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The titular lead character of the same-named franchise is Shrek. Always impresses viewers with his monstrous image, how Tall is Shrek ?

Read the entire article to learn all details about Shrek's age, height and weight and other body index.

I. Age, Height, Weight of Shrek

How tall is Shrek?

1. How old is Shrek?

  • Shrek's Age: 30s to 40s

2. How tall is Shrek?

  • In centimeters: 243cm

  • In meters: 2.43m

  • In feet inches: 8’

3. Shrek Weight

  • In kilogram: 204 kilograms

  • In Pound: 450 lb

4. Eye and Hair color 

  • Eye color: Light brown

  • Hair color: Bald

  • Skin : Green

II. Shrek Biography

Real name: Sir Shrek

Nickname: Shrek

Profession: Son, Brother, Knight (briefly), Prince and Regent of Far Far Away (formerly)

Shrek Biography

A fictional character created by American author William Steig, Sir Shrek is the star of a musical, a series of films produced by DreamWorks Animation, and the book of the same name. 

Chris Farley played the role of Shrek in the movies initially, but after the actor passed away in 1997, Mike Myers was chosen to take over the role. Throughout the musical, Brian D'Arcy James primarily portrayed Shrek. John Wicklund will play Shrek in the upcoming animated short "An Ogre-ous Adventure." 

His life changed after he met his friend Donkey and other people along the way. He is an ogre who used to live alone and in solitude. Before the kingdom of Far, Far Away was ruled by Arthur Pendragon (or Artie for short), who was King Harold's nephew, he married Princess Fiona, the only child and daughter of Queen Lillian and the late King Harold.

III. Shrek Personal Life

  • Date of Birth: N/A

  • Birth Place: Swamp, Far far away

  • Zodiac Sign: N/A

  • Nationality: N/A

  • Hometown: Swamp

  • Religion: N/A

  • Ethnicity: Scottish accent

  • Hobbies: Scaring people, taking mud bath, farting

Thirty years before he saved Fiona, Shrek was born to an unnamed father and mother. Before being sent away on his seventh birthday, he lived with his parents. According to reports, his father forced him to sleep with an apple in his mouth while dousing him in barbecue sauce—a memory that may have contributed to his own trauma and his fear of fatherhood. Despite their opposition, they had to adhere to "ogre traditions". 

In the middle of the forest, in a swamp, Shrek lived alone. He seems to enjoy his privacy at first and enjoys frightening people, but he has never actually hurt anyone. He took pleasure in living his own life at home, taking mud baths, using bug paste to brush his teeth in order to produce nastier and more offensive breath, and farting in his swimming pool. Shrek was not violent, but despite this, he was still viewed by most as an evil, threatening, and hideous ogre despite the fact that his background is unknown. He occasionally works with wood.

IV. Shrek Family

  • Father Name: ogre

  • Mother Name: ogre

  • Sister Name :  none

  • Wife : Princess Fiona

V. Princess Fiona - Shrek’s Wife

Marital Status: Married

Princess Fiona - Shrek’s Wife


  • Human Form

In centimeters: 170 cm

In meters: 1.7m

In feet inches: 5’7’’

  • Ogre Form

In centimeters: 193 cm

In meters: 1.93m

In feet inches: 6’4’’


  • In kilogram: 57 kilograms

  • In Pound: 125 lb

The main female lead and protagonist of the Shrek series is Fiona. She is the mother of the triplet Ogres, the wife of Shrek, and the daughter of King Harold and Queen Lillian. King Harold and queen Lillian only had one child, Fiona, when she was born in the kingdom of Far, Far Away.

VI. Shrek Personality

Before meeting Donkey and Fiona, Shrek led a solitary existence, avoiding social situations because he was feared by others and, on occasion, preying on that fear to ward off intruders. However, as he works to save Fiona and reclaim his swamp, Shrek gradually starts to open up to his friends and shares his insecurities about how they view him. When Fiona is getting married to Lord Farquaad, Shrek realizes he has feelings for her and confesses his love for her with Donkey's help. He fiercely guards Fiona and his allies, and he will do whatever it takes to support them. 

Due to his ogre upbringing and his marriage to Fiona, Shrek would have been utterly terrified of the idea of having children. However, by the end of Shrek the Third, he conquers this fear and demonstrates that he can be a devoted and loving father. 

 Shrek Personality

However, Shrek was shown in Shrek Forever After to miss his days as a true ogre and long for the past despite becoming a celebrity and family man. Due to a number of mishaps at his kids' first birthday party that further bruised his ego, Shrek became so under pressure that he lost his cool and even went so far as to smash the birthday cake and lash out at Fiona. This combined with his sense of despondency caused him to act recklessly and carelessly, signing Rumpel Stiltskin's Ogre for a day contract without even realizing that he would cease to exist after that day was up. He wept in regret and shame when he later realized what he had done, knowing that his mistake would mean he would never see his family again. But when he ran into Fiona again in a parallel universe, he was initially overjoyed. But when she revealed that she didn't know him, he became disappointed. After completing the "exit clause" of the contract, Shrek was surprised to discover that he had returned to the moment when he was about to lash out. He gained a newfound appreciation for his family upon his return home.

VII. Shrek’s Strength

  • Superhuman Strength : As an ogre, Shrek possesses extraordinary physical strength that is far above that of normal people. He has been demonstrated carrying both Donkey and Fiona at once, lifting a fully armored knight above his head and throwing him like a rag doll, easily breaking through a wooden door, and moving a sizable rock on his own. One of his greatest achievements was stopping Dragon temporarily by grabbing her by the tail. At the Duloc wedding in the first film, Shrek was seen attempting to overwhelm Lord Farquaad's knights by fighting them

  • Superhuman Durability:  Thanks to the physiology of an ogre, Shrek can walk for miles on end without getting tired. Additionally, he survived being shot with an arrow in his butt and being burned alive by Dragon. 

  • Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: :  Unlike Fiona, Shrek has never taken a martial arts class, but he is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and can frequently hold his own against several opponents at once. Krav Maga and Irish Street Fighting have been compared to Shrek's fighting style. 

  • Survivalist specialist: Shrek has spent most of his life in the middle of a swamp and has developed a skill for subsisting off the land to help him and later his family. He makes impromptu dishes like weed rat stew and is a skilled hunter, forager, and chef. 

  • Expert Tactician: At times, Shrek demonstrates a high level of cunning and cleverness, entangling Dragon with a broken sword and chains and coming up with the idea for Mongo after spotting Gingerbread Man next to Far Far Away Castle. 

  • Storytelling: Throwback and Bloodnut the Flatulent are just two examples of the fairy tales and ogre legends that Shrek is well-versed in. 

  • Powerful Roar: When Shrek loses his temper or is extremely irritated, he has the capacity to roar with such force that some people may be blown backwards. 

  • Lightning: In the first edition of the book, Shrek was able to swallow an entire bolt of lightning. 

  • Heat Vision: In the book, when Shrek frightened a random villager, he used his heat vision to warm up his cold meal.

VIII. Facts about Shrek

  1. Chris Farley was originally scheduled to voice Shrek, but he passed away in December 1997. He had completed 80% to 90% of the project, or, in his brother Tom's estimation, 95%. Bill Murray's voiceover rights had previously been purchased by Steven Spielberg in 1991, but they were later abandoned for an unidentified reason. Prior to Mike Myers winning the part, Farley, Murray, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Robin Williams were all considered.

  2. A Kung Fu Panda 3 commercial that parodies the Snickers ads features a brief cameo from Shrek. In it, the Furious Five member Monkey and the Dragon Warrior Po both exhibit different personalities when they are starving, with Monkey taking on the role of Shrek and Po that of Donkey, respectively. 

  3. Every scene in Monsters vs. Aliens features Shrek, who has General Monger's medal of order on his right chest. 

  4. Shrek is one of only two characters who has been kicked in the groin onscreen, and he has been kicked in the groin four times more than any other character (the second one is Thelonious, but he had been kicked just once).

  5. The renowned actor and comedian Bussunda provided his voice for the two first movies in the Brazilian Portuguese translation. 

  6. The German word Schreck, which means "fright" or "terror," is where the name "Shrek" originates. 

  7. Shrek was supposed to appear as one of The Collector's displays in Guardians of the Galaxy. The scene was abandoned because the team couldn't get Mike Myers to voice due to scheduling conflicts. 

  8. The new Dreamworks theatrical opening, which also includes a number of other characters from other Dreamworks movies, now includes Shrek in addition to Fiona and Donkey.


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