29yo| 5.6ft | 159lbs

Tyler1 is a YouTuber, gamer, social media influencer, and Twitch streamer from the United States. How tall can a streamer be ?

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I. Age, Height, Weight of Tyler1

How tall is Tyler1

1. How old is Tyler1? (age)

Tyler1's Age: 29 years old as of 2024. (born in 1995)

2. How tall is Tyler1? (Height)

In centimeters: 167 cm

In meters: 1.67m

In feet inches: 5’6’’

3. Tyler1 Weight

In kilogram:  72 kilograms

In Pound: 159 lb

4. Eye and Hair color 

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Dark Brown

II. Tyler1 Biography

Real name: Tyler Steinkamp

Nickname: Tyler1, T1, The Most Toxic Player in North America

Profession: YouTuber, Gamer, Social Media Influencer, Twitch Streamer

Net Worth: 1 million USD

he only performs live streams while playing the well-liked video game

Tyler Steinkamp is an American citizen who was born on March 6, 1995, in Missouri, USA, under the sign of the Pisces. His online alias is Tyler1, and he only performs live streams while playing the well-liked video game "League of Legends" (LoL).

Tyler1 lived in Missouri with his parents throughout his entire childhood. However, he has kept his information about them a secret out of respect for their privacy. Because Tyler hasn't mentioned having any siblings, he is assumed to be an only child. Tyler1 experienced social awkwardness in school and turned to video games for comfort. His parents were unhappy that their son spent most of his time at home staring at a screen, but they wanted to please their lone child, so he started with the PlayStation before moving on to the PC.

III. Tyler1 Personal Life

  • Date of Birth: March 7, 1995
  • Birth Place: Missouri, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: American
  • Hometown: Missouri, United States
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Ethnicity:  American descent
  • Hobbies: play video games

1. School: 

  • Local High School

2. College:

  • Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri

3. Education Qualification:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

4. Major Controversies:

  • The developer of the well-known e-sport (pronounce it "video game") League of Legends, Riot, has banned Tyler1, a well-known streamer, sparking a small scandal in the community.

IV. Tyler1 Family

  • Father Name: N/A
  • Mother Name: N/A
  • Brother Name:  Eric Lamont Robbins Jr.
  • Wife Name: none
  • Girlfriend Name : Macaiyla
  • Children Name: none

V. Tyler1 Favorite Things 

  • Favorite Food : pan pizza
  • Favorite Sport : gym
  • Favorite Animation : Dragon Ball

VI. Tyler1 Girlfriends, Lover and Other Relationships

Marital Status: Unmarried

1.  Macaiyla


  • In centimeters: 165 cm
  • In meters: 1.6m
  • In feet inches: 5’5’’


  • In kilogram: 50 kilograms
  • In Pound: 110 lb

Tyler1 Girlfriends

Macaiyla and Tyler1 started dating in January of this year. They conversed on Instagram for two months before going on a date after they initially met online, though it's not clear who sent the initial message. Instagram star Macaiyla was aware of Tyler1's problems with anger management, but she didn't care because their relationship has been going strong for more than two years with no rumors or arguments. 

Before Macaiyla, Tyler1 had a girlfriend, but she broke up with him after a few months because she didn't want to deal with his anger management problems. He has never been married, never had kids, and is currently seeing Macaiyla.

VII. Tyler1 Career and Legacy 

1. Tyler1 Qualification

In terms of Tyler1, he went to Central Methodist University and majored in computer science. He started concentrating on his streamer career while still in school. He once participated in running back for the football team at his university. Tyler is an expert in both streaming and computers. He began streaming and making money because of this during his college years.

2. Tyler1 Career

Tyler1 is an American YouTuber, gamer, social media influencer, and Twitch streamer best known for his live-streaming of League of Legends-related content on Twitch and YouTube, where he goes by the handle loltyler1. On those 2 platforms, he has accumulated more than 4.2 million followers and more than 2.7 million subscribers, respectively. He had been prohibited from playing the game between April 2016 and January 2018 as a result of his disruptive behavior toward other players; this incident earned him the moniker "The Most Toxic Player in North America." His first League of Legends match had more than 386k viewers on Twitch when he was reinstated, making it the platform's highest non-tournament concurrent viewership at the time.

3. Tyler1 Success Story

Tyler's highest rank was at the end of 2018 when he reached the top of the NA challenger ladder, where he peaked at rank 5. Draven (978 games, 59% win rate) and Quinn (312 games, 54% win rate) were two of the most oppressive and powerful ADCs at the time, and they were also his most-played champions. 

However, breaking into the top 5 players on any server is no easy task, and Tyler1 received a ton of praise on Reddit for doing so. In general, mid laners and junglers tend to dominate the top rankings on servers, leaving ADCs out most of the time. To demonstrate that jungling is simple and that anyone can master the role, Tyler made the decision to embark on a journey to Challenger in January 2020 while only playing the jungle. 

He played mainly Olaf, Ivern, Karthus, and Jarvan IV until he reached Challenger on his account BUZZLIGHTYEAR99 about 4 months later. Other noteworthy accomplishments include coming in second place behind Fortnite superstar Ninja in the 2018 e-sports awards. Since returning to League of Legends full-time, he has had an average concurrent viewership of 25.000, making him the most watched League of Legends streamer on Twitch. 

He is the most followed and one of the most subscribed LoL Twitch channels with over 3.4 million followers and over 10,000 active subscribers. He has over 2.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which makes him the second-largest League of Legends YouTube channel after Nightblue3. 

One of Tyler1's greatest accomplishments is the creation of TCS, which we previously mentioned. He also finds it fascinating that the competition, which first began as a meme, now provides a stage for young players to demonstrate their abilities at the highest level and make some money in the process. Tyler took the competition very seriously and produced original meme-commercials to amuse viewers while games were in progress.

VIII. 10+ Facts about Tyler1 

10+ Facts about Tyler1

  1. He advanced to the 14th spot on the North American League of Legends ladder by 2014. The gaming community knew him more for his toxic behavior on his stream, which included attacking other players directly, encouraging others to kill themselves, and purposefully losing games to hurt his teammates. Nevertheless, his stream was only modestly watched at the time. This ultimately resulted in 22 of his individual accounts being permanently banned. 
  2. His Twitch following suddenly increased after he declared that he had "reformed" his behavior in the early part of April 2016. However, his conduct quickly deteriorated, and by the end of the month, League of Legends creator Riot Games had declared that they would be "ID banning" him. This meant that any accounts he used to play in public on streams would be immediately banned, even if no rules had been broken on those accounts. 
  3. On the official r/LeagueOfLegends Subreddit's Discord server in October 2017, a Riot Games employee made disparaging remarks about him. Following an immediate apology to Tyler1, the employee in question was fired from the company a short time later. 
  4. He had presided over the Tyler1 Championship Series (TCS), a parody of the League of Legends Championship Series, an online League of Legends tournament in November 2017. (LCS). 
  5. He used to be a running back for Central Methodist University's football team while he was a student there. 
  6. Tyler1 had lost the Fall Guys $50k Twitch Rivals competition in October 2021.
  7. A fitness freak, he. Despite having a busy schedule, he finds time to visit the gym and build muscle. 
  8. On Twitch, his girlfriend is also a streamer. 
  9. Pisces is his horoscope sign. 
  10. He views humanity as the sole form of religion recognized by God.


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