Brian May
IQ 181

Brian May’s IQ is 181, which falls into the “Genius at a high level “ group in the IQ classification, corresponding to 0.000003339611% of the world’s population.  Read this article to know more about him. 

I - What is Brian May’s  IQ 

Brian May IQ was reported at 181 IQ. It is comparable to great geniuses like Albert Einstein, therefore, it’s unsurprising that only 1 in 29,943,606 people possess an IQ that high. . It is hardly unexpected that he has so many talents and has been so successful as a result.

Brian May IQ chart

When it appears that being a music legend is still insufficient, we must consider Brian May accurate when considering his academic and scientific achievements. He has the most priceless attributes for a scientist and has contributed and accomplished great things since he was little. In addition to his commitment to music and science, Brian May is a recognized authority on stereo photography.

II - Brian May’s  IQ and his life

Brian May IQ and his life 

II - Brian May’s  IQ and his life 

 Brian Harold May was born on July 19, 1947, in Hampton, Middlesex, England, to parents Ruth and Harold May. Brian May IQ, soon exposed as he was a creative teen, constructed his own handcrafted guitar, known as "The Red Special," with the assistance of his father. The improvised guitar that May played using a sixpence coin for a pick and fashioned of firewood would go on to play a significant role in her musical career. Later, he would perform it live and on every Queen album. 

1. Brian May’s  IQ and Education Background 

At Hampton Grammar School, Brian May completed the general education curriculum with 10 basic and 3 advanced degrees in mathematics, physics, and applied mathematics. Later, he concentrated on Physics and Mathematics at Imperial College London, where he earned a bachelor's degree with honors in 1968. Brian conducted research for his doctoral thesis on the subject of the jet speed of cosmic dust in the solar system between 1970 and 1974, when the band Queen was active. Of course, juggling artistic endeavors with academic pursuits is a difficult task. He handed up his PhD after co-authoring two studies that were published in the esteemed scientific journal "Nature," deciding that he wanted to pursue music instead. Fortunately, the talented young man's then-career story had a good ending.

Brian has always loved science, especially astrophysics, despite the band Queen's enormous popularity. Early in 1978, he finished most of his thesis, and over the next 33 years, he experimented and observed the sky. He delivered his research at Imperial College London in 2006. After his work was acknowledged, Brian Harold May received his degree the following year. Clearly, Brian May IQ is most evident in his passion and effort for education. 

2. Brian May’s IQ and his career

In talking about the iconic rock band Queen, we cannot forget about Brian May, the lead guitarist and a contributor to many of the group's compositions, in addition to the great monument that is Freddie Mercury. He is a peculiar phenomenon in the rock music industry, which nobody can dispute. Possibly "the exact antithesis" of the stereotypical rock guitarist in terms of personality qualities, but also in part because of his own artistic nature. Brian May's IQ has done its job well, as he is truly gifted with musical talent and extreme musical thinking.

Brian May's outstanding performance.

Brian May's outstanding performance.

The precise and intricate assembly of several pieces is one of the positive aspects that define the Queen style of rock music. That is demonstrated not only in the vocals but also in Brian May's distinctly different guitar tone. When it is warm and beautiful, it is no less than a classical instrument. Other times, it shouts angrily and viciously. It's difficult to imagine that Brian could produce such a wide range of sounds using only an electric guitar after listening to Queen's albums. The Red Special, which is connected to his 50-year artistic career. With it, he crafts iconic guitar solos (in "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Brighton Rock," etc.) or, occasionally, creates the illusion of a symphony orchestra (in "Procession," "Death on").

His primary artistic influences during his formative years were the 1950s and 1960s instrumental rock band The Shadows and guitarist-musician Cliff Richard. May also cited The Who as his "guitar hero" and "inspiration" in addition to notable figures like Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles.

However, if an artist exclusively consumes artistic influences without making their own innovations and changes, they will only turn into a generic duplicate in the music industry. Obviously, Brian May didn't discuss those mid-level guitarists' "falling down." His guitar has a distinctive personality that results from tinkering and experimenting with The Red Special and various pieces of sound gear. 

Brian May appears to have had more than one assignment throughout his life. In addition to his legendary musical career, he is renowned for his work in astrophysics, holograms, environmental philanthropy, and animal rights. The obligations and affection that come with being a son, husband, and father are also reflections of his personality. All these traits can only be found in a true genius, not to mention Brian May IQ is extremely high.

III - Brian May’s IQ and the secret behind his success

To look through Brian May and his band - “Queen “success, there are some great lessons that we can learn from. 

1. Choose the correct colleagues.

It's crucial to assemble a strong team around you in the company. Your firm should function more peacefully and effectively if you select talented, skilled individuals you can rely on to assume responsibility for their specialized tasks. Remember that not all of your team members have to be employees of your company. Even if you run a one-person business, you may occasionally need to work with the proper suppliers, collaborators, or third-party specialists. Be selective when picking these additional "band members.

2. Push yourself (and your team)

There are many fabled tales about the members of Queen having heated disagreements while working together in the studio. But more often than not, these disagreements were the result of people who were passionate about their job striving for creative and musical perfection rather than having personal issues. 

Don't be afraid to gently push yourself and your coworkers. Of course, throwing chairs at each other during a full-on yelling match is unlikely to benefit you or your company. Healthy debate and teamwork are significantly preferable to merely having your employees implement your suggestions without inquiry, and they may also reveal previously unconsidered growth opportunities for your company.

3. Make the most of your opportunities at all times

Seizing fresh chances as they present themselves is crucial, even if your company is already established. Give it your entire attention and provide your finest performance, whether you're pitching to a potential client, attending a networking event, or giving a presentation at a conference.

4. Be innovative and adventurous

Brian May IQ is not the only element helping him achieve his success. His willingness to take chances for their art was a major contributor to their success. Consider the operatic, six-minute opus Bohemian Rhapsody, which record executives initially thought was too long and complicated to be a smash but which ultimately sold a million copies and spent nine weeks at the top of the charts. 

If you want your business to expand and succeed, you occasionally need to be willing to use your creativity. Don't be scared to take chances that your rivals might not have considered so you can stand out from the pack like Mercury and his bandmates did.


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