Mr Beast
26yo| 6.0ft | 180lbs

Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as Mr. Beast, is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, social media personality, Instagrammer, YouTuber, and TikToker. How tall is Mr Beast ?

Read the entire article to learn all details about Mr Beast's age, height and weight and other body index.

I. Age, Height, Weight of Mr Beast

How tall is Mr Beast ?

1. How old is Mr Beast? (age)

  • Mr Beast's Age: 24 years old as of 2022. (born in 1998)

2. How tall is Mr Beast? (Height)

  • In centimeters: 182cm

  • In meters: 1.82m

  • In feet inches: 6’0’’

3. Mr Beast Weight

  • In kilogram: 82 kilograms

  • In Pound: 180 lb

4. Eye and Hair color 

  • Eye color: Grey

  • Hair color: Light Brown

II. Mr Beast Biography

Real name: Jimmy Donaldson

Nick name: Mr Beast 

Profession: American entrepreneur, philanthropist, social media personality, TikToker, Instagrammer, YouTuber

Net Worth: 56 millions USD

Mr Beast Biography

Mr. Beast, who was born on May 7, 1998, will be 24 years old in 2022. He was raised in a stable Christian family in Kansas, where he was born and raised. He belongs to the American nationality and practices Christianity as his religion. At Greenville Christian Academy in Greenville, North Carolina, he finished his elementary education. He then enrolled himself at a nearby private university in Greenville, North Carolina, but dropped out before earning his degree because he wanted to devote more time to his YouTube career. He has always wanted to contribute to society and show off his talent to everyone. This desire dates back to his early years.

III. Mr Beast Personal Life

  • Date of Birth: May 7, 1998

  • Birth Place: Kansas

  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus

  • Nationality: American

  • Hometown: Kansas

  • Religion: Christianty

  • Ethnicity:White

  • Hobbies: Video game, Travelling, Watching movies

1. School: 

  • Greenville Christian Academy

2. College:

  • private university in Greenville

3. Education Qualification:

  • Graduated

4. Major Controversies:

  • The Atlantic examined MrBeast's history of using homophobic slurs online in 2018. 

  • MrBeast has a talent for identifying what people want to watch. MrBeast understands that part of being a YouTuber is capitalizing on the most recent cultural trends. Unfortunately, he occasionally dives into new projects without considering how those who don't share his perspective might respond in his quest for view counts. That seems to be what occurred when MrBeast reenacted "Squid Game" scenes for a video. 

  • Early in 2021, MrBeast created a commotion at a gathering held on the audio app Clubhouse.

IV. Mr Beast Family

  • Father Name: Stephen Donaldson

  • Mother Name: Mrs Donaldson

  • Brother Name: CJ Donaldson

  • Girlfriend Name: Maddy Spidell

  • Children Name: none

V. Mr Beast Favorite Things 

  • Favorite Food: meat, steak, ketchup

  • Favorite Travelling Spot : Island

  • Browser Extension : Honey

  • Scientist : Mark Rober

VI. Mr Beast Girlfriends, Lover and Other Relationships

Marital Status: Unmarried

1. Maddy Spidell


  • In centimeters: 175 cm

  • In meters: 1.75m

  • In feet inches: 5’9’’


  • In kilogram: 61 kilograms

  • In Pound: 134 lb

Maddy Spidell is a well-known American social media personality, Instagram model, and YouTube star who is best known for her romance with MrBeast. In addition to that, Maddy is well known for the posts about modeling and fashion that she publishes to her Instagram account with the same name.

VII. Mr Beast Career and Legacy 

1. Mr Beast Qualification

At Greenville Christian Academy in Greenville, North Carolina, he finished his elementary education. He then enrolled himself at a nearby private university in Greenville, North Carolina, but dropped out before earning his degree because he wanted to devote more time to his YouTube career. He has always wanted to contribute to society and show off his talent to everyone. This desire dates back to his early years.

2. Mr Beast Career

At the age of 13, Donaldson posted his first YouTube video under the handle "MrBeast6000." His early content included let's plays (especially focused on Minecraft and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2), movies estimating the wealth of other YouTubers, movies offering advice to aspiring YouTube creators, and observation on YouTube drama. In those videos, Donaldson occasionally appeared to be the simplest. The subscriber relied on his channel, "That-dude," which had about 240 viewers as of July 2013. With his "worst intros" series, which makes fun of YouTube video introductions, Donaldson gained popularity in 2015 and 2016. Donaldson had around 30,000 subscribers by the middle of 2016. 

Mr Beast career

 To pursue a full-time career as a YouTuber, Donaldson left East Carolina College in the fall of 2016. His mother forbade him from remaining in the domestic circle of relatives because she disapproved of this. As his channel gained popularity, Donaldson enlisted the help of four friends from his youth: Chris Tyson, Chandler Hallow, Garrett Ronalds, and Jake Franklin. Then, they got in touch with a ton of YouTubers to learn more about their popular videos and ask for their advice. In 2020, Karl Jacobs, a former cameraman, was promoted to take Franklin's place after he left the crew.

On July 28, 2022, Donaldson reached the milestone with his primary channel, becoming the fifth channel and the second male or female YouTuber to do so.

3. Mr Beast Success

With over 91.5 million subscribers on his main channel alone and close to 200 million subscribers when all of his extended channels are included, MrBeast has grown to be one of the most popular YouTube creators. 

The 23-year-old Donaldson disclosed that he started making videos when he was 11 years old. has amassed multiple million dollars in 12 years. He was estimated to be making $54 million from YouTube, according to a report by Forbes earlier this year. 

The YouTuber admitted in the interview that for the first two years of his online career, he didn't make any money on the platform. He claimed that his daily income was only one dollar. At age 18, he noticed an increase in subscribers to his channel.

Mr Beast success

Mr. Beast revealed that after gaining subscribers to his extended dubbed channels, he has achieved enormous success on the platform. On the podcast, MrBeast claimed that his group hired voice actors to produce online content in various languages.

VIII. 10+ Facts about Mr Beast 

  1. His Xbox Live gamer tag, "MrBeast6000," is where he got the name "MrBeast" for YouTube. 

  2. After relocating to North Carolina with his family, he started his YouTube career. 

  3. When MrBeast first became passionate about YouTube, he was 12 years old. He enjoyed watching a lot of YouTube channels, among them WoodysGamertag. 

  4. He once said he didn't like going to college. 

  5. Social media celebrities Chris, Chandler, Garrett, and Karl Jacobs are close friends with MrBeast. He frequently includes them in a number of his videos. 

  6. On February 20, 2012, Jimmy created his YouTube channel, "MrBeast6000," and on March 1, 2012, he uploaded his first video, titled Worst Minecraft Saw Trap Ever??? 

  7. He initially posted videos to his channel about the video games Minecraft, Battle Pirates, and Pokemon.

  8. On October 25, 2019, MrBeast and YouTuber Mark Rober established the #TeamTrees fundraising campaign in an effort to raise $20 million to plant 20 million trees in the US. Nevertheless, the objective had been exceeded by more than $2 million by December 2020. 

  9. By the end of December 2020, the most watched video on his YouTube channel had amassed more than 110 million views. I Put 100 Million Orbeez In My Friend's Backyard was the title of the video, which was posted to the channel on November 22, 2018. 

  10. By 2020, MrBeast's YouTube channel had close to 50 million subscribers. The channel had surpassed 100 million subscribers 2 years later, in 2022. 

  11. He debuted his 300-location MrBeast Burger restaurant chain in the United States in December 2020. At the time, only food delivery services like UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, or Postmates were available for ordering the burger. 

  12. With time, MrBeast has garnered a number of honors, including the 12th Annual Shorty Award for "YouTuber of the Year" and the 10th Annual Streamy Award for "Social Good: Nonprofit or NGO." 

  13. He had previously been identified as having Crohn's disease.

  14. Beast Reacts, Mr. Beast Gaming, Mr. Beast 2, Mr. Beast Extra, Mr. Beast Shorts, Don't Subscribe, beast, Totally Not Mr. Beast, Mr. Beast5998, Mr. Beast5997, and Beast Network are just a few of his other channels. 

  15. He selected a winner out of 10 contestants in August 2020 and gave them his private island, which he had paid $800,000 for, after putting them through a series of challenges. 

  16. He posted a YouTube video on December 2020 in which he offered customers the ability to purchase anything from that store in under a minute up to a value of $1 million USD. Everything they acquired belonged to them (up to a $1 million cap). 

  17. In their review of his MrBeast Burger restaurant in December 2020, YouTubers Mike Majlak and Logan Paul gave it high marks.

  18. He awarded a new home in January 2021 to a follower who triumphed in a Minecraft challenge. 

  19. MrBeast revealed in January 2021 that he was losing a lot of money on his primary YouTube channel as a result of the absurdly large sums of money he was giving away in each of his videos. 

  20. He tweeted in January 2021 that he wanted to launch an exclusive membership club (for about $10 monthly) to raise money for larger videos. 

  21. On January 13, 2021, Mr. Beast received a request from Patreon CEO Jack Conte to launch a Mr. Beast burger location in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

  22. He has vowed to avoid living a materialistic life and to pass away with no money in his bank account.


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26yo | 6.0ft | 180lbs


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