All Facts about IQ 164

People with IQ 168 are considered to be the first entrants of the ‘Genius at a high level’ group, and also, the number of people having IQ 164 is only 0.000992654358% of the total world’s residents. Let us read the below article to have a comprehensive view about IQ 164. 

I. What does IQ 164 indicate?

Recent research illustrates that in every group of 100,740 people, only 1 person achieves the IQ 164 score.

People with IQ 168 are considered to be the first entrants of the ‘Genius at a high level’ group, and also, the number of people having IQ 164 is only 0.000992654358% of the total world’s residents

People with IQ 168 are considered to be the first entrants of the ‘Genius at a high level’ group, and also, the number of people having IQ 164 is only 0.000992654358% of the total world’s residents

If you have an IQ of 164, announce to your beloved ones that you are smarter than the world’s wealthiest man Elon Musk and the famous English actress and activist Emma Watson.

Intelligence is one of the factors that bring success. It helps us become superior and superior to ordinary people. High IQ people like to analyze problems thoroughly, find the cause of mistakes, then correct them and learn from experience.

If you understand the following symptoms of people with high IQ, you can improve yourself and become a more intelligent person:

  • Outstanding thinking, likes to ask questions, multi-dimensional thinking, sometimes overcomplicating problems: People with high IQ think a lot, which often leads to fear and lack of courage to carry out ideas. This is not a sign of hesitant behavior leading to missing the best opportunities, but of trying too hard and tiring yourself.
  • Extremely logical thinking ability: The fact that people with high IQ possess logical thinking is indisputable. However, "human calculation is not as good as heaven's calculation". Of course, there will still be times when things happen beyond people's expectations. People with high IQ always believe in thinking and analyzing problems in something, but when it happens differently than the original calculation, this will become a strong "shock" for them. .
  • Strong memory and learning ability: People with high IQ prefer to self-study and research on their own to find results rather than asking for help or collaborating with others. As long as they are interested in something, they can spend all their time and energy to find the answer, sometimes with even greater results than those with specialized skills.

II. 2 Great Jobs for 164 IQ

1. Budget Analysts 

A budget analyst aids in the organization's financial resource allocation and structure. They advocate for an organization's financial success by assessing proposals, making changes recommendations, allocating funds, and compiling reports. They collaborate closely with project managers to ensure that all expenses are met, and in the event that there are differences, they create suggestions and solutions to make up for them. In order to help other business professionals, such as accountants and financial planners, make more effective financial decisions, budget analysts frequently work in tandem with them.

Budget Analysts iq 164

Receiving a bachelor's degree in business management, accounting, or even finance is the first requirement for becoming a budget analyst. At the same time, budget analysts need to have other skills as follows:

  • Innovation and creativity: When faced with a financial dilemma, budget analysts employ both inventiveness and originality. A budget analyst is an essential asset for any organization with unexpected expenses and tight budget.
  • Insightful perspective: Budget analysts use their knowledge to scrutinize spending and suggest necessary adjustments in order to keep a budget on track. They frequently examine historical spending plans and investigate rival businesses to form a well-rounded viewpoint.
  • Detail-oriented: When reviewing funding requests for compliance and accuracy, a budget analyst's attention to detail is crucial. For example, a lot of businesses depend on an internal budget analyst to maintain their records audit-ready.
  • Problem-solving: Cost-benefit analysis is a tool used by budget analysts to anticipate financial problems. A budget analyst, for instance, is crucial to assessing the financial feasibility of a product launch if a business wishes to invest in a new product design. 
  • Effective communication: When presenting their recommendations, budget analysts must possess strong writing and verbal communication skills. While it's necessary to comprehend the figures on a spreadsheet, it's just as crucial for budget analysts to successfully convey those financial projections to other team members.

Technical knowledge of financial records: Budget analysts are expected to continuously improve their technical skills and keep up their fiscal knowledge through the use of databases, spreadsheets, and analysis software.

According to the report of bls.gov, the median pay for this major was $79,940 and the minimum level is a bachelor’s degree. 

2. Financial analysts

Financial Analyst is one of the important positions in the financial field. They are responsible for analyzing financial data, predicting business trends, and making strategic suggestions for businesses.

Financial Analysts primarily work with financial data and information. They need to analyze financial statements, predict market trends, and make suggestions and decisions based on financial data. A background in finance helps them understand and interpret this data accurately.

One of the important aspects of the job is risk assessment. To do this, Financial Analysts need to clearly understand the financial structure, cash flows and other factors that can affect the financial capacity of the business. Additionally, to predict and plan for the future, Financial Analysts need to create financial models. This requires a solid understanding of financial principles.

Financial analyst is quite an attractive profession because of its high income. However, to become a good financial analyst, you need to combine many factors and qualities:

Specialize: The necessary condition for a Financial analyst is to have specialized knowledge related to domestic and foreign microeconomics. Because as a financial analyst, you cannot use pure theory to convince others but must rely on the information you have. From there, create a report with specific and detailed statistics.

Understanding human behavior: Being a financial analyst is not only difficult with mathematical numbers, but you also need to understand human behavior. Because when working with customers and partners, each person will have different investment choices and behaviors such as liking risk or preferring safety. A good grasp of customer psychology will help you set appropriate development directions and thus the job can be completed in the best possible way.

Sharply grasp the market: A professional Financial Analyst needs to be a logical thinker and sensitive to financial fluctuations. You cannot be passive and just focus on old data because the economy is constantly fluctuating through each period and stage. Therefore, to become a Financial analyst you need to equip yourself with a lot of knowledge, improve your expertise and be proactive and flexible with market trends.

 According to the publication of bls.gov, the median salary rate was $81,410 per year in 2021 and a bachelor’s degree is the minimum level.

III. Celebrity with IQ 164

1. Michael Jackson IQ 164 - The King of PoP

It would be no surprise to say that Michael Jackson has an IQ test of 164. One of the greatest pop music idols in the world's entertainment industry. His full-of-energy performance always brings excitement to the audience on the stage. He has been well-known as the King of Pop with his excellent released albums which occupied best-selling records in the world such as Dangerous, History, Off the Wall, Thriller, and so on.

Michael was born on August 29, 1958, and he is the eighth child in a ten-child family in Gary, Indiana. His mother is Katherine Esther Jackson who was a clarinet and piano musician. His father is Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson who was a former boxer and worked as an operating staff at the U.S. Steel. Walter’s other work was as a guitarist in the Falcons - a local rhythm and blues band to grow his family’s monthly income. When Michael was 6, he was a member of the music band Jackson Brothers which was founded by his father as a prepared congas-and-tambourine musician. The band includes Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine. In 1964, Michael had a chance to express his good vocals when sharing lead vocals with Jermaine, and concurrently the group was named the Jackson 5 instead of the former name. The band’s memorized milestone was Michael’s dancing performance in the song “Barefootin” by Robert Parker and his ability to sing in the song “My Girl”. 

Michael Jackson IQ 164 - The King of PoP

Finally, the band won a talent show with Michael’s excellent abilities. The Jackson 5 also toured and often played at a chain of well-known black clubs in the Midwest. They also won a weekly amateur night concert at the Apollo Theater in Harlem while making a tour on the East Coast. Michael’s band signed a contract with a Gary record label, Steeltown Records, and released their debut single “Big boy” in 1968. The Jackson 5 had a chance to accompany Motown after they helped Bobby Taylor and his band to perform at Chicago’s Regal Theater in 1968. After making a contract with Motown, the Jackson 5 was supported to make their first television appearance in the Miss Black America pageant in 1969. The Jackson 5’s single “I Want You Back” reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and remained for one month. Apart from that single, “ABC”, “The Love You Gone” and “I’ll Be There” are three different singles that topped the chart at that time. In 1971, Michael’s family resided in a large house in California and he also plans to build his own reputation as a teen idol. The important milestone in Michael’s solo music career was from 1972 to 1975 when he released 4 solo albums which include Got to Be There (1972), Ben (1972), Music & Me (1973), and Forever, Michael (1975).

During Jackson’s solo music career, the number of his sold records was estimated at 400 million worldwide and this statistic made him become one of the best-selling music artists in history. 13 of all of his singles occupied number one in the U.S musical market. In his life, Michael was invited and honored by the president of the United States three times at the White House. In 1990, he received the “Artist of the Decade” by George H. W. Bush. He received plenty of awards which is more than other artists in history. His prominent awards include 13 Grammy Awards, 39 Guinness World Records, Grammy Legend Award, the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and other remarkable achievements.

2. Ryan Leslie IQ 164 - The American Rapper

Ryan Leslie - the American singer and songwriter, has an IQ test of 164. During his studying time, he achieved 1600 on the SAT when he was the age of 14 and graduated from Harvard University at 19 with a degree in government.

Anthony Ryan Leslie was born on September 25, 1978, in Washington D.C, U.S. His parents are army officers and that is the reason why his family frequently relocates because of traits of his parents’ work. When Leslie was a child, he studied how to play piano himself and developed his ability to repeat music as well as the way to compose songs. His childhood was along with music and he played cornet for the Salvation Army band when he was a child. 

Ryan Leslie IQ 164 - The American Rapper

Leslie spent his time developing and composing music in a studio basement while studying at Harvard. He also had several performances around campus and a chance to be a part of a cappella group the Krokodilos. After graduating from college, Leslie shared his music orientation with his parents to receive their allowance to attend the music industry and he committed that he will stop his passion if he fails 2 years later. 

Leslie did community service jobs to earn more money and spent his nighttime working in his recording studio. In 2007, Leslie’s debut single was released with the title “Diamond Girl” which premiered on BET’s 106 & Park and was released on his Youtube channel with an MV. His second single “Addiction” was released officially in August 2008. In his music career, Leslie was nominated for “Best Male R&B Artist” and “Best New Artist” at the BET Awards in 2009. Speaking of Grammy Awards, he was nominated for the prize “Best Contemporary R&B Album” in 2011 and “Best R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist” at Soul Train Music Awards in 2009. When it comes to Leslie’s music aspirations, he stated that Stevie Wonder is one of the most huge influences on his music style. He also collaborates with Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce, Puff Daddy, Kayne West, and other reputable artists. His recent album was “Black Mozart” which was released in August 2013 through his music club #Renegades.

If you do not know whether you have an IQ of 164, you can join IQ tests online to measure how much your IQ score can achieve.

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