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Michael Stevens is an acclaimed American motivational speaker, educator, entertainer, comedian, editor and internet personality. He is widely recognized for his popular educational channel Vsauce, which provides answers to a range of intriguing questions through engaging videos that explore thought-provoking ideas and theories. Stevens is widely known among the general public due to his TED talks and online videos, which rank among the most-watched online videos. Michael Stevens is considered a digital genius and enjoys writing about arts, sciences, philosophy, language, and history, among many other exciting subjects!

People who work in education channels must be brilliant. Are you curious about Vsauce IQ? Find out about him through the article below.

I - What is Vsauce IQ?

According to reports, Vsauce's IQ falls in the range of 135 IQ Score, which is quite a high number, helping Vsauce to be in the top 2% of the world's population with high intelligence. The entire Vsauce IQ is best expressed through the fact that he created and hosted Vsauce as a platform to discuss various exciting math, physics, technology and science topics. Nonetheless, Michael never claimed to be a mathematical genius. 

Vsauce IQ chart

Michael Stevens, a popular science YouTuber, now has over 10 million subscribers. It might be attractive for video creators interested in a YouTube Red career to see how Stevens' unsuccessful pitch to Hollywood led to his success. How has his intelligence influenced Vsauce's Career? Is the road to success with tens of millions of views easy?

II - Vsauce IQ and his life 

Vsauce IQ and his life 

Michael Stevens was born January 23rd 1986, in Kansas, to a chemical engineer father and a teacher's aide mother. From an early age, he developed his comedic personality. His father often referred to him as a polymath or someone with many knowledge fields, something Stevens now can attest. Stevens went to London but returned shortly after marrying Marnie in 2016 and currently resides in Los Angeles. 

 It can be seen that Vsauce's IQ was revealed very early and even recognized by his father.

1. Vsauce Education Background 

Stevens enrolled at Blue Valley High School, where he was able to develop his comedy skills; it was at this high school that he began to have a passion for public speaking, which made him actively participate in school debates and drama clubs. Stevens graduated from High School with honors and enrolled at the University of Chicago, where he graduated with a BA in Psychology and English Literature.

While in University, Stevens became interested in creating and editing videos, prompting him to start taking a video editing class as a part-time job to guide students who had not. Another graduate learned how to create and edit simple videos. Combined with Vsauce IQ, these have become a solid premise for his brilliant Career later and for becoming one of the most successful educational YouTube channels ever. 

Vsauce Education Background

2. Vsauce IQ and his successful Career

Vsauce IQ is best exposed in Steven's long Career in the entertainment industry, spanning nearly two decades. Through his work as an educator, public speaker, comedian, entertainer, editor and internet celebrity, he has amassed a vast fortune estimated at approximately $16 Million and an estimated annual salary and net worth of over $6 Million due to his career success as an educator, public speaker comedian entertainer editor actor public speaker YouTube personality and more.

Michael Stevens began his YouTube video editing career in 2007 and quickly garnered the notice of Ben Relles (Head of Comedy at YouTube). He was soon invited to join the online comedy group 'Barely Political,' where he performed alongside Mark Douglas, Amber Lee Ettinger, Andrea Feczko, and Todd Womack. Stevens launched his own YouTube channel, Vsauce, in 2010, with mostly video gaming-related videos. He continued to make game-related videos until he became well-known for his educational series, DOT, which also became the focus of his YouTube channel, Vsauce. His instructional videos cover scientific concepts, theories, ideas, and debates. Stevens has also received numerous awards for Vsauce. People's Voice for Science & Education and People's Voice for News & Information are two examples.

He collaborated with YouTube Red to create and host the show Mind Field,' which explores various aspects of human behaviour. He also travelled to forty cities across the United States with TV personality Adam Savage to present their science-based stage show 'Brain Candy Live.' The show was a big hit with the audience because it engaged and entertained them with interactive sessions and exciting demonstrations.

Bright, multi-talented, sharp, but extremely humble. These are indeed the characteristics of a true genius, which would be lacking without mentioning Vsauce IQ. 

III - Vsauce IQ and Key to Success

Michael Stevens' choice of topics for his Vsauce videos distinguishes him from other YouTubers. Because, unlike most YouTube channels, it deals with intense scientific theories and real-world concepts that provide answers to a variety of questions that lay people find intriguing. 'How much money is there in the world?', 'What is the resolution of the eye?' and 'What if the Earth stopped spinning?' are some of Stevens' unique videos. Here are a few tips for content creators to produce good YouTube videos without having a high IQ like Vsauce IQ.

1. Make Your Red Show on YouTube

Looking closely, we can see that authentic content outperforms perfectly edited videos on YouTube. This may also be why the audience is still aware of the YouTube Red content. "I believe that many viewers are still getting used to the fact that there are original shows on YouTube. When they see something premium, they assume it is supposed to be somewhere else. "Stevens says Vsauce refers to Carpool Karaoke's success as premium content and why it appears better than Netflix.

2. What is your content creation strategy?

It's worth determining what works best for you and how frequently you can post to maintain the quality of your videos and your creativity: not everyone will create content every day or every week, which is perfectly fine.

3. Conduct your research

Many video creators from Netflix or YouTube Red have started to release fewer videos lately, often drawing complaints from fans about this trend. Michael used to upload 7-minute videos onto a video-sharing platform; now, he uploads 30-minute ones. Michael says that most topics he tackles require him to learn everything from scratch; "the topics I take up can often be something unfamiliar or foreign, so learning has to start from the bottom up".

4. Create Your Chance

Assume you have yet to receive a request to create content from YouTube Red, but you still want to make your show. After all, why wouldn't you do it if you have a community? Consider the following: what would be your topic? With whom would you collaborate? How would it differ from the existing content? These are essential questions to think about.


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