All Facts about IQ 195

People with IQ 195 are world-class talents belonging to the "Genius at a high level" group which only accounts for 0.000000012049% of the world's population. Let's see what they devote to the world's development.

I. What does an IQ 195 mean? 

According to official reports from IQ testing organizations, out of 8 billion people, only one person has an IQ of 195.

		     An IQ of 195 belongs to

             An IQ of 195 belongs to the "Genius at a high level" group in the world

IQ 195 is an index showing a person's outstanding level of intelligence that is rare in the world today. Almost ordinary people are in the range from 40 to 140 in terms of IQ scores. So, if individuals have an IQ of 195, will they be considered geniuses of mankind? Certainly, IQ-score-195 owners are believed to be extremely profound and prominent in plenty of aspects (behavior, lifestyle, knowledge, and so on). 

II. Celebrities with IQ 195

1. Paolo Sarpi IQ 195 - Talented Italian Historian

Sarpi is a high-IQ genius with an IQ 195 score. He came from a Venetian family that was not noble as he was the son of an unsuccessful businessman. His father died early, therefore, he and his mother had to live in poverty throughout his youth. 

Thanks to his hard work and intelligence, Sarpi joined the Servite at the age of 14 and became a court theologian.This marked a turning point in his life, providing him with the opportunity to delve into various fields of study. He dedicated time to learning additional languages, including Greek and Hebrew, and developed an interest in anatomy and botany. According to many studies, Sarpi possessed a photographic memory and he was considered the most persistent scholar.

He is one of the Venetian historians who pioneered the strong revealing and criticizing of the Catholic Church and ancient and out-of-date Scholastic methods. These contents inspired well-known historians and politicians, two of whom are Edward Gibbon and Hobbes to expose the priestcraft existing. There are a lot of Sarpi’s prominent historical artworks and one of them is the History of the Council of Trent which was composed and issued in 1619. 

Paolo Sarpi IQ 195 - Talented Italian Historian

Besides his prominence in history, Paolo Sarpi is also a specialist in mathematics. He recovered an important mathematical topic which is commonly named the “metaphysical treatise” via his notes from Francois Viète.

Sarpi made the theory of projectile motion in the 7-year period from 1578 based on Niccolò Fontana Tartaglia’s tradition and this theory appeared in the report of Guidobaldo del Monte when representing his ideas in 1592 through a meeting with Galileo Galilei. Before Galileo published the telescope product, Sarpi got knowledge and information about that in 1608. Thanks to Sarpi’s advice, the Venetian Republic succeeded in the approval of Galileo’s new telescopes which were used in the army instead of purchasing non-ỉproved ones.

Therefore, Paolo Sarpi not only became an outstanding historian but also a well-known theorist with useful theories about physics, mathematics, and other fields at that time. 

2. Christopher Langan - An American Journalist

Christopher Michael Langan is the full name of one of the most talented Americans in the 1900s. He is self-taught and has not even graduated from university because he felt he could teach teachers rather than listen to them. He scored an IQ of about 195 - a quite perfect score on an intelligence test. 

Christopher Langan - An American Journalist

Langan was born in California in 1952 but almost all his childhood was in Bozeman, Montana. He faced adversity in his early years, as his father abandoned both him and his mother at birth. Additionally, he endured harsh treatment from his stepfather. Langan's childhood was marked by unhappy memories, and he frequently avoided attending school due to bullying during his elementary years.

Langan began displaying remarkable abilities at a young age, speaking by the age of 6 months and demonstrating the ability to read before the age of 4, despite receiving no formal instruction.In his final year of high school, he mainly self-learnt advanced mathematics, physics, philosophy, Latin and Greek. He achieved a perfect score on the SAT - a certificate used by many universities and colleges in the US to evaluate candidates' natural, social knowledge and logical thinking. 

When Langan graduated from high school, he was so honored to be offered two scholarships which included Reed College and another was the University of Chicago and he decided on the former one. He entered university with many problems related. At that time, he believed that he was better off studying on his own, hence, he dropped out of school and began to seek heavy physical work such as cowboy, farmhand, and construction worker. 

Fortunately, he had an opportunity to work for the technology company Virtual Logistix for a while. Langan and his partners founded a non-profit group which was named the Mega Foundation. This group aims to train and develop geniuses who own IQ tests from 164 scores in 1999. Michael was on TV via the game show and won a reward of 250.000 dollars.

Having a high IQ score has made Christopher an exploited character in many newspapers and magazines such as Popular Science, The Times, Newsday and Muscle & Fitness. He was also interviewed on BBC Radio and participated in an online chat on ABC NEWS.

III. 2 Suitable jobs for an IQ 195

1. Doctor

When it comes to fields that require employees with an outstanding academic level and IQ 195, medical specialists are one of them. Before achieving and becoming medical or general practitioners, they must undergo educational programs specializing in medicine during the period and receive relevant certificates. 


After all, aspiring juvenile students have to take specialized courses that are based on their preferences (neurosurgeons, medical examiners, internists, and other majors). These young doctors must pass exams after finishing courses and they will have to take expensive review courses if they have a desire to increase the percentage of passing.

These young trainees will graduate from courses after finishing specialized exams and have opportunities to work as general practitioners in hospitals. Besides working, they must update medical knowledge and trends on a daily basis via the attendance of specialized seminars and workshops for doctors only to develop their career in medicine and patient  welfare.

2. Financial specialists

The financial industry is also an extremely attractive field for IQ 195 workers. Financial specialists in this context are experts in personal financial management, possessing deep knowledge of cash flow management, spending control, and the planning of financial goals.There are a lot of popular positions such as private equity analyst, investment analyst, and financial advisor. 

Finance always comes with elements of accuracy and strict compliance with regulations. However, this does not mean that financial experts cannot propose strategic innovation options. Businesses always want to have good financial experts to help them break through in fierce business competition. Therefore, they prefer innovative thinking, analyze carefully and come up with new ideas to minimize costs and maximize profits as much as possible.

Financial specialists job for iq 195

On the side of offering a high salary level, this field also gives plenty of chances to grow a long-term career. Finance is always a consecutively outbreak sector and financial jobs often occur in enterprises at all times.

IV. Lifestyle of IQ 195 people

1. Geniuses are often isolated lifestyles

Geniuses are extraordinary individuals. That is the reason why they often have isolation-intensive lifestyles and rarely join meetings with their friends and colleagues. Sometimes people call them “introverts”.

2. Meticulousness

The IQ of 195 owners is meticulous when completing their categories (jobs, housework, and so on). They always insist on the habit of doing everything carefully, refining even the smallest and most detailed things. Therefore, their feature of meticulousness surprises others sometimes.

3. Love the creativity

Talented residents often have laziness-oriented characteristics in working. Thanks to that feature, they are keen on being creative in everything (decorating houses, handling daily problems, and others). Creative thinking helps expand vision, bring breakthroughs and innovations, and help progress and development in society and the economy.

This is information and knowledge about IQ-195 people that you need to know. If you think those above features are similar to yours, you can attend IQ tests to measure how much your IQ score achieves and plan your own career path.

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