All facts about IQ 200

It would be no exaggeration to say people who own a 200 IQ are geniuses of mankind. Because of their logical orientation of thinking and extremely creative mind, they could acquire and memorize a lot of information at one time only. Read the below articles to understand what types of people they are and what their occupations are.

I. What does a 200 IQ mean?

It is true that 200 IQ owners account for 0.000000000185% and their ability of outstanding thinking and mind is unquestionable.

What does a 200 IQ mean?

Thanks to such god-given characteristics, their jobs also become more advantageous in technique-oriented fields (Engineer, Programmer, Science Researcher, Computer Scientist, etc) due to the requirements of a logical mindset. Additionally, these geniuses often have a high concentration, so success also comes to them sooner. And because of these abnormal features, they often have more isolated and interior life than ordinary people.

II. Celebrities with IQ of 200

1. Stanley Kubrick - Genial director and film producer with an IQ of 200

You must be wondering what this man has that is evaluated as one of the most intelligent people. Before answering that question, you must know that having an IQ of 200 is considered the same level for people such as the famous artist with the portrait of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci or brilliant physicist, Issac Newton. Now, beginning to discuss the influence of Stanley Kubrick on the movie industry.

Stanley Kubrick - Genial director and film producer with an IQ of 200

In fact, Stanley Kubrick gave us proof via the movie of “Lolita” and this was also his first film since he moved to reside in the UK. This movie was successful in terms of commerce and was nominated for “Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay” from the Oscar. 

Besides, the actress playing Lolita was awarded the “Golden Globe Awards” for the most excellent main actress in 1962. He also produced other reputable movies such as A Space Odysey (1968), The Shining (1980), Dr. Strangelove (1964), Eyes Wide Shut (1999), and A Clockwork Orange (1971).

Although he is an American talented director, many people don’t know that this man was just a non-prominent student in school with an average score of 67. Stanley Kubrick said “I think the big mistake in schools is trying to teach children anything, and by using fear as the basic motivation. Fear of getting failing grades, fear of not staying with your class, etc. Interest can produce learning on a scale compared to fear as a nuclear explosion to a firecracker”. 

Even though his IQ score is 200, he has no interest in going to school daily still. He was especially not keen on reading books until he got 19 years old. When he was about 10, he became extremely interested in photography and the cameras. He just doesn’t care about the education programs in school because those were mediocre for him to acquire and Kubrick would like to discover more exciting things. 

2. Co-founder of Apple: Steve Wozniak with an IQ of 200

When it comes to people who own a 200 IQ, Steve Wozniak is a well-known name that we are unforgettable. With such an extremely great number, it is not surprising that he is one of the most famous engineers with impressive inventions in the United States.

He invented the first-rate type of calculator which helps to calculate the binary arithmetic in an easier way and that product was awarded the best electronics project at the science exhibition. With his exceptional talent, the teacher advised Woz to attend Sylvania - a multinational electronics enterprise to study the way to program computers when he was in secondary school. In 1966, Wozniak won the Homestead best math award for students and attempted seminars at Santa Clara University. Besides, he got 800 scores on the Scholastic math test also.

Co-founder of Apple: Steve Wozniak with an IQ of 200

Steve Wozniak was born in 1950 in Los Gatos, California and he is an American computer engineer who co-founded the Apple Computer Company with two world-class technological geniuses Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Recently, Woz has put the business aside and focused on teaching computers to children.

Wozniak’s father worked as an electrical engineer at Rocket Company and Lockheed Space in Sunnyvale, California. When Woz was 9 years old, he had an interest in reading books about science, especially the story of Tom Swift Jr., a junior engineer inventing rocket ships and airplanes. Wozniak created a radio transmitter on his own when he was in 5th grade.

3. Melania Trump - Donald Trump’s wife having an IQ test of 200

Though she has an IQ of 200, Melania’s current occupation is not related to the field of technology and engineering. Instead, she has become an international model and lived in New York City with her husband who was a former president of the US, Donald Trump.

Melania Knavs is the full name of Ms. Melania Trump and she was born on April 26, 1970. Her occupation is a model and was First Lady of the United States on January 20, 2017, when her husband was nominated as President of the United States. Her birthplace is the Socialist Republic of Slovenia in the Yugoslav Republic known as the Independent Republic of Slovenia today. After residing in the US, she became an official American citizen in 2006.

Melania Trump - Donald Trump’s wife having an IQ test of 200

Melania worked as a model who collaborated with Slovenian fashion when she was 16. Her memorable milestone was a contract signed with an Italian modeling agency in Milano 2 years later. In 1992, Jana Magazine organized the fashion contest “Look of the Year” in Ljubljana. Melania won runner-up in that contest and was one of three world-class models that made the official contract with them. Before living in New York City in 1996, she worked as a model in Italy and France.

Regularly, she collaborates with reputable fashion magazines such as New York Magazine, Avenue, Vanity Fair, etc., and often attends on the magazine covers of them. With her reputation, Sports Illustrated magazine and other brands also invited her to participate in their advertising campaigns consecutively.

III. Jobs with 200 IQ

1. The field of engineering is suitable for IQ of 200 talents 

Engineers are people who apply their scientific knowledge and technique to handle problems during the operating process of enterprises and the government. Their works include: developing available inventions or designing more modern products. Several positions in this field include Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Construction Engineer, etc.,

The field of engineering is suitable for IQ of 200 talents

So that this occupation requires laborers to have logical thinking, a creative mind, and in-depth knowledge in terms of technique.

2. 200 IQ and logical geniuses can be an IT engineer

IT Programmers are people who use programming languages (Python, Java, C++, etc.,) combined with logical thinking to build software or technology systems to make the management easier for companies and authorities. Some positions that enterprises are offering include Backend/ Frontend Developer, Product Owner, Data Engineer, and so on. Exceptionally, larger corporations also offer higher positions for senior IT engineers such as CTO - Chief Technology Officer, Product Manager, etc.,

Therefore, employees need to have an analytical system in their minds apart from the ability of logic.

Although there are just 0.000000000185% who have a 200 IQ, in fact, a lot of people in the world can get the same or higher level. If you don’t know how much your IQ score is, you can attend and do IQ tests on websites (iq-test.net) to measure and seek suitable jobs for yourself.

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