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Anthropology is the legitimate examination of humankind, stressed over human direct, human science, and social requests, in both the present and past, including past human species. Social humanities mulls over instances of direct, while social human sciences thinks about social hugeness, including norms and characteristics. Semantic human sciences focuses how language impacts public action. Common or actual human sciences analyzes the natural improvement of individuals.

Visual human examinations, which is normally seen as a bit of social human examinations, can mean both ethnographic film (where photography, film, and new media are used for study) similarly as the examination of "visuals", including workmanship, visual pictures, film, etc Oxford Book lists depicts visual human examinations as "the anthropological examination of the visual and the visual examination of the anthropological" anthropology

Obsolete investigation, which ponders human development through assessment of real confirmation, is seen as a piece of human sciences in the US and Canada, while in Europe it is viewed as a request in its own advantage or collected under other related controls, for instance, history.

General Resources


  • A Line in the Sand
    A site on cultural property from a Native American perspective. Cultural property includes not only land and other tangible property, but ideas, traditions, and other non-tangibles. Cultural property belongs to the cultural group, rather than to an individual. The site deals with issues of sovereignty, cultural and legal property, stereotypes and responses from the indigenous people. Created by David Cole, Jordan Dill Tara Prindle & Karen Strom.
  • Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive (ASEDA)
    A catalogue of materials about Australian Indigenous languages held at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). ASEDA has materials including dictionaries, grammers, teaching materials, and represents about 300 languages. You can find items by map region or language name.
  • Abya Yala Net 
    Dedicated to providing information on the Indigenous peoples of Mexico, Central, and South America. It is a project of the South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC) in collaboration with NativeWeb.
  • Africa: Library & Information Resources - Stanford University Libraries, USA 
    Includes a great list of links from Africa South of the Sahara. You can find information ordered by countries/regions, browse in a list of many topics, and you can search the Africa pages. Current events can be disclosed by continent or country. And last but not least you will find an up-to-date list of discussion groups, dissertations and African educational programs. The site is prepared by Karen Fung fot the Electronic Technology Group, African Studies Association, USA.
  • African-American Mosaic 
    A Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture, presented by the Library of Congress. It covers the nearly 500 years of the black experience in the Western hemisphere, the Mosaic surveys full range size, and variety of the Library's collections, including books, periodicals, prints, photographs, music, film, and recorded sound. The exhibit is a selection of text and graphics from the full publication and covers slavery, abolition, migrations and the beginning of the Works Project Administration in the 1930's.
  • Alten, Kristin (Univ. of Manitoba, USA)
    Psychological Anthropology
    Psychological anthropology investigates the psychological conditions that encourage nedurance and change in social systems, whith the goal of better understanding the relationship between culture and the individual. Alten decribes the history of this subdiscipline of anthropology, analyses some recent developments, and provides a bibliography, a list of organizations and web links.
  • American Anthropologist 
    A listing of the most recent issues, including abstracts.
  • Ancient Mesoamerican Civilizations
    Referenced essays, organized by civilization (Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Aztec), on Mesoamerican writing systems, governments, and religions. Also includes a list of Mesoamerican Internet resources, and a brief bibliography. Editor: Kevin L. Callahan (University of Minnesota, USA).
  • Anthropological Index Online (AIO)
    Published by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI). An online blbliography of anthropology-related journals held in the Anthropology Library and Research Centre at the British Museum in London (Museum of Mankind). Users are can search for RAI films online via keywords, directors or area of coverage.
  • Anthropologis
    A Hungarian language anthropological web portal, offering news, conferences, articles, forums, mailing-list, galleries, interviews etc.
  • Anthropology.net
    A search engine that queries a large database of reviewed anthropological sites. The site also provides an item table of contents to selected topics that offer recommended readings and listings of annotated sites. It goes far beyond bones & stones.
  • Anthropology of Gender
    Presented by: Discover Anthropology.
  • Anthropology in the News 
    Links to news stories published on the web by CNN, New York Times (NYT), USA Today (USA), MS-NBC, Fort Worth Star-Telegram (FWST), San Francisco Mercury (SFM), Archaeology, Scientific American (SciAm), American Scientist (AmSci), National Geographic (NGS), university press releases and other sources. The links are organized by subject: archaeology, bioanthropology, cultural anthropology, folklore, and linguistics.
  • AusAnthrop
    A resource centre that provides anthropologists and layman with up to date events and research resources in cultural and social anthropology. It contains anthropological resources and research on Aboriginal Australia, including a database on tribes, nations and languages; book reviews, conferences, on-line bibliographic database, kinship project in the Western Desert and more. Editor: Lauren Dousset (Dept. of Anthropology, University of Western Australia).


Bringing them Home 
Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families. It tells the story of the removal of Aboriginal children from their families throughout this century. It's a tribute to the strength and struggles of many thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by forcible removal.


  • California Missions Scholars 
    The California Mission Studies Association is a multi-disciplinary non-profit group devoted to the study and preservation of the 21 California Spanish missions. The site offers an Annotated Links, a sampling of full text articles from the CMSA Newsletter archives, book reviews, bibliographies, and an illuistrated glossary.
  • Center for African Studies - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 
    The site provides information and news on African countries, including their art and culture.
  • Center for Africana Studies 
    Information on African Studies at the University of Pennsylvania (USA). Provides an annotated list of Africa links, information on the African Studies Association, Black/African Resources, an Africa dissertation workshop, a bulletin board and books on Africa.
  • Center for Armenian Research - University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA.
  • Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing (CSAC) - Ethnographics Gallery 
    Provides resources for anthropologists, and a toolkit of software.
  • Centre d'Études et de Recherches Comparatives en Ethnologie (CERCE)
  • Cherokee Heritage
    Information about the heritage of the Cherokee and other Native American Indians.
  • CSAC's Ethnographics Gallery
    Presented by The Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, Univ. of Kent at Canterburry (UK).


  • Ethnographic Studies Resources 
    The American Folklife Center presents a collection of resources in anthropology, ethnomusicology, folklore, and folklife.=
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures 
    Annotated links to onine resources on the Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, the Roman Empire, the Islamic World, and Medieval Europe. It includes a list of print and film resources, a collection of maps and images, and a chronology.


  • Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)
    In the 1930s, behavioral scientists at Yale's Institute of Human Relations started to develop a classification of cultural information by subject, providing quick access to research materials. HRAF grew out of these efforts. Today, HRAF is committed to developing dynamic, fully-indexed electronic collections on the WWW. The HRAF Collection of Ethnography now contains nearly one million pages of information on the cultures of the world, past and present.
  • Human Origins Project
    A joint initiative of the National Geographic Society and the Turkana Basin Institute. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to become the largest and most informative multilingual resource available on the subject of human evolution. The Koobi Fora region in northern Kenya’s Turkana Basin has yielded a wealth of fossil material that has revealed much information about human history and origins. Some 16,000 fossils, including 350 hominid specimens, have been collected from the basin. The findings help scientists understand hominid behavior like tool use, piece together basic hominid lineages, and understand hominid diversity.




  • Lange, Michiel de [2000]
    Dunia Digit@al - Internet en moderniteit in Indonesië
    A masters thesis that explores the way the internet and the information society are thought of as the new modernising forces in contemporary Indonesia. Although it is written in Dutch, there is a short summary in English.
  • Lee, Garry Yia
    A Hmong anthropologist
    An exploration of the culture and history of the Hmong from Laos. The Hmong have been and continue to be a contentious force in Lao politics, though little information has been available since the establishment of the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Garry is also editor of the Lao Studies Review which publishes research and opinion articles on Laos and the Lao international community, including Hmong and other minorities. See for other contributions the Hmong Home Page
  • Linkages Project, The
    An effort to assemble a large database of kinship datasets and genealogies from around the world, as recorded by anthropologists. This database, along with its programs for visualization and analysis, has led to new insights into the nature and organization of kinship, and human social processes in general. School of Social Sciences, Univ. of California, Irvine, USA.
  • Lévi-Strauss, Claude
    Alliance_Theory (Wikipedia) 
    The alliance theory is one of Lévi-Strauss' major contributions to kinship studies and general ethnology.


  • masks.org
    An index of mask images, mask makers, masquerade troupes, and relevant resources from around the world. This very comprehensive site covers a large range of ethnology, anthropology, and art history mask-related information that can be browsed by clickable map, by name of geographical region, or by name of culture. Editor: Frederic Schuler.
  • Maya Civilization - Past and Present.
    A menu of Mayapages organized by topics: culture, language, numbers, maps, and links to over 100 Mayan websites.
  • Mayan Epigraphic Database Project (MED)
    An experiment in networked scholarship with the purpose of enhancing Classic Mayan epigraphic research. MED consists of a static database of glyph images and their associated phonetic values, according to the consensus among various American Mayanists. Provides (the beginning of) an archive of digitally transcribed Mayan texts. In the future MED will contain a relational database of glyphs and texts, as well as iconographic and linguistic data in a multimedia format.


  • National Anthropological Archives (NAA)
    The NAA collects and preserves historical and contemporary anthropological materials that document the world’s cultures and the history of the discipline. The site contains online exhibits and guides to the collections (such as the Guide to the Human Studies Film Archives and the Guide to Preserving Anthropological Records).
  • Native American Sites
    A collection of pages on individual Native Americans and Nations and especially on American Indians. Editor: Lisa Mitten (University of Pittsburgh, USA).
  • Native Net
    Promotes dialogue and understanding regarding indigenous peoples of all parts of the world. It provides a well structured set of resources and archives and maintains a list of references to relevant information.
  • Native Web
    A cyber-place for Earth’s indigenous peoples. Contains subject categories, geographic regions, nations/people, languages, education, law & legal issues, literature, newsletters & journals, organizations, bibliographies, historical material and more.


  • Patrin
    Romani (Gypsy) culture and history. Includes a very useful page on Roma-related links. Editor: M. Courbet (Paris, France).
  • People and Culture of Africa
    African culture is incredibly diverse. Every African country is a mix of tribes each with their own unique language, culture and rituals. Here you will find links and articles covering arts, crafts, languages, tribes, religions, food and more.
  • Perey, Arnold [2001]
    Teaching Indian culture in the US 
    Anthropologist and educator Arnold Perey asks: How is it possible for people of different backgrounds to see one another with respect and not with contempt?


Schwimmer, Brian (Univ. of Manitoba, Canada)
Kinship and Social Organization
An interactive tutorial. Kinship fundamentals, systems of descent, kinship terminology, marriage systems, residence ruses and ethnographic examples.


  • Theory in sociocultural Anthropology
    A website on theory in sociocultural anthropology. It is organized in three parts: (1) Essays concerning the history of anthropology and its various subdisciplines; (2) An overview about the evolution of that science over the last 30 years, based on the the major journals; (3) Biographical scetches of major theorists. Created by Richard Wilk and students of University of Indiana have created.
  • Tracing Your Roots 
    Resources on genealogy.


Universal Black Pages (UBP)
The main purpose of the UBP is to have a complete and comprehensive listing of African diaspora related Web pages at a central site. It wants to serve as a means of networking people with interests in the African diaspora; to offer a more global perspective of the African diaspora - peoples and cultures; to be used as an educational resource by students and teachers in high schools and colleges. The database is searchable and browsable.


Anthropology of CyberSpace


Professional Associations in Anthropology and Archaeology

Sections of the AAA

Anthropology and Environment Society (A&E;) 
Association of Black Anthropologists (ABA) 
Archaeology Division (AD) 
American Ethnological Society (AES) 
Association for Feminist Anthropology (AFA) 
Association for Africanist Anthropology (AfAA) 
Association of Indigenous Anthropologists (AIA) 
Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists (ALLA) 
Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (APLA) 
Association for Queer Anthropoloy (AQA) 
Association of Senior Anthropologists (ASA) 
Association for The Anthropology of Policy (ASAP) 
Biological Anthropology Section (BAS) 
Culture and Agriculture (C&A;) 
Council on Anthropology and Education (CAE) 
Council for Museum Anthropology (CMA) 
Central States Anthropological Society (CSAS) 
Evolutionary Anthropology Society (EAS) 
General Anthropology Division (GAD) 
Middle East Section (MES) 

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) 
National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA) 
Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness (SAC) 
Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC) 
Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE) 
Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN) 
Society for the Anthropology of North America (SANA) 
Society for the Anthropology of Religion (SAR) 
Society for Anthropological Sciences (SAS) 
Society for the Anthropology of Work (SAW) 
Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) 
Society for East Asian Studies (SEAA) 
Society for Humanistic Anthropology (SHA) 
Society for Linguistic Anthropology (SLA) 
Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA) 
Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) 
Society for Psychological Anthropology (SPA) 
Society for Urban, National and Transnational/Global Anthropology (SUNTA) 
Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA)



News Groups

NewsLetters - MailingLists

    Dedicated to friendly and scholarly discussion of anything pertaining to anthropology and its study. Founded in 1985 and based at the University at Buffalo, New York, USA.
  • Anthropology of East Europe Review 
    A newsletter of the East European Anthropology Group (EEAG), an international network of anthropologists working in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Post-Soviet Regions of Europe and Asia. It receives financial and institutional support from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Anthropology - Tile.net
  • Discussion Lists - Anthropology Resources on the Internet
  • H-MedAnthro
    H-Net network on medical anthropology and issues of local, national and international health importance.
  • H-SAE
    H-Net network for the Society for the Anthropology of Europe (SAE).
  • Lists / Discussion Groups - American Anthropological Association

Journals - Magazines

  • American Indian Culture and Research Journal (AICRJ)
    A refereerd research journal of American Indian Studies, released by the UCLA American Indian Studies Center Publications Unit.
  • American Journal of Human Biology [table of contents & abstracts]
    The official journal of the Human Biology Association. It is a bimonthly, peer-reviewd, international journal that publishes original research, theoretical articles and timely reviews, and brief communications in the interdisciplinary field of human biology.
  • American Journal of Human Genetics (AJHG)
    A journal that covers topics like evolutionary and population genetics, genome-wide association studies, the genetics of disease, and new approaches for analyzing sequencing data.
  • American Journal of Physical Anthropology (AJPA) [table of contents & abstracts]
  • Annual Review of Anthropology [table of conttents & abstracts]
    The journal covers significant developments in the subfields of anthropology, including archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistics and communicative practices, regional studies and international anthropology, and sociocultural anthropology.
  • AnthroGlobe
  • Anthropoetics: The Journal of Generative Anthropology [full text]
    Generative anthropology (GA) attempts to understand cultural phenomena in the simplest terms possible: all things human are traced back to their source in the hypothetical scene of origin in which human beings as sign-using creatures first emerged.
  • Anthropological Forum [table of contents]
  • Anthropological Science [table of contents] 
    The official journal of The Anthropological Society of Nippon.
  • Anthropological Theory [tables of contents]
  • Anthropologie et Sociétés [table of contents + abstracts]
    Published by the department of anthropology of the University of Laval, Québec, Canada.
  • Anthropology & Medicine [table of contents & first page]
  • Anthropology and Humanism (AH) 
    The journal of the Society for Humanistic Anthropology, a section of the American Anthropological Association. AH publishes articles from anthropologists who concern themselves with the central question of the discipline: what it is to be human. The journal welcomes articles from scholars in other disciplines, in the humanities as well as in the sciences.
  • Anthropology of Consciousness 
    A journal published by the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness [SAC], a section of the American Anthropological Association. It’s an interdisciplinary organization concerned with cross-cultural, experimental, experiential, and theoretical approaches to the study of consciousness. The site contains a contents listing of the most recent issues with abstracts of articles.
  • Anthropology Review Database (ARD) - University of Buffalo, USA.
    Reviews of anthropological literature are housed in a dynamic database. ARD is published by a mixed international group of volunteers.
  • Anthropology Today [table of contents]
  • AnthroNotes [full text]
    Published by the department of anthropology of the National Museum of Natural History (MNH)
  • Archivio di Etnografia e Storia Sociale (AESS)
    Italian journal of ethnography and social history.
  • Bulletin of Information on Computing and Anthropology (BICA)
    Articles on using computer technology in anthropological research. Presented by The Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing (University of Kent at Canterbury, UK).
  • Collegium Antropologicum
    The official journal of the Croation Anthropological Society.
  • Cultural Anthropology [table of content & abstracts]
    A review journal that focuses on issues of current interest in biological anthropology, paleoanthropology, archaeology, functional morphology, social biology, and bone biology as well as human biology, genetics, and ecology. It also publishes general news of relevant developments in the scientific, social, or political arenas. Actual information about new books, letters to the editor and listings of various conferences.
  • Current Anthropology (CA) 
    International, interdisciplinary journal of anthropology. Editor: Richard G. Fox.
  • Ethnomusicology Online (EOL)
    A peer-reviewed multimedia Web journal.
  • Evolutionary Anthropology [table of content & abstracts]
  • Field Methods (FM) [table of contents] 
    An interdisciplinary, international journal of research on methods for collecting and analyzing data about human thought and human behavior outside the laboratory. Embracing both qualitative and quantitative methods of scientific and interpretive paradisms. Editor: H. Russel Bernard.
  • High Plains Applied Anthropologist [table of content]
    Journal of the High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology (HPSfAA).
  • L’Homme - Revue française d’anthropologie [table of contents]
    A quarterly founded in 1961 by Emile Benveniste, Pierre Gourou and Claude Lévi-Strauss. It is open to multiple currents and the evolution of anthropological research, in the broad sense of the term, in an interdisciplinary perspective. With an international readership, the journal publishes the works of French and foreign researchers. It combines theoretical texts and ethnographic studies, with the concern to approach the past like the present. Under the rubric «A Propos», it offers a space for debates and the exchange of ideas. The older issues of L'Homme are online on Persée.
  • HOMO - Journal of Comparative Human Biology [Table of content & abstracts]
  • Human Organization
    Journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) [tables of content]
  • Irish Journal of Anthropology (IJA) [full text]
    The main publication of the Anthropological Association of Ireland (AAI). Editors: A. Jamie Saris and Steve Coleman.
  • Journal of Anthropological Archaeology (JAA) [table of contents + abstracts]
    An online version of the print journal of the same name. It is devoted to the development of theory and methodology for the systematic and rigorous understanding of the organization, operation and evolution of human societies.
  • Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Stimulation (JASSS) [full text]
    An inter-disciplinary journal for the exploration and understanding of social processes by means of computer simulation. Editor: Nigel Gilbert.
  • Journal of Human Evolution [table of content & abstracts]
  • Journal of Political Ecology (JPE) [full text]
    An electronic journal published by the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology at the University of Arizona. It is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes articles and reviews in English, French, and Spanish.
  • Journal of World Anthropology (JWA) 
    An electronic journal dedicated to scholarship in all fields of anthropology, and publishes articles on academic research, matters of theory and methodology, and the education of the public, as well as book, software and film reviews. Editor: Ezra B.W. Zubrow.
  • Mankind Quarterly
    A quarterly publication that allows writers and researchers to publish their findings and believes in the study of the human race as it relates to heredity, eugenics, race, intelligence and antropology. Some (very good) sample articles are free.
  • Music & Anthropology (M&A) [full text] 
    Musical Anthropology of the Mediterranean and Beyond. A new online multimedia interactive journal, founded by the Study Group on "Anthropology of Music in Mediterranean Cultures" of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM). The journal is interdisciplinary and welcomes dialogue not only among the different fields of musical scholarship and the domains of social scientific scholarship, such as cultural and social anthropology, but also between music and psychology, folklore, feminist and gender studies. M&A; is hosted by the Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo (Università di Bologna), and supported by the Fondazione Olga e Ugo Levi, Venezia.
  • Revue Ethnologie Française
  • Terrain [table of contents]
    A biannual journal of ethnology centred on Europe. Always based on case studies, it aspires to shed light on the most diverse aspects of contemporary European societies through its thematically oriented issues. Sometimes open to the most distant areas through its comparative approach, it is also open to other social and human sciences as well as to foreign researches. Terrain publishes French and overseas authors, ethnologists and anthropologists but also sociologists, historians or psychologists. Abundantly illustrated, it aims to be scientific in its content while remaining accessible to non-specialists thorugh its presentation and its writing.
  • Visual Anthropology Review [table of contents]
    Official publication of the Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA), a section of the American Anthropological Association.


Directories - Indices - Guides

  • Academic Info: Anthropology 
    An annotated directory of internet resources, compiled by library specialist, Mike Madin (Seattle, USA).
  • Anthropology Resources on the Net
    A comprehensive index to web resources of interest to anthropologists. The page is hosted and maintained by Bernard Clist.
  • Center for Anthropology and Science Communications (CASC)
    Anthropological resources, a listing of anthropology departments and organizations.
  • Subject Resources for Anthropology - Univ. of British Columbia Library, Canada 
    Lists major electronic research resources in anthropology and provides links to selected important web sites.
  • WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology
    A comprehensive listing of Internet resources relating to anthropology and archaeology. A good starting point for research projects, networking opportunities, and general informatie. The guide is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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