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A blog can be anything you want it to be: an online diary, a commentary on news events, or a chat room for your friends. It can also be a medium for social scientists to communicate with collegues, and to share their insights and uncertainties with a broader public. Here is a list of the most interesting homepages, blogs, social network sites, twitter accounts and other sociale media. Additions are highly appreciated.

Famous Sociologists Sociological Theory


Sociology has found it’s way to the social media and vice versa.


1. AAA Blog - American Anthropological Association (AAA) test

2. Abercrombie, Nicholas
Department of Sociology, Lancester University, UK.

3. Academic Blog Portal
The academic blogosphere is a kind of «invisible college». It’s all «work in progres» and will remain that way. On this wiki-site users can themselves add blogs and other forms of content that may be useful to academic bloggers.

4. Aldrich, Howard
Department of Sociology, University of Nort Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.

5. Anderson, Ron - Sociological Eye
A blog that uses the lens of sociology to shed light on world problems and give perspective to Amerian society and the American character. Anderson is Prof. Emeritus of sociology at the University of Minnesota.

6. Anklam, Patti - Making networks work at word and in the world
An independent consultant with expertise in collaboration practices, social network analysis, value network analysis, and knowledge management systems strategy and architecture.

7. Anthropology Net - Beyond bones & stones

8. Anthropology in the News - Texas A&M; University, USA 

9. AnthropologyWorks
A project of the Culture in Global Affairs (CIGA) research and policy program of the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, D.C.

10. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Social Media - Germany

11. Arbeitskreis Soziologie Bamberg - Germany

12. Asociación Salvadoreña de Sociología

13. Axelrod, Robert - Gerald R. Ford
School of Public Policy, University of Michigan, USA


14. Bad Taste
A blog on B-movie or pulp series, gore or gorilla, cop or zombie. It’s a horrible nightmare or guilty pleasure for a deviant cinephile.

15. Bagru Soziologie

16. Baigorii, Artemio
University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain

17. Baily, Gavin
Manchester Metropolitan University.
A social researcher, specialising in community cohesion, extremism, and democracy / community engagement.

18. Baker, Wayne - Our Values
Baker works at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and is specialized in researching the question of values. He tries to help people more clearly understand the core beliefs and desires that motivate us and shape our vision of the world around us.

19. Bauberot, Jean - Laïcité et regard critique sur la société
Bauberot is the founder and former Director of the Sociology of Religion and Secularism Group (CNRS-EPHE) and now holder of the chair «Histoire et Sociologie de la Laïcité» (EPHE, Sorbonne).

20. Becker, Howard S.
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

21. Benschop, Albert - Peculiarities of Cyberspace
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

22. Bellah, Robert Neelly
University of California, USA

23. Berger, Peter A.
University of Rostock, Germany.

24. Bertram, Hans
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

25. Booker, Martin
University of Edinburgh, UK.

26. Boronoev, Asalkhan Olzonovich
St.-Petersburg State University, Russia

27. Blug, Monte - A Backstage Sociologist
A blog by backstage sociologist Monte Bute. His stories, creative insights and critiques are anchored in his roundabout journey from Red Wing Boy’s Reformatory to anti-war activist to sociology professor.

28. Brake, David
London School of Economics, UK.
Daily updates on the internet and its social and public policy implications useful websites, political/cultural musings.

29. Brauer, Chris - Media Project
Goldschmiths College, London, UK

30. Brian, Éric
Centre Maurice-Halbwachs, Paris, France

31. Briatte, François
University of Lille, France.

32. Bridges, Jennifer L. - Random Rants and Ravings
University of Texas, USA

33. Bridges, Tristan - Inequality by (Interior) Design
A blog that deals with the relationship between gender and sexual inequality and social space. Inequalities are patterned relationships between groups of people; they are also literally embedded within the social spaces within which we interact. Therefore inequality is reproduced in ways that feel natural, but are actually designed. Gender and sexual inequality are among the most intimate forms of inequality that exist. This blog is the start of a project on “ man caves” in contemporary couple households. These are some of his main questions. How do men and women talk about, use, justify, and decorate man caves? What role do man caves play in relationships? Where did man caves come from and where are they now? Do women also have special caves?

34. Brockport Sociology
A blog maintained by the Sociology Department at The College at Brockpost, State University of New York, USA.

35. Brown, Cliff
University of New Hampshire, USA

36. Bry, François - Erlebt
University of Munich, Germany

37. Burton-Cartledge, Phil - A Very Public Sociologist - UK
Interested in a sociology with a militant twist? This is the place to look. Phil does Labour Party and trade union things. Reads books, plays retro video games, and owns an impeccable music taste. Tweets too much. He knows the answer on the question ‘why I blog’: I think therefore I blog.
Phil wants to promote the sociological imagination and to challenge misconceptions, misrecognition and stupidity. And he enjoys it.

38. Burt, Ronald, S.
Professor of Sociology and Strategy, University of Chicago, USA.


39. Camus, Christophe - soci & archi - France
Thinking about the sociology of architecture.

40. Castellani, Brian - Sociology and Complexity Blog
Kent State University, USA.

41. Castells, Manuel

42. Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS)
University of California, Berkeley, USA

43. Chauvel, Louis
University of Luxembourg.

44. Citings and Sightings
This blog scans the journals and tracks the media for the best in cutting edge social science. It is served up in a consice, snappy style. Editors: Shannon Golden, Kyle Green, Jeremy Minyaard, Hollie Nyseth and Sarah Shannon.

45. Cohen, Philip N. - Family Inequality
University of Maryland, College Park, USA.

46. Collins, Randall - The Sociological Eye | - Creativity Via Sociology
“The sociological eye holds up a periscope above the tides of political and intellectual partisanship, spying out the patterns of social life in every direction.”

47. Colombi, Denis - Une heure de peine - France

48. Color Line, The
Applying sociological concepts, trends, and data to more fully understand the real-world issues related to race, ethnicity, and immigration in 21st century American society.

49. Comas, Jordi - The Nets We Weave
Bucknell University, USA.

50. Communication, Information, Technologies, and Media Sociology (CITAMS)
CITAMS is a section of the American Sociological Association ( ASA). It supports research, teaching and other professional activities related tot the social aspects of computing, the internet, new media, computer networks, and other communication and information technologies.

51. Conditionally Accepted
Scholars who are women, of color, lesbian, trans*, bisexual, gay, queer, disabled, working-class or poor, immigrants, fat, religious minorities, and/or single parents are faced daily with the difficult tension between academia’s narrow definition of success and their own politics, identities, needs, happiness, and health. This blog provides a space for academics who exists at the margins of academia. We provide news, information, personal stories, and resources for scholars who are, at best, conditionally accepted in the academy.

52. Content Analysis

53. Contexts blog
A blog associated with Contexts, a quarterly magazine that makes cutting-edge social research accessible to general readers.

54. Coulmont, Baptiste
University of Paris 8, Vincennes (Saint-Denis), France.

55. Cranky Sociologists, The
“Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both” [C.Wright Mills].

56. Creative Commons - When we share, everyone wins
Creative Commons helps you legally share your knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world — unlocking the full potential of the internet to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity.

57. Critical Sociology

58. Crooked Timber : ‘Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made’

59. Current Sociology

60. Cyborology
We live in a cyborg society. Technology has infiltrated the most fundamental aspects of our lives: social organization, the body, even our self-concepts. With the vast proliferation and diffusion of new technologies throughout society, techno-human syntheses occur in more aspects of our lives than ever before. Advances in medicine augment our bodies with technology (e.g., pills, pacemakers, IUDs, breast implants, Viagra, contact lenses). Communication is increasingly technologically mediated (e.g., radio, television, the web, mobile devices). We are experiencing a proliferation of personal devices like the smart phone, which is, essentially, a computer we carry with us wherever we go, often sleeping with them at our bedsides and using them check our profiles and messages first thing in the morning. It is not difficult to imagine a future where we begin to look like the cyborgs found in movies. This collective blog chronicles our new, augmented reality. Editors: David A. Banks (PhD candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Science and Technology Studies Department) & Jenny Davis (Assistant Professor of Sociology at James Madison University).


61. Davies, Will - Potlatch
Davies is lecturer at Goldsmith, University of London. He published critical studies on the limits of neoliberalism and on how the government and big business are selling our wellbeing.

62. Deflem, Mathieu - University of South Carolina, USA

63. Dejean, Frédéan - Géographie des religions

64. Demografia UNJFSC Sociologia

65. Desplan Fabrice - Sociologiser - France
A blog on the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Protestantism and Caribbean issues.

66. Deuze, Mark - University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

67. Di Molfetta, Roberto - Blog Sociologia - Italy

68. Dinekes’ Anthropological Blog

69. Dinge, die ein Soziologie-Student nicht sagt - Germany

70. Disgruntled Sociologist, The
Don’t expect normal sociological discourse, this one (an anonymous he or she) just wants to vent and grumble about the state of sociological research.

71. Dores, António Pedro
A prison sociologist form Spain.


72. Economic Sociology and Political Economy

73. Education & Society
Education & Society integrates research and real life. It is curated by an interdisciplinary group of education researchers.

74. Elias Forum

75. Elwell, Frank
Murray State University, USA.

76. Engagement
A blog published by the Anthropology and Environment Society, a section of the American Anthropological Association.

77. Éthis, Emmanuel - socioBLOG
University of Avignon, France.

78. Ethno::log
News on ethnology, social and cultural anthropology and cyberanthropology. Editors: staf of the Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikanistik in München, Germany.

79. Etzioni, Amitai
George Washington University, USA
Personal and communitarian reflections of a grand master of sociology.

80. EurekAlert
The first site for scientific news since 1996, including a section for the social sciences. Published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


81. Fachbereich für Soziologie und Politikwissenschaft Uni Mannheim - Germany

82. Fachschaft Soziologie LMU - München, Germany

83. Fachschaft Soziologie Tübingen - Germany

84. Fath, Sébastien - France
A blog on religion, secularization and diversity.

85. Feminist Reflexions
Thinking through everyday lives with feminist sociological lenses, The contributors include several sociologists: Gayle Sulik (University at Albaby), Meika Loe (Colgate University), Tristan Bridges (College at Brockport), Trina Smith (Georgia Southern University), Amy Blackstone (University of Main), and Minda Fried

86. Fer, Yannick - France
A blog on the sociology of christianity and evangelical movements.

87. Fernandez, Fabrice - Santé et problèmes sociaux - France

88. Fischer, Claude S. - Made in America - University of California, Berkeley, USA
Notes on American life from American history.

89. Fleissner, Peter
European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Exenophobia (EUMC), European Union, Vienna, Austria.

90. Foster, Mark - SocioSphere
A webzine and blog of opinion journalism on the human condition. Understandign the sociosphere (or the world social system) is hard. You might find support on this socioblog. Offers editorials and articles, podcasts and webrings, news and comics.

91. Fürstenberg, Friedrich
Universität Bonn, Germany
Biography, complete bibliography as well as information about research and samples from publications concerning social strcuture, sociology of work, sociology of religion and own research in Japan (Text in German).


92. Galloway, Anne - Design Culture Lab
University of Carleton, Ottawa, Canada
A PhD research in the sociology of virtual spaces: social and cultural theory, mobile technologies, desing and other things that catches her interest. This may be the importance of forgetting, the international fashion machines, or the design of hackability.

93. Gasquet, Béatrice de
Sociology lecturer at the University Paris Diderot. She is specialized in gender and religion.

94. Geer, Benjamin - Research in my eye [Arabic]
A historian/sociologist who works at the Middle East Institute ( Mei) at the National University of Singapore.

95. Gesellschaft für; Kriminologie, Polizei und Recht e.V. - Germany

96. Gesellschaft für Soziologie an der Universität Graz - Austria

97. Geser, Hans
Sociological Institute, University of Zürich;, Switzerland.

98. Gesser, Chad M. - The Sociology Blog
Owensboro Community and Technical College, USA
A sociology teacher who writes primarily for his students, colleagues and friends, and for himself. The blog contains articles, research, and other information that highlight concepts in the field of sociology.

99. Giddens, Anthony
Emeritus Professor London School of Economics, UK.

100. Gimenez, Martha E.
Sociological Institute, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

101. Girl w/Pen
A team of editors, regular columnists, and contributing writers: students, sociology professors, feminists, writers etc.

102. Give Methods a Chance
A podcast devoted to research methods in practice. Listen to top scholars introduce a multitude of approaches to answer important questions and share stories about their experiences studying the social world. Designed for students, scholars, and society. Kyle Green & Sarah Lageson, PhD candidates in sociology at the University of Minnesota, USA.

103.Global Urban Sociology

104. Godechot, Olivier - France

105. Gombin, Joël - Politiques, Ecologies, Mobilités, Réreseaux
Marseille, France

106. Gordy, Eric - East Ethnia
The editor is a political sociologist teaching at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies ( SSEES) of the University College London, UK.

107. Granado, António - PhDweblogs - Portugal
An attempt to bring together all the weblogs of PhD students from around the world.

108. Graphic Sociology

109. Greer-Pitt, Sue - Sociological Stew - Community College of Kentucky, USA
A passionateley opiniated sociologist, with a great motto: “If humans do it, it’s fair game to sociology.”

110. Gruntled Center
A daily research-and-policy oriented blog about family life and religion.

111. Guenther, Tina - sozlog
Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg, Germany
Her research interests and publications focus on economic and organizational sociology, knowledge, communication and social media.


112. Hargittai, Esther
Princeton, USA
Thoughts and comments about sociology, internet, academia, teaching, research, books and movies to current events, and some funny stuff.

113. Harrington, Brooke - Economic Sociology - Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
A blog that explores the social underpinnings of money and markets. It seeks to repair the gap between the disciplines of sociology and economics.

114. Harris, Dave & Colleagues - AraSite
College of St. Mark and St. John.

115. Have, Paul ten
Specialized in qualitative research (conversation analysis) and ethomethodology. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

116. Hdez, Christian - Sociología Contemporánea

117. Healy, Kieran
University of Arizona, USA
Social commentary from a sociologist of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, USA.

118. Heidensohn, Frances
Sociology Department, London School of Economics (LSE), UK.

119. Hellmann, Kai-Uwe - Commercial Communities
Department of Sociology, Technical University of Berlin, Germany.

120. Hirschman, Dan - A (Budding) Sociologist’s Commonplace Book
University of Michigan, USA.
A student in economic sociology who examines the emergence of the macroeconomy as an object of knowledge in the first half of the 20th century. See also: scatterplot

121. History Today

122. How Society Works

123. Human Rights - American Anthropological Association (AAA)
A forum to discuss human rights issues in anthropology. It tries to mobilize anthropologists for the support of human rights.

124. Humer, Stephan - InternetSoziologie - Germany

125. Hypothesis
A German blog portal for the social sciences and humanities.


126. INCITE - UK
An incubator for critical inquiry into technology and ethnography, based at the University of Surrey. Researchers report on methodological and theoretical matters, and discuss their various research projects as they progress. Director: Nina Wakeford.

127. Indian Social Policy Association

128. Institut für Soziologie Wien - Austria

129. Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) - FemChat
The blog of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Washington, USA.

130. International Sociological Association (ISA)

131. Internetforschung - University of Vienna, Austria
A blog from an interdisciplinary internet research group.

132. InternetSociology - Amsterdam, Netherlands

133. Iran Sociology
Sociological analyses of socio-cultural and developmental problems of Iran. The author chastises the -increasing- lack of respect for basic human rights in Iran. The Iranian authorities have systematically suppressed freedom of expression and opinion since April 2000. And since 2005 the respect for basic human rights in Iran, especially freedom of expressio and opinion, has deteriorated considerably.


134. Jakubowicz, Andrew
University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

135. Jensen, Jakob Linaa
Aarhus, Denmark
A research diary and general thoughts about internet, democracy, society, and ...

136. Jews Studies at USC
University of Southern California, USA.

137. Jewish Studies on Facebook

138. Jokisch, Rodrigo
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico.


139. Keel, Robert O.
University of Missouri-St.Louis, USA.

140. Koehler, Benedikt - Viralmythen
Hamburg, Germany

141. Kriminologie & Polizeiwissenschaft - Germany

142. Krohn, Todd - The Power Elite
Glengarry Highlands, Illinois, USA.


143. Larson, Jeff - Dried Sage
Tucson, Arizona, USA.

144. Latin American Studies Association (LASA)

145. Le, C.N.
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.

146. Lemieux, Cyril - Mediapart

147. Lena, Jennifer C. - What Is The What
Vanderbilt University, USA.

148. Levin, Peter - Rethinking Markets
Barnard College, USA

149. Levine, David K.
Washington University in St. Louis, USA.

150. Lindenberg, Siegwart Michael
University of Groningen, Netherlands.

151. Little, Daniel - Understanding Society
University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA.

152. Livingston, Jay - Montclair SocioBlog
Sociology Department, Montclair State University, USA

153. Loose, Joachim
Institut für Soziologie, Friedrich Schiller Universität, Jena, Germany.

154. Los No Herederos
Department of Sociology, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina
A group of students and graduates of the department of sociology of Rosario. They seek to create an identity of the specialty in the city and area.

155. Lupton, Deborah - This Sociological Life
University of Canberra, Australia


156. Masculinities 101
A forum for activist scholars in the field of men and masculinities to draw connections between social science research and everyday life. They support activist work by providing a scholarly context to contemporary issues of gender, race, sexuality, and class. And they promote critical race and feminist explorations of men and masculinities in order to engage activists and scholars in necessary conversations for social change. Masculinities 101 is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities ( CSMM) at Stony Brook University, USA.

157. Masculinity U

158. Marx, Gary T.
Professor Emeritus M.I.T. Articles on social control, social movements and mass behavior, race relations and the academic profession.

159. Mathematical Sociology - Permutations
Official blog of the Mathematical Section of the ASA. The authors are united by a common interest in using mathematics to understand social life.

160. Mauco, Olivier - Game in Society - France
A blog dedicated to video games in society.

161. Maura, Pierre - Comprendre - France

162. Mayeda, David - The Grumpy Sociologist
A sociology blog with emphases on sports, masculinities, popular culture, and violence.

163. McAfee, Andrew - MIT, Cambridge, USA

164. Media Policy @ LSE
A group weblog on media of the Department of Media & Communications at the London School of Economics.
An inquiry into social networks and social relationships among people in complex organizations.

165. Memoires of a SLACer
The author is “John”, a pseudonymous assistant professor at a small liberal arts college (SLAC).

166. Mercklé, Pierre
ENS de Lyon, France

167. Miskolci, Richard - Corpo Identidades e Subjectivações
Saõ Paulo, Brasil.

168. Monkey Cage, The
The authors are John Sides ( Georg Washington), Erik Voeten ( Georgetown), Andrew Gelman ( Columbia), Joshua Tucker ( NYU), Henry Farrell ( George Washington). They are all professors of political science in the USA. The motto: “Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage” [ H.L. Mencken].

169. Moloney, Molly
Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

170. Moorehead, Robert : JAPANsociology
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn IL, USA

171. Moskos, Peter C. - Cop in the Hood
John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, USA.

172. Muchielli, Laurant - Délinquance, justice et autres questions de société
Aix*Marseille Université, France
A personal blog on crime, justice and other social issues.


172. National Women’s Studies (NWSA)
Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

173. Native American Spirituality

174. Nielson Michael - PsyRel
Georgia Southern University, USA
Research, news and commentary on the social-psychological study of religion.


175. L’Observatoire des Inégalités
Rising inequality is a serious trheat to our society. The Observatory Inequality tries to help all those who are fighting against the deterorisating social situations and give them the means of quality information.

176. Orgtheory
“The science of association is the mother science; the progress of all the others depends on the progress of that one” [Alexis de Tocqueville].

177. Office Hours
University of Minnesota, USA
Conversations with the top social scientists about theri research and the social world. Editors: Jesse Wozniak, Arturo Baiocchi, Sarah Lageson and Jon Smajda.

178. Organizations, Occupations and Work
A blog of the section of the American Sociological Association.

179. Outhwaite, William
Newcastle University, UK.


180. Palmer, Nathan - Sociology Source

181. Paoletti, Jo - Pink is for boys | Gender Mystique
Unversity of Maryland in College Park, USA.

182. Peugny, Camille - University of Paris 8, France

183. Political Sociology

184. Politicaonline.it - Italy
An space for scientific discussion on digital and political cultures.

185. Pradeau, Gilles - DemoSocio
L’EHESS, France

186. Prairie Sociology
University of Illinois, USA
A blog is hosted by 19 grad and faculty sociologists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to discuss public sociologies, public affairs, and publics more generally.

187. Procfreak
Expect lots of sociology, political commentary, and frenetic ramblings instigated by current dissertation-finishing, cross-country-moving, and first-real-job-pressure.

188. Public Affairs - American Anthropological Association (AAA)

189. Public Criminology
Sociological Criminology from Chris Uggen, Michelle Inderbitzin, and Sara Wakefield.


190. Qualitative Research Methodology

191. Quanti / sciences sociales - Oliver Godechot & Pierre Mercklé
A blog that aims to promote and support the use of qunatitative methodes in social sciences. Oliver Godechot is a resarcher at the Centre national de la recherche scientifique ( CNRS) and member of the Centre Maurice Halbwachts ( CMH). Pierre Mercklé is a lecturer in sociology at the École Normale Supérieure ( ENS in Lyon, member of the Groupe de recherche sur la socialisation (GRS), and founder of liens Socio, the French news portal for social sicences.


192. Racism Review
A blog of scholars and researchers from sociology and other sociale science disciplines. They are seeking solid evidence-based research and analysis of ‘race’, racism, ethnicity, and immigration issues.

193. Ragin, Charles
University of Arizona, USA.

194. Rath, Jan
Institute for Migration & Ethnic Studies (IMES), Amsterdam, Netherlands.

195. Ray, Larry
Professor of Sociology, University of Kent, UK.

196. Religion Dispatches
University of Southern California, USA

197. Rimbert, Gérard - Resources en sociologie - France

198. Resnick, Paul - Occasional Musings
School of Information, University of Michigan, USA.

199. Ridener, Larry R.
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Radford University, USA.

200. Robinson, Derek - Blogging Sociologically

201. Röhl, Klaus F. - Rsozblog.de
A German blog around sociology of law.
Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

202. Rossman, Gabriel - Code and Culture

203. Roth, Alvin E. |
Professor of Economics and Business Administration, Harvard Economics Department and Harvard Business School, USA. For his groundbreaking research on decision-making and choices he was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2012.

204. Rubinfeld, Mark
Dept. of Sociology, Wesminster College, Salt Lake City, USA.

205. Rural Sociology
Wageningen, Netherlands
It studies the dynamics of rural and regional development processes in Europe. Specific attention is paid to the different levels at which transformation processes occur and are shaped, as well as to the different actors and institutions involved. The Rural Sociology Group studies and analyses these transformation processes from an interpretative-explanatory sociological perspective, combining qualitative and quantitative research methods.


206. Schalet, Amy
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

207. Schepflin, Todd - All That Is Solid
Niagara University, USA.

208. Schippers, Mimi - Marx in Drag
Tulane University, USA.

209. Schrag, Zachary M. - Institutional Review Blog
Mason University, USA

230. Schussman, Alan
Writes about his academic work (a PhD in sociology), politics, and life in the desert.

231. Science Blog
Started in August 2002 by Ben Sullivan. It is published by a team of science editors, writers, and enthusiats. It encompasses subjects ranging from Computers and Electronics to Bioscience and Medicine. A good source for social scientist need to be informed about non-social phenomena.

232. Sexuality and Society
A blog that explores the intersections between culture, sexuality, social inequality, health and policy. Editors: Kari Lerum (University of Washington) and Shari L. Dworkin (University of California)

233. Shirky, Clay
Writings about the internet: economics & culture, meida & community, open source.

234. Sigeto, Tanaka
Faculty of Human Sciences, Osaka University, Japan.

235. Situngkir, Hokky
Department of Computational Sociology, Bandung Fe Institute, Indonesia.

236. Siqueira, Holgonsi Soares Gonçalves
Department of Sociology and Political Science, Federal University of Santa Maria, Brasil.

237. Smilde, David - Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas (WOLA)
Tulane University, USA.

238. SMR blog
A blog associated with the journal Sociological Methods & Research ( SMR), that publishes the latest information on the collection, measurement and analysis of data. The blog provides a forum for peer-reviewed comment papers and replications which cannot be included in the print edition of the journal. You can submit comment papers to be peer-reviewed and posted to the blog by emailing the managing editor with the file attached. Once reviewed and accepted by the editor, authors of comment papers will be notified. After the final version of the comment paper is returned it will be posted to the blog.

239. Social(in)Queery
A collective project &mdahs;started by Tey Meadow, C.J. Pascoe and Jane Ward— to enhance public access to good social data on sexuality and gender. Social (In)Queery promotes collaborative dialogue, interdisciplinary investigation and feminist and queer analysis of topics relevant to public debate.

240. SocialMedia Today (SMT)
The latest news and insights for social media professionals.

241. Social Science Insights (SSI)

242. Social Science Space (SSS)
SSS brings social scientists together to explore, share and shape the big issues in social science, from funding to impact. SSS features blogs with the most current thinking from key players in social science, a forum for discussions, a resource center with free videos, reports and slides that support these discussions, as well as funding and job opportunity notices. The blog was luanched in 2011 by the independent social science pubisher SAGE.

243. SocialWork@Simmons - Simmons School of Social Work (SSW)

244. Sociétés nordiques et baltes - Finland
Editors: Aino Lefebvre (translator and biologist) and Alain Lefebvre (specialist in the Nordic countries).

245. Society for the Advancement of Socio-https://sase.orgEconomics (SASE)
SASE is an international, inter-disciplinary academic organization with member in over 50 countries on five continents. The academic disciplines represented in SASE include economics, sociology, political science, organization studies, management, psychology, law and history.

246. Society Pages, The (TSP) - Social Sciences that matters
An online, multidisciplinary social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. The mission is to bring measured social science to broader public visibility and influence. “That is to say, we’re talking about society with society.” The core team is made up of editors-in-chief Doug Hartmann and Chris Uggen, previously the co-editors of Contexts magazine.

247. Society Problems
People can tell what kind of problem they have. Telling it to ohter people is half te solution, and at least a good starting point for finding the right decision.

248. Socio[B]logue

249. Socio Cyber

250. Sociología UABC

251. Sociological Cinema, The
A site that is designed to help sociology instructors incorporate videos into their classes.

252. Soziologie
Johannes Keppler Universität Linz (JKU), Austria

253. Sociological Images
Encourages people to exercise and develop their sociological imaginations with discussions of compelling visuals that span the breadth of sociological inquiry.

254. Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS) - Gender & Society

255. Sociology

256. Sociology and Criminology at Keele University - UK

257. Sociology at Routledge

258. Sociology at Work

259. Sociology of computer communications’ Journal
A community for those interested in the sociology of online journaling. Are online journals or ‘web logs’ a microcosm of real life?

260. Sociology Info

261. Sociology in Focus

262. Sociology Lens
A blog that is associated with Sociology Compass, a Wiley-Blackwell review journal on all fields sociological.

263. Sociology Life
Edited by Mary, a transfer student at Nova Southeastern University ( NSU), USA.

264. Sociology of Gender

265. Sociology of Iran

266. Sociology Lens - Wiley

267. SocioSite - “The Web’s definitive reference for researching any subject in society.” [Seal of Approval]
Social Science Information System, University of Amsterdam.

268. Socio-Voce - France

269. Soc Shrine, The

270. Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
The authors are Andrew Gelman (Applied Statistics Center at Columbia University), Bob Carpenter (Dept. of Statistics, Columbia University), Aleks Jakulin (Dept. of Statistics, Columbia University) and Phillip Price (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory).

271. Statistics Forum, The
Presented by the American Statistical Association ( ASA) and CHANCE magazine. It provides everyone the opportunity to participate in discussions about probability and statistics and their role in important and interesting topics. Editor: Andrew Gelman.

272. Stein, Arlene
A sociologist that blogs about culture wars, sexual politics, American religion, conservative movements, intimacies, and public sociology. Arlene works at the department of sociologie of Rutgers University (USA).

273. Stephan, Ed
Western Washington University, USA.

274. Sternheimer, Karen - Everyday Sociology Blog
This site was created primarily for people taking or teaching classes in sociology: “We are all really students of sociology, aren’t we?”

275. Stockinger, Gottfried
Professor for Sociology at University of Pará and for Communication Theory at University of Bahia, Brazil.

276. Stone Court
A two-person blog by «Fred» (law professor & litigator) and «Mary» (demographer).

277. Strusziology
A sociology self-study project organized by mr. Strusz. He explains what sociology is.

278. Swaan, Bram de
University professor of Social Science at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.


279. Thick Culture
A multi-disciplinary blog about what makes cultures »thick«: public discourse, multiculturalism, technology, and civic engagement.

280. Thinking Difference
A blog about difference, diversity and multiculturalism.

281. Torres, Bob - Not Your Typical Sociologist
Lawrence University, USA
The thoughts of a middle-aged, post-modern, anglo, married with children, male, recovering-Catholic with Jesus-Hindu-Buddhist-Humanist tendencies, critical-applied-bevarioral sociologist. Check out his work in progress, publications, teaching and teaching philosophy. His research interests include the cultural and structural aspects of political economy of the global agro-food system. He concentrates his studies on the socio-political implications of nanotechnology in food and agricultural production, and on the linkages between the oppression of animals and humans under capitalism.

282. Total Drek
Thoughts of a frustrated intellectual on sociology, gaming, sicence, politics, science fiction, religion, and whatever else strikes his fancy. Written by graduate students at a sociology department somewhere in the USA.

283. Tremblay, Jean-Marie
Professor for Sociology at Cégep de Chicoutimi, Canada.

284. Tsygankov, Daniel
Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia.


285. Uggen, Chris - Sociology, Criminology, Self-Indulgence - University of Minnesota, USA
This blog does not inform you about his research, it only offers ill-informed opinions on music, running, and writing. There are, however, also some dirty posts on developments in sociology and crimimology. He has adopted a clear ‘safe-left’ political view: “neither too hot, nor too cold and within spitting distance of most of my colleagues”.

286. Unbedingte Freunde der Soziologie
Wiesental, Germany

287. Uncommon Thought Journal
Focuses on understanding the critical issues of our times. Topics include: politics, social policy, war, terrorism, 9/11, globalization, military, theats to democracy, legislation, corporatations, corporate power...

288. Urban Sociology


289. Visual Sociology
Dohlonega, North Georgie, USA

290. Visual Sociology Working Group (ISA/WG03)

291. Voß, Günter
Industrie- und Techniksoziologie, Technical University Chemnitz, Germany.


292. Walby, Sylvia
UNESCO Chair in Gender Research, UK.

293. Walker, Jill
A research blog on how we tell stories online.

294. Weintraub, Jeff - Commentaries & Controversies
University of Pennsylvania, USA.

295. Wieviorka, Michel - l’EHESS

296. Weyden, Patrick van der
Catholic University Antwerp, Belgium.

297. Why Am I Not Surprised
The author, ChangeSeeker, is a writer, speaker, and sociologist who’s made a life’s work out of unapologetically announcing what he sees.


278. Yenn - Y for Yenndetta
Department of Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway University of London, UK.
She concentrates on the socio-political impact of new communication technologies, particularly the internet.


279. Zhang, Minjie
Zhejiang Academy of Social Sciences, Hangzhou, China.

280. Ziner, Andrew Scott
Kutztown Unversity, USA.

281. Zero Anthropology
A project of anti-imperialism, growing out of a discipline with a long history and a deep epistemological connection to colonialism. The aim is to transform anthropology into something that is neither Eurocentric nor elitist.

282. Zevallos, Zuleyka - Other Sociologist
Swinburne University, Australia

283. Zunigo, Xavier - France

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