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Subject Catalogs - Tools for browsing


Subject Catalogs - Tools for browsing

Virtual Libraries

  • BUBL Subject Tree --> Social Sciences --> Sociology
    A subject-based service to the academic and research community. It also provides access to internet resources by means of pointers to internet searching facilities, services by type, and major network services. There are also links to WWW and networking tools, and network training resources. It provides a weekly internet resources current awareness service, BUBL Updates, as well. These are distributed over the lis-link mailing list, and include detail of all files added to our news and jobs sections. BUBL originated in the 'Bulletin Board for Libraries'. It maintains a gopher and web server, and have combined them both into a new WWW/Z39.50 service - LINK. It is funded as a national information service by the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher Education Funding Councils of England, Schotland and Wales and the Department of Education for Northern Ireland. Created by: University of Strathclyde.     
  • CyberDewey -->Social Sciences
    An internet resource catalog organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification. The Dewey system has been in continuous use for 120 years, is used in more than 135 countries, and has been translated into over 30 languages. The system breaks all knowledge into ten major numerical schedules in order to arrange knowledge by topic. Each of the major categories is divided into ten subcategories, resulting in 100 divisions. Each of these sub-categories can be further delineated by adding a decimal point and additional numbers as described in the multi-volume Dewey manual. The result is a hierarchical classification scheme with like items placed in proximity to one another. It's not a comprehensive catalog, but it is an excellent example of the use of this classification scheme to build an Internet subject-oriented resource list. It includes the 10 major categories, the 100 divisions, and an alphabetical index that correlates subjects with their classification numbers. Created by: David A. Mundie.
  • Galaxy --> Social Sciences --> Sociologie
    One of the first and largest browsing tools. A well organized and easy-to-browse topical arrangement to a wide variety of internet resources. The search interface offers easy searching of the selected indexes. The subject directory contains pages of collected references to internet resources on particular topics.
  • Open Directory (dmoz) --> Society --> Sociology
    The largest directory of the Web, which is constructed and maintained by a vast global communitay of volunteer editors. The Open Directory want to become the definitive catalog of the Web. And it seems the have the potential to come close to this. It powers the core directory services for the Web's largest and most pupular search engines and portals (such as AOL Search, Google, Hotbot, Lycos, Netscape Search). It was founded and operates in the spirit of the Open Source movement.
  • WWW Virtual Library --> Social Sciences --> Sociology
    A distributed subject catalogue that is built and maintained collaboratively. It is created daily by concatenating a list of resource databases collected by other net providers. It is made up of more than 150 subject indexes that are located at sites distributed around the world. The Sociology Library is maintained by Carl Cuneo (Dept. of Sociology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada).
  • Yahoo! --> Social Science -->Sociology
    Yahoo is the largest subject index of WWW and internet resources. It is the best known and most popular subject tree. The sites are listed within an easy-to-use, comprehensive subject hierarchy: general subject headings and sub-headings on the first page. Advanced Search offers options for searching words and phrases, and to restrict the search in time, domain, country or language.

    You can also try some localized Yahoo versions:
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Subject Guides

  • Argus Clearinghouse --> Social Sciences & Social Issues --> Sociology
    ClearingHouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Research Guides. A meta catalogue to specialized guides for most subjects which can be found on the Internet: from artificial intelligence to zoology. The guides themselves list WWW, gopher and ftp sites. Some guides are hyperlinked, some are plain text. The databases of guides is also searchable. Creator: University of Michigan Library and Argus Associates.
  • GNA Catalog of Courses
    The Globewide Network Academy is an educational & research organization dedicated to providing a competitive marketplace online for distance learning courses and programs. Their mission is to create a comprehensive source of information, a central listing of online courses and degree programs worldwide. The GNA Catalog of Courses is only part of the spectrum of services they offer to the online education community. They also support a discussion forum for distance educators and maintain a help-wanted database to connect educational institutions, teachers, and technical support personnel. For distance education courses or programs, you can visit their online distance education catalog; if you click on 'society' and 'sociology', and you may find what your're looking for.
  • Infomine
    A virtual library with scholarly and educational resources built by the librarians from the University of California, Wake Forest University, California State University and the University of Detrout (Mercy). It includes databases, electronic journals, electronic books, bulletin boards, listservs, online library card catalog, and articles and directories of researchers, among many other types of information. It is a tool focused on serious scholarly resources. In the section Social sciences, humanities, and the arts you can specify your search actions to fields (author, title, subject, description, keyword and/or full text), limit your searrch to rrecord origin, resource access, and resource types.
  • SOSIG: Social Science Information Gateway - UK
    The SOSIG provides easy access to quality information sources over the networks. All of the resources have been described, classified and entered into a searchable and browsable database.
  • WWWomen
    A comprehensive search engine for women online. Organized in 17 main categories: arts & entertainment, women in business, community & government, computers & internet, diversity, education, feminism, health & safety, lesbian visibility, mothers/parenting, personal time, publications, women's resources, science & technology, shopping & fashion, women's sports, and women throughout history.

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