All Facts about IQ 178

It is evident that a lot of talents who have high IQ scores made plenty of influential things to the world. Is it true that IQ 178 owners are intelligent and they are good at various industries? The below article will give you their features and the well-known has an IQ score of 178.

I. What does IQ 178 indicate?

Scientists published that people who own IQ tests of 178 are extremely intelligent. Their intellectual is revealed throughout their abilities to acknowledge and solve multiple tasks. They often would be specialists in different industries (physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and so on) whereby their swiftness and agility in work. Because those individuals understand what they need to do to make outstanding results in particular majors.

What does IQ 178 indicate?

II. Rowan Atkinson - Celebrity with IQ 178

It is surely that Rowan Atkinson is a familiar name for people via his famous comedy series “Mr.Bean”. The humorous character whom he played brings simultaneous laughs to the audience His current occupations are an actor, writer and comedian.

Rowan’s fullname is Rowan Sebastian Atkinson. He was born on 6 January 1955 in Consett, County Durham, England. His father was Eric Atkinson who was a farmer and company director who married Ella May on 29 June 1945. Although he was birthed in Consett but raised in Anglican and Rowan was a student at Durham Choristers School which is a preparatory school. 

Rowan Atkinson - Celebrity with IQ 178

Then, he attended the university exam and achieve the top grades in level A which specializes in science. This helped him to receive a place at the reputable university Newcastle. After graduating with a degree in Electrical and Electric Engineering, he matriculated to The Queen’s College where his father graduated in Oxford and took a degree of MSc in Electrical Engineering. Atkinson became an honorary fellow in 2006 and his MSc thesis which was published in 1978 was considered to apply to the self-tuning control. 

Before devoting his all of attention to the acting career, he briefly undertakes doctoral work. His outstanding ability attracted the Oxford Revue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 1976 and he had chances for himself when making sketches and performing them for shows in Oxford by the revue group of the Experimental Theater Club (ETC) and for the Oxford University Dramatic Society (OUDS). At this time, Rowan met Howard Goodall and Richard Curtis, who would collaborate with him in the future. In 1979, Rowan starred as a character in a comedy series which was called The Atkin Son People. The content of this series includes fictional great men whom Rowan played in satirical interviews. This series was produced by Griff Rhys Jones and written by Rowan Atkinson and his partner Richard Curtis. In 1979, Rowan practiced a film which was called Canned Laughter for London Weekend Television. 

Then, he continued to do Not the Nine O’Clock News which was produced by Rowan’s friend John Lloyd for the BBC. The reputation of the film Not the Nine O’Clock brought a lot of chances to Rowan and one of them was the lead role of Edmund Blackadder in Blackadder. The Black Adder was set up in the scene of the medieval period and written by Rowan and Richard Curtis. One of his well-known creations was a series of “Mr.Bean” which appeared in a 30-minute special for Thames Television at the beginning day of 1990 and Monsieur Hulot in Jacques Tati was Rowan’s major inspiration to build the character “Mr.Bean”. According to Rowan’s description, Bean is a selfish and self-centered person and doesn’t want to acknowledge other things outside. He is like a child in an adult’s body. 

As mentioned, Rowan Atkinson has an IQ of 178. He is not only prominent in academic studies but also brilliant in his acting career, especially in the series “Mr.Bean” with his high IQ intellectual.

III. Lifestyle of IQ 178

1. Creativity

One of the signs of creative geniuses is that their mind thrives on thinking often. It is like a machine that is active without a stopping point. Additionally, they always order questions in their head “what will happen if…?” and “Why can’t…”. 

Sometimes, their questions make complications for other people but can help to know where they will start to do. Moreover, they are confident in their abnormal creativity themselves in spite of people’s disagreement and they are attracted by different and new projects. Suitable environmental conditions are preferred for IQ 178 talents because it provokes their ability of creativity. Diving in quiet places such as a studio, a coffee shop or a particular corner of the house can help them to focus on the creativity.

2. Isolated

Geniuses often spend a lot of time researching their interesting subjects which leads to make lack of social relationships and they become isolated people day by day.

IV. Suitable job for IQ 178 people

1. Electrical Engineering

This major requires laborers to learn in-depth specialized knowledge and a logical mind. That is the reason why this job is often suitable for IQ 178 workers. Job’s duties are to design and develop electrical equipment such as fabric production machines, power generation machines, and car washers. 

Additionally, they also calculate to develop construction, installation specifications and standards. Besides, electrical engineers also receive complaints from their customers or the public, investigate and evaluate the level of problems and recommend solutions to handle. According to the report of bls.gov, the average annual wage for this job was $100,420 (2021).

2. Aerospace Engineering

The responsibility of this job is to supervise and evaluate the design, production, and operation of aerospace products. Particularly, they will consider implementing projects if they are reasonable in terms of finance and technique. Additionally, engineers will evaluate that new products meet available conditions such as requirements of customers, environmental protection regulations and engineering standard quality. 

Aerospace Engineering job for 178 iq

They also test and determine operating products that are damaged to explore original sources of problems and come out with reasonable solutions to overcome. This field requires laborers to acknowledge new technologies on a regular basis to use for defense systems, spacecraft and aviation. There are plenty of particular job titles in aerospace engineering such as thermodynamics, celestial mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, control systems, aerodynamics and so on. Also, the types of aerospace products that engineers select to be experts are military airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, rockets or remotely piloted aircraft. According to the statistics of bls.gov, the median salary rate for this job was $122,270 per year in 2021 and a bachelor’s degree is the minimum level which is required to attend.

3. Civil engineering

The duties of this job are to plan and design projects through the analytics of survey reports and the relevant data. Furthermore, they will evaluate and propose construction costs and potential environmental protection solutions during the implementation of projects. The management of public and private infrastructure maintenance is one of their responsibilities. Referring to the website bls.gov, the 2021 median pay was $88, 050 per year and the same in the high-level fields, laborers must graduate with a bachelor.

In conclusion, IQ 178 geniuses are people who own superior intelligence. If you want to determine your IQ scores, you can join IQ tests on websites.      

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