Jennifer Lawrence
IQ 120

American actress Jennifer Shrader Lawrence has a stellar acting career and is renowned for her beauty. But aside from her attractiveness and outstanding acting talent, is she intelligent? Jennifer Lawrence IQ might surprise you. Learn more about Jennifer through the article below.

I - What is Jennifer Lawrence IQ?

Jennifer Lawrence IQ is said to be 120 IQ Score, which is pretty high despite the fact that she dropped out of school at 14. Fortunately, she begged  her parents to take  her from Kentucky to New York so she could find a representative. The Bill Engvall Show, a sitcom that aired on TBS from July 17, 2007, to September 5, 2009, thankfully obliged, and she quickly received the part of Lauren Pearson. 

The success of Jennifer's career has shown that Jennifer Lawrence IQ is a solid premise to help her in her path of self-education. Moreover, her vision and deep understanding of herself have helped her stand firm and grasp who she is, where she is and what she wants. This is a prerequisite for the path of her development in the future. Of course, her path to success was not smooth, on which there were countless stumbling blocks and difficulties.

II - Jennifer Lawrence IQ and her life 

American actress Jennifer Lawrence was born on August 15, 1990, in Indian Hills, Kentucky. She was conceived by Karen, a summer camp director, and Gary, a construction worker. Lawrence started acting in Louisville, Kentucky, community theater and school productions as soon as she realized she wanted to be an actress. But prior to her enormous success, Lawrence, who moved to New York when she was just 14 years old, struggled to find work as a model and actress.

1. Jennifer Lawrence Education Background 

For her middle school education, Jennifer attended Louisville's Kammerer Middle School. She loved playing softball, hockey, and basketball at the school. According to Jennifer, who stated this in an interview, her mother always brought her up to be "tough" like her brothers. 

When she was 14 years old, she traveled with her mother to New York City talent agencies in an effort to break into the modeling and acting industries. She was spotted there by a talent scout, who invited her to try out for his agency. She spent that summer acting in supporting roles and modeling for commercials in New York. After Lawrence graduated from high school early due to her success, the family relocated to Los Angeles so she could further her career.

The top 2% of the population possessing a high IQ is where Jennifer Lawrence IQ puts her in. Despite her interrupted education, Jennifer Lawrence IQ is best demonstrated by her determination in all important decisions, such as: to drop out of school and educate herself, to devote herself to her career. 

2. Jennifer Lawrence IQ and her Successful Career

Jennifer Lawrence has accomplished the unthinkable. Since Robert Downey Jr. made his "Iron Man" debut in 2008, Jennifer Lawrence, a 23-year-old Oscar winner with one of the most lucrative movie franchises under her belt, may be the first real movie star to make an appearance.

Lawrence also did this on her own terms, judiciously balancing well-known blockbusters like "The Hunger Games" with distinctive films like "American Hustle" by David O. Russell. And unlike so many other rising stars, she has let her professional life—not her social life—take center stage in the media coverage of her meteoric rise. 

Fair enough, Lawrence hasn't established herself as a singular box office draw; even though her blockbusters are huge, they are based on existing properties. When the time comes for her to open a film on her own, she will undoubtedly hold the spotlight, just like Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and other A-listers once did. She is, however, handling her early circumstances expertly. Jennifer Lawrence IQ has been used to the maximum in the way she handles media very flexibly and skillfully.

Jennifer Lawrence Acting Career

  • “ The Hunger Game “ : As Katniss Everdeen, the main character in The Hunger Games, the movie adaptation of the best-selling book by Suzanne Collins, Lawrence rose to fame at the box office in 2012. By the end of 2015, the franchise's global box office earnings had surpassed $2.8 billion.

  • Other 2012 film releases for Lawrence included the suspenseful House at the End of the Street, in which Elisabeth Shue also starred, and two dramas with Bradley Cooper: The Falling and Silver Linings Playbook. These films received numerous nominations and Lawrence won the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy or musical. She won the best actress Oscar at the 2013 Academy Awards in February.

  • On the 2013 film American Hustle, Lawrence continued her collaboration with Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell. For the role, Lawrence received a third Oscar nomination and a second Golden Globe.

  • Later, Lawrence, Cooper, and Russell agreed to work together to adapt Joy Mangano's life story for the big screen, with Lawrence playing the lead role. Christmas Day 2015 saw the U.S. release of Joy, and Lawrence quickly earned her third Golden Globe for the role. Days later, she was nominated for another Oscar. When she was 25, she made history as the performer with the youngest number of nominations for an Academy Award.

  • Lawrence continued to work in high-profile projects in 2016, co-starring in the science fiction movie Passengers and X-Men: Apocalypse. After appearing in the critically acclaimed horror film Mother (2017), she made an impressive transition into the genre before starring as a Russian intelligence agent in the thriller Red Sparrow (2018).


Jennifer Lawrence has a $175 million net worth, such a  huge fortune at the age of 31 of Jennifer. She has been at the top of her game for a while, and she has starred in some truly fantastic movies. The movie star has been so successful that in 2015 and 2016, she held the title of highest-paid actress globally. To accomplish that two years in a row is quite a feat. But she did not always have an easy path to success. Lawrence put a lot of effort into achieving what she has today because her career was not handed to her on a silver platter. Beside Jennifer Lawrence IQ, what did she do to earn her massive success ? 

Even if you don't act, you can learn from Jennifer Lawrence's advice for success. She is the epitome of a successful actress.

- She selects roles she can relate to on an emotional level. 

Lawrence won't ever play a part that she can't relate to in some way. This actress must be able to identify with the character she might be playing when reading a script.

- Jennifer is diligent.

Lawrence has invested a lot of time in her career, so she is likely aware that most people can't expect to become overnight successes.

- Jennifer Is Modest

She sees nothing heroic in what she is doing. Lawrence believes that her job is trivial in comparison to those who go out and save lives every day, whereas some people in the entertainment industry have let fame get to them.

- Jennifer Lawrence Has Never Considered Failure An Option

She was confident in her career choice and never even considered the possibility that it might not be successful. Although having a backup plan is a good idea, having this level of self-assurance is also very beneficial.

- She believes her gut

Lawrence is aware of the importance of having a keen instinct when working in the film industry. In many ways, whether or not she has a good gut feeling about particular films determines a great deal about the career she has worked so hard to build and maintain.

- Jennifer enjoys spending time with sincere people.

She prefers to be around people who are more honest with her because many people treat actors as though they are easily broken. The actress once mentioned how much she valued working with a particular director who was honest in his assessments of her acting.

- She understands the value of accepting herself.

Lawrence is not a fan of dieting in order to win favor with others. Based on some of the actress's quotes about dieting and body image, it appears that she has come to terms with her appearance and will never starve herself in an effort to win others' approval.

- Jennifer Takes Time Off From Work

No matter how worn out she is, she always tries to have fun with her friends and family. While working hard is great, occasionally refreshing oneself is necessary to prevent burnout.

- Jennifer is aware that she needs to advocate for what she believes in.

In light of the fact that her career was on the line, Lawrence made the brave decision to stand up for what she believed in. Lawrence is not shy about sharing her personal views, but this particular incident showed how courageous she is. Taking significant risks is sometimes necessary for success, and that's exactly what she did.


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