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Rural Studies -  Rural sociology is an area of sociology that is typically connected to the consideration of social organization and conflict in the rural environments, such as food and horticulture or characteristic asset.

General Information



Bruges Group
The Bruges Group invites society to involve itself in a collective reflection concerning agriculture in 21st century Europe. The Group is made up of around twenty university professors, of researchers, of people responsible for training, of others involved in movements for the defence of the environment or in peasant or farming organisations in fifteen European countries. Editor: Yannick Barret (Vinon sur Verdon, France).


  • Canadian Rural Information Service (CRIS)
    The site provides a series of pathfinders to guide visitors towards the valuable information available about rural Canadians. The directories provide links to a range of associations and organisations as well as links to internet resources in areas from agriculture to First Nations to youth.
  • Countrysie Agency
    The Agency works for the wellbeing of the people who live and work in the English countryside. They advise government and other policy makers, as well as service providers about the economic and social developmentof rural areas and act to help rural businesses and communities flourish.


A network of projects and institutions dedicated to fighting rural poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean by means of improving information and knowledge systems. The site offers much information of use to planners and evaluators of rural development projects.


Info Rurale
Information gatewat for rural development. The objective is to provide a first-stop-shop for those involved in rural development activities in the UK.


  • Rural Australia
    A web site provided by Australia's Department of Primary Industries and Energy (DPIE) with many links to a range of topics from business to health & safety to disability.
  • Rural Europe
    Site of the European Union Initiative LEADER II. In German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. It provides a great library on rural development.
  • Rural Women's Network (RWN) - Victoria, Australia


Scottish Office: Towards a Development Strategy for Rural Scotland
A manifesto commitment to sustain vibrant local communities in rural and remote areas.


  • Women and Rural Economic Development (WRED) - Canada
    A Canadian NGO working on women's rural enterprise development and offers broader support to rural business women. The site includes an online bibliography.
  • Women, equal opportunities and rural development
    A collection of articles, presented by "Rural Europe", and edited by Franz Fischler.
  • World Rural Women's Day (WRWD)
    A web site constructed by the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP), the Women's World Summit Foundation (WWSF) and Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) to promote World Rural Women's Day on the 15th of October (each year). We must not forget that women produce on average more than half of all the food that is grown, but own only 2 percent of the land, and receive only one percent of all agricultural credit.

Rural Research Centres

Rural Journals

  • Études rurales [table of contents]
    The urbanisation of our societies takes us farther away each day from ancient rural civilisations and prevents us from thinking of the countryside on the lines of proximity and nostalgia. However, never has the weight of all that touches the rural world been greater: food products, migrations, and environment. Études rurales publishes works concerning the activities, territories, ways of life, modalities of political organisation, collective actions and systems of representations and beliefs of «rural» populations.
  • Rural Society
    A quarterly journal of rural social issues, published by the Centre for Rural Social Research at Charles Sturt University (Australia). It is a fully refereed academic journal, but designed to be accessible to a broad readership. Topics covered in Rural Society have included the rural media; small town development; rural gender issues; agricultural restructuring; heritage and tourism and youth and ageing in rural areas. Maintainer: Perry Share.
  • Rural Sociology
    A journal from the Rural Sociological Society. Abstracts only.
  • Southern Rural Sociology
    A journal from the Southern Rural Sociological Assiociation (SRSA).

Rural Discussion Groups

  • ARKTEL - Information superhighway and rural development
    Arktel is a list established by The Arkleton Trust (UK) to foster exchanges of information, publications etc between academics, practitioners and policy makers regarding the implications of the Information (Super) Highway for rural development and education. 
    To subscribe send email to: [email protected], in the body of the message type: join arktel firstname(s) lastname
  • CARLU - Contemporary agriculture and rural land use. 
    Specialty group of the Association of American Geographers. The group welcomes comments related to rural, agricultural, and natural resource issues in the US, Canada, and other developed countries. Topics include: the relationship between agriculture and the environment; questions of sustainability and rural land use; primary production systems and rurality; rural-urban fringe; rural resource base; natural resource conservation; public lands; recreation, tourism and wilderness.
    To subscribe send email to: [email protected], in the body of the message type: subscribe carlu
    Facilitates discussions about scholarship and teaching in rural and agricultural history. H-Rural is a member of H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online. The site provides discussion logs, reviews, discussion threads, microfil readers, and a list of related organizations.
  • misc.rural 
    An unmoderated usenet discussion with a focus on rural life and rural issues. Topics include land, agriculture, home, livestock, and wildlife issues. The site contains links to: Internet resources and lists; community and rural development; rural telecommunications; rural transportation; rural medicine, health & human services; rural education; agriculture; government; regional and State links; rural advocacy organisations; and fun, rural culture, and miscellaneous links.
  • RURALDEV - Rural Development 
    A discussion group of community/rural development practitioners and researchers.
    To subscribe send email to: [email protected], in the body of the message type: subscribe ruraldev
  • RURSOC-L - Rural Sociology Discussion List
    To subscribe send email to: [email protected], in the body of the message type: subscribe rursoc-l

Rural Professional Associations

  • British Agricultural History Society (BAHS)
    Society for the study of agricultural history and the history of the rural economy and society. It publishes the "Agricultural History Review" twice-yearly (table of contents only).
  • European Society for Rural Sociology (ESR)
  • Latin American Studies Association - Rural Studies Section
  • International Rural Sociology Association (IRSA) 
    Formed in 1964, IRSA, is an international consortium of regional and continental societies in rural sociology. The object of IRSA is to foster the development of the science of sociology, to further the application of social research to the improvement of the quality of life for rural populations, and to promote the subject-matter of rural sociology as a topic of instruction. The home page has links to member associations and to international organizations working on rural topics. As a worldwide association of associations, its members include The Asian Rural Sociological Society, The Australian and Oceania Network for Rural Social Research and Community Development, the Rural Sociological Society (North America), the Latin American Rural Sociology Association, the European Society for Rural Sociology, and the Association of Mediterranean Rural Sociologists. IRSA sponsors a World Congress every four years. The next Congress will be held in Rio de Janeiro in July 2000.
  • Rural Sociological Society (RSS)
  • Southern Rural Sociological Association (SRSA)
    An educational and sicentific organization that fosters the study or rural sociology and its application to the Southern region of the United States. The official journal of the SRSA is Southern Rural Sociology

Rural Directories

  • Rural Information Resources
    A directory created by the US Rural Information Center, part of the National Agricultural Library.
  • Internet Resources for Rural America
    A comprehensive list of resources compiled at the United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]'s National Rural Development Partnership [NRDP] office. Features directories on rural issues; governmental/extension resources; agricultural issues; rural telecommunications; rural health; rural education; rural economic development resources; and miscellaneous rural resources.

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