All Facts about IQ 197

I. What does an IQ 197 mean? 

IQ classification is the practice by IQ test publishers of labeling IQ score ranges with category names such as "superior" or "average". A score of IQ 197 means that he/she is considered to be a genius. According to this chart, someone with an IQ 197 ranks better than the 99.9999999950% other test takers.

What does an IQ 197 mean?

An IQ 197 would mean the person is extremely capable, possibly as intelligent as the most intelligent people to ever live, and maybe even smarter. One thing is sure: Anybody with an IQ 197 is extremely intelligent.

Wih the IQ 197, you might have some manifestation of genius, such as good memory and thinking ability. There are many types of memory, and we typically observe a person’s working memory, access and flexibility of remembering things, and accuracy & reliability of declarative memory. 

Working memory is the short-term temporary memory used to hold and manipulate information in the mind, like calculating tips and remembering directions & OTPs. Access and flexibility of remembering things are all about how easily a person can think flexibly and access previously learned information. 

Declarative memory describes our ability to remember experiences, facts, and trivia. Remembering that information usually creates an impression that one is smart and well-learned. 

These 3 types of memories help people think in a useful, problem-solving, or innovative way – a sign of both crystallized intelligence (knowledge) and fluid intelligence (active thinking). And people with IQ 197 may probably possess all 3 outstanding memories.

II. Best jobs for people with IQ 197 - Astronaut

Becoming an astronaut is harder than getting into an Ivy League school. Only 338 have even been selected by NASA. In 2016, more than 18,300 people applied for 14 or fewer spots in NASA’s astronaut class. They are hoping to leave their footprint in space. Therefore, except having IQ 197, you should have other skills, such as:

Best jobs for people with IQ 197 - Astronaut

1. Physical Condition

The rigors of space travel are just about as intense as the rigors of space training. To ensure mission fitness, NASA requires astronaut candidates to pass a physical similar to a military physical. Astronauts need eyesight of 20/100 or better uncorrected, correctable to 20/20 in each eye. Their blood pressure can’t be above 140/90. They must be between 58 1/2 and 75 inches tall. 

Candidates also must meet military water survival standards, which test for the ability to swim without stopping and to swim and tread water clothed in flight gear. 

Astronauts also must be SCUBA-qualified to prepare for spacewalk training. Their bodies must respond well to high and low atmospheric pressures. They also must be prepared for the physical effects of zero gravity training up to 40 times a day. Space travel can last for months, during which the human body must function amid physical stress.

2. Adaptability

Astronauts have many responsibilities in space. They need the flexibility to move from one task to another, different task. They also work on teams with astronauts from other countries and cultures, so they must be open-minded to diversity. They must be willing to change routines to accommodate new procedures.

3. Exceptional multi-tasking skills

Astronauts are the ultimate multi-taskers. While in space, astronauts are required to do such things as performing experiments, helping to operate the International Space Station, and maintaining equipment. Astronauts also need quick thinking to handle unexpected problems. 

4. Having good eyesight

Like airline pilots, astronauts have to have 20/20 vision, though applicants won’t be disqualified if they have 20/20 vision aided by eyeglasses. Aspiring astronauts who have surgery to correct their vision to 20/20 have to wait at least a year after surgical procedure before training starts.

5. Cooperating skills

Ccooperating skills hold no less importance in working as an astronaut because only one astronaut cannot finish a trip into space, he/she have to know how to work together with other members of the crew to succeed in finishing their mission.

Plus, they must be open-minded to diversity because they work on teams with astronauts from other countries and cultures.

III. Walter O’Brien - Famous celebrity with IQ 197

Walter O'Brien's IQ is fourthest in the highest with an IQ of 197, compared to Einstein who has 160. O'Brien said he was arrested by FBI due to hacking NASA to get the blueprint of his bedroom wall. Now he runs the team of genius.

Walter O’Brien - Famous celebrity with IQ 197

Walter O'Brien (hacker handle: "Scorpion") was a young prodigy with a high IQ (Walter O'Brien IQ is 197) who began programming computers at the age of nine. Walter founded "Scorpion" when he was 13 years old because he realized that by bringing together other smart talented engineers from around the world and using a little E.Q. (Emotional Intelligence) and a scientific project management approach, they could solve not only technical but also life problems.

With Walter O'Brien IQ 197, this man has received honors for most inventive firm and most original product and primarily provides customers with broad strategic problem-solving for ANY financed challenge. Scorpion has been serving clients' needs in information technology management, due diligence, architecture, development, and cyber security for almost 30 years. Scorpion has reduced security threats for some of the world's top organizations and created and deployed artificial intelligence engines to safeguard US military troops in Afghanistan.

Scorpion Computer Services was supposedly formed by O'Brien at the age of 13 in 1988. According to the Irish Times, he carried the firm with him after graduating from college and moved to the United States in the late 1990s.

Scorpion Computer Services began as an IT teaching business before expanding into security and risk management, according to the New Ross Standard, while The Irish Times called Scorpion Computer Services an artificial-intelligence corporation. O'Brien defined his organization in 2014 as a think tank for "high IQ persons."

According to O'Brien, he came up with the concept for a television show to advertise his firm Scorpion Computer Services, Inc. and its service Concierge Up. Scooter Braun pitched the concept to CBS after O'Brien approached him.

Scorpion, based on O'Brien's purported life experiences, began its first season on CBS in September 2014. He is the series' executive producer and frequently contributes to narrative creation. O'Brien consults with series writers on technical parts of the narrative, such as how he would address challenges provided in the show's scripts, as part of his role in story creation.

The plot's technical features, on the other hand, prompted the National Science Instructors Association to encourage teachers in 2015 to use the program as an example of inaccurate or overblown science. Elyes Gabel, who plays the fictitious Walter O'Brien, also consults with O'Brien.

Gabel stated of O'Brien in an interview with CBS News to promote the second season "He's either rescuing the world or conversing with Liechtenstein's princes. So now and again, I have the chance to speak with him, and he'll call me. And we occasionally discuss the show. We occasionally discuss characters."

The first season drew over 26 million viewers. Scorpion received a full season order from CBS in October 2014 and was renewed for a second season in 2015. In 2016, the program was renewed for a third season, with a fourth season guaranteed for 2017. Scorpion was renewed for a fourth season by CBS in March 2017. In May 2018, the program was canceled after four seasons.

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