History and Social Change


Sociology of history - In this topic, we contain hundreds of articles, dozens of books and thousands of links on historical subjects. A world history asset designed to help teachers and undergraduates find out about the important roles youngsters have performed since the beginning by giving admission todata on the lived experiences of children and youth from various perspectives.

As well as changing perceptions about puberty and youthfulness in past societies and human advancements.

General History



Children & Youth in History
A world history resource designed to help teachers and students learn about the important roles of young people throughout history by providing access to information about the lived experiences of children and youth from multiple perspectives as well as changing notions about childhood and adolescence in past cultures and civilizations. The portal is developed by the Center for History and New Media CHNM).


  • Historical Text Archive (HTA)
    Contains hundreds of articles, dozens of books and thousands of links on historical subjects. Created and maintained by Donald J. Mabry.
  • Historical Materialism
    Offers essays on the theory of history with an opportunity for your critical comments.
  • History Guide - Germany
    The Network Subject Gatewas History provides access to scholarly relevant websites and digital texts in history. All resources are decribed and evaluated with a set of Dublin Core metadata. The History Guide was originally developed and located at Goetiingen State and University Library. The Network Subject Gateway History is an alliance of institutions (research libraries, subject bibliographies, research centers) which are sharing the mission to make scholarly relevant internet resources publicly accessible in the field of history.
  • History and Historiography 
    Archives and resources in history and historiography from the English Server.
  • History of the internet  (SocioSite)
  • History of Social Inventions
    Written by Stuart Conger, a futurist who was responsible for setting up a Canadian Social Inventions Centre called Saskatchewan NewStart. In this abstract of a longer article he defines a social invention as a new law, organisation or procedure that changes the way in which people relate to themselves or to each other, either individually or collectively. He gives some examples of these social inventions and discusses their implications.
  • History Link 101 
    A resource site for World History Classes. The cultures of Africa, Aztec, China, Egypt, Greece, Mayan, Mesopotamia, Rome, Olmec, Prehistory, Middle Ages and World War II are divided into categories of Art, Biographies, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures, Research and more. Presented by Eric Rymer at the Henley Business School of the University of Reading.
  • HyperHistory
    An exhaustive scientific project showcasing world history of 3,000 years with an interactive combination of synchronoptic lifelines, timelines, and maps. In narrative it has expanded from rather simpler to more complex and complicated nature and behavior.


  • Institute of Historical Research (IHR)
  • International Institute of Social History (IISG) 
    An archive on social history and an independent scientific Institute in Amsterdam. The large archives of the institute harbour the papers of several international social organizations, including papers of Rosa Luxemburg, Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx. IISG conducts research and collects data on the global history of labour, workers, and labour relations.
  • International World History Project
    The site contains a collection of world history related essays, documents, maps, music and video outlining human history and progress from the Neolithic era to the present including the history of the ancient world, Africa, Europe, Asia, India, the Middle East, Australia and the Americas. There is a section containing historical documents such as the Magna Carta and the American Declaration of Independence and, as well as sections relating to world religions, philosophies and scientific discoveries and ideas.
  • Internet Resources in History 
    A structured listing of historical resources. The history sites are organized by subject and time period, social and political science sites, historical journals and mailing lists in history. Editor: Patrick D. Reagan (Tennessee Technological University) 
    Founded in 1921 by A. F. Pollard, IHR is an important resource and meeting place for researchers from all over the world. It offers a state of the art open access library, conferences and seminars which are open to the public, the history lab and resources for historical research in both digital format and print.
  • Issues and Events in Women’s History - About.com


Kuchenbrod, Matthias


  • Lessons From the Past
    General historical recources, classical/ancient, medieval studies, renaissance, 18th and 19th century, American history, the old west. Editor: Michael Kearl (Trinity College, USA).
  • Long Wave, The
    Chapter 20 of Macroeconomic Stabilization Policies, by A. Joyce Furfero.


Masters in History
The Ultimate Guide to Free History Resources Online
Created by Mary Hubbard and her team.



Top 50 World History Blogs
Any student of history knows that there is a great deal to be learned from those who have gone before, and there is much to be learned from the histories of other countries.


Voice of the Shuttle: History
Links to history sites, organized by country and topics.


  • Wikipedia
  • World Cultures
    Lots of historical info on chronology, based on course material from Richard Hooker at Washington State University, USA.
  • World History Archives 
    A repository for documents for teaching and understanding contemporary world history and the struggle for social progress. The archives are associated with the Images from History - a pre-modern image archive.
  • World History Matters
    A world portal to world history websites developed by the Center for History and New Media (CHNM). It is designed to help high school and college world history teachers to have better understanding of history with reference to locate, analyze and learn from online primary resources.
  • World History Sources
    World History Sources presented by the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University. It focuses on three approaches central to current world history scholarschip: an emphasis on comparative issues contrary to civilizations in isolation; a concentration on contacts among different societies and the economic, social and cultural consequences of those contacts; and an attenntiveness to ‘global’ forces (such as technology diffusion, migration or missionary outreach) that trenscend individual societies or even societies in mutual contact.
  • WWW-Virtual Library: History
    A large file offering over 1500 connections arranged alphabetically by subject, era and country. Editor: Lynn H. Nelson, University of Kansas, USA.
  • WWW-VL History Central Catalogue
    This catalogue is maintained by Serge Noiret at the European University Institute, Florence, Italy and provides all the best information and data on the topic and issues related to world history.

Journals & Magazines

  • American Historical Review (AHS) [abstracts] 
  • The official publication of the American Historical Association (AHA). AHS is one of the few journals in the world that brings together scholarship from every major field of historical study. It publishes articles that are new in content and interpretation and that make a significant contribution to historical knowledge. The journal also publishes approximately 1,000 book reviews per year, surveying and assessing the most important contemporary historical scholarship in the discipline.
  • Annales - Histoire, Sciences Sociales [abstracts] 
    A French academic journal covering social history. Founded in 1929 by Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre. A platform for dialogue between different social sciences.
  • Canadian Journal of History (CJOH) [abstracts] 
    A peer-reviewed journal of general history publishing in both English and French. It features articles and reviews by experts, and invites contributions from all geographical, temporal, and thematic subfields.
  • Časopis Matice moravské (ČMM) - Czech Republic
    This Czech historical journal was founded in 1869 and has an international editorial staff. It publishes peer-reviewed articles on the history and culture of Moravia, Czech lands and Central Europe.
  • Geschichte und Gesellschaft - Zeitschrift für Historische Sozialwissenschaft (GG) [abstracts]
    The focus of GG is on discussion and analysis of social change. GG has temporal focus in the modern age, and particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries. Structural history approaches dominate the image. This includes the study of social groups (workers, nobility or bourgeoisie) but also economic and social processes.
  • Histoire & mesure [abstracts]
    The objectives pursued by Histoire & mesure include proposing tools and presentation of methods of statistical treatment of information, making use of figures for measuring historical phenomena and analysing processes. It aims at developing a reflection on the content and relevance of data, the conditions of their elaboration and their registration in largely preconstructed categories. It attempts to do so by publishing articles and book reviews, which, beyond the disciplinary and chronological separations, place history and measurement at the core of their problematic.
  • Historian, The [abstracts] 
    a history journal published quarterly by Blackwell Publishing on behalf of the history honor society, Phi Alpha Theta. It publishes original articles and book reviews in all areas of historical scholarship.
  • Historical Journal, The (HIS) [abstracts] 
    A peer-reviewed academic journal published by Cambridge University Press. It publishes approximately articles on all aspects of British, European, and world history since the 1500. Each issue contains numerous review articles covering a wide range of historical literature.
  • Historical Research (HR) [abstracts] 
    A scholarly journal published by the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) at the University of London. Its articles cover a wide geographical and temporal span: from Britain to the Far East; from the early middle ages to the twentieth century. It encourages the submission of articles from a broad variety of approaches, including social, political, urban, intellectual and cultural history.
  • Historische Zeitschrift (1859-2004) 
    The first and for a time the foremost historical journal.
  • Historisk Tidskrift (HT) [abstracts + some full text] 
    Sweden’s leading journal for research in history and economic history. It is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal published by the Svenska Historiska Föreningen (SHF), a member of the International Committee of Historical Sciences (CISH). Each yearly volume has four issues and contains approximately 800 pages. It publishes articles based on original research in the historical sciences and has no chronological, thematic, disciplinary or geographic restrictions.
  • History [abstracts] 
    A peer-reviewed academic journal published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of the Historical Association (HA). It was established in 1916 and publishes original articles, book reviews, and archive pieces in all areas of historical scholarship. It balances its broad chronological coverage with a wide geographical spread of articles featuring contributions from social, political, cultural, economic and ecclesiastical historians. An integral part of each issue is the review section giving critical reviews of the latest scholarship.
  • History Compass (HC) [abstracts] 
    A peer-reviewed online academic journal published by Wiley-Blackwell. It publishes state-of-the-field articles of the most important research and current thinking from across the entire discipline. HC plays an active role in fostering research that spans centuries and continents, and provides an ideal entry point for the non-specialist.
  • History Today [full text] 
    An illustrated history magazine that presents serious and authoritative history to as wide a public as possible. It covers all periods and geographical regions and publishes articles of traditional narrative history alongside new research and historiography.
  • History Workshop Journal (HWJ) [abstracts + some full text] 
    A scholarly journal published by Oxford University Press. Through incisive scholarship and imaginative presentation HWJ brings past and present into dialogue, engaging readers inside and outside universities. HWJ publishes a wide variety of essays, reports and reviews, ranging from literary to economic subjects, local history to geopolitical analyses. Clarity of style, challenging argument and creative use of visual sources are especially valued.
  • L’HOMME - Europäische Zeitschrift für feministische Geschichtswissenschaft 
    A peer-reviewd journal is an interface between various linguistic and academic cultures. Twice a year it publishes original papers in German and English.
  • Journal of Interdisciplinary History (JINH) [abstracts] 
    A peer-reviewed academic journal published by the MIT Press. It covers a broad range of historical themes and periods, linking history to other academic fields, such as economics and demographics It covers social, demographic, political, economic, cultural and technological history and is not limited to one geographical area or historical period.
  • Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften (ÖZG)- Austrian Journal of Historical Studies
    ÖZG publishes innovative contributions in both German and English for women’s and gender history, cultural history, history of science, social history, economic history and political history. Empirical studies relate mainly to the European area, global comparative studies are welcome. The journal is financially supported by the Historical and Cultural Studies Faculty of the University of Vienna and the Cultural Office of the City of Vienna.
  • Past & Present [abstracts] 
    A British academic journal on social history published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Past and Present Society (PPS). It was founded in 1952 by a combination of Marxist and non-Marxist historians. The Marxist historians included members of the Communist Party Historians Group, including E. P. Thompson, Christopher Hill, Eric Hobsbawm, Rodney Hilton, and Dona Torr. It publishes four issues a year with a wide variety of scholarly and original articles on historical, social and cultural change in all parts of the world.
  • Radical History Review (RHR) [full text] 
    A scholarly journal published by Duke University Press is the point where rigorous historical scholarship and active political engagement converge. RHR addresses issues of gender, race, sexuality, imperialism, and class, stretching the boundaries of historical analysis to explore Western and non-Western histories. It approaches history from an engaged, critical, political stance.
  • Revue historique (RH) [abstracts] 
    A French history magazine created in 1876 by ??the Protestant Gabriel Monod and the Catholic Gustave Fagniez. RH is not claiming any religion, any party, any doctrine. The articles cover the whole of the discipline of history, from antiquity to the present, in different fields, from economy to politics, from social to religious and cultural isssues. RH is open to different historical interpretations of schools.
  • Revista Storica Italiana (RSI) [abstracts] 
    An Italian academic history journal that was established in 1884. It covers a broad range of historical themes and periods, in a regional as well as a global perspective.
  • Scandia - Sweden 
    An academic journal for history which has been published since 1928 and that primarily covers central themas in Scandinavian countries.
  • Storia della Storiografia (SDH) - History of Historiography 
    A biannual journal that provides a forum for all scholars interested in the history of historiography.
  • Women’s History Review (WHR) [abstracts] 
    An international bimonthly and peer-reviewd journal of women’s history published by Routledge. It provides a forum for the publication of new scholarly articles in the field of women’s history. The time span covered includes the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries as well as earlier times. The journal seeks to publish contributions from a range of disciplines (history, sociology, cultural studies, media studies, film studies, literature, anthropology, politics, social policy and philosophy) that further feminist knowledge and debate about women and/or gender relations in history.
  • Zeitschrift für historische Analyse des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts [full text & free] 
    A journal that contributes, within the field of social historiography, to the analysis of issues faced by world society today. This endeavour is undertaken primarily with an eye to readers who are politically active or wish to become so, and who understand that it is only from a historical perspective that our complex present can be understood, this being an elementary precondition of emancipatory action. It is published by the Association for the Social History of the 20th and 21st Centuries (Verein für Sozialgeschichte des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts e. V.).

Prehistory and Archaeology

Ancient World (ca. 4000 BC - AD 500)

General and Miscellaneous Sources

  • ABZU
    Guide to networked open access data relevant to the study of the Ancient Near East. There are two groups of indexes, primary and secondary. The primary indexes are divided by project or institutional affiliation and by author. The secondary indexes contain directories (addresses, lists), online journals, library catalogs, museum collections, publishers and book dealers, regional and subject indexes. Editor: Charles E. Jones (Research Archives of the Oriental Institute, Chicago, USA).
  • Amazing Ancient World of Western Civilization, The 
    A journey to the Ancient World, weaving together the peoples of those lands and civilizations and the way they lived and - their thoughts, their hopes, their dreams, their lives.
  • Ancient Mayan Ruins
    The Mayan Ruins of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize & Honduras.
  • Ancient History Sourcebook
    Editor: Paul Halsall, Fordham University, USA.
  • Ancient World Mapping Center 
    The Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA).
  • Diotima: Women & Gender in the Ancient World
    A forum and materials for the study of women and gender in the Ancient world. Contains biographies for many important literary and historical figures, essays, articles, reviews, bibliographies and images. Editors: Suzanne Bonefas and Ross Scaife.
  • Histos
    An On-Line Journal of Ancient Historiography. A refereed electronic journal focusing on ancient historiographical texts and media. It contains original articles as well as reviews, discussions, reader responses, and notices of relevant conferences and historiographical projects. Presented by the Department of Classics at the University of Durham (UK).
  • Institute of History, Archaeology, and Education (IHARE) 
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the knowledge and appreciation of human cultures from ancient times to the present through an array of student, teacher, and public programs and activities.
  • New England Classical Journal (NECJ)
    An academic journal on the the classical world, published on behalf of the Classical Association of New England (CANE), the professional organization for classicists in the six New England states. CANE accepts general Classics announcements in addition to CANE related announcements. We also publish longer articles on items of pedagogical interest, CANE information, and resources of use to lovers of the Classics.
  • Perseus Project
    A digital library on ancient Greece and Rome, more than 13,000 images of art objects, sites and buildings. Each features a description of the object and its context. There are also a number of Greek texts, a Greek lexicon and a selection of secondary sources. The databeses of images and texts can be searched in several different ways, and the resulting records are cateloged and hyperlinked together.
  • Wikipedia

The Greecs

The Romans

  • Antonine Guard, TheA Roman research and re-enactment society who among our many facets specialise in Bringing the Roman Army to life. They comprise a number of historical experts and enthusiasts and regularly appear in public to demonstrate living history using accurately reconstructed armour and equipment. The group is based around the 6th Legion Legio Victrix who were stationed on the Antonine Wall in Scotland. The object of the association is to advance the education of the public in the life and times of Roman Britain, especially that of Roman Scotland.
  • BBC: Romans
    In-depth articles, multimedia, timelines and short biographies of historic figures. Explore the Roman way of life from the view of women, or the citizens of Pompeii, and find out about Roman culture in Britain.
  • Forum Romanum
    Take a virtual tour of Rome, explore the dictionary of mythology, read about Roman history and latin language & literature, watch the pictures of people or inspect the surgical instruments in Greek and Roman times. David Camden created this site mainly as a hobby to cultivate his appreciation for the Romans.
  • Roman Emperors
    An online ecyclopedia of Roman Emperors (De imperatoribus Romanus) and their families: from Augustus (27 BC-AD 14) to Constantine XI Palaeologus (1449-1453). The encyclopedia consists of (1) an index of all the emperors who ruled during the empire’s 1500 years, (2) a number of biographical essays on the individual emperors, (3) family trees (stemmata) of important imperial dynasties, (4) an index of significant battles in the empire’s history, (5) a number of capsule descriptions and maps of these battles, and (6) maps of the empire at different times. Wherever possible, these materials are cross-referenced by live links. Editor: Richard D. Weigel.
  • Roman Law Resources
    Includes many resources on roman and civil law, classical studies and publishers. The aim of this site to provide a single place where information and materials on the Internet could be made available to those interested in Roman law. Editor: Ernest Metzger, School of Law, University of Aberdeen (Scotland).
  • Soul of the Warrior
    Roman Legion Armory
  • Wikipedia

The Egyptians

  • Ancient Egypt Site
    Created by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer (Belgium). The site contains general information on the history and language of Ancient Egypt, and on Saqqara (City of the Dead). There’s also a very usefull alphabetically sorted list of keywords, a bibliography on Ancient Egypt, and a ‘Hitchhikers guide’ that explores the modern-day interest with this fascinating culture.
  • Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB)
    Created by Peit Joh, Uithoorn, The Netherlands.
  • Egypt Page - University of Pennsylvania, USA.
    Online resources related to Egypt.
  • Egyptology Resources (ER) - University of Cambridge 
    This page has been set up with the assistance of the Fitzwilliam Museum to provide online resource for Egyptological information.
  • Splendors of Ancient Egypt
    A virtual tour of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Contains 67 artifacts, along with descriptions and general time period, and 4 QuickTimeVR artifacts that users can move around to get a better look at. There are two RealAudio files, one a 55 minute tour that can be listened to separately or used in conjunction with selected parts of the site, and the other a 1 hour and 25 minute lecture by Dr. Arne Eggebrecht, director of the Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim, Germany, from whose holdings this exhibit was drawn. Created by: The Houston Chronicle (as part of its Virtual Voyager series), in conjunction with the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.
  • The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
    The great pyramid of Giza, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympia, the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the colossus of Rhodus, the lighthouse of Alexandria. On this site you can see these seven wonders and read about them. And you can learn some more about other wonders: the forgotten wonders (like the Great Wall of China and the Yaj Mahal in India), the modern wonders (like the Eiffel Tower) and the natural wonders (like the Niagara Falls).
  • Wikipedia

Feudalism - Medieval (ca. 500-1500)

Modern World (ca. 1500 present)


  • Europe: Texts and Documents - Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern. From: Hannover College.
  • EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History 
    Editor: Richard Hacken (Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA).
  • European History 
    Historical Text Archive. Editor: Don Mabry (Mississippi State Univ., USA).
  • Modernization by Peter N. Stearns.
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
    • British History Online (BHO) 
      The digital library contains some of the core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles. The subject guides are designed to guide you through some of the materials on BHO. Each subject guide has been created by a scholar who specialises in that particular area. BHO was founded by the Institute of Historical Research and the History of Parliament Trust in 2003.
    • Great Britain Historical Database (GBH) 
      A large integrated database of geographically-located historical statistics for Great Britain, mainly drawn from the period 1851-1939.
    • History of the United Kindom - World History Archives
    • History of Ireland and occupied Ireland - World History Archives
    • Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) 
      The Museum’s exhibition gallery is designed to draw out some comparisons between village-based society of a century ago and our globalised, high-tech and perhaps unsustainable world of today. MERL is a major national repository for archives of agriculture and rural life. The strengths of the collection include: records of major agricultural manufacturing firms; historic archives of agricultural organisations and cooperatives; large collections of personal records and journals of farm workers; company accounts of farms across England; and films relating to the countryside and agriculture.
  • Netherlands
    • Archieven.org
      Archives for journalists, academics and policy makers.
    • ArchiveNet 
      A search device for sites by archival services in the Netherlands and other countries.
    • Archives
      A historical portal that provides access more than 40 Dutch archives services. Includes a databank of hundreds of kilometers searchable archives in the Netherlands and Flanders.
    • Dolmens in the Netherlands
      Holland is a flat country. There are no mountains or rocks. But in the north of the country within a radius of only 20 miles, 53 megalithic monuments are scattered over a beautiful landscape. Granite skeletons of 5500 years old burial chambers. Where did these 20 ton boulders come from, how were they piled up and by whom and why..? What is the mystery behind these relics from the past..? Your internet guide is Hans Meijer (Assen). Dutch and English version.
    • Geschiedenis
      On this site history is written. Inspired by the past, trying to write a living history.
    • geschiedenis.startpagina.nl
      A portal on Dutch history.
    • Hoofdstukken uit de Nederlandse Geschiedenis
      Chapters from the Dutch history.
    • Historici 
      Provides a guide to historical sources, biographical and bibliographical reference works.
    • History of the Netherlands 
    • History of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - World History Archives
    • IsGeschiedenis  
      Daily historical backgrounds to the news.
    • Nationaal Archief 
      The National Archive manages more than 6000 archives. It is the largest public archive in the Netherland (125 kilometers). Although not all these archives are computerised, you can search many collections online. The site includes a nice time-line on Dutch history.
    • Data Archiving & Networked Services (DANS)
      The national organisation for storing and providing access to research data from the humanities and social sciences. DANS manages existing data archives and develops a new infrastructure for data storage and access in areas that do not have this. DANS is a joint initiative of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Organisatino for Scientific Research (NWO).
    • Vereniging van docenten geschiedenis en staatsinrichting in Nederland (VGN) 
      Association of history & politics teachers in the Netherlands.
  • Spain


  • Africa Research Central
    A clearinghouse of African primary sources.
  • Africa South of the Sahara
    An annotated guide to information about Sub-Saharan Africa on the internet. Presented by the Stanford University Libraries, California, U.S.A.
  • African Studies Center - University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Cahiers d’études africaines [table of contents]
    An international and interdisciplinary bilingual journal (French and English) of the social sciences on Africa, West Indies and Black Africa. The journal, founded in 1960, publishes miscellaneous issues and essays testifying to the most recent trends in research and field theory and the discussions they generate.
  • Exploring Africa 
    An exhibit of maps and travel narratives from Leo Africanus to Chinua Achene. The virtual exhibit is organized in into islands of materials. Created by Patrick Scott (selection and text) and Jason Pierce (hypertext development).
  • South African Politics, Culture & Society
    A short listing of internet resources on South African politics, universities, literature and arts. Editor: Allison Drew (University of York, UK).
  • World History ArchiveHistory of Africa


  • African American History
    One of the most comprehensive collections of African American history in the world. Mark E. Mitchell has assembled a largely visual, museum-quality collection of manuscripts, documents, newspapers, letters, photographs, and books relating to African American History in its entirety.
  • Asian American History Timeline
    Presented by U.S. Immigration.
  • History Matters: U.S. History 1820 to present
    Designed for high school and college teachers of U.S. History survey courses, this site serves as a gateway to Web resources and offers unique teaching materials, first-person primary documents and threaded discussions on teaching U.S.history. A project of the American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning of the City University of New York and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
  • Interpreting the Declaration of Independency by Translation 
    Compliments March 1999 Journal of American History Roundtable of the same title, contains the declaration as it has been translated into different languages and at different times.
  • Journal de la société des américanistes (JSA) [abstracts]
    Founded in 1896, JSA is a scientific journal with an international reputation. Devoted to Amerindian societies and cultures, considered in the totality of their history, JSA owes its originality and its richness to a disciplinary openness that leads to the encounter of prehistory, archaeology, ethno history, ethnology, ethno-linguistics and more rarely, sociology and biological anthropology, in its pages. A similar spirit of openness characterizes the languages used by the journal: French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, besides Indian languages. Specialised, but resolutely turning its back on the compartmentalisation of disciplines, JSA's readers are anthropologists working on native America.
  • Moving Image Archive
    An archive with educational films on the history and culture of North America between 1905 and 1969. All films are presented offered in MPGEG-2 format (full-screen video). Academic and educational institutions may freely download the films.
  • New Deal Network (NDN)
    The Great Depression, the 1930s, and the Roosevelt Administration.
  • Wikipedia
  • World History ArchiveHistory of the Americas


  • Asian Studies - WWW Virtual Library 
    The Internet Guide to Asian Studies. A large-scale distributed, collaborative project that provides an up-to-date hypertext map and a seamless acces tool to the networked scholarly documents, resources and information systems in the field of Asian studies. You get regional data (whole of Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Caucasus, Central Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Pacific Ocean, East Asia), countries/territories data (from Afghanistan to Yemen), and Asia-Pacific Global Data. This is probably the only site you have to visit. It's comprehensive, well structured, user friendly and it's fast.
  • Okamoto, Tomochika - Waseda University, Tokyo
    The Distortion and the Revision of History in Postwar Japanese Textbooks, 1945-1998
    A sociological content analysis of history school textbooks in Japan. It reviews the changes in contents of high school history textbooks in postwar Japan, and analyzes the transformation of history education in terms of the rise and fall of postwar Japanese nationalism. The study is focused on (1) the effects of postwar ethnocentric Japanese nationalism in the 1960s and 1970s on history textbooks, and (2) the new movement of history education toward "transnationalism" after the mid-1980s.
  • History of Asia - World History Archive
  • Internet Guide for Chinese Studies - Sinological Institute, Leiden University, Netherlands


  • Australian Historical Studies (AHS)
    AHS is concerned with Australian history and with other histories in so far as they inform the understanding of history in Australia. It is published by the University of Melbourne and is supported by the Faculty of Arts. You’ll get recent issues tables of contents and abstract.
  • Australian Indigenous Studies - University of Melbourne Library (Research Guide)
  • Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History (EJANZH) 
    A peer reviewed electronic publication for the dissemination of research and other professional outcomes by historians of Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. The editors of the Journal have a special interest in providing a peer evaluated forum for appraisal of new technologies in research and teaching. It is concerned with how interactive multi-media be most effectively used to represent the past in all its richness and complexity. The site is an initative of the School of History and Politics, James Cook University and the Department of History, Melbourne University. Editor: Paul Turnbull and Alan Mayne.
    H-Net’s discussion list for the history of Aotearoa / New Zealand and Australia, and related fields. The aim of H-ANZAU is to provide a forum for the discussion of research projects and ideas, as well as providing news of resources, conferences and events of interest to researchers, teachers, archivists and librarians. They provide information which will enhance quality teaching in universities and secondary schools, and they support teachers and researchers of the history of Australia and Aotearoa / New Zealand working in overseas centres.
  • History of Oceania - World History Archive



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