All facts about John Travolta and his sexuality

American actor, singer, dancer, voiceover artist, producer, writer, and pilot John Travolta has won praise from critics for his roles in films and television programs. 

People claimed that John Travolta gay, is that true ? Read the article below to learn more about his life and John Travolta sexuality.

I. Is John Travolta gay? 

Even though Travolta was married to Kelly Preston for 29 years and had three children with her, there have been persistent rumors that he was gay.

Is John Travolta gay

The rumors started when Doug Gotterba, a pilot from California, said he had dated John Travolta for six years. Doug Gotterba claimed in an interview with the National Enquirer that he first met the "Grease" star in February 1981 while applying for a pilot job; by September, they were in love.

After some time passes, John Travolta at last denies the rumors. He is involved in a legal battle with Gotterba over the allegations. Gotterba claimed that during his tenure in the position, he was not bound by a confidentiality agreement that would have prevented him from discussing "his personal and intimate relationship" with Travolta.

Is John Travolta gay in real life? Many of his fans have questioned him on this. He did, however, affirm that they were untrue. John is keeping a low profile after losing his wife and is now focusing on his children, which is completely understandable.

II. John Travolta Dating History

John Travolta is currently single in the year 2022, according to feetway. John Travolta finally got the girl of his dreams in the 1976 film Boy in the plastic bottle. Diana Hyland and John Travolta developed a closer relationship while they were dating. 

Diana Hyland unexpectedly passed away from breast cancer after a year of courtship and wedding preparation. Since meeting his future wife Kelly Preston in 1990, John Travolta hasn't been in a serious relationship or been wed. However, in the past, Travolta’s dating history was quite interesting. Read the following to learn more about his love life. 

1. Diana Hyland (1976-1977) 

 Diana Hyland and john travolta (1976-1977)

Travolta began dating Diana Hyland, an actress, at the tail end of 1976. While working on The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, he had gotten to know her. But as soon as she received her breast cancer diagnosis, disaster struck. Even after undergoing mastectomy surgery, her health only got worse. In his arms, she passed away in March 1977. They had decided on a home and were going to move in before her passing, Travolta would later admit. He even desired a marriage to her.

2. Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner and john travolta

When John was rehearsing for the Grease road company in November 1972, he first ran into actress Marilu Henner. They have been in love since they first met, but they didn't go out for about a year because he was seeing someone else. Though the duration of their relationship is unknown, it is likely to have been no longer than a few years. They were once more dating in November 1983. The Jaguar cars they purchased to mark their reconciliation were similar ones. Even then, he used to take her on flights at least twice per week. They finally split up in May 1989, about five and a half years into their relationship.

3. Doug Gotterba (1981-1987)

Doug Gotterba revealed in interviews with various tabloids that he first met Travolta in February 1981 while interviewing for a pilot position. Soon after, Travolta began dating him and took him on a vacation to a resort in California, where they had their first sexual encounter. Doug further asserted that Travolta continued to favor men over women even after his marriage to Kelly Preston.

As we can see, in his love line, John Travolta had dated both male and female. Therefore, it is uncertain to claim the rumor ‘ Is John Travolta gay ? “ is true or not and to say John Travolta's sexual orientation is bisexual as Travolta has refuted rumors that he has dated gay men.

III. Who is John Travolta's wife?

John is a well-known actor in the US. His fans naturally want to know every juicy nuance of his personal life. As of 2022, the actor is not married. However, Kelly Preston was his first wife. A well-known American actress is Kelly. The Experts is one of the movies the two have worked on together.

While filming The Experts in 1987, Travolta got to know his future wife Kelly Preston. However, Kelly was married to Kevin Gage and John was dating Marilu Henner at the time. Early in 1990, after her relationship with Charlie Sheen ended, she began dating John, who she met through Scientology. They dated for roughly 1.5 years before getting hitched in Paris in September 1990. This relationship wasn't official, though, as a Scientology minister oversaw it. So, to make their relationship official, they got married in Florida a week later. She gave birth to a son named Jett in 1992.Jett unfortunately passed away at the age of 16 from seizures while on holiday in The Bahamas. In 2000, Kelly gave birth to Ella Bleu, a daughter. In 2010, they had a son named Benjamin.

Who is John Travolta's wife?

On July 12, 2020, Kelly Preston succumbed to her two-year battle with breast cancer. Travolta shared the news of his wife's passing on Instagram, leaving him and their two surviving children, Ella and Benjamin, to grieve (their son Jett went away in 2009). 

"Kelly's love and life will always be remembered," he said in his closing statement. I apologize in advance for our silence, but I need to spend time with my grieving children. But be aware that I will feel your love as we heal over the coming weeks and months. 

As was to be expected, the Lonely Hearts actor has been keeping a low profile ever since his wife's tragic death. There have been no rumors of a romantic relationship between him and a famous person that have been proven true.

IV. Is there any possibility that John Travolta is bisexual ?

John has been the target of gay-related rumors. The allegations surfaced after it was claimed that he was seen kissing a male coworker just before boarding a private jet to Canada. John denounced the rumors in the open. So, is John Travolta gay? Since there is no hard proof to back up the claims, it is safe to assume that John Travolta is straight.

The personality of John Travolta is fantastic. Amazingly, this American actor has a sizable following all over the world. His popularity is unaffected by the sexual assault rumors. This guy is taking pleasure in his private life while avoiding all of these rumors. Hopefully, this article has given you a better understanding of John Travolta's sexual orientation.

V - Fun facts about John Travolta 

  1. John Travolta was ranked #21 on the list of the "Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" in 1997 by Empire UK magazine. 

  2. He spent about 9 months trying to learn how to dance to the disco music in order to get the best possible preparation for his role in Saturday Night Fever. 

  3. For what is arguably his most well-known role in Pulp Fiction, he was the second choice. For Michael Madsen, the part was specifically written. He chose to decline, though, because of his acting obligations. 

  4. He was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2011 for his outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the arts and entertainment fields. 

  5. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located at 6901 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, in June 1985. 

  6. He was once asked to dance by Princess Diana at a gathering held at the White House in 1985. 

  7. He received an offer to play Spider-villain Man's Green Goblin (2002). 

  8. He was given the chance to play Forrest Gump in the corresponding motion picture. He has acknowledged that it was a mistake to decline the position. 

  9. Since 1975, Travolta has been a Scientologist. He is one of the top Hollywood figures to practice it, along with Tom Cruise. 

  10. He is a proud owner of five aircraft, including a Boeing 707-138 airliner named "Jett Clipper Ella" in memory of his children. He holds a private pilot license. 

  11. His performance in Saturday Night Fever was ranked #73 in The Premiere Magazine's list of the "100 Greatest Performances of All Time." 

  12. At the Centennial of Flight Celebration in December 2003, he received the John Glenn Award, which is the highest honor in aviation. 

  13. He supported Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

  14. James Cagney, Cary Grant, Billy Lockwood, and Barbara Stanwyck were all among his friends.

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