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Guts, famously known as The Black Swordsman, is the main protagonist of the manga series Berserk and its anime adaptations. How tall is Guts ? 

Read the entire article to learn all details about Guts' age, height and weight and other body index.

I. Age, Height, Weight of Guts

How tall is Guts?

1. How old is Guts?

  • Guts's Age: 24 years old.

2. How tall is Guts?

  • In centimeters: 204 cm

  • In meters: 2.04 m

  • In feet inches: 6’8’’

3. Guts Weight

  • In kilogram: 115 kilograms

  • In Pound: 253 lb

4. Eye and Hair color 

  • Eye color: Black

  • Hair: Black

II. Guts Biography

Real name: Guts

Nick name: Guts

Profession: Wanderer, Mercenary (all formerly), Commander of the Falcon' Raiders

 Guts Biography

The protagonist of the anime series Berserk is named Guts. He was the leader of a raiding band in the mercenary organization known as the Band of the Falcon and went by the moniker "the Black Swordsman." A group of mercenaries discovered Guts shortly after his mother's body was discovered hanging from a gallows tree. The superstitious members wanted to kill him and leave because he was born to a hanged woman, which was a bad omen. Shisu, a woman close to the group's leader Gambino, adopted him. A few years after his birth and adoption, a plague broke out, killing his adopted mother and leaving Guts in the care of the cruel and deceptive Gambino.


III. Guts Personal Life

  • Date of Birth: Unknown

  • Birth Place: Berserk

  • Hobbies: Training, Fighting, Maintaining upkeep on his Cannon Arm and equipment, Torturing and killing Apostles (formerly), Spending time with his party members.

Powers & Abilities

  • Inhuman Physicality: After many months of training, Guts has proven to possess physical prowess beyond that of a human. He can effortlessly lift and carry his 400-pound Dragon Slayer and endure punishments that no other human 

  • Master Swordsmen: He can compete with swordsmen like Griffith and Nosferatu Zodd. He can kill or injure a lot of apostles during the Eclipse by using just a blunt object.

  • Incredible Will: Guts has amazing willpower, which enables him to endure even the harshest things that life can throw at him. His will is so strong that he can drive out any evil spirits that are attempting to possess him.

IV. Guts Friends & Allies

  • Lover: Casa

  • Best Friend: Puck

  • Sidekick: Isidro

  • Friends & Allies: Farnese De Vandimion, Serpico, Schierke, Ivalera, Skull Knight, Rickert, Erica

Guts Friends & Allies

V. Guts Personality

Guts can only be described as a pessimistic, hardened man who doesn't make friends easily and will kill hundreds of enemies with little regret for them. Years of bloodshed and tragedy had worn down his sense of joy to nothing. Guts, in spite of everything, still has a strong sense of justice and compassion. He is willing to fight for what is right and despises Griffith for having betrayed everyone he once loved in order to become a god. 

Though initially lost in life, he eventually discovers his passion for combat and decides to dedicate his entire existence to taking on the powerful.

VI. Guts Equipment

Guts was forced to learn how to use full-sized weapons while he was a child because he was living in a mercenary camp. He was able to use more powerful weapons than most thanks to this and his inherent physical strength and size. He mainly employs a variety of large swords throughout the Golden Age arc, along with various other weapons when necessary.

  • Dragon Slayer: The preferred weapon of Guts was forged by the blacksmith Godo to have the potential to kill a dragon, but Guts only started using it after a fight with an apostle following the Eclipse. With just a few swings, it can easily slash through both men and monsters. Since Guts killed so many apostles, its blood has seeped into the blade, enabling it to kill not only on the physical plane but also on the astral planes and harm ethereal bodies, even when encircled by lightning.

  • Prosthetic arm: Rickert built a mechanical hand to replace Guts' missing arm after the Eclipse caused him to lose his left arm. It improves Guts' grip on the sword and increases the force of his blows, which can instantly kill a human. The cannon gun is one of the ranged weapons on the prosthetic arm.

  • Repeater crossbow: It is one of his more effective long-range weapons and is attached to his prosthetic arm. It can shoot arrows powerful enough to push the apostle's human form away and easily dispatch large groups of soldiers and monsters. Guts needs to keep its arsenal stocked.

  • Cannon arm: Guts typically uses this stronger weapon for an attack when he's in a tight spot. Apostles can be fatally wounded by cannonballs or even shot in one. It has a cannonball capacity equal to that of a barn. It can be used as a weapon as well as a recoil to advance Guts while he swings his Dragon Slayer for a longer reach. However, because of the force of it, Guts' shoulders become dislocated, so he shouldn't use it frequently.

  • Berserker armour: Guts is sporting armor that was cursed by dwarves. Its helm assumes a canine shape. It increases Guts' pain tolerance and gives him night vision, making him completely resilient. Additionally, it enables Guts to push the mast of a large ship that is about to fall on him and avoid large water spouts. Although it costs him his own life, Guts can still use his cannon arm and the armor can go beyond his subconscious limit. His limbs can be repaired with this armor, and it will restore them to their original positions if they are broken backwards. His sanity was lost to this armor, which won't stop fighting until all the blood has been spilled. 

VII. Casa - Guts' Wife & Girlfriends

Marital Status: Dating

Casa - Guts' Wife & Girlfriends


  • In centimeters: 190 cm

  • In meters: 1.9m

  • In feet inches: 6’2’’


  • In kilogram: 58 kilograms

  • In Pound: 127 lb

The deuteragonist of the Berserk anime and manga series is Casca. She belonged to the Band of the Falcon, with Griffith as her leader. Later, the band hired a mercenary named Guts, who she initially disliked before developing feelings for. When they rescued Griffith, he betrayed them in a blood sacrifice, killing all the Falcons except for her and Guts and giving the only survivors a fate worse than death. This left Casca so psychologically traumatized that her mind was reduced to that of a child, and she didn't fully recover from this until much later.

VIII. 10+ Facts about Guts 

  1. That Sword Can Only Be Used Correctly by Guts 

  2. The Dragon Slayer was created as a publicity stunt 

  3. The Dragon Sword Was Modified From The Berserk Prototype Slightly. 

  4. It Can Be Difficult To Use The Dragon Slayer In The Berserk Games. 

  5. The main character and protagonist of Kentaro Miura's comic book series Berserk is called Guts. 

  6. Guts became a nomadic mercenary after exacting his vengeance on his adoptive father. 

  7. Griffith had to sacrifice his entire Band of the Hawk, including his best friend Guts to the God Hand, in order to rise to power and become king. 

  8. Guts’ lover was abused by his best friend

  9. Rendered disabled by demons

  10. Loses nearly everyone dear to him 

  11. Seeing his traitorous best friend rise to power  


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