• International Social Survey Programma (ISSP)
    The ISSP is a continuing annual programme of cross-national collaboration on surveys covering topics important for social science research. It brings together pre-existing social science projects and coordinates research goals, thereby adding a cross-national, cross-cultural perspective to the individual national studies.
  • Social Science Research Council (SSRC)
    An independent, nonprofit international organization founded in 1923. It nurtures new generations of social scientists, fosters innovative research, and mobilizes necessary knowledge on important public issues.
  • Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
    SSRN is devoted to the dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences. Each of the networks encourages the early distribution of research results by publishing abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research papers around the world.



Algeria - Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Morocco - Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Center for Studies and Social Sciences and Humanity Research (CERHSO) - Oujda
    The Center is an independent agency created in 2002. CERHSO objectives are to promote research in humanities, social, legal, futuristic, to provide assistance to students and researchers in their academic projects and to contribution to regional and national cultural events.
  • Center for Studies and Research in Social Sciences (CERSS)
    CERSS was created in 1993 by a group of academics, researchers and social sciences practitioners at Moroccan universities. It conducts studies and research in the social sciences in order to deepen knowledge of the Moroccan society and its regional and international environment.
  • King Abdul-Aziz Al Saoud Foundation for Islamic Studies and Human Science - The Maghreb in Social Sciences
    A documentation, scientific and cultural institution. The Foundation, established in 1985 as a Moroccan law partnership, is a corporate body of public utility. The objective of the Foundation is to stimulate the scientific research in social sciences, culture and development of expertise in the fields of documentation and information.

Somalia -  Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • SomaliREN
    A non-profit organization whose primary goal is to promote research and quality higher education among the Somalis. The network includes the major Somali higher education institutions and exists for the sole purpose of brining them together to collaborate on issues that matter not only to them but to the Somali community at large. The organization’s activities and programs revolve around nurturing environments conducive to research and development, an area in which the whole region seems to lag far behind.

South Africa -  Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

  • Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)
    The mission of the council is to facilitate problem sovlving and enhance decision making through research excellence in the human sciences. The HSRC pursues its mission by conducting research in the following main areas: economic and social analysis, education and training and democracy and governance.
  • Sociology of Work Unit (SWOP) - University of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg 
    A research unit which conducts high quality research in the area of work and industrial relations. It’s origins lies in the close working relationship that developed between progressive intellectuals and the emerging labour movement in the eighties. Research activities are concentrated om the employment relationship and include a variety of forms of work, both paid and unpaid. SWOP also attempts to maintain communication and interaction with a broad range of actors within the world of work in particular, with organised labour, business, government and other research organisations.

Sudan  - Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Centre d’Études et de Documentation Économiques, Juridiques et Sociales (CEDEJ) - Kartoum
    Organizes and conducts collective research programs within the various social sciences. It facilitates academic research and supports the work of students and researchers.
  • Center of Knowledge-Based Enlightment
    The TANWEER center is a nonprofit research institution committed to the knowledge-based references of revelations and human heritage in both fields of social sciences and humanities. The center works and publishes in these areas giving consideration to the principles and revelations of the Quran while benefiting from the achievements of contemporary human thoughts.

Tunisia  - Databases | Departments | | News Sources

  • Center for Maghrib Studies in Tunis (CEMAT)
    CEMAT is the overseas research center of the American Institute for Maghribi Studies (AIMS). It offers to AIMS members quiet office space, a specialized library with works primarily in English on the Maghrib and the Middle East, a conference room, and administrative support. CEMAT organizes lectures and roundtables regularly, and an annual conference.
  • Center of Economic and Social Studies and Researches (CERES)
    CERES is responsible to the Ministry of Scientific Research and Technology Development in all research activities and studies related to the fields of economic and social sciences and humanities.
  • Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID)
    The Center works on the study of Islamic and democratic political thoughts and to combine them and get a democratic Islamic discourse.
  • Institut de Recherche sur le Maghreb Contemporain (IRMC)
    A French organization of social sciences research on the Maghreb.


Banglades - Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

  • Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)
    BIDS is an autonomous public multi-disciplinary organization which conducts policy oriented research on development issues facing Bangladesh and other developing countries. The mission is to facilitate learning in development solutions by conducting credible research, fostering policy dialogue, disseminating policy options, and developing coalitions to promote informed policy making. The Institute also conducts training on research methodologies and carries out evaluation of development interventions.


  • Bangladesh Institute of Social Research (BISR)
    BISR is a multi-disciplinary development research organization, established in 2002, aimed to conduct research on various fundamental and critical development issues. The organization also disseminates research findings for better understanding of contemporary development issues including climate change, water resources, environmental challenges, good governance, exclusion and marginalization, water, health and sanitation, education, gender issues, etc.
  • Bangladesh Marketing & Social Research Society (BMSRS)

Brunei   Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

Burma / Myanmar Departments | News Sources

Cambodia   Databases | Departments | News Sources

  • Applied Social Research Institute of Cambodia (ASRIC)
    Founded by medical sociologist Dr. Leakhena Nou, ASRIC is the a not-for-profit organization devoted to restoring, distributing, and implementing procedural justice for Cambodian American victims and survivors of the Khmer Rouge.
  • Cambodia Research Group
    A collaborative effort between Dutch and Cambodian academics with the aim of putting together a research program in close collaboration with international and Cambodian NGOs, Cambodian government, diaspora and business associations, and other stakeholders. The focus of this research program will be on cooperation between the parties involved in processes of economic development, peace-building and democratization.
  • Cambodia’s Leading Independent Development Policy Research Institute (CDRI)
    CDRI want to contribute to Cambodia’s sustainable development and the well-being of its people through the generation of high quality policy-relevant development research, knowledge dissemination and capacity building.

China   Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Hong Kong  Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

India   Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Indonesia   Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Japan   Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Malaysia   Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Institute of Malaysian & International Studies (IKMAS)
    IKMAS, established in 1995, is a centre for research in the social sciences within Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Staffed by a team of scholars from various disciplines (especially economics, sociology, political science and history), IKMAS is devoted to Malaysian and International Studies within the framework of globalisation and social transformation.
  • Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI) |

Nepal   Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Institute for Social & Environmental Research - Nepal (ISER-N)
    Founded in 2001, the ISER-N is a premier research and development institute committed to turning knowledge into practice to improve human lives and environmental conditions. The institute is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent non-governmental research and development organization. It was founded in an effort to address complex challenges on key social and environmental issues facing Nepal through high quality scientific research.
  • Social Inclusion Reseach Fund (SIRF)
    SIRF seeks to produce high quality and critical research on causes of social exclusion in Nepal and ways to accommodate and manage diversity, make social science research more relevant to the excluded and disadvantaged groups and their agendas, and ensure that research more effectively contributes to policy and public debate and a deliberative democratic process.

Pakistan   Associations | Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Collective for Social Science Research
    The Collective for Social Science Research was established in 2001 with a small core staff of researchers in the social sciences who have extensive experience conducting multidisciplinary research both in Pakistan and internationally. Areas of research interest include social policy, economics, poverty, gender studies, health, labour, migration, and conflict.

Philippines - Associations | Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Ateneo Social Science Research Center (ASSRC)
    ASSRC undertakes studies on concrete human life situations in Bicol especially of the marginalized, articulates learnings and insights without compromising the truth, and links them with broader policy issues in a globalizing world.
  • Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS)
    PIDS was established in 1977 to respond to the critical and growing need for research for planning and policy formulation. The research is envisioned to help government planners and policy-makers in the executive and legislative branches of government. Its primary clientele consists of the network of agencies which make up the National Economic and Development Authority.
  • Social Development Research Center (SDRC)
    SDRC serves as a hub in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region for research and advocacy; it also forms a bridge between the academic community on the one hand, and the society and community it is serving on the other

Singapore   Associations | Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

South Korea   Associations | Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

Sri Lanka   Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Center for Women’s Research (CENWOR)
    CENWOR was founded in 1984 by a group of academics, researchers and activists who were concerned by the paucity of data to address the disadvantaged position of women.
  • Marga Institute - Centre for Development Studies
    An independent non-profit centre for Development Studies that was established in 1972 under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka. It conducts a sustained and wide-ranging programme of multi-disciplinary research on issues and problems of development. It has drawn on the three main disciplines in social science, Economics, Sociology and Political science, and has developed a framework of analysis incorporating all the important criteria of human development.
  • Survey Research Lanka

Taiwan   Associations | Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

Thailand   Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Social Research Institute (CUSRI) - Chulalongkom University
  • Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)
    Conducts policy research and disseminate results to the public and private sectors. It provides technical and policy analysis that supports the formulation of policies with long term implications for sustaining social and economic development in Thailand.

Vietnam   Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

  • National Center for Social Sciences and Humanities of Vietnam (NCSSH)
    NCSSH) is a research institution under the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. It conducts research on important issues in the social sciences and humanities that concern the State. It supplies scientific analysis to the policy-making process of the Government to build and develop the country and realize the full national potential of the social sciences and humanities.
  • Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)





Middle East


Bahrain  - Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

Egypt  - Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

  • Centre d’Études et de Documentation Économiques, Juridiques et Sociales (CEDEJ)
  • Cairo Demographic Center (CDC)
    The site provides listings of on-going and current research.
  • Economic Research Forum (ERF)
    The ERF for the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey was created in 1993 to meet the need for closer interaction between the regional economic research constituency, the decision-making community, and the interest groups of civil society. ERF’s mission is to provide an institutional mechanism to initiate and fund policy-relevant research, to disseminate the results of research activity to scholars, policymakers, and the business community, and to function as a resource base for researchers through its databank and documentation library.
  • Ibn Khaldoun Center for Development Studies (ICDS)
    The main objective of the Cairo-based Center is to advance applied social sciences relating to Egypyt, the Arab World and the Third World. The center is particularly engaged in issues of democratization and civil society.
  • NAZRA - Women Studies
  • Social Research Center (SRC) - American University in Cairo, Egypt
    Conducts and encourages social science research in Egypt and the Middle East. The Center's research program is multidisciplinary and combines qualitative and quantitative approaches to inquiry. Emphasis in the Center's substantive program is on social structure, social problems, social change, and development.
  • Women and Memory Forum (WMF)
    A group of women academics (researchers and activists concerned about the negative representations and perceptions of Arab women in the cultural sphere) advocates the integration of gender as a category of analysis in the study and interpretation of Arab history and the social sciences in general. The long-term objective of the Forum is to produce and make available alternative cultural information about Arab women that can be used for raising awareness and empowering women.

Iran  - Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Israel  - Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Jordan  - Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Academic Center for Political Studies (ACPS)
  • Al-Quds Center for Political Studies
    The Center was established in Amman in 2000 as an independent research institute. It’s objectives are to provide a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the developments and challenges which the Jordanian state and society are facing. The Center pays particular attention to all aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict, especially those relating to the peace negotiations, the final settlement issues, and the future and form of the region in the coming decades.
  • Middle East Studies Center (MESC)
    An independent research entity that was founded in Amman on March 10, 1991. The Center conducts research and studies, consultancy, seminars, conferences and workshops on Jordan and the Middle East. In doing so, the Center aims to provide studies and advice to help the development of Jordan in all aspects, and contributes to the development of cultural, intellectual and public policy in Jordan and the region. The Center publishes the Middle Eastern Studies Journal a quarterly peered-reviewed journal.


  • Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR)
    The first research institution in Kurdistan Region which is specialized for scientific research and strategy studies. It conducts high quality researches in a variety of scientific and humanity fields to step forward a civilized society in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Kuwait  - Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

Lebanon  - Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

  • Centre for Aram Unity Studies (CAUS)
    Focusses on the multifaceted and multiphased process of the unification of the Arab world.


  • Lebanese Global Information Center
    Lebanon, Land of the Cedars of the Lord: The Art, Nature, Entertainment Photos, Information, Tourism, Education, Food, Language and Lebanese Americans. History from Ancient Phoenicians to Modern Lebanon.

Oman  - Databases | Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Oman Studies Centre
    Centre for documentation and research on Oman and the Arabian Gulf. The Centre was founded in Germany in 1975 as a documentation centre on Oman and the Arabian Gulf. It is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit academic institution which mainly collects information on Oman to assist and coordinate research on Oman and to promote interest in Oman. The fields of interest cover a wide range from Oman’s history, geography, culture, economy, arts, law, language, natural history and even include more marginal topics such as philately and numismatics.

Palestine  - Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

  • Institute for Palestine Studies (IPS)
    IPS promotes research, analysis, and documentation on the Arab-Israeli conflict and its peaceful resolution. IPS publishes quarterlies in three languages: Journal of Palestine Studies (in English), Majallat al-Dirasat al-Filastiniyah (in Arabic), Revue d’Etudes Palestinennes (in French) and Jerusalem Quarterly (in English).
  • Jerusalem Media & Communication Center (JMCC)
    Provides information on events in the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip. The Center offers a wide range of services to journalists, researchers, international agencies, individuals and organizations interested in obtaining reliable information on the Palestinian territory.
  • Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)
    MAS was founded in May 1994 to engage in applied economic research, and to provide expert analysis of policies and strategies critical to the development of the Palestinian economy.
  • Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA)
    PASSIA seeks to present the Palestinian Question in its national, Arab and international context through academic research, dialogue and publications.
  • Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO)
    The Center promotes and disseminates freely expressed views of the Palestinian people on economic, social, political, and cultural matters by applying scientific and empirical methods. Carrying out studies and publications contributing to the welfare of the society.
  • Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR)
    PSR stimulates scholarship and knowledge of immediate issues of concern to Palestinians in three areas: domestic politics and government, strategic analysis and foreign policy, and public opinion polls and survey research.

Qatar - Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) 
    ACRPS is an independent research institute and think tank for the study of history and social sciences, with particular emphasis on the applied social sciences. It strives to foster communication between Arab intellectuals and specialists in the social sciences and humanities in general and build synergies between them and their societal and national concerns. ACRPS tries to network with Arab and international research centers and think tanks. These intellectual exchanges and interactions are channeled through the process of research and critique, as well as the development of epistemological and conceptual tools and knowledge building mechanisms.
  • Quatar National Research Fund (QNRF)
    The Fund is a member of Qatar Foundation with a mission to advance knowledge and education by supporting original in social sciences, engineering and technology, the arts, and humanities.

Saudi Arabia  - Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Asbar Center for Studies, Research and Communication
    The Center supports political, economic and social decision-makers, and contributes to the development of the community and raise the efficiency of its institutions and assist them in formulating policies on social and economic development, cultural, political. The Center is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Network for Survey & Public Opinion Polls.


  • Center of Poll & Measuring Opinion (CPMO)
    A center specialized in the measurement and public opinion polls that provides information to support the decision makers in all fields of economic, social, political and cultural rights.

Syria -  Departments | Libraries | News Sources

  • Syrian Economic Society
    Promotes research on the economy of the Arab region in general and Syria in particular, participates in the endeavors to establish Arab economic unity, creates a networking platform for Arab economists, and helps enhance the study of economics. In its effort to enhance the economic and social development in Syria, the Society hosts workshops, conferences, and economic Forums.

United Arab Emirates  - Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

  • Economic & Policy Research Unit (EPRU) - Zayed University, Dubai
    EPRU is the institutional focus for applied economic and business related research at Zayed University in Dubai. It conducts high quality applied research that addresses issues of importance to the national development of the United Arab Emirates and provides independent economic analysis of policy-related questions relevant to the UAE.
  • Dubai School of Government (DSG)
    A research and teaching institution focusing on public policy in the Arab world. Established in 2005, in cooperation with the Harvard Kennedy School, DSG aims to promote good governance through enhancing the region’s capacity for effective public policy. DSG collaborates with regional and global institutions in its research and training programs and organizes policy forums and international conferences to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote critical debate on public policy in the Arab world.
  • Gulf Research Center (GRC)
    The Center was founded in July 2000 to conduct politically neutral scholarly research on political, economic, social and security issues, as they relate to the Gulf Cooperation Council States in particular and the Gulf region in general.

Yemen  - Departments | News Sources

  • American Institute for Yemeni Studies (AIYES)
    AIYS is a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). It is the only American interdisciplinary academic organization active on the Arabian peninsula. AIYES is the primary link between the American academic community and the Yemeni government as well as the Yemeni academic community.
  • British-Yemeni Society (BYS)
    BYS was established in February 1993. Its objectives are to promote friendship and understanding between the peoples of the two countries and to advance public knowledge in Britain about the Republic of Yemen, its history, geography, economy and culture.
  • Centre Français d’Archéologie et de Sciences Sociales de Sanaa (CEFAS)
    CEFAS is a research center overseen by both the French Ministry of Foreign & European Affairs, as part of the network of French Research Centers abroad IFRE (Instituts Français de Recherche à l’Etranger), and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), functioning as an autonomous research unit. The Centre was founded in 1982 and was first known as the French Centre for Yemeni Studies (CFEY). Its purpose is to initiate, coordinate and support research carried out by French, Yemeni or international teams and dealing with archaeology and social sciences, in Yemen and its neighbouring countries in the Arabian Peninsula and in the Horn of Africa (Eritrea & Djibouti).

Latin America


Argentina  - Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Brazil  - Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Chile  - Associations | Databases | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

Colombia  - Associations | Databases | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

Guatemala  - Databases | Journals | News Sources | Sociology Departments

Mexico  - Associations | Databases | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

Peru  - Associations | Databases | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments



  • Berkeley Center for Internet & Society - Harvard University
  • CASSR - Center for Advanced Social Science Research - New York University
  • CRS - Center for Rural Studies - University of Vermont
    A nonprofit, fee-for-service research organization which addresses social, economic, and resource-based problems of rural people and communities. Based in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University of Vermont (UVM).
  • Center for the Study of Group Processes - University of Iowa
    Concentrates on the discovery and analysis of general principles underlying group processes across diverse empirical settings, and on the interplay between individual and group levels of analysis. The group processes area is inherently interdisciplinary. I it may subsume sociological work on status, public goods research by economists, political scientists' interests in the balance of power and deterrence in international settings, communications research on interpersonal strategies, organizational scholars' research on group decision making, and psychological work on social judgments. The role of group processes in human behavior is a fundamental, cross-cutting issue for the social sciences.
  • CRMO - Center for Research on Military Organisation - University of Maryland, USA
  • CSCS - Center for the Study of Communication and Society - University of Chicago
  • CCSI - Center for Civil Society International 
    An information clearinghouse focused on American voluntary organizations, nonprofits, and independent associations and their collaborations with similar organizations overseas. CCSI publishes materials both in print and electronically and distributes them worldwide. CCSI is a private, nonpartisan educational organization, based in Seattle, Washington, USA. The site includes the archive of Civil Society East and West, a bimonthly digest of news about important projects, events, resources and organizational developments of interest to those involved in third sector projects in the NIS. Each issue has sections on: Projects by U.S. Organizations in the NIS; Books, Training Materials and Other Resources; and NIS organizations.
  • CSR - Center for Social Research - Lehigh University
    A multidisciplinary organization designed to stimulate and conduct research involving the social and behavioral sciences.
  • CSSPPR - Center for Social Sciences and Public Policy Research - Southwest Missouri State University 
    Applied and theoretical research in the social sciences and humanities.
  • CSSR - Center for Social Science Research - George Mason University
    One of their programs is the exploration of Virtual Worlds - 3D graphic social environments.
  • Working-Class Perspectives 
    A multi-disciplinary teaching and research center devoted to the study of working-class life and culture. The Center's activities include an annual lecture series, biennial conference, and an on-line bibliography. Director: John Russo (Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio).
  • Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences at NSF 
    The Directorate at the NSF (National Science Foundation) supports research, international scientific collaboration and science statisticts. The ultimate goal: to advance scientific knowlegde. Here you find the Sociology program.
  • Fernand Braudel Center 
    For the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations. Concentrated on the analysis of large-scale social change over long periods of historical time. Binghamton University, State University of New York.
  • GRC - Gallup Research Center - University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
    It concentrates on all areas of survey research and quantitative methods, including public opinion, consumer and employee satisfaction, and data utilization in the workplace. The Center's research involves scholars from fields such as sociology, political science, educational measurement, statistics, journalism, and marketing.
  • HMDC - Harvard - MIT Data Center
    The pincipal distributor of quantitative social science data from major international data consortia.
  • ICPSR - Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research - University of Michigan
  • IRLE - Institute for Research on Labor and Employment - University of California Berkeley
  • IPPSR - Institute for Public Policy and Social Research - University of Michigan
    The mission of the Institute is to apply research to pressing public policy issues and to build problem-solving relationships between the academic and policy-maker communities. It conducts interdisciplinary research on issues of relevance to public policy; provides data services using surveys, evaluation, and electronic databases; produces public policy education and research programmes; engages in problem solving in areas of the most pressing social needs.It includes E*Space, a study of the economic, social, and political forces that shape application and use of information technology (IT), and the impact of IT on economy and society.
  • IRIS - Center for Institutional Reform and the Informal Sector - University of Maryland, USA
    Provides technical assistance & research analyses to groups seeking to improve laws, rules, and procedures in support of the development of competitive markets and democracy, in developing and transition economies.
  • IRISS - Institute for Research in the Social Sciences - Stanford University
  • IRLE - Institute for Research on Labor and Employment - University of California Berkeley
  • IRSS - Institute for Research in Social Science - University of North Caraolina at Chapel Hill
  • MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    An independent, privately endowed, coeducational university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
  • RAND 
    An American non-profit organisation that helps to improve (primarily American) public policy through research and analysis. Formed initially to carry out research on defence-based topics, current activities fall into the following categories: behavioral sciences, economics and statistics, health, education, and welfare, information sciences, international studies, management sciences, technology and applied sciences. The Labor and Population program covers 4 main areas of research: U.S. labour markets; changing demographic patterns in the USA; the social and economic functioning of the elderly; economic and social change in developing countries. The site gives details of RAND's organisation, activities, research, publications and educational opportunities.
  • Researchpaper.com 
    A very large collection of topics, ideas, and assistance for school related research projects. They want to show you how to make the most of your time online. Find the best information available, eliminate frustration, and get better grades with Researchpaper.com! They offer an idea directory, a research central (where you can get advice about online research), a writing center (to improve the style and presentation of your reports), and a chat (when you want to take a study break and go for a chat).
  • Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
    The data held by the Roper Center provide a valuable resource for research in the social sciences. Two basic forms of data are available: overall distributions and information on individuals. Distributions: iPOLL is a database containing the exact wording and percentage distribution of responses for over 400,000 survey questions asked in the United States. Individual data: The Center holds over 10,000 data sets which researchers can use to conduct their own analysis. The holdings include well-known data sets such as the General Social Survey, the Social Capital Community Benchmark Surveys, and exit polls for Presidential elections from 1976 onwards.
  • SIEPR - Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research - Stanford University
    Its goal is to foster and support innovative, pragmatic economic research yielding results useful to policymakers faced with difficult economic policy decisions.
  • SSRC - Social Science Research Center - Ball State University
  • SSRC - Social Science Research Center - DePaul University
  • SSRC - Social Science Research Center - Fullerton
  • SSRC - Social Science Research Center - Mississippi State University
  • SSRI - Social Science Research Institute - Duke University
  • SSRI - Social Science Research Intitute - University of Hawai’i at Manoa
  • SSRI - Social Science Research Institute - PennState University
  • SSRN - Social Science Research Network
    SSRN is evoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences. Each these networks encourages the early distribution of research results by publishing abstracts and by soliciting abstracts of top quality research papers around the world. The eLibrary consists of two parts: an Abstract Database containing abstracts on scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an Electronic Paper Collection containing downloadable full text documents in pdf format.
  • SocioNet from the Sociometrics Corporation 
    A Californian research and development firm specializing in social science research applications. Sociometrics' research has focused on studying the antecedents and consequences of a variety of contemporary social issues, including: teenage pregnancy and parenthood; AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases; maternal drug abuse; the American family; growing old in america; and children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ physical and mental health status.
  • UNESCO / MOST Management of Social Transformations (France)
    A research programme established by UNESCO to promote international comparative social science research in three thematic priority areas: the management of change in multicultural and multi-ethnic societies; cities as arenas of accelerated social transformations; local and regional impact of global economic, technological and environmental processes. MOST seeks to promote large scale international projects that have a significant policy-relevance. MOST functions as a clearing house for the sharing of scientific information with decision-makers, and it has an important capacity-building function, including training seminars, the establishment of social science research centres in developing countries and the facilitating of data exchange.
  • UNRISD - United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
    Concentrates its studies to the relationship between social and economic development. The Institute attempts to provide governments, development agencies, grassroots organizations and scholars with a better understanding of how development policies and processes of economic, social and environmental change affect different social groups. UNRISD aims to promote original research and strengthen research capacity in developing countries. This takes the form of multi-country research (with an emphasis on developing countries), as well as action research in the areas of “integrating gender into development planning and rebuilding war-torn societies.” One of the highlights of the site is its War-Torn Societies Project, which contains a documents database with a searchable and browsable annotated bibliography of WSP collected literature. The main site also offers information about the organization and its activities, and a selection of electronic publications, as well as a browsable and searchable catalog of its publications. Note that portions of the site are available in multiple languages.




Austria  - Associations | Databases | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

  • IHA - Institute for Advanced Studies - Vienna
  • IWM - Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Vienna) [Institute for Human Sciences] 
    An independent, interdisciplinary institute for advanced study. Explore their research fellowships and their general program in East Central Europe.
  • RLI - Rosa Luxemburg Institut 
    Association for Interdisciplinary Research & Praxis. A non-governemntal, non-profit organization, a free research institute and publishing house in Vienna, Austria. The women of this institute are interested in a science that takes the experiences of women in society seriously, be it at the work-place or in science, politics or cultural life. They seek to develop research in interest of women and actively resist the hitherto elimination and suppression of Women’s expression in the sciences as well as the lack of concrete attention to our interests. “In general, we promote research by and for women, without necessarily having to be scientists. They value constructive cooperation between women scientists, artists, journalists and all other interested women.”
  • ZAP - Zentrum für angewandte Politikforschung (Vienna)
    Center for applied political research is an independent, non-university research institute, specialized in Austrian and European issues. (English and German versions).

Bulgaria  - Associations | Databases | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

Croatia  - Associations | Databases | Journals | News Sources | Sociology Departments

Cyprus  - Associations | Databases | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

  • Cyprus Research Centre (CRC)
    The research programmes of CRC are connected with the most fundamental aspects of Cypriot studies: the history, folklore, linguistics, literature, ethnography and sociology of Cyprus.
  • RUBSI - Research Unit in Behavior & Social Issues
    Their mission is to improve understanding of the processes and mechanisms which influence the health and well-being of the Cypriot population. It wants to contribute to the body of knowledge that informs the development of health policy, education and practice in health interventions.
  • Synthesis - Center for Research and Education Limited
    Synthesis is dedicated to the development of the field of social entrepreneurship in Cyprus. It promotes social entrepreneurship across the divided country, and contributes to peace and reconciliation. That’s why they are based in the United Nations’ buffer zone of the capital, Nicosia.

Czech Republic  - Associations | Databases | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

  • Social Trends 
    An initiative of the Institute of Sociology (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), Prague School of Social Studies (Mararyk University, Brno, Faculty of Macroeconomics and Public Administration (University of Economics, Prague), Center of Educational Policy (Pedagogical Faculty, Charles University, Prague). The main goal is the publication of representatively prepared bi-annual reports published first in Czech and then also in English. These reports will map the development of the country from economic, social, demographic, and political standpoints. English and Czech versions.
  • Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs (RILSA)
    RILSA is on of the most important Czech research institutions with a long tradition of research on age, ageing, intergenerational relationships, gender issues, social policy and care, and retirement policies. RILSA builds upon the traditions of the Social Institute of the Czechoslovak Republic which was founded as early as in 1919.

Belgium  - Associations | Databases | Departments | Journals | Libraries | News Sources

Denmark  - Associations | Databases | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

  • Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI)
    An independent governmental research institution affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs. The aim of the research undertaken by the institute is to provide a better understanding of social, economic and working conditions in the Danish society. The research area includes other national and international social conditions and development trends of significance to standard of living and living conditions in Denmark.
  • National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE)
    A Danish government research institute under the Ministry of Employment. NRCWE provides relevant research-based knowledge about occupational safety and health in order to contribute to healthy and stimulating working conditions in accordance with the demands and needs of society, work places and the working environment system.

Estonia  - Associations | Databases | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Sociology Departments

Finland  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

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Germany  - Associations | Databases | Guides | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Greece  - Associations | Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • National Centre for Social Resarch - EKKE
    The only public institution in Greece dedicated to the social sciences. ???? is supervised by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education and religious matters. It conducts social research on a wide range of subjects in areas such as social policy, political sociology and electoral geography, social geography and social anthropology.

Hungary  - Associations | Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Research Centre for Social Studies - Hungarian Academy of Science (MTU)
  • Tárki Social Research Institute
    An independent employee-owned research organisation that specialises in policy research in the fields of policy research in the fields of social policy and the social consequences of economic policies. This includes related data-collection, archiving and statistical activities.

Iceland  - Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Ireland  - Associations | Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)
    The ESRI produces research that contributes to understanding economic and social change in the new international context and that informs public policymaking and civil society in Ireland. The researchers have leveraged their conceptual and empirical research in economics and sociology to provide analysis that helps inform economic and social policymaking in Ireland. Key features of the research are its strong empirical base, its policy focus and its coverage of many of the major areas of relevance to current policy issues in Ireland and the European Union.
  • Social Research Association - Ireland (SRA-Ireland)

Italy  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Eurispes - Institute for the study of political economy and sociology
    Annual portrays of the Italian society and scientific studies on a diversity of social issues.
  • Instituto di Sociologia Internazionale di Gorizia (ISIG)
    A non-profit cultural institution that concentrate on international sociology. It carries out studies and researches and organizes conferences on the problems of the relations between states, nations, and ethnic groups and on the cultural, economic and social development of the populations.
  • Fondazione Istituto Gramsci 
    The Foundation carries out its activities in the fields of historical and philosophical research, organisation of conferences and symposia, publications and training. The Foundation regularly publishes its «Annali» and the quarterly journal «Studi storici». The Archives of the Foundation focus on the records of the Italian Communist Party (1921-1991). The Library of the Foundation holds over 100,000 printed volumes, especially in the historical field, and a collection of over 4,400 periodical publications. (Italian and English version).
  • Laboratorio di Ricerca Sociale
    Laboratory of Social Research of the Department of Social Sciences, University of Pisa. There's an on line journal, The Lab’s Quarterly.

Kazakhstan  - Associations | Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Brif - marketing and social research

Latvia  - Associations | Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Luxembourg  - Databasis | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Macedonia  - Associations | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Moldova  - Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • European Institute for Political Studies in Moldova (EIPSM)
  • Foundation for Social and Economic Research - CASE Moldova
    The CASE Moldava Foundation aims to contribute to the social-economic development and the promotion of structural reforms in the Republic of Moldova and in other countries with a transition economy, by means of: (i) economic studies, exchange of experiences and promoting a better understanding of economic and social policies by the public; (ii) investigations in the field of economy and social development in the Republic of Moldova and in other countries with a transition economy, distributing the results of these investigations and elaborating recommendations in the field of public policies.

Netherlands  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Norway  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research
    Fafo was founded by the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) in 1982 and was reorganised as a foundation in 1993. Fafo develops and disseminates knowledge about changes in living and working conditions, societal participation, democracy and development in a range of social and economic settings. Their ambition is to contribute to processes of social and economic development based on rigorous ethical and scientific standards.
  • Institutt for Samfunnsforskning (ISF) - Institute for Social Research
    ISF was established in 1950 as an independent foundation in Oslo. It is an inter-disciplinary research environment without sharp distinctions between basic and applied research. The interplay between basic and applied research is reflected in their position as a contract research institute with high academic ambitions and in or close contact with the University of Oslo and the Research Council of Norway, as well as with ministries and private sector agencies. The aim is to produce knowledge and understanding in areas that are significant for society, and to work closely to the cutting edge of international social science.
  • NOVA - Senter for Velferds og Arbeidslivsforskning - Centre for Welfare and Labour Research - 
    NOVA is one of the largest social research institutes in Norway. It conducts research on different aspects of society and the welfare state. They focus on the whole range of the life course: from the early years to the later life. The research is centered around Norwegian society, but international projects form a growing and important addition. The site offers presentations of research results and information about publications, projects, and the researchers.
  • Wikipedia: Norwegian_Social_Research

Poland  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • The European Institute for Local and Regional Development (EUROREG) - University Warsaw.
    The institute conducts policy-oriented research on (a) the international experiences in the field of national, regional and local development, and (b) the European integration processes with special reference to the impact on regional regional development.
  • Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS)
    A publicly funded independent research centre. It is one of the largest and most renown public opinion institutes in Poland. CBOS conducts research to satisfy the needs of Polish public administration bodies and advertising agencies. The use the full range of data collection techniques, and are experience in panel survey methods.

Portugal  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Romania  - Associations | Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Institute for Quality of Life (ICCV) 
    Established in 1990 under the aegis of the Romanian Academy and the National Institute for Economic Research. Each year the Institute diagnoses the quality of life in Romania. It also conduct empirical research on alternative solutions to the main social and economic problems of present day Romania.

Russia    - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Scotland  - Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Slovakia  - Associations | Databasis | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

Slovenia  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • European Center for Ethnic, Regional and Sociological Studies (ECERS) - University of Maribor 
    Performs research of interethnic relations, regionalism and specific sociological issues, especially from the point of view of recent political changes in Central and Eastern Europe. It studies the activities of European international organizations and institutions and non-governmental organizations regarding human rights, protection of minorities and regionalism. The Center works under the patronage of the Permanent Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

Spain  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Centro de Estudios sobre la Identidad Colectiva (CEIC)
    A research center for studies in collective identity and nationalism at the University of the Basque country, Spain.
  • Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS)
    An autonomous state agency attached to the Office of the Presidency, whose purpose is to study Spanish society, primarily through survey based research. CIS survey data are entered in the CIS Data Bank, where they are available to all citizens three months after information coding and processing is completed.

Sweden  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Centre for Research on ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN) - Helsinki
    A centre for research and documentation in the field of ethnic relations and nationalism, based at the Swedish School of Social Science at the University of Helsinki. One of CEREN’s tasks is the co-ordination of the various teaching and research activities of the School in this field. CEREN's main interest is in developing postgraduate activities, on a national and international level, and in offering research links and information services concerning research on ethnic relations and nationalism in Finland.
  • Nordregio - Nordic Centre for Spatial Development - Stockholm
    A centre for research, education and documentation on spatial development, established by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The site includes top-quality statistical maps in Nordic countries.

Switzerland   - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Institute for family research and counseling (IFF) - University of Freiburg
    The Family Institute offers teaching classes, postgrade classe classes, counseling & single- or couple-therapy, organizes symposiums, workshops and promotes research in the field of family and couples.
  • Swiss Academy for Development (SAD)
    A research unit of the Swiss Academy for Development, Solothurn. The studies concentrates on the negative consequences of rapid social change as well as the resulting loss of orientation (anomie) and develops approaches for solutions.

Turkey   - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Ankara Strategy Institute
    independent think-tank organization established in 2011. It is distinguished from other think-tank organizations in Turkey with its analysts being all academicians.
  • Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV)
    An independent nongovernmental think tank with a focus on analyzing social, political and economic policy issues facing Turkey. Based in Istanbul, TESEV was founded in 1994 to serve as a bridge between academic research and the policymaking process.
  • Wikipedia: Turkish_think_thanks

Ukraine  - Associations | Databasis | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • Computer Crime Research Center
    A Ukrainian institute that has been created to conduct research into computer-related crime, to conduct seminars on the topic and to faciliate an international exchange of ideas on the topic.
  • Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KISS)
    A private Ukrainian-American joint research venture in colloboration with the University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy.

United Kingdom  - Associations | Databases | Journals | Libraries | News Sources | Social Science Departments

  • CASS - Centre for Applied Social Surveys 
    An ESRC Resource Centre run jointly by the SCPR and the University of Southampton, with the University of Surrey (UK). Provides short courses in survey methods and a survey Question Bank for use by social scientists and social researchers in the academic world, government, market research and the independent and voluntary sectors. The Question Bank contains information on how best to obtain standardised measures of human beings and their attributes using survey questionnaires. One of the main components are copies of questionnaires used in major UK social surveys. It provides easily accessed illustrations of how the topics with which they are grappling have been handled/measured in other professionally designed surveys. The Question Bank contains a large number of questions which have been used in major quantitative social surveys in the UK. The questions are all reproduced in their full original form, including any predetermined response categories, interviewer instructions, etc.
  • Countryside and Community Institute (CCRI) 
    A rural research centre with programmes on rural community development, rural poverty, agri-environment policies, agri-tourism, local sustainability, rural recreation, and the planning system in the country side. The CCRI is a partnership between the University of the West of England, Hartpury College, Royal Agricultural College and the Countryside and Community Research Unit at the University of Gloucestershire.
  • Centre for Research on Simulation in the Social Sciences (CRESS) - University of Surrey
    A research centre which aims to increase awareness and use of simulation methods by social scientists. It provides a description of the activities of the centre: reviews of the potential of simulation in selected areas of the social sciences, short courses, advice and consultancy relating to simulation.
  • Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP) - Loughborough University of Technology
  • Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing - Ethnographics Gallery (CSAC) 
    Provides resources for anthropologists, and a toolkit of software.
  • Centre for the Study of Public Policy (CSPP) 
    The CSPP specializes in comparative public policy research. Since 1991 it has developed a unique programme of cross-national cross-time surveys to monitor the transformation of post-Communist societies. In collaboration with the Paul Lazarsfeld Society, Vienna, more than 80 surveys have been completed and more are being planned. The survey research asks a common core of questions specially relevant to societies in transition. Topics covered include: economic enterprise and privatization, democratization, parties and elections, social protection & poverty, involvement in unofficial economies and demographic measures. Director: Richard Rose (University of Strathclyde).
  • Highland Research Network (HRN) 
    A mailbase list to encourage interdisciplinary discussion and exchange on topics relating to the Scottish Highlands and Islands.
  • Macaulay Land Use Research Institute (MLURI) - Aberdeen
    The purpose of the Macaulay Institute is to develop systems of land use that will enable producers such as farmers and foresters to make a libing from the land while at the same time enhancing their role as stewards and guardians of the countryside.