All Facts about IQ 180

The people in the world with an IQ of 180 account for only 0.000004831648%. These people are classified as "Genius at a high level". Do you know who they are and what their profession is?

I. Is 180 IQ good?

According to many statistics, out of every 20 million people on earth, only one person reaches an IQ of 180. Possessing an IQ of 180 means that this person is extremely intelligent and sharp in thinking.

The people in the world with an IQ of 180 account for only 0.000004831648% classified as "Genius at a high level"

The people in the world with an IQ of 180 account for only 0.000004831648% classified as "Genius at a high level"

IQ 180 is considered higher than two world famous people, famous British model Emma Watson and the world's richest billionaire Elon Musk.

There are many signs that show you are a person with a high intelligence quotient:

  • Study quickly: It's no surprise that people with high IQs tend to learn quickly. That's because they can make meaningful connections to form deep understanding and implement what they learn. "People with high IQs have the ability to grasp new concepts quickly," says Ronald J. Swatzyna, PhD, a neurophysiologist. acquire and retain knowledge across multiple disciplines, allowing them to excel in academic and professional environments."
  • Have long-term memory: Although an IQ test is not intended to measure what has been learned, it does measure your ability to learn and crystallize that content into more lasting knowledge and understanding. That's why remembering things you learned in school can actually be a sign of a high IQ. "They can learn at any age, but also maintain what they've learned throughout their lives," Dobson said of individuals who score well on the test.
  • Strong critical thinking skills: Critical thinking is another important sign of high intelligence. If you can look at a situation and make an objective analysis, this means you have a high IQ. "As a rule, people with high IQs excel at logical reasoning and critical thinking," Swatzyna told Best Life. "They can evaluate information objectively, drawing connections between concepts. seemingly unrelated concepts and make accurate judgments based on evidence and reason."

II. Suitable jobs for people IQ 180

1. Lawyer

A lawyer is a person licensed to practice law and has the obligation to apply the law to protect the rights of clients. Lawyers often have obligations associated with their field of practice such as: consulting and providing legal advice; Research and collect evidence to prepare documents for cases and disputes; consulting on contract drafting; consulting in purchase and sale transactions; Performing defense and representing clients in litigation in court. 

According to work characteristics, lawyers are divided into consulting lawyers and litigation lawyers. As a consulting lawyer, the lawyer will usually advise on legal issues for clients. As a litigation lawyer, the lawyer will represent the client and participate in the trial to defend, argue, and protect the client's rights and interests.

Lawyers often represent clients in court, research, analyze legal issues, explain laws to businesses, present facts in writing... These things require abstract thinking and Suitable for people with high IQ.

To become a good lawyer, besides legal knowledge, lawyers also need other professional skills.

1.1 Professional ethics

People often say that people working in the judicial sector have the ability to change black and white, turning people with serious crimes into minor crimes, people with minor crimes into innocent people, and vice versa. Some people also compare lawyers to snakes with boneless tongues that can lie at any time. This stems from the phenomenon of a group of lawyers distorting the truth for personal gain. Therefore, lawyers' honesty and following the law will contribute to a cleaner society.

1.2 Communication and persuasion skills

People often say that lawyers are argumentative teachers because the legal profession is a profession of talking and arguing a lot. Therefore, communication skills, persuasion skills, and presenting problems concisely and clearly will be the most important skills. Try to imagine the scene, in a trial where the lawyer keeps hemming and hawing, speaking incoherently, unclearly... which lowers the percentage of their clients to win the case. You must work hard to practice these skills. Practice speaking alone in front of a mirror or gather with friends to discuss a certain issue.

1.3 Analytical and synthetic thinking

You will analyze the actions that occurred in the lawsuit, then chain them all into a system, to find out what is the cause, the key point of the lawsuit or find clues to follow it. Find more information. This thinking is always based on logic and does not allow emotional thinking to interfere. Knowledge of human psychology, criminal psychology, and professional skills of a lawyer will help you easily find the cause of the crime.

2. Information technology specialist

IT professionals work with computer-based information systems. They may design, operate, or maintain technology in technology companies or in any business or agency that uses technology or manages large amounts of data. They typically provide services related to networks, hardware, software, databases, and web resources. They can perform network management, software development, and database management. Some IT professionals even design systems or perform reviews on the software their company is currently using.

The information technology engineering industry will have many different sub-industry groups such as programmers, testers, management experts, IT project coordinators, system analysts, etc. Depending on your sub-specialization. what is, there will be an appropriate detailed job description.

Information technology engineers not only need to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of information technology, data management, and programming languages, but also need to combine many skills during the working process.

  • Mathematical skills: Mathematical skills are considered the "foundation" for programming work, helping information technology engineers know how to calculate, measure, and analyze equations, from which they can design and develop the program effectively.
  • Programming skills: Programming skills are basic and essential skills of an information technology engineer. Depending on the position, businesses will require candidates to have knowledge of different programming languages. There are many ways to learn programming languages such as learning through practice or taking some training courses.
  • Design skills: IT engineers need to know how to use design tools such as HTML/CSS, Adobe Creative Suite and JavaScript. An IT engineer needs to understand user needs when using technology devices, thereby designing interfaces that suit the user experience.
  • Communication skills: IT engineers often work and communicate with colleagues, suppliers, managers, etc. Good communication skills will make information exchange easier. This skill is demonstrated not only through speech but also through writing and the ability to communicate technical phrases in a way that non-technical people can understand. In addition, proactive listening is an important factor that helps IT engineers clearly understand the problems and requirements that others share.
  • Analytical skills: In many projects, IT engineers are required to analyze software or hardware operations, find solutions to improve programs, or troubleshoot problems when problems occur. Therefore, analytical skills are considered a "guideline" to help IT engineers analyze and thoroughly understand the problem, thereby providing the best solution.

III. How many people have an IQ of 180 

1. Bobby Fischer - American prominent chess player with an IQ of 180

Bobby Fischer was born in 1943 in Chicago. Regina Wender Fischer - his mother was a laborer who experienced various jobs (teacher, registered nurse and physician). She was a Swiss and became an official US resident.

Bobby and his sister Joan started to learn how to play chess through the instructions from a toy set bought from a sweet store when he was 6 years old. Joan finds chess uninteresting while Bobby’s mother can’t spend more time playing chess, Fischer had played a lot of first games by himself until he joined his family’s vacation at Patchogue, Long Island, New York. 

Bobby Fischer - American prominent chess player with an IQ of 180

Bobby accidentally found a book which was written about how to play chess games while he played out. After receiving the bookt, he studied itseriously. Since Bobby’s family moved to a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, the talented boy Bobby had been so engrossed in the chess game which made his mother worried because she feared her son stuck himself in the room alone. 

Finally, she made a postcard and sent it to one of the most famous press in America, the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper to book an ad place. The postcard was written about whether there are the same-age children of Bobby who were keen on playing chess with him. However, the press rejected her request because it was not a type of news and they didn’t know where that information should be put on. 

However, they helped her to transfer this information to Hermann Helms, the “Dean of American Chess” and Helms told her that there was an exhibition which was organized on January 17, 1951, and the former Scottish chess champion, Master Max Pavey was an attendant also. Bobby Fischer played in that exhibition , on the other hand, he lost after a 15-minute attempt. 

After finishing that match, Carmine Nigro - Brooklyn Chess Club President expressed his impression of Bobby's chess playing ability and Nigro invited him to join the club and started to teach him advanced skill sets of chess playing. In 1952, Fischer's first chess tournament was hosted at Nigro’s home in the year of 1952. Fischer joined the Manhattan Chess Club when he was 12 years old and Nigro had accompanied Bobby until Nigro passed away in 1956. 

When speaking of the first teacher, Bobby said that “ Mr. Nigro was possibly not the best player in the world, but he was a very good teacher. Meeting him was probably a decisive factor in my going ahead with chess.”

Bobby Fischer owned an IQ score of 180 and it was not surprising when he was the eleventh World Chess Champion and an American chess grandmaster.

2. Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli politician having an IQ of 180

Benjamin Netanyahu has an IQ 180, who was born to a Jewish family in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1949. His father, Benzion Netanyahu was a historian who was active in the field of the Jewish Golden age of Spain. When he was a child, he was educated in Jerusalem where he was a student at Henrietta Szold Elementary School. According to the evaluation of his 6th-grade teacher, Benjamin was a courteous, polite and helpful person.

Benjamin Netanyahu - Israeli politician having an IQ of 180

In 1967, Benjamin’s family moved to a suburb of Philadelphia in the United States and his father worked as a professor at Cheltenham College. He was active in soccer and the debate club while studying  at Cheltenham High School. His brother and he express their dissatisfaction with the corruptible lifestyle which included the prevalent youth counterculture movement in their zone.

Benjamin came back to Israel to be called up by the Israel Defense Forces after graduating from high school in the US in 1967. He was trained as a soldier and active in an elite special forces unit of the IDF, Sayeret Matkal for five years. He was entrusted with a lot of army missions which included the Israeli raid on Lebanon in 1968. 

He was wooden in the shoulder while practicing the rescue of the hijacked Sabena Flight 571 in 1972. In 1973, he was discharged from the study in America and back to serve in the Yom Kippur War. After that, he attended special raids on the Suez Canal against forces from Egypt before becoming a leader of the commando attack inside Syrian territory.

Benjamin was nominated as the official Leader of the Opposition in the Knesset and Chairman of Likud in 2006. He was elected to be the Prime Minister for a third term after the great victory in the 2013 elections. Benjamin was elected for his fourth term in the same position in March 2015. If his current authority lasts a full term, it is believed that Benjamin will be recorded as the longest-serving Prime Minister in the history of Israel.

With his IQ of 180, Benjamin has become the most intelligent politician in the Israeli government until now.

If you are curious whether you own IQ 180, you can take part in IQ tests on websites IQ-test.net or reputable educational centers which specialize in IQ measurement to identify your own IQ scores.

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