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Although Bowser is typically depicted as the largest character in the Super Mario universe, the verdict is still out on that. How tall is Bowser ? 

Read the entire article to learn all details about Bowser' age, height and weight and other body index.

I. Age, Height, Weight of Bowser

How tall is Bowser ?

1. How old is Bowser?

  • Bowser's Age: 46 years old.

2. How tall is Bowser?

  • In centimeters: 260 cm

  • In meters: 2.6 m

  • In feet inches: 8’6’’

3. Bowser Weight

  • In kilogram: 725 kilograms

  • In Pound: 1600 lb

4. Eye and Hair color 

  • Eye color: Black

  • Hair : Red

II. Bowser Biography

Real name: Bowser

Nick name: King Koopa Bowser

Profession: Ruler of the Koopa Kingdom/Bowser's Kingdom

On Yoshi's Island, Bowser was raised by Kamek, a Magikoopa who would later serve as his royal advisor. Bowser chose the path of a villain and only grew nastier as he matured, despite being one of the seven Star Children destined for greatness. Now that Mario is wearing a red shirt, Bowser is the King of the Koopas and is determined to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, primarily by stealing Princess Peach. However, in more recent games like Skylanders Superchargers and older games like Mario RPG, Bowser has adopted more of an anti-hero role than a villain.

III. Bowser Personal Life

  • Date of Birth: August 13, 1956

  • Birth Place: Yoshi Island

  • Hobbies: Take over the Mushroom Kingdom (often fails in the long run),Destroy Mario and his allies, Dominate the world

Powers & Abilities

  • Super Strength: Despite not displaying his strength very often, Bowser still outperforms Mario in terms of strength. 

  • Night-Invulnerability: Bowser has almost always managed to survive, including being crushed, taking huge falls, being submerged in lava, being hit by bombs, falling into a sun he created, falling into a black hole, and even the end of the universe.

  • Dark Magic: Bowser has a wide range of magical abilities. Either to make himself grow to enormous sizes or to curse the entire Mushroom Kingdom home to turn into various bushes and bricks. 

IV. Bowser Family

  • Adoptive father : Kamek

  • Son : Bowser Jr.

  • Adopted kid : Koopalings

V. Bowser Personality

The various RPGs, starting with the first one, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, in which Bowser loses his castle to another villain, go into the most detail about Bowser's personality. Bowser is shown to be as sad as the other playable characters about Geno's body failing in addition to the grief he expresses over his castle, and at one point, his boasting takes the form of a haiku. He was also shown to be very self-conscious, as evidenced by his reluctance to explain exactly what he meant when he said that he had "bigger fish to fry" than kidnapping Princess Toadstool. 

Bowser Personality

He was shown to be extremely reticent to explain exactly what he meant when he said that he had "bigger fish to fry" than kidnapping Princess Toadstool. He even considered lying and saying that he was "taking a vacation" to spare himself the embarrassment of admitting that he had been compelled to leave his own castle.

When it comes to his minions, Bowser can be quite amiable at times, and to some extents, he is even capable of being civil to his enemies. Bowser frequently acts treacherously and dishonestly, and he also takes a sadistic pleasure in doing absolutely horrible things. Even though Bowser is not incapable of keeping his word, he frequently does so. Those who are no longer useful to Bowser will be disposed of without hesitation. These kinds of defenses are frequently used by Bowser to get away with almost anything, in his opinion.

VI. Bowser Equipment

Dark magic grants Bowser a variety of abilities, such as teleportation, the ability to project shockwaves from his jumps, fire breath, charging, and the ability to transform his prey.

Bowser Equipment

  • Shell: An indestructible shell that can be thrown at enemies. 

  • Skylander Hammer: Bowser was once brought on board the Skylanders and transformed into a Supercharger, where he was given a spiked steel hammer. However, it is debatable whether this is canon. Bowser can conjure up his minions with this hammer, most frequently Koopa's. 

  • Koopa Clown Car: Bowser's primary mode of transportation is the Koopa Clown Car. It has an endless supply of Big Steelies, Mecha Koopas, and the ability to fire cannonballs from its mouth. Additionally, it has a propeller for flight. 

  • Headlights: Unbeknownst to most, the Clown Car has headlights built into its eyes that have the power to turn anyone who comes in contact with them into stone. 

  • Throwing Hammers: Bowser uses an arch to fling a seemingly limitless number of hammers. 

  • Heal Shell: A replacement for Bowser's standard shell that raises his defense against natural and supernatural assaults. 

  • Hurley Gloves: A set of brown throwing gloves that Bowser uses to increase the force of his throws. 

  • Spiked Link: To use the weapon, Bowser must swing it around his body before hurling it at the foe. Bowser's maximum physical attack stat in that game is raised by 15% as a result.

VII. Bowser' Wife & Girlfriends

Marital Status: Dating

1. Princess Peach


  • In centimeters: 170 cm

  • In meters: 1.7m

  • In feet inches: 5’7’’


  • In kilogram: 60 kilograms

  • In Pound: 132 lb

In several games, Bowser has also demonstrated his love for her. In Super Mario Odyssey, he makes one such attempt to kidnap her in order to marry her and make her his queen. Peach has made numerous sports games and their spin-offs. In side events like Mario Hoops 3-on-3, she is almost always playable.

Bowser Wife and girlfriends

VIII. 10+ Facts about Bowser 

  1. King Koopa, who plays Bowser in the film, is actually a humanoid dinosaur. 

  2. The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and related cartoons borrowed Wart's color scheme and crown, as well as the 8-bits that appeared among his minions, who worked for Wart in Super Mario Bros. 2. 

  3. The only Mario antagonist to appear in each of the Mario & Luigi series' five games is Bowser. 

  4. Even though Bowser's plans to conquer the entire world usually fall short, it's fair to say that in Super Mario Galaxy, Bowser definitely posed as a very real threat—not just to Mario and his friends, but to the entire universe.There, he plotted to use the Grand Star to create his own galaxy and conquered many others for his intended empire. His scheme almost succeeded in destroying the universe as we know it when the Grand Star created a massive black hole after he was defeated. The universe was ultimately saved by the Lumas because even Mario was powerless to stop it. 

  5. Sprites with more than three colors couldn't be used on 8-bit home consoles in the 1980s. Bowser, however, seems to have four because the black background of his shackles gives the impression that he has four. If Bowser is hacked into a level without a black background, his hands and arms will appear to be separate. 

  6. Only at the conclusion of 8-4 does Bowser appear in Super Mario Bros. Before that, in every castle, you battled a fake that Bowser's magic had altered. This can be seen when using fireballs to kill fake Bowser enemies, which have normal enemies as their dying sprites. This concept originated when one of the programmers swapped out Bowser's dying sprite during development; it was preserved in the finished product.


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