts a full term, it is believed that Benjamin will be recorded as the longest-serving Prime Minister in the history of Israel.

With his IQ of 180, Netanyahu has become the most intelligent politician in the Israeli government until now.

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