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Venom is a fictional extraterrestrial symbiote with a human host that gives him superhuman abilities. Having one of the most impressive appearances in Marvel, how tall is Venom ? 

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I. Age, Height, Weight of Venom

How tall is Venom ?

1. How old is Venom?

  • Venom's Age: 35 years old. (as of 2023)

2. How tall is Venom?

a. Eddie Brock version

  • In centimeters : 191 cm

  • In meters : 1.191m

  • In feet : 6’3’’

b. Symbiote Venom version

  • In centimeters : Variable

  • In meters : Variable

  • In feet : Variable

3. Venom Weight 

a. Eddie Brock version

  • In kilogram: 117 kilograms

  • In Pound: 260 lb

b. Symbiote Venom version

  • In kilogram: Variable

  • In Pound: Variable

4. Eye and Hair color ( Eddie Brock ) 

  • Eye color: Blue

  • Hair : Blond

5. Eye and Hair color (Venom) 

  • Eye color: White

  • Hair : None

II. Venom Biography

Real name: Unrevealed 

Nick name: Venom

Profession: Vigilante

Venom Biography

The dark elder god Knull's reign saw the spawning of the symbiote that would later become known as the Venom Symbiote. The symbiote's past is largely unknown, in part because its memories have been altered repeatedly through erasure, modification, or other means. The symbiote was the 998th in its lineage, according to some sources (including the symbiote itself), while others claim it to be the first symbiote made by Knull.

Several characters who appear in the Marvel Comics universe go by the moniker "Venom." Eddie Brock was given the moniker for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man #300. Venom is the result of the human body becoming infected by the Venom Symbiote, an extraterrestrial parasite. Venom made his debut in issue #252 of The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1. 

After the events of the Secret Wars miniseries, Spider-Man brought the Venom symbiote to Earth. Spider-Man was increasingly engulfed by Venom before he was able to free himself from him. After being forced to move to Scorpion, the symbiote moved to reporter Eddie Brock. 

The Venom symbiote was initially portrayed as an isolated, mute creature in need of a host. Later, after gaining the ability to speak, he started to mistreat his masters.

III. Venom Personal Life

  • Date of Birth: April 1988

  • Birth Place: Gorr's Homeworld

  • Hobbies: Chicken, Eating Human

Powers & Abilities

  • Symbiote Biology: The Venom symbiote can freely extend its biomass into tentacles and tendrils even in the absence of a host. It typically has a fanged mouth and large white eyespots. It can also take on a humanoid head, torso, and arms. After being cleansed, it also developed the ability to temporarily assume human form without a host. It can shapeshift into any kind of clothing when bonded to a host and makes Venom invisible by blending him in with his surroundings. All of the physical prowess of the symbiote's host has been enhanced to superhuman levels comparable to and occasionally exceeding Spider- Man's. 

  • Spider-Man (Peter Parker): Despite not being the symbiote's first host or even the first human host, Peter Parker had the greatest influence on the organism and its set of abilities. The symbiote interacted with Peter's genetic code and imprinted most of his abilities into itself in addition to enhancing his physical abilities while they were connected. [146] Even after it separated from Peter, the symbiote kept these copied abilities and gave them to its new hosts.

  • Venom (Eddie Brock):  Edward Brock was the third person to bond with the symbiote, according to Venom. Naturally, the symbiote decided to give Eddie the majority of Spider-abilities, Man's but thanks to Brock's inventive mindset, the symbiote has been able to develop some new abilities and even evolve over time. [Reference needed] When the Grendel was connected to Knull's hive-mind after he attempted to assimilate the Venom symbiote into it, its abilities were enhanced and it gained new powers. The Venom symbiote's abilities have increased to an unknown extent after Eddie defeated Knull and was reborn through the living abyss of a symbiote-dragon, becoming the new God of the Symbiotes.

IV. Venom’s Host

1. Spider-man


  • In centimeters: 178 cm

  • In meters: 1.78m

  • In feet inches: 5’10’’


  • In kilogram: 76 kilograms

  • In Pound: 167 lb

In order to discredit their old foe Spider-Man, Osborn created a symbiote suppressant substance that gave Gargan increased control over the symbiote and allowed him to switch between his Venom form and a smaller form that was identical to Symbiote Spider-Man at will.

2. Eddie Brock


  • In centimeters : 191 cm

  • In meters : 1.191m

  • In feet inches : 6’3’’


  • In kilogram: 117 kilograms

  • In Pound: 260 lb

Venom is a former villain turned hero named Eddie Brock. Due to Spider-deeds, Man's he unwittingly began his career as a failed reporter. Before attempting suicide, he would visit Our Lady of Saints Church to seek forgiveness from God. But a symbiote that Spider-Man had earlier left sensed his rage and merged with him, becoming one of Spider-deadliest Man's adversaries.

Venom Hosts

V. Venom Personality

The symbiote has had a number of hosts throughout its complicated history, both good and bad, and each of them has had a significant effect on its psychology and personality. The symbiote was able to fulfill its desire to be an Agent of the Cosmos while bonded to Tel-Kar, its self-declared first host, though after their separation, his memories were essentially erased, and it wasn't until their reunion several years later that it was able to reclaim them. The person who it later discovered to be its first host, however, had a terrible effect on it, using it to carry out a genocide against his homeworld and turning it into a ferocious predator addicted to rage. 

The symbiote was corrupted, but it still wanted to help and protect its hosts, even if it meant turning them into ferocious monsters. In the end, other corrupt symbiotes who saw it as a threat imprisoned it because of its desire to "[play] super hero." It could only comprehend basic emotions like happiness, anger, and sadness before it arrived on Earth.

Venom Personality

As its corruption worsened, the symbiote evolved into an arrogant, scornful, and sadistic creature that frequently berated its hosts for their failings. For example, it openly thought Eddie Brock to be a lesser host than Peter Parker, judged Angelo Fortunato to be an unworthy host because he lacked enough "venom," causing him to fall to his death, persuaded Mac Gargan to succumb to its bloodlust, and frequently It had an innate hatred for its offspring Carnage and Toxin, declaring once that love within the family was anathema to their kind. However, it has been observed that the symbiote abhors lying and, as a result, is brutally honest when given the opportunity to speak.

VI. Venom’s Weakness

  • Sonic and Thermal Attacks: The Symbiote is extremely vulnerable to thermal and acoustic assaults, although its level of sensitivity has changed over time and it has developed a resistance. 

  • Psychological Corruption: Like other symbiotes of its kind, the Venom symbiote is vulnerable to the unfavorable emotions of its host, especially rage and hatred. At its worst, the symbiote is a ruthless predator that tries to corrupt or completely control its hosts so that they will feed its insatiable appetite. 

  • Anti-Venom: The Venom symbiote is toxic to the Anti-Venom suits. Venom and its host both experience extreme pain when it touches them, and continued contact will eventually kill it. Flash Thompson and the replica both eventually survived, though the replica had to make a comeback using a Symbiote Dragon that lacked the cleansing touch. The original Anti-Venom perished when Eddie used it to cure the Spider-Virus, and the replica also perished when the Red Goblin killed Flash Thompson. The Anti-Venom Serum, which Doctor Steven developed in Alchemax and mass-produced despite it appearing to be destroyed, also poses a threat.

VII. Venom's Wife & Girlfriends

Marital Status: Dating

1. Anne Weying


  • In centimeters: 175 cm

  • In meters: 1.75m

  • In feet inches: 5’9’’


  • In kilogram: 63 kilograms

  • In Pound: 145 lb

Lawyer Anne Weying was engaged to Eddie Brock when she lost her job as a result of an incident involving his interview with Carlton Drake. After months of being apart, Anne developed a relationship with Dr. Dan Lewis, which caused them to grow apart when Eddie returned to her life. After Eddie bonded with Venom, Anne became concerned about its side effects and learned that he had been transformed into a monster. When it became clear that Venom was actually killing Eddie on the inside, she attempted to assist him in breaking his bond with the poison. When Eddie was taken hostage by the Life Foundation and bound with Venom, Anne saved him and attempted to break up the fight between Eddie and Carlton.After the Life Foundation's crimes were made public, Anne made the decision to end her relationship with Eddie.

VIII. 10+ Facts about Venom 

  1. Randy Schueller, a Marvel Comics reader from Norridge, Illinois, came up with the original concept for the black-suited Spider-Man. 

  2. John Byrne originally developed the concept of a self-healing alien costume for Iron Fist. But soon after that, Iron Fist merged into Power Man and Iron Fist, and Byrne and Chris Claremont quit the project. Years later, when Spider-black Man's suit emerged from Secret Wars, Roger Stern, who was friends with Byrne, requested permission to use his concept for the sentient costume. 

  3. Humans, cyborgs, other symbiotes, living sand, squirrels, Beastials, Skrulls, Kree, Asgardians, Frost Giants, True Faeries, and Deviant Mutates have all been consumed by the Venom symbiote. 

  4. Prior to bonding with Spider-Man, Venom has been depicted with a white chest emblem. The regular version of its white spider emblem, which was originally believed to have been based on Julia Carpenter's Spider-Woman outfit, combines Knull's red dragon and Spider-spider Man's emblems. 

  5. The first symbiote to bond with Spider-Man is Venom. It was followed by an unnamed corrupted symbiote that Peter bonded to on board the S.W.O.R.D. space station, its clone, Mania, and an unnamed good symbiote that the Poison Punisher forcibly bonded to him. All three of the other symbiotes, with the exception of Mania, have the same outward appearance. They are all black, with large white spider emblems on their chests and white patches on their hands.

  6. The waste product of the symbiote is the distinctively green saliva of venom. When it dissolves invading foreign material, the symbiote excretes it.

  7. Venom was originally planned to be a woman.

  8. The 90s comics featured a lot of chocolate, which served as a hunger suppressant. Somehow, chocolate has the power to reduce the symbiote's desire for blood.

  9. Venom symbiotes are not exactly the most moral of beings.

  10. For some reason, while Flash Thompson was the symbiote's host, Venom also got his own Venom-mobile.

  11. The only real weaknesses of the Venom symbiote, which is one of the most resilient creatures in the Marvel Universe, are fire and sound.


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