35yo| 5.10ft | 174lbs

American YouTuber, game commentator, comedian, and actor Mark Edward Fischbach hails from Honolulu, Hawaii. Most people refer to him as "Markiplier." How tall is Markiplier ?

Read the entire article to learn all details about Markiplier's age, height and weight and other body index.

I. Age, Height, Weight of Markiplier

How tall is Markiplier ?

1. How old is Markiplier? (age)

  • Markiplier's Age: 33 years old as of 2022. (born in 1989)

2. How tall is Markiplier? (Height)

  • In centimeters: 179cm

  • In meters: 1.79m

  • In feet inches: 5’10’’

3. Markiplier Weight

  • In kilogram: 79 kilograms

  • In Pound: 174 lb

4. Eye and Hair color 

  • Eye color: Dark Brown

  • Hair color: Dark Brown

II. Markiplier Biography

Real name: Mark Edward Fischbach

Nick name: Markiplier

Profession: YouTuber, Social Media Personality, Gamer, Commentator, Actor, Comedian

Net Worth: 28 millions USD

Markiplier Biography

The owner of one of the most well-known YouTube channels in the world is Markiplier, who was born on June 28, 1989. This YouTuber is well-known for producing playthrough and sketch comedy videos. More than 100 million people have watched the playthrough video by Markiplier. In addition, he runs a clothing business and is a podcast host and filmmaker. Check out his YouTube channel if you like good entertainment.

III. Markiplier Personal Life

  • Date of Birth: June 28, 1989

  • Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer

  • Nationality: American

  • Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii 

  • Religion: Christianty

  • Ethnicity: Multiracial (Asian and White)

  • Hobbies: Video game, Travelling

1. School: 

  • Milford High School

2. College:

  • University of Cincinnati

3. Education Qualification:

  • Degree in Biomedical Engineering

4. Major Controversies:

  • YouTubers shouldn't be mistaken for "dancing monkeys," according to Markiplier.

  • Markiplier appeared in "Game On" promotional videos, and his fans were thrilled to see him in person. 

IV. Markiplier Family

  • Father Name: Cliffton M. Fishbach

  • Mother Name: Sunok Frank

  • Brother Name: Jason Thomas Fishbach

  • Wife / Husband Name: none

  • Children Name: none

V. Markiplier Favorite Things 

  • Favorite Food: Non-vegenterian, Chicken, Dumpling

  • Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Actress : Amber Heard

  • Song : Shape of you

  • Color : Green

VI. Markiplier’s Girlfriends, Lover and Other Relationships

Marital Status: single

1. Amy Nelson


  • In centimeters: 163 cm

  • In meters: 1.63m

  • In feet inches: 5’4’’


  • In kilogram: 55 kilograms

  • In Pound: 123 lb

In 2015, Mark began dating Amy Nelson. They hid their relationship from the public eye until the following year, when they walked the red carpet at VidCon together and made their first public appearance. But even after they went public, rumors continued to swirl about them. In June 2016, she grew tired of it and made the decision to put an end to the rumors by sharing a photo of the two of them. They have worked together on numerous YouTube videos since then.

Markiplier and Amy Nelson

VII. Markiplier Career and Legacy 

1. Markiplier Qualification

At the University of Cincinnati, he majored in Civil Engineering before switching to Biomedical Engineering. Later, after dropping out of college, he began his YouTube career.

2. Markiplier Career

On May 26, 2012, this well-known YouTuber, who once dreamed of becoming a voice actor, first registered with the site and started a channel called "Markiplier." He began by playing the video game "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" before moving on to numerous other game series, including "Dead Space" and "Penumbra." But at this point, YouTube had banned his AdSense account, forcing him to start a new channel. As of right now, his brand-new YouTube channel, MarkiplierGAME, is among the most well-liked ones.

Markiplier Career and Legacy

He also dabbled in acting, portraying himself in the 2015 American science fiction comedy film "Smosh: The Movie" directed by Alex Winter as well as other television and web series like "Table Flip" (2013, 2014), "Grumpcade," and "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything" (2016). Fischbach appeared in the YouTube Rewind 2015 video series as well. 

His popularity can be determined by the response to the three videos he posted from his hospital bed in March 2015 about the urgent intestine surgery he had to have after a sudden emergency arose while he was visiting his hometown. More than 5 million people watched the videos of his announcement and progress updates on the procedure!

3. Markiplier Success

This YouTuber, who frequently loses control while playing video games and displays a range of emotions, including disgust, anger, screaming, shouting, and even tears, is renowned for his unwavering love and concern for his countless followers. He interacts and connects with the community on a variety of topics through many of his vlogs. He frequently attends conventions like ComicCon, VidCon, and PAX and takes part in the meet and greets and other activities there.

Through the "Make-A-Wish Foundation," he also interacts with his fans. Fischbach's efforts to raise money through gaming for charities like the "Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance," "Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center," and "Best Friends Animal Society" highlight his more compassionate side. In July 2016, he reported that he and his sizable audience had succeeded in raising $1,118,645.14 for charitable causes.

VIII. 10+ Facts about Markiplier 

  1. After opening his first account in March 2012, he began his YouTube career. He published his first video a month later. The video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent was the focus of his first games. 

  2. He was in a terrible situation in life when he first began his YouTube career. He experienced a difficult breakup and discovered that he had an adrenal gland tumor. He yearned desperately for something he could control, and YouTube provided him with that chance. 

  3. His AdSense account was suspended by YouTube shortly after. Although he did contest it, he ultimately had to launch Markiplier as a new channel. 

  4. His YouTube channel was listed as #61 on New Media Rockstars' 2014 list of the "Top 100 Channels." 

  5. He was listed as the sixth most influential celebrity among American teenagers in 2015 on a list of 20 celebrities. 

  6. He required hospitalization in 2015 due to an intestinal blockage brought on by a transient ischemic attack. 

  7. After being admitted to the hospital, the doctor gave him the go-ahead to stop drinking because his body was having trouble breaking down the alcohol due to a lack of specific enzymes. 

  8. He joined the board of Red Giant Entertainment, a publisher of comic books, in November 2014. 

  9. He would be the face of his own comic book line, it was announced in 2016. 

  10. In 2016, he received the "Celebrity of the Year" honor from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

  11. He relocated from Cincinnati to Los Angeles in March 2014 in order to advance his YouTube career. He believed that by moving closer to these resources, his career would advance. These resources included YouTube space and other collaborators. 

  12. His dog is a female named Chica. 

  13. In the Mexican animated dark comedy-horror web series Villainous, he began contributing vocals to the character of 5.0.5, the Organization's failed experiment that cannot be killed. 

  14. With earnings of $19.5 million, he ranked as the fifth-highest-paid YouTuber of 2020 according to Forbes.


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