All Facts about IQ 183

People with an IQ score of 183 are extremely intelligent and are considered "Genius at a high level" which only accounts for 0.000001574988% of the world's population. Let's guess which characteristics and occupations these people have that are suitable for them.

I. What does an IQ 183 mean? 

Geniuses possessing an IQ of 183 are rare because they only occur in only 63 million people. A score of IQ 183 indicates outstanding intellect; assuming a standard deviation of 15, a mean of 100, and a score ceiling of 200, IQ 183 would position you among the population's extraordinarily brilliant individuals. Your IQ 183 indicates that you can spot patterns made by non-intelligent individuals to take advantage of gullible others.

People with an IQ score of 183 are extremely intelligent and are considered "Genius at a high level" which only accounts for 0.000001574988% of the world's population

People with an IQ score of 183 are extremely intelligent and are considered "Genius at a high level" which only accounts for 0.000001574988% of the world's population

If you have an IQ score of 183, it is admirable that you are 20 points higher than Elon Musk - Tesla owner and currently the richest person in the world according to Forbes and 40 points higher than Emma Watson. - a famous British actress. IQ tests are attempting to be significant. They are attempting to assess true mental capacity without regard for the test taker's prior knowledge. Consider how difficult it is, given that most IQ tests are mainstream and include left-brain functions.

The main characteristics commonly found in people with IQ 183 include:

  • Night owl: There is important research on the influence of daily routine on intelligence. Studying the sleep cycles of more than 20,000 American adults, researchers found that those who scored higher on IQ tests were genuine "night owls" and preferred to sleep in in the morning. bright. So the elders can no longer say "A slow buffalo drinks cloudy water" anymore.
  • Ambiguous dream: Daydreamers are often discriminated against and scrutinized because their minds are often in the clouds and therefore lack the ability to think. Then, experts say the reality is the opposite. Through scanning the brains of more than 100 people, researchers have discovered that people who dream often have brains that work more efficiently than normal people.
  • Always worry: Experts found that people with high IQs are prone to anxiety. Thinking too much in every situation, and then thinking becomes constant fear. It is believed that in order to survive, the brain works to protect us from unnecessary risks.
  • Lazy: While most people defend the idea that laziness is an important sign of people losing direction in life, researchers say it could be a trait related to intelligence. In a recent study, they concluded that intelligent people often sit idle for hours, lost in their thoughts and, therefore, unable to perform physical activities during the day.
  • Nosy: Endless curiosity is associated with high IQ. According to research from Harvard University, curious people often generate many unique ideas and learn more and more knowledge.

Let's take a look to see if you have the above characteristics. Please take an IQ test to get the most accurate results.

II.  Best jobs for people with IQ 183

1. Firefighter

When it comes to the firefighter profession, many people often think that this is a hard job with many sacrifices in today's society. However, few people know that this career requires firefighters to have high IQ. Firefighting is a difficult industry, and firemen, a perfect career for IQ 183, require a wide range of abilities and talents, not to mention the personal character required to effectively and professionally represent their department and profession. When combined with the particular work and living situations that impose numerous demands on firemen, this results in a large list of qualities required for success.

Firef​ighter job fit your IQ 183

Everyone knows that firefighters are people who perform rescue and rescue tasks and participate in firefighting to ensure life, safety of people and property when a fire occurs. They will be the emergency response team when people call headquarters for large and small fires. In addition, during natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, they will be rescuers searching for missing people, First aid, care for the sick and keep the injured mentally stable.

Firefighters work at district fire prevention police departments, provincial fire prevention police departments, fire prevention and rescue police departments, etc. Below are some qualities required of firefighters besides a high IQ:

1.1 Fast and Sound Decision-making Skills

In life-threatening circumstances, firefighters must make good judgments. Their ability to think quickly on their feet and make sound decisions might be the difference between life and death for someone they are attempting to assist, themselves, or their colleagues. They must rely on their knowledge and experience to make those judgments while under tremendous strain and stress. In an emergency, a fireman may be forced to make a tough decision, such as deciding who to assist first in a burning structure.

1.2 Physical Stamina and Strength

Many of the most important parts of the profession need above-average strength and agility. Many work responsibilities just cannot be completed without a high degree of fitness. Health and fitness is an important component of our profession, and it should become an important part of your lifestyle if you want to be a firefighter.

Physical exams are performed on a regular basis to measure their strength and stamina. Firefighters may have to physically pull things off injured individuals or lift and carry them out of a multi-story blazing structure. They may work on their feet for long hours, carrying equipment weighing 70 pounds or more.

1.3 Excellence in Communication

The necessity of communication in the fire department may fill multiple books. Communication is critical in every healthy relationship. As a fireman, you will have several relationships with various sorts of individuals.

While responding to an emergency and providing help, firefighters must communicate with their colleagues. They must also speak with emergency medical technicians and police officers who may react to an emergency.

A fireman should also be able to communicate effectively with the general population. They should, for example, be able to educate the public on how to correctly install and test a smoke detector, as well as explain why a smoke detector is a vital element of any household's safety strategy.

1.4 Flexibility and Adaptability

These are two distinct characteristics. These, like many of the other characteristics, apply to both the fireground and the firehouse. A flexible person can sleep anywhere, eat anything, do any work under any circumstances, operate as a member of any team or group and flourish in any group dynamic, has few, if any, pet peeves, and does not burden people around them with their demands or special requirements.

Adaptability is characterized as the ability to alter with their surroundings and overcome diverse challenges, whether they are difficult fireground situations or living settings. Things change all the time for firefighters, from the area we operate in to the people we deal with to the job itself.

You must be able to readily adjust to new individuals, new locations, changing job descriptions, and changing working conditions. When one road is closed, you must be able to swiftly locate alternate routes and creatively manage yourself and your team around any obstacles in order to complete the duties and goals at hand.

1.5 Compassion

Another important trait of a job for IQ 183 as a firefighter is compassion. They must give emotional support to those they assist. For example, at a house fire if children and one or more parents are present, a fireman may be required to calm the parent while other firemen attempt to save the other family members inside. In the case of an accident or other emergency, they may be called upon to calm tense crowds.

1.6. Brave, regardless of danger

Firefighters, one of the most resilient, brave and courageous soldiers, are specially trained to quickly extinguish fires. They are willing to forget themselves to preserve peace for the people's lives. Because when a fire or disaster occurs, while others are trying to escape, firefighters have to rush in to put out the fire and rescue. Therefore, in the world, people have ranked firefighters as one of the most dangerous professions.

2. Geologist 

Geologists, often known as geoscientists, study the physical earth's composition and processes of growth and degradation in order to learn about the past and predict the future (that is why people with IQ 183 are suited for this job). Studying the physical structure of the earth's crust and the process of forming rocks or fossils is to determine each step of change and the history of the earth's development, and determine the location of minerals and fuels. 

Geologist iq 183

In addition to these activities, experts in the field have identified the causes of earthquakes, ice ages, the evolution of life, and have identified techniques that prevent groundwater pollution, oil exploitation, etc. Theory, such as new technology and ways to prevent landslides, has been put into practice and achieved good results.

They work at both commercial and public institutions for a variety of reasons and often divide their time between the office, lab work, and time in the field. A geologist must have the following abilities:

2.1 Communication Skills

You'll frequently utilize your verbal and writing communication abilities to submit grant applications, and you should be prepared to work for a wide range of customers with varying agendas. Because geologists frequently get financing from private corporations, industry groups, research institutions, and government agencies, strong writing abilities are critical to their success.

You will also need to improve your interpersonal communication and diplomacy skills because you will certainly work with a range of clients who have varied communication demands and styles. For example, you may work with a petroleum business to analyze the costs and advantages of drilling in a certain site.

Alternatively, you may collaborate with a government body to advise them on how smart it is to create houses in a specific region given real estate restrictions. Public speaking abilities are also necessary in order to properly present your work at huge association gatherings in order to create and maintain your professional reputation.

2.2 Technical skills

Geologists frequently need to employ cutting-edge technology and equipment to do their work. As a result, they must have great technical abilities, such as knowledge of computers and survey tools.

Many processes such as landslides, earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions can have serious consequences for humans. Geologists need to use specialized technology to understand these processes to avoid building structures where these processes can occur. If geologists can learn and draw maps of areas that have been flooded in the past, they will be able to determine maps of areas that may be flooded in the future. These maps can be used to guide community development and identify where flooding occurs.

Nowadays, we all use the material components of the Earth every day. Such as using oil produced from oil wells, metals produced from mines, and water that was drawn from streams or from underground. Geologists use research machines to locate rocks containing important metals, plan mines that produce them, and methods to refine metals from rocks. They do similar work to locate and produce oil, natural gas and groundwater.

2.3 Keen Observation Skills

It's critical to have a great sense of observation while you're out in the field collecting samples, mapping locations, or recording the makeup of certain places. As you inspect places and determine what samples are required, you must be able to identify essential elements of the environment quickly and efficiently, as well as absorb a large amount of information.

Geologists must conduct preliminary surveys and, depending on their results, devise a plan of action for future inquiry. What you observe first is crucial because it impacts whether locations are investigated further and how much money is allocated to those investigations. Geological scientists observe meticulously to build scientific research programs that contribute to solving the country's tasks such as: studying the structure of the Earth's crust in a large territory or a specific region. (including land and ocean), discover general laws about the distribution of rocks, critical places of the Earth's crust, rules of formation and distribution of solid and liquid minerals, sources of Groundwater serves the reasonable economic exploitation of the territory in many different fields and protects the geological environment where people live.

Above are the characteristics and careers suitable for people with IQ 183. Take the IQ assessment to see if you have the IQ of 183 of a genius.

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