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Teletrade and Electronic Commerce


An industry consortium for companies using, promoting and building electronic commerce solutions on the Internet. Launched in Silicon Valley, California, with a membership of over 200 companies en organizations worldwide. Their mission is to accelerate the growth of Internet Commerce, and create business opportunities for their members. The site offers some original articles on the barriers and inhibitors of ecommerce.


  • Ecommerce Europe
    Founded by leading national e-commerce associations across Europe. Ecommerce Europe represents 4.000+ companies selling products and/or services online to consumers in Europe. It’s mission is to advance the interests and influence of e-commerce in Europe through advocacy, communication and networking.
  • Electronic Commerce - Canada
    Presented by the Canadian Department of Justice.
  • Electronic Commerce in Canada - Canada
    The virtual focal point for information on Canada's Electronic Commerce Strategy, presented by Industry Canada,
  • Electronic Commerce Association (ECA) - UK
    The ECA offers a range of services, including the provision of support, training and publications. It is involved in a number of projects to promote the use of EC. Includes a newsletter, pointers to other associations and sites dealing with electronic commerce. see the list of national associations.
  • Electronic Commerce Canada (ECC)
    A non-profit organization established to advance electronic commerce and business use of technology in Canada. The association has over 400 members from the public and private sectors. The ECC holds regular seminars on topics such as Electronic Document Management, Commerce on Internet, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Discussions focus on available technologies and the impact that they have on the way business is conducted.
  • CommerceNet
    An industry consortium for companies using, promoting and building electronic commerce solutions on the Internet. Launched in Silicon Valley, California, with a membership of over 200 companies en organizations worldwide. Their mission is to accelerate the growth of Internet Commerce, and create business opportunities for their members. The site offers some original articles on the barriers and inhibitors of ecommerce.
  • Electronic Commerce and the European Union
    The electronic commerce unit of the European Commission has build a site that provides up-to-date comphresnesive e-commerce information. A team of experts support research and development in ecommerce. They want to help business in the European Community to become more competitive. The site contains a good Introduction to Electronic Commerce. This paper discusses the nature of electronic commerce, considers its scope and impact, and outlines several examples. It then identifies a number of open issues and the actors responsible for addressing those issues. Finally, it gives a brief overview of the G-7 initiative "A Global Marketplace for SMEs".
  • Electronic Commerce Guide
    For businesses and individuals, the place for news, info and more on E-Commerce. The database for E-Banks, E-Cash, Credit Cards, SmartCards, ATM's, EFT, EDI, Cheque Services and more.
  • Electronic Commerce World
    A global reference site providing information on electronic commerce, electronic data interchange, security and other matters.


General information about the nature of electronic commerce and how it is affecting business, and in particular marketing strategies. Itellect is the UK Trade Association for companies in the Information Technology, Communications and Electronics Industries, in Defence and Civil Electronics and in Office Equipment and Furniture.


Legal, Privacy and Security Issues in Electronic Commerce - UNB Saint John Ward Chipman Library (Canada)


  • WWW and Electronic Commerce
    An executive presentation by Blake Ives. He introduces the concepts, the benefits, opportunities and threats. In an accompanying case study to this presentation, Blake Ives and Sirkka Jarvenpaa introduce students to the world of electronic commerce.

Articles and Reports on Teletrade and E-commerce

OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

  • Electronic Commerce
    Home page of the OECD Directorate of Electronic Commerce. The site provides general and statistical information on member countries’ performance in the information economy. Electronic commerce is a central element in the OECD’s vision of the tremendous potential that our networked world now holds
  • [1999] OECD Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce
    These guidelines, approved on 9 December 1999 by the OECD's Council, are designed to help ensure that consumers are no less protected when shopping online than they are when they buy from their local store or order from a catelogue. The guidelines are intented to help eliminate some of the uncertainties that both consumers en businesses encounter when buying and selling online.
  • [2005] Realising the Potential of Electronic Commerce for SMEs in the Global Economy
    Conference for Ministers responsible for SMEs and Industry Ministers Bologna, Italy, 14-15 June 2000.

Academic Departments on Teletrade and E-commerce

Journals on Teletrade and E-commerce

Telemarketing - Web marketing

  • @ResearchInfo.com
    A resource center for market researchers. Includes a comprehensive directory of market research companies, a market research library with articles of market research professionals from around the world, and a Web-Survey Tutorial where you can learn how to create online survey content.
  • ANYwhere Online
    An alliance between Nielsen Media Research, Yankelovich Partners, and ASI Market research. The aim is to create the pre-eminent web site for (market research) industry communication.
  • Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
    The oldest (since 1917!) and largest trade association for users and suppliers in the direct, database and interactive marketing field. The site offers direct marketing news, a searchable databases of industry information (including articles, how to's and case studies), and a library with information about privacy, postal issues and guidelines. For professional development the site presents some educational programs.
  • Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) 
    The first Dutch association devoted exclusively to maximizing the use and effectiveness of advertising on the Internet. On this site you will find information on IAB events, research, news and membership.
  • Ipsos-Asi - Advertising Research Company
    Resources for marketing researchers, presented by ASI, a marketing research firm that specializes in television commercial advertising.
  • Wilson Internet Services 
    An excellent site for people who are looking for Web marketing solutions. In this well organized site you will find links to articles on effective web marketing and resources for establishing a successful cyberbusiness. In the Web Marketing Info Center you wil find links to thousands of online articles about effective Web marketing and to on-line resources for the business. Web Marketing Today is a free monthley electronic newsletter about Internet marketing and doing business on the Web.
  • Das World-Wide-Web als Marketing-Instrument 
    A German listing of Internet marketing resources. Compiled by Adreas Werner and Ronald Stephan.

Articles on Telemarketing

  • Direct Marketing Association (DMA)
  • Hoffman, Donna L. / Novak, Thomas P.
    • [1995] Marketing in Hypermedia Computer-Mediated Environments: Conceptual Foundations
      Working Paper No. 1. (Revised july 11, 1995)
      A discourse on new telemarketing models. A structural model of consumer behavior in computer-mediated environments is proposed that incorporates the notion of flow, and examine the set of consequent testable research propositions and marketing implications that follow from the model. They argue that virtual environments provide greater consumer control and are more accessible, flexible, and sense stimulationg than either traditional media or interactive multimedia. This is a consequence of the synergistic effects of their unique characteristics: machine-interactivity, telepresence, hypermedia, and natwork navigation. It concludes that the Web requires the development and application of a new conceptual foundation for understanding the role of marketing in this medium.
    • [1996] A New Marketing Paradigm for Electronic Commerce
      A paper submitted for the Special Issue on Electronic Commerce for The Information Society. Discusses the unique characteristics which dintinguishes the WWW in important ways from traditional commercial communications environments. Recent changes in marketing activities indicate an evolution in the "marketing concept". In order for marketing efforts to be successful in the new medium, a new business paradigm is required in which the marketing function is reconstructed to facilitate electronic commerce in the emerging electronic society.
  • Nemmers, Brady - University of Michigan, An Arbor, USA
    The Internet and the Future of Marketing 
    An exploration of the changes in marketing that parallel the development of the internet.
  • Pigneur, Yves / Bloch, Michael (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
    The Extended Enterprise 
    A descriptive framework, some enabling technologies and case studies. The paper adopts and refines a framework to classify and analyse these forms of inter-organisational systems. It mainly distinguishes what happens (i) at the boundary of the firms, (ii) in their relations with their customers and suppliers and (iii) on the markets they reach. This paper shows how information and communication technologies can change the art of possible for the so-called extended enterprises.
  • Putrevu, Sanjay [2001]
    Exploring the Origins and Information Processing Differences Between Men and Women: Implications for Advertisers
    In: Academy of Marketing Science 10.
    Gender is one of the most common forms of segmentation used by marketers in general and advertisers in particular. In order to successfully implement such a segmentation strategy they need to understand how men and women process marketing information, judge products, and behave in the market place. In the article the origins of gender differences are explored and the literature on the information processing differences between males and females is reviewed.
  • Vigneron, Franck / Johnson, Lester W. [1999] (Univ. of Sydney & Monash University, Australia)
    A Review and a Conceptual Framework of Prestige-Seeking Consumer Behavior
    In: AMS Review
    Discusses the existing consumer knowledge dealing with aspects of prestige, and develops a conceptual framework for the analysis of prestige-seeking consumer behavior. The consumption of prestige brands is viewed as a signal of status and wealth, and whose price expensive by normal standards, enhances the value of such a signal (perceived conspicuous value).

Academic Departments

Journals, Magazines and Newsletters on Telemarketing

  • Academy of Marketing Science Review (AMS Review) [full text]
    A refereed adademic journal dedicated to serving scholars throughout the world. It publishes high quality theory and measure development papers in marketing and consumer behavior, and brief commentaries on current research.
  • European Journal of Marketing (EJM) [table of content]
  • Web Marketing Today 
    A bi-weekly newsletter (sent via email) specifically aimed at small businesses with the aim of helping them learn how to market their products and services effectively via the Web: "practical, hands-on, how-I-did-it". Includes many articles on Web marketing written by Ralph F. Wilson, and links to hunderds of articles on e-commerce, credit card sales, site security, EDI, store-building software.
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