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Almost All the Searching Tools


Almost All the Searching Tools


[B] = Browsing tool
[K] = Keyword searching tool
[U] = Uniform Meta-Search Engine (Multi-threaded Search Engine)
[M] = Multiform Meta-Search Engine (Multi-form Front-ends for Search Engines)
[S] = Special Navigators


Access New Zealand [B+K]
A searchable directory of web sites maintained by New Zealand companies and organizations. Owned by Access Directories Ltd. and developed by WebMasters Ltd.

Abacho [K]
A German keyword searchers. Searches keywords in full text German pages.

AliWeb [K]
See "Search Engines" for a description.

All4One [U]
Simultaneous searches on other engine sites: Alta Vista, Lycos, Yahoo and Webcrawler. Returns an integrated list.

AltaVista - Local: France - Germany - Italy - Sweden [K]
Databases: Web and Usenet. Contents: Full-text index of more than 30 million Web pages and more than 15,000 Usenet newsgroups, updated in real time. One of the largest Web index Their spider ('Scooter') crawls the Web at 3 million pages a day and the indexer crunches 1 GB of text per hour. Searching: Powerful and very fast search engine. Offers a simple search or advanced query mode. Within simple search, users can search for exact phrases, require or prohibit words, search within the title field of an HTML document, search for documents that contain a link to a particular URL, use wildcards, and employ case sensitivity. The advanced query allows for the use of Boolean operators (and, or, not, near) ans lets users limit searches by date.

Results: Offers three results options:

(1) the number of matches (with none of them displayed);

(2) 'Compact' results that put each item on one line (the link on the left, followed by the last update date of the file, then the machine-generated abstract scrolling off the screen to the right);

(3) 'Detailed' results (the default option) with the links followed by the machine-generated item abstract in an indented paragraph with the URL at the bottom, the file size and the last update. Results are returned ten items on suggestion.

Pro's: Fast searches, large database, finds things others don't. Cons: Inadequate relevancy ranking on Simple Search, which spits out too many lists of links instead of useful documents. Created by: Digital Equipment.

Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory [B/K] - The categories in this web directory cover topics such as animal rights, solar energy, and sustainable development.

Ananzi [K] - Search engine dedicated to the South African domain.

AnySearch [K} - A Korean search engine.

Archie Gateway - FTP Search Locates files on anonymous ftp sites on the Internet. A network-based information tool offering proactive data retrieval and indexing for widely distributed collections of data. Perhaps the best known application of the Archie system is to maintain this Internet Archives database. The database currently contains the names of over 2,400,000 files at over 1,000 anonymous FTP archive sites. Users can rapidly locate needed files without the need to log onto dozens or even hundreds of machines. The Archie system is much more than the Internet Archives database: it has been expanded into a generalized information gathering and distributed database maintenance tool. With Archie, you can build an up-to-date, accurate directory of Internet services, or define new databases and gather entries from across the network.

Ask Jeeves - Allows you to enter plain English questions, to which Jeeves serves up suggested web pages. It's a variation on the All-in-One Search Page theme. Jeeves searches multiple search engines to find out what sites may have the answers to your questions. You might want to ask ÒWhat is a SocioSite?"


Baidu [K] - China
A Chinese language-search engines for for websites, audio files, and images. It was founded by Robin Li & Eric Xu.

Beaucoup Search Engines [M] - More than 2.500 search engines and directories in categorized tables. In 6 languages, all-in-one searches, and forms.


Civil Right Litigation ClearingHouse
The ClearingHouse collects documents and information from civil rights cases in specific case categories across the United States. It is available to scholars, teachers, students, policymakers, advocates, and the public, to allow greater understanding of civil rights litigation in the USA.


DasCrazy's Crazy Page of Search Engines [M]

Dave Central Software Archive [S]

Deja News - Usenet search. A tool for searching Usenet archives which contains a large collection of indexed archived Usenet articles from past month. Searchable.

Dewey Decimal Hotlist - created by David A. Mundie.

Dino [K] - German search engine and index (in German).

Discovery Channel

Disinformation [K] - Everything you know is wrong.

DiZA zoekmachine II - A local Dutch search engine that will find all the information on Zaanstad.

Dogpile [U] - Searches the Web (Yahoo!, Lycos' A2Z, Excite Guide, Go2.com, WWW Yellow Pages , PlanetSearch, Thunderstone, What U Seek, Magellan, Lycos, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, AltaVista, Excite & HotBot), Usenet (Hotbot News, Reference.com, Dejanews, Altavista and Dejanews' old Database), FTP (Filez, FTP Search) and News Wires (Yahoo News Headlines, Excite News and Infoseek NewsWires). Only the first word will be passed on to FTP Search.

Download Astro
A great download site with more than 300K software and games, including professional reviews and user ratings.


EC rider [B/K] - A Dutch browsing and keyword searching tool. Fast and easy to use. A search engine and search directory wich categorises all the Dutch sites by subject. In the settings users can change between de EC rider databases: Dutch, French, German or Italian. Yoy can also change the language in Dutch, English, French, German or Italian. Each document is rated, but the rating items are not explained. You can search by sitename, keyword, review or target audience. Boolean operators are nicely implementated, and number of hits can be moderated.

eDirectory [M] - The worlds search engines, categorized by country.

Electric Library
Rather than searching the web, check out the Electric Library's contents. Launch comprehensive searches across this extensive database of more than 1000 full-text newspapers, magazines, and academic journals; images; reference books; literature; and art.

El Paso Infopage Search Engines [M]

Eureka! Internet Search Engines [M] - Links and reviews to search engines and directories. Includes detailed information on search engines and how they work, and a chapter that shows you how to get your web site listed in all the major search engines.

Europages - More than 150.000 companies in Europe. You can search a product or service and company names.

Excite [B] [K] - Database: Excite is a multi-purpose site. NetReviews is acompanion to the Excite search engine. Fast, smart and user friendly tool for searching full-text of Web pages and Usenet Newsgroups. Web sites and Usenet sites are hierarchically arranged within 14 broad categories, each subcategorized and designed to support informed browsing. Informative reviews and all terms in the subject hierarchy are created and maintained by 30 professional journalists. Contents: It offers NetReviews, as well as an index to more than 1,5 million Web documents, the past two weeks of Usenet news and Usenet classified ads. Searching: Options for searching by concept and keyword. Only simple phrases (concepts, keywords) can be searched and no Boolean operators are supported. Results: A text summary of what's at located sites. (Architext Software).


Filez [S] - Looking for software for Mac, Dos, Windows, Unix, Newton, Atari or Amiga? Here you'll find 60 million files on 40,000 ftp-sites.

Find-It! [M] - An internet search tool for finding web/www documents, people, software, and usenet newsgroups with a cool interface. Search them all from one page.

FindLaw [S] - Finding legal resources.

Fireball [K]
A German search engine, from the technical university of Berlin. With more than 4,5 million documents (April 1998) it is the biggest search engine for documents in the german language.

FTP Search [S]

Fun City Web Search Page [M]


Galaxy [B]
One of the first browsing tools available and one of the largest. A well organized and easy to browse topical arrangement to a wide variety of resources. Provided as a public service by Trade Wave and 25 volunteer guest editors (real human editors). A useful search engine interface offers easy searching of the selected indexes. Try the Social Sciences section.

GeoSurfer (from World Access Internet Navigator) - A 'surf engine' designed for browsing. Geographical access to 50,000 Web pages with links arranged first by continent, then by country. Within a country, city and/or region, access is achieved by selecting the first letter of the name and then scanning an alpha list of links. Hierarchy is computer generated by alpha sorting keywords from the Web page name, city, country, and a site description. The hierarchy is also searchable. Commercial site, but no fee yet. Geosurfer is maintained by World Access Yellow Pages, Inc.

GNA Catalog of Courses The Globewide Network Academy is an educational & research organization dedicated to providing a competitive marketplace online for distance learning courses and programs. Their mission is to create a comprehensive source of information, a central listing of online courses and degree programs worldwide. The GNA Catalog of Courses is only part of the spectrum of services they offer to the online education community. They also support a discussion forum for distance educators and maintain a help-wanted database to connect educational institutions, teachers, and technical support personnel. For distance education courses or programs, you can visit their online distance education catalog; if you click on 'society' and 'sociology', and you may find what your're looking for.

Still the best, the fastest and most reliable search engine in the world.


A database which concentrates on indexing 'content summaries', less duplication. Also provides specialized databases you can search such as public PC software distribution sites, Computer Science technical reports, and AT&T; 1-800 number by category or name.

Home Team [K] - Search for pages or names, multiple source searches, limited searches, batch e-mails, submits to multiple search engine sites.


I-Explorer - A category-based directory of Internet sites.

ILSE (NL) - Interactive Lowland Search Engine, from the Netherlands. A very fast and easy to use searcher. Almost 800,000 indexed Dutch pages. Also searches newsgroups in the Netherlands.

Infohiway [K] - Point-n-go access to the Infohiway. GeoSurfer reveals the web geographically.

A virtual library of links to scholarly and educational resources. It contains useful Internet resources such as databases, electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, mailing lists, online library card catalogs, articles, directories of researchers, and many other types of information. Don’t forget to try the Social Sciences & Humanities section.

Infoseek Japan [K]
Intended to be the fastest, most comprehensive, and first virtually real-time search technology available.

Internet Search [K] - Internet MCI's search engine, powered by Open Text.

Internet - Searching (CMC)[M] - John December's current and comprehensive list of ways to search the Internet.

Internet Sleuth, The [B] & [M] -Collection of over 1.500 searchable databases covering a wide variety of topics. Parllel searching allows the simultaneous search of up to 10 databases within categories.


JavaBot [U] - Javabot releases beta version of its meta search engine titled Javabot Plus. Javabot currently allows users to simultaneously search Yahoo, Altavista, Excite, Webcrawler and Lycos. It comes in both the standard edition and the Javabot Plus version for Java enabled browers. The beta release has many new client features such as boolean searches, stored queries, and the "preview" option.

Jumbo Shareware This searchable archive contains over 200,000 shareware and freeware programs. Categories include: business, home, personal, programming, utilities, and words and graphics. Within each category, programs are cataloged by operating system. The entire archive is a searchable by program category and operating system. There is a short annotation with the programs to help determine whether or not the user wants to download the program. The size of each program is provided, as well as a 'starter kit' for each operating system which includes a decompression and anti-virus program. Created by: Jumbo, Inc.


Kolibri [K] - German oriented search engine.


Langenberg Search [M] - A one-stop shopping gateway to some of the most popular search engines for a variety of subjects. You can access search engine collections in 25 categories, from books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, government, and maps to cooking, travel, entertainment, and sports. Within each category, keyword boxes and direct links are provided for each search engine listed. Users are sent to the respective engine's search return page for their results. Created and maintained by Chuck Langenberg.

LinkCentre [B]

LinkSearch [where.com] [M]

Lycos [K]
Lycos has evolved from a classical “search engine” to a focused network of communicty and social sites. It’s in the DNO of Lycos to bring people together to interact, have fun, and experience the best the web has to offer.

Lycos Germany

Lycos Sweden


Magellan - The McKinley OnlineDatabase: Online guide to Internet that includes original editorial content, a directory of rated and reviewed Internet sites, a vast database of yet-to-be-reviewedsites, and a powerful search engine that helps you find what you're looking for. Contents: Its directory of 1,5 million sites includes 40,000 that are fully reviewed and rated on a four-star system. It functions as a kind of 'Michelin Guide' to the Internet. It includes Web sites, FTP and gopher servers, newsgroups, and Telnet sessions. Searching: When using the "+/-" options, be sure to leave a space between the first word and the symbol; do not leave a space between the "+/-" symbol and the second word. Results: Browse Magellan topics or perform a search and a list of sites that matches your area of interest will appear instantly.

MetaCrawler [U] - Search the Search Engine
A multi-threaded search engine that combines results from different services (Google, Yahoo & Yandex).

Metasearch [M] - Search multiple enignes without re-typing.

MetaSearch at Highway 61 - A meta-search site that compiles the results of Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, Infoseek, Open Text, Excite and Hotbot in one page.

MetaZoek [M]
A search engine that uses international search engines to look for information in the Netherlands. It claims to find more relevant information that other Dutch search engines.

Mojoe [K] - For multimedia lovers and power-users. If you're looking for sites with Film, Video, Java, Javascript, Shockwave (Director), Server Push, Client Pull, Gif89a or VRML, Sound, Chat, Database Connectivity.

Mooncow.com [U] - Queries the top search engines and returns a precise search result. The top 10-20 web sites are returned from each engine (Altavista, Hotbot, Excite, and Yahoo) after duplicates are removed, and the results are rated. Only the top results from each query are given.

Multi-Threaded Query Page [U] - Offers a multi-threaded query gateway. To perform a query, you enter the query text, select the search engine(s), and press the submit button. The queries run in parallel and will take as long as the slowest search engine selected. (Sun Microsystems)

MusicSearch [K] - Music search engine with over 5,000 links and growing.


Nerd World MEdia Internet Subject Index [B] - Another classiefied list of URL's.


A Dutch search engine.

Net Locator - Frames based research tool with quick access to many search engines.

NLightN [U] - A metasearcher that also covers hundreds of databases, news-wire stories, reference materials. Registration required and some information must be paid for. Also a free front-end Net Locator, which is a frames-based all in one searching form.

NL-MENU - Alphabetical and geographical index of all WWW services in the Netherlands. The Dutch national entry-point.

Northern Light [B & K]
A new commercial site where you can download information from more than 3,400 journals, books, magazines, databases and newswires not available on any other search engine. It will cost you $1 per article.


OneKey [B] - Claims to be the largest database of kid sage sites. Some 40 editors do the work, and filter out all the sites that do not meet (American) Network TV Standards. They want to provide good, quality information for whatever interests you have.

On-line Books Page - An annotated index over 1 million free books whose full text is available on-line. Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania

The Open Text Web Index [K] - Allows for a Simple Search or a Power Search. This robot searches the Web and at the same time indexes the full text of the pages it finds. It uses many computers together in a loosely-coupled parellelism. It allows free access to show-off the power of its software.


Power Search [B+K+M]
Information about top business resources and editorials on all manner of business topics including health and safety tips and information on staff moral.


One of the biggest Russian search engines.


SAPO — Servidor de Apontadores Portugueses [B} - Purtguese directory

Search.com [M]
All-in-one search launchpoint with 250 targets that find all kinds of information, from WWW sites to phone numbers, from movies to stock quotes, and all points between. From: c/net.

Search Hytelnet
The Hytelnet database for resources accessible via telnet. The search is case insensitive, the booleans AND and OR are allowed. Created by: Rob Kabacoff, for Inter-Links.

Search.NL [K]
A search engine from the Netherlands. Unique fuzzy searching eliminates the need for correct spelling of search queries.

A non-searchable robot that provides a geographical listing of WWW servers all over the world. It has not been run since August 1994, so currency is out and accuracy is questionable.

One of the lagest shareware sites. It indexes software files located in archives around the internet, including freeware, shareware, demos, patches, fixes, and upgrades. Users can search by platform, archive, or software name. Browsing by platform, archive, or keyword is also available. Approximate download times are given and download reliability is also noted. The site offers an e-mail newsletter to keep current on new additions.

An entry point to the Internet and a hand-built directory of Web sites organized into topic areas. You can search the directory for the most relevant information on any subject, as well as create a personalized Web source tailored to your individual preferences. Snap.com offers stock quotes, market summaries, online shopping, local weather, sports scores, chat, state lottery results, horoscopes, classified ads, maps and driving directions, movie listings, business services, message boards and more.

Snoopie [K]
Over 5 million files have been indexed for download at over 450 ftp sites World Wide. A search can be completed in 10 milliseconds. Free now, pay later?

Source of Searches [M]
A collection of search engines and directories. With text version and search forms.

Spider’s Apprentice, The
Offers help on searching the Web, they also analyze & rate the major search engines.

Starting Point

Stroud’s - for Windows/Internet only [S]
The place to go for internet applications to use on your Windows computer. Well organized and thorough reviews; very nice quick-read format and quick access to information you want.

SuperSearch - Searches multiple sites at the same time.


Track.nl - Searching geographically.


Verity Internet Virtual Library Search [K]
Searchable index of documents of interest to those using & developing the WWW and its related technologies.


WEB.DE [B] - A German Internet Index.

WebCrawler [U]
Combines the resultat of Google en Yahoo!

WebDirect! [K] - Add, modify or delete websites, add or delete Yellow Page indexes, keywords, and display search results the way you want to

WebIndex - A Greek search engine.

WebPlaces Internet Search Guide [M]

Webscape's Netsearch Index [M]

WebStep Top 100 Free Listing [M] - A hyperlinked, annotated index of the best free search engine, database and yellow pages sites on the Internet.

Websurfer [K] - A 'surf engine' designed for browsing. Topical access to 50,000 Web pages. Access is achieved by selecting the first letter of the topic word, then the first and second letter combination of the topic word. Within these groupings, full word topics are listed that link to alpha list of the Web page names. The hierarchy is computer generated by alpha sorting keywords from the Web page name, city, country, and a site description. The hierarchy is also searchable. Commercial site, but no fee yet. From: World Access Internet Navigator.

WWWomen Search Directory [K]
A comprehensive search engine for women online. Organized in 16 main categories: arts & entertainment, working women, community & government, computers & Internet, education, feminism, health & safety, women in history, lesbians, books & magazines, women's resources, science & technology, shopping & fashion, and sports.


Yahoo [B]
A hierarchical subject-oriented guide for the WWW and the internet. It is the best known and most popular subject tree. Millions of internet sites are listed within an easy-to-use, comprehensive subject hierarchy. Boolean operators (and, or) and string searching are supported.

Yahoo! Japan [B]

Yahoo UK & Ireland

Yahoo Germany

Yahoo Canada

Yahoo France

Yahoo! Picture Gallery
You can visually browse through the images in some of Yahoo's most popular categories.

Zamboni's Search Engine Links [M]


ZD Net Software Library [S]
A collection of shareware and packages divided by category, including games, Internet, education, programs and utilities, Windows '95, and editor's picks. A useful site to find some of the best software and reviews. Reviews give you a quick way to judge the value of something without having to download and install it. They are all virus checked. Not as many files as other sites, but there are over 10,000.

ZenSearch [K]
Indexes only quality sites.

Mega Lists of Search Tools

Master List of Search Engines at Yahoo

Find a Search - search.com - C|Net Service. Looking for a search engine to get you started? Enter what you are looking for in the box below and click the search button. If you're looking for information on a specific issue, you will the best search tools for finding information about this issue.

Search Engine Collection - Netscape pulls all the good search sites together.

W3C Search Engines
A listing of semantic web search engines. Semantic Web search engines are applications for finding ontologies that require reasonable effort: queries are usually written as natural language keywords and results are ranked. It is still hard to choose between two matching ontologies.

Google Scholar - Stand on the shoulders of giants

Start a Blog 123

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide on creating a successful blog..

If you think your blog, home page or social media representation should be included on this listing, please don’t hesitate to inform us.