All Facts about IQ 198

People with 198 IQ are only about 0.000000004304% of the world's population, hence, they are in the "Genius at a high level" group. The article will reveal the mysterious people who achieve this score.

I. What does an IQ 198 mean? 

For every 23 billion people in the world, the sign of someone with an IQ of 198 might appear. 

What does an IQ 198 mean?

According to IQ studies around the world, at the 198 IQ point mark, not many people can achieve it. With an IQ 198, you are extremely intelligent and sophisticated. Individuals with an IQ 198 are definitely geniuses and may exhibit the following characteristics:

  •  Appreciate and anticipate spending time with themselves:

You'll notice that bright folks enjoy spending time in their own minds as. They care about their self-worth. Spending too much time with others not only provides them less enjoyment, but it also gives them considerably less opportunity to reflect on their own views. In some cases, they may not connect with others on a variety of topics and they only talk when they feel compelled to. They 'don't really fit in' in that sense.

  • They might be unorganized or cluttered:

If you've always been accused of leaving an untidy desk/room behind compared to your prim and proper colleagues, you have a considerably better chance of being innovative and brilliant. According to research done by the University of Minnesota, if you're not spending too much time cleaning and arranging your surroundings, your mind is definitely focused with more essential ideas. According to the researchers, it resulted in increased creative production.

  • They are night owl:

If you love staying up late, chances are you belong to the cognitively brightest group of individuals that history has seen. According to research published in Psychology Today, night owls had higher IQ scores than morning larks. Their minds rarely calm, and they have difficulty sleeping and overthinking things. Nocturnal beings included J.R.R. Tolkien, Pharrell Williams, Mark Zuckerberg, Charles Darwin, and President Barack Obama.

  • They are prone to procrastination:

Clever individuals tend to postpone more trivial activities since they are working on more important things. It might even imply that they are delaying on the work at hand since they perceive this as the time required to creatively address the other task. Much of their creative work is often the result of a lot of time spent in thinking, contemplation, and conceptualization on anything they set their minds to.

II.  Best jobs for people with IQ 198

1. Computer Forensics Examiner 

Computer forensics is a growing subject with lots of room for progression, with high median incomes, career prospects in a number of industries, and a difficult, fast-paced work environment. It is the work of detecting, protecting and analyzing information stored, transmitted or created by a computer or computer network in order to make reasonable inferences to find causes and explanations of phenomena during the investigation process.

Computer Forensics Examiner iq 198

If you're interested in researching cybercrime but aren't sure if you're qualified, it's critical to conduct research on the industry, learn more about common computer forensics jobs, and determine what skills you'll need to succeed. Besides from a high Intellect similar to IQ 198, you must have the following skills:

1.1 Communication Skills

As an investigator, you'll frequently be asked to explain your findings to people in your business, or even before a courtroom as part of a criminal prosecution. Communication abilities (along with other critical soft skills) are vital in computer forensics: you must be able to transmit technical knowledge clearly and concisely to others with an in-depth level of technical comprehension.

1.2 Comprehension of Cybersecurity Fundamentals

While cybersecurity and computer forensics are independent fields, they are inextricably linked, and a foundation in cybersecurity may help you excel in your computer forensics career. To properly investigate digital crimes, you must first understand how criminals access networks and how cybersecurity experts battle to prevent such attacks. 

1.3 Working Under Tight Deadlines

They, like all other examiners, frequently face tight deadlines for a large volume of work. Being able to withstand high work pressure will elevate to the ranks of a great one. In other words, under certain pressures, work will still be completed effectively.

1.4 The Importance of Being Detail Oriented

A forensics practitioner must be detail oriented, whether in the law enforcement or corporate consultancy side of the computer forensics sector. When reconstructing historical events, small clues might signify a lot. Rather, it is reflected through a person paying attention to every aspect of a task and completing it in the best way. Not doing it carelessly, going through the motions to get things done, or just focusing on the obvious, big things and overlooking the small things.

A curious mind and problem-solving abilities are two more qualities that constitute an effective examiner. It is also beneficial to be able to think creatively in order to locate the essential information. Examination process may be really frustrating at times. The finest examiners understand how to take a step back, do some research, and then return to the evidence to see it in a different perspective.

2. Arson Investigator

Arson Investigator helps determine the cause of the fire and examines the possibility of a crime related to the fire. It requires close coordination with fire departments, law enforcement, courts and the criminal justice system. The necessary skills to become an arson investigator include:

2.1 Evidence Assessment

Evaluating evidence to find the truth is a difficult and complicated job, not only requiring hard work, profound social knowledge and legal knowledge, but also requiring a pure mind. Evidence is defined as information, items, papers, official declarations, and so on that are used to establish whether something is real or incorrect, particularly for legal or insurance purposes. 

Arson Investigator iq 199

This evidence may include information provided to the judge by you or someone else - testimony - as well as materials such as emails and text messages, documents, photos, and artifacts. 

Evidence must be directly or indirectly related to the case. This connection can be logical and easy to recognize, it helps us immediately realize the nature and objective truth. The probative value of evidence is shown in the fact that, based on that evidence, the Court can determine whether or not there are circumstances to support the litigant's claim. Circumstantial events that have no probative value will be "eliminated" in the process of evaluating evidence.

2.2 Organizational skill

Organizational skills are those related to creating structure and order, promoting work productivity, and prioritizing tasks that must be completed immediately. Keeping these skills strong can reduce the risk of developing poor work habits such as procrastination, chaos, miscommunication, and inefficiency. Organization is also very significant since it helps you to keep track of all the information acquired during an inquiry. It’s vital to be organized so you don’t leave out any evidence.

2.3 Critical – Thinking Skills

Inspectors must be competent to spot code infractions and offer a solution to rectify the situation. Investigators must be able to assess evidence and establish a plausible conclusion. When Critical thinking skills are completed, the elements of fairness, integrity, courage, humility, persistence and sympathy are completely reinforced in the arson investigator's thinking.

2.4 Detail Oriented

An arson investigator must be highly detail oriented in order to properly investigate and prosecute a crime. They must have the ability to identify patterns, interpret evidence, analyze data and draw conclusions from the information gathered.

 An arson investigator needs excellent observation skills as well as knowledge of fire dynamics in order to determine how a fire started, its spread pattern and cause of death or injury due to smoke inhalation or burns. 

Additionally they need an understanding of building construction materials that can help them differentiate between accidental fires versus those set intentionally by an individual with malicious intent.

III - Evangelos Katsioulis - celebrity with IQ 198

According to the World Genius Dictionary, Evangelos Katsioulis has the highest IQ ever in the world and was regarded as one of the world’s most intelligent people. Evangelos is a Greek psychotherapist and psychiatrist who has given record-breaking performances in many tests..  

According to an article in Reader's Digest, Evangelos has an IQ 198. He has obtained MD, MSc, MA, PhD degrees. He also has degrees in Philosophy and Medical Research Technology. Evangelos is the founder of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), an international organisation of high IQ societies and of AAAA.GR an organisation for the detection and support of gifted individuals in Greece.

Katsioulis is not the only genius of Greek origin since several other Greeks are on the same list. Katsioulis, who has participated in more than 30 international IQ tests over the years, is a professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His studies spread over several academic fields, including psychiatry, medical research technology and psychopharmacology.

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