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American actress, producer, writer, and women's rights advocate Geena Davis is well-known. She has won praise from critics for her roles in television serials of all genres, in addition to her varied roles in Hollywood. She worked as a fashion model and competed for the Olympic Women's Archery Team in the semifinals before transitioning to film. She learned the piano and the flute because of her lifelong passion for music. She used to play the organ at a Wareham church. She left Boston University with a degree in drama and moved to New York City to begin her acting career.

Besides that graceful beauty, Geena Davis's IQ might surprise you. Learn more about her through this article.

I - What is Geena Davis's IQ?

She is multifaceted in Hollywood, and it has quite a bit to do with Geena Davis's IQ of 140! She earned a drama bachelor's degree from Boston University in 1979. She also belongs to Mensa, a group of people who score in the top 2% in intelligence. 

Geena Davis IQ chart

As a producer and the founder of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, an organization that addresses inequality in Hollywood and works to increase the representation of female characters in media, she is unquestionably one of the most well-known celebrities with a high IQ. She continues to demonstrate her intellectual prowess in these roles.

II - Geena Davis IQ and her life


" A lesson of their own " with Geena Davis.

Davis was born in Wareham, Massachusetts, to her mother, who works as a teaching assistant, and her father, who is both a civil engineer by trade and an active deacon in their local church. One of Davis' siblings is Danforth. From an early age, she found an affinity for music, which led her to study flute and piano as a musician.

Geena Davis began playing organ as a child, eventually serving as organist at her neighborhood church. While still in high school, she participated in a Swedish exchange program; later that same year at Boston University, she earned her bachelor's degree in drama.

1. Geena Davis Education Background 

Geena Davis attended Wareham High School before spending one year abroad at Sandviken International School in Sweden, where she learned Swedish fluently. Due to being tall for her age group, she struggled with low self-esteem during her school years, which caused her to feel excluded. After initially enrolling at New England College, she transferred after one year to Boston University, where she earned a drama degree, subsequently moving to New York after graduation to begin her acting career.

2. Geena Davis IQ and her career

a. Career 

Geena Davis' first acting role came about in 1982 after she was spotted by a casting director while working as a model. Geena's filmography spans the years 1983 through 2016 and includes more than 15 films. She most recently appeared as the first female president of the US in the popular "The Commander in Chief" series and as a doctor in the hit medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

b. Personal Life

Between 1982 and 1983, Geena Davis was married to Richerd Emmolo. After appearing in three successful films together between the years 1987 and 1990, she later wed Jeff Goldblum. Renny Harlin, the director of her two films, was the subject of her third marriage. 

On September 1, 2001, she wed Reza Jarrahy, an Iranian-American plastic surgeon. They have a girl and two sets of fraternal twin boys, totaling three kids.

c. Hobbies

Geena Davis started archery in 1997, but what made her experience stand out was that in July 1999, she competed against 300 other women for a spot on the American Olympic archery team in Sydney 2000. Despite finishing 24th and not being selected for the national team, she nonetheless competed as a wild-card entry in the Sydney International Arrow competition.

d. Awards and Achievements 

Geena Davis has received honors throughout her career. She received the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award in 1988 for her performance in The Accidental Tourist. She won the Best Actress Golden Globe for her performance in the drama series Commander in Chief. Geena received nominations for both the Outstanding Female Actor and Emmy Awards in the same series. She received the Women in Film Award in 2006. 

Geena Davis won Oscar for The Accidental Tourist.

Geena Davis won Oscar for The Accidental Tourist.

She shared the Best Actress nomination for the film Thelma and Louise with her co-star. She went on to receive a Best Actress Golden Award Nomination for her astounding performance after landing a replacement role in the 1992 movie A League Of Their Own. For her roles in Stuart Little and The Long Kiss Goodnight, Davis was nominated for a Saturn Award.

e. Charity Works

Geena Davis has taken on a number of charitable endeavors, and she is renowned for her support of sports opportunity equality and opposition to discrimination in American institutions. One of the most important studies on gender distribution in the entertainment industry was sponsored by Davis. 

She participated in a campaign tied to the drought crisis in East Africa in 2011, along with other celebrities. To show the world the truth about the situation on the ground, they collaborated with agencies like USAID. Geena Davis began promoting the yearly film festival in Arkansas that celebrated diversity in film in 2015.

All of the above has built up the person and life of Geena. Although Geena Davis's IQ did not help her have a favorable love life, it is undeniable that her intelligence has really shined through her successful career and her humanitarian heart.

III - Geena Davis's Tips to Success

Geena Davis knew success was hers for the taking. So how can you be as successful as her without having to have a high IQ like Geena Davis IQ? Here are some tips that you can apply in your career path.

1. Don’t minimizing or denying your skills to others

Women are notoriously bad at turning down compliments, particularly at work. Because compliments can occasionally be infrequent, why reject them when they do? Naturally, you don't want to come off as arrogant or conceited, but if you've accomplished something so admirably that you're receiving praise for it, take it in, express gratitude, and move on.

2. Stop running from the unknown

Although it's understandable to be afraid of failing, avoiding anything new is a surefire way to put yourself in a very small box. Success requires a lot of courage in addition to hard work. The walls around you get closer and closer, and you'll notice your opportunities getting smaller as your coworkers keep expanding and you keep refusing.

3. Working hard enough

Note that although you should give yourself every chance of succeeding, you will need more than positive thinking to guarantee something. Make no excuses; continue investing time and effort into your work.

4. Don't flee from criticism

Feedback is at the heart of personal growth and development; any piece that makes you uncomfortable could be constructive criticism. Take the feedback as an opportunity for further learning: seek additional resources, seek mentors, or seek advice from others as soon as you receive it.


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