All Facts about IQ 184

According to the research of scientists, the intelligence quotient is a standardized method which is applied to measure people’s intelligence. It indicates not only personality traits but also processing abilities of people. So, have you ever wondered how IQ 184 owners look? This article will support you to answer that question.

I - What does IQ 184 indicate?

What does IQ 184 indicate?

According to psychologists’ research proof, the popularly average IQ score of ordinary people is from 95 to 105. Of course, the intelligence quotient is not the only method to measure your ability of brilliance but it can indicate how intelligent you are when you are stuck in incidents. So, it is true that if you have an IQ score of 184, you are on par with the Italian great polymath - Leonardo da Vinci. In fact, you will be smarter than normal people in terms of intellectuality and more prominent in your personality and lifestyle.

II - Celebrity with IQ 184

1. James Wood is an actor with an IQ score of 184

According to the published results, Jame Woods’s IQ score is 184. He passed on the SAT with an astounding score of 1579 (achieved the maximum reading score of 800 and 779 in arithmetic). During that time, his family and friends believed that James will be a potential university professor with plenty of research that will win the Nobel Prize. However, their misapprehension is completely opposite to James’ occupation orientation in the future when he deicide on the field of the seventh art to pursue and he is recently a well-known American actor with the famous movies such as The Visitors (1972), True Believer (1989), The Hard Way (1991) and others.

James Wood is an actor with an IQ score of 184

The American superstar was born in 1947, in Vernal, Utah. His father is Gail Peyton Woods who is an army brilliance white-collar laborer and his mother is Martha A. - A general executive officer in pre-school. After moving to Warwick in Rhode Island, Wood attended Pilgrim High School where he graduated in 1965. His descent was from Ireland and he served as an altar briefly because his family was in the religion of Catholic. In his studying career, he took an undergraduate degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his first career intention was an eye surgeon. At MIT, he joined a theatre group for student “Dramashop” where he acted and directed concurrently plenty of plays. After that, he dropped off from MIT in 1969 and started his acting career. James Wood attended 36 plays before his debut at the Lyceum Theatre with the play Broadway at the beginning of the 1970s. He co-operated with Michael Moriarty and Sam Waterston in the play The Trial of the Catonsville Nine and concurrently his performance in Moonchildren received the Theater World Award in 1972. Next, James made his first television with Meryl Streep in the four-part miniseries Holocaust in 1978, he received critical acclaim for his excellent performance with the character Gregory Powell in “The Onion Field and Roger Ebert describe Woods as “a remarkable gift” for his role. Wood’s performance in films David Cronenberg's Videodrome, Oliver Stone’s Salvador, and Sergio Leone’s Once Upon were appreciated. He was nominated for a Golden Globe and received the Academy Award nomination for the first time. In 1997, James got the second Academy Award nomination. After that, he is also well-known via prominent roles such as Roy Cohn in Citizen Cohn, Bill W. in Bill W. in My Name, and Rudy Giuliani in Rudy. His first milestone in television was the film Indictment: The McMartin Trial which was aired on HBO.

Although James owns an IQ test of 184, he still selects the field of movies and his outstanding performance in films proved that he is right when pursuing this career.

III. Suitable job for IQ 184 people

1. Art directors are the best choice for IQ 184 employees

One of the prominent occupations that is suitable for high-IQ laborers especially art-oriented people is the Art director. This job’s responsibilities are to create and design the overall layouts for certain objects such as images in newspapers, and magazines, movie production or product packaging. Additionally, they also manage and assist junior staff such as graphic designers, and exhibit designers in designing new key visuals for products and orientating image and color concepts when talking to their clients. Besides, an art director also elaborates and develops project budgets and timelines. Referring to the 2021 report of the website bls.gov, the annual average salary for this occupation was $100,890 and this field requires that the Bachelor’s degree is the minimum education level for entry.

Art directors are the best choice for IQ 184 employees

2. Operations Research Analysts can be IQ of 184 people

For logic-oriented and IQ-184 laborers, analyzing and developing business operations is one of the most suitable occupations. Speaking of duties, they must determine, analyze and solve happening problems during the operations about subjects such as accounting, logistics, houseware, healthcare, and so on. 

Apart from those missions, they also develop quantitative models which are based on formerly available designs and test them to evaluate the efficiency and application for businesses. In 2021, the average income of this job was $82,360 a year. For entry-level workers, they must graduate from university with the level of a bachelor. Besides, they need to have other standardized certificates which specialize in data analysis to support juniors in their work.

Operations Research Analysts can be IQ of 184 people

3. IQ score of 184 and logical talents can be athematicians and statisticians 

This job’s responsibilities are to design and conduct specific surveys and experiments to collect data that is served for the analysis such as consumer demand analysis, economic growth analysis of certain countries, and other subjects. After collecting data, they will apply available mathematical theories and specialized techniques to come out with solutions to improve the current negative status in science, business, engineering, and so on. For this occupation, their annual income was $96,280 and the one-hour wage was $46,29. There is a difference from statisticians to other occupations in terms of specific levels, new-entry mathematicians and statisticians must have a master’s degree instead of a bachelor’s degree because this field requires a high accuracy rate in work categories. That is the reason why you must study at higher levels beside your specialized experience.

4. Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers

Bioengineers need to research and design biological equipment such as artificial machinery, biological parts of machines, or medical machines to improve and develop their productivity of them. They also co-operate scientists to research and apply engineering techniques and principles to biological systems. The annual median pay was $97,410 per year in 2021 and the minimum specialized level is a bachelor’s degree for entry-level laborers.

Bioengineers and Biomedical Engineers iq 184

5. Computer Network Architects

The technological development of the world leads to the technology-oriented occupations which are produced and one of them that multinational enterprises require is the position of computer network architect. This job’s responsibilities are to analyze and set up layouts which were used for internal data communication networks for their staff and external ones for their customers. The highest requirement for this work is information security when implementing and operating networks. The annual average salary was $120,050 and the wage was $57,94.

The above content includes information about suitable jobs for IQ 184 people. If you want to measure your IQ score to support you in making the occupation development roadmap, you can join IQ tests on websites or reputable educational centers.

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