All Facts about IQ 189

According to the statistics of psychologists, the median IQ score of ordinary people often achieves 100. Additionally, IQ-testing takers who have an IQ of 189 just appear with a percentage of 0.000000015. It shows that IQ-of-189 people are extremely unpopular in the world. So, how different are they which cause the scarce appearance of IQ-score-of-189 owners?

I. What does an IQ 189 mean and Personality

What does an IQ 189 mean?

1. What does an IQ 189 mean?

189 IQ people are believed to be geniuses of the world because their IQ score and intelligence surpassed the common knowledge range of normal individuals. They are excellent in not only the intellectuality but also the flexible ability of the acquirement. In terms of the occupation, people who have an IQ score of 189 frequently intend to select logic-oriented jobs such as mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and so on.

2. IQ 189 personality

a. talents have curiosity in their mind. 

IQ-score-of-189 talents are often more likely to implement new ways of thinking and discover previously unavailable ideas. One of the prominent features of these people is that they pursue plenty of macro knowledge in a diversified and extremely obsessive manner. This makes the difference from them to average individuals and the success also approaches these IQ-of-189 people more smoothly.

b. Stereotypical work is not for IQ of 189 people

The prominent personality of talents who have IQ tests of 189 is that it is difficult to immerse themselves in stable and normal jobs. It stands to reason that unexplored ideas always appear in their mind constantly and those push them to discover suitable answers. Frequently, IQ-of-189 individuals are often nocturnal because the silence of the night will support them to find out more exciting answers. That is the reason why they are not suitable for jobs that stereotypically happen on a daily basis.

c. Not faint-hearted at risk-taking

The safe route is not applied to ambitious individuals who achieve IQ tests of 189 because they will not be comfortable. They prefer to make discoveries and push boundaries instead of available zones and sometimes they will be at risk in terms of physical and mental things. But these ground-breaking things can lead to more luminous work. 

d. sensitive

Brilliant people have very secretive and sensitive emotions but they often mask these well because they expect to improve the lives of close-knit people and their own lives. Very often, they express their sober face in every context but their mind always thinks about the thing which is happening currently.

e. knows how to say “no” and “yes” at the right time

High-IQ people always give a “no” answer to what they don’t want and a “yes” one to what they really want. IQ-189 geniuses will reject something which is not their specialization and passion. It does not mean they lack empathy or express rudeness because they do not want to waste their time. 

III. 3 Suitable occupations for IQ 189

1. Agricultural engineering

This job requires laborers to come up with solutions to solve power supplies (water source, electric source, and so on), the useful application of facilities and structures, the abundant and efficient use of machinery, the declining outcoming of pollution, and the storage of harvested agricultural products. It stands to reason that workers who have IQ tests of 189 can meet the recruiting demand of this occupation. Particularly, they often use plenty of technologically specialized equipment to monitor and test the development of agricultural seeds. 

Agricultural engineering iq 189

They also modify environmental factors that directly affect farm animals or crop production such as runoff patterns on a field and so on. Additionally, agricultural engineers must plan and work with contractors, clients, consultants, and other specialized engineers to ensure that they will achieve acceptable and effective outcomes. 

Their working environment frequently is in field farming, seafood farming, food processing, and forestry, and their projects are various. Some of them work to develop climate control systems that grow the productivity of livestock while others attempt to come out with better limitations and solutions for animal waste disposal. According to the published survey of researchers, the median salary rate was $82,640 per year and $39,73 per hour in 2021. Of course, the minimum standardized education level is a bachelor’s degree.

2. Being a biological technician

Biological technicians sometimes called laboratory assistants are responsible for implementing chemical and biological tests, and experiments. Besides, biologists or medical scientists also supervise processes and evaluate the outcome of these experiments. To conduct smooth tests, laboratory assistants must use advanced robotics, modern equipment, and traditional laboratory instruments. 

 biological technician iq 189

After completing every biological experiment, they will use specialized software on computers to collect and analyze model data. According to the report of bls.gov, the 2021 median pay of this job was $48,140 per year and $23,15 per hour. In terms of the education condition, entry-level laborers need a bachelor’s degree to meet the standardized demand of this field.

3. Mathematician or statistician

Simply, statisticians and mathematicians will use modern computational tools to analyze data and solve problems. To collect data, they need to design and conduct questionnaires, surveys, and experiments. Statisticians will need more qualified polls, they can determine the size and type of the sample and conduct it in a particular group to collect data. Following the stage of data collection is analysis, specialized laborers will determine relationships and trends within the data and conduct tests to identify the validity of the data and account for possible incorrection. Using analyzing software is more efficient and accurate. In universities, mathematicians and statisticians often work at post-secondary schools to study theoretical concepts in certain fields. 

They will determine, research, and implement to resolve available issues in the field of mathematics and discover unexplored mathematical or statistical theories to grow academic knowledge and understanding of their field. According to the reported statistics of the website bls.gov, the average salary rate in this theoretical field was $96,280 a year and $46,29 for one hour. Typically, the minimum education level is a master’s degree because this occupation requires high accuracy in computing work. It means that a new-entry laborer needs to study and achieve the highest education level.

The given information above provided you with personality traits and concurrently suitable occupations for talents who have an IQ 189. If you are curious about your IQ score, you attend online High Range IQ Test on websites to identify how much your IQ score will achieve and it can be easy for you to take a career development route in the future.     

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