All Facts about IQ 170

An IQ 170 score is one of the talents’ endowed gifts. So, what prominent features do they have?

I. What does IQ 170 indicate?

You are probably an exceptional talent in the world if you have an IQ test of 170. According to scientists’ surveys, people who own IQ scores from 145 and further account for 0.1% only while people from 85 to 115 occupy around 68%. It means an IQ 170 is extremely rare and few people achieve that score.

What does IQ 170 indicate?

II. Celebrities with IQ 170

1. Judit Polgár  - The chess grandmaster with an IQ 170

The Hungarian female - Judit Polgar is well-known as a chess grandmaster and she is one of the world’s first women’s chess players. She was born in 1976 in a Jewish family in Hungary and her father was the first teacher who trained her how to play chess. People know her not only because of her prominent chess-playing ability but also her IQ score. 

Judit Polgár - The chess grandmaster with an IQ 170

According to the published record, the Hungarian chess player owns an IQ test of 170. With her intelligence and good skills in chess-playing, she has won duel chess battles in which there are attendants of many world champions such as Boris Spassky, Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov.  

Polgar is the only female grandmaster who has won against the defending world champion and beaten 11 former and current world chess champions in both the fast and the standard flag. Although she is a female player, chess-playing tournaments for male players have her attendance because she doesn’t have female opponents in this field.

On the chess-playing ranking board, Judit achieved 2,682 which makes an extreme distance from the second female player from India, Koneru Humpy (2,593). Judit occupied 56th in the top 100 of the world (both men and women) and the 46-year-old was in the top 10 in the world (8th) with 2,753 in 2005.

When Judit and his older sisters were children, László Polgar, her father, had a concept that children are able to achieve superior results if they are well-educated from a juvenile age. Finally, her parents decide on chess to teach their daughters as a family specialty and Laszlo teaches Esperanto to them also. 

At that time, It is believed that chess is a game for male players but Judit’s father tried to orientate her and her sisters for the purpose of becoming the world chess champions. “Women can also achieve similar results in the field of intellectual activity”, he said. And his three daughters achieve particular success in this game and his daughters’ achievement is the most powerful affirmation of Laszlo’s educational plan as well as his statement about gender equality. 

At the beginning of the year, Judit won the World Chess Championship for women with only her sister’s previous guidance and when she was 5 years old, she beat a friend in chess without looking at the chessboard. Judit decided on Hungary to develop her chess career because this nation had the most advanced chess environment in the world. In 1988, this 12-year-old grandmaster defeated the top man to win the U.12 World tournament at the same age. 

When she was the age of 15, she graduated from the International Economic University and became the youngest student in the university’s history to do so. Recently, Judit is the author of her autobiography and these books were translated into some languages to inspire parents in the world: How I Beat Fischer’s Record, From GM to Top Ten, and A Game of Queens. Besides, she published books specializing in training pre-school children on how to play chess and methodological resources for teachers such as Adventures on the Chessboard, Chess Moves, Check and Mate and so on.

With an IQ score of 170, she easily reached the peak of her career and academic roadmap.

2. Jacob Barnett - Intelligence heir of Albert Einstein with IQ 170

The American young physicist - Jacob Barnett has the full name is Jacob L. “Jake” Barnett and was born in 1998. When Jacob was a 2-year-old child, he was diagnosed with autism. Although he was educated in the special needs kindergarten by outstanding educators, Jabob could neither write nor speak. His parents realized that their son is facing difficulty with language communication skills (speaking and writing), so they decided on a private training environment for the son. 

Jacob Barnett - Intelligence heir of Albert Einstein with IQ 170

In the early years, Jacob is keen on physics and astronomy but because of his limited ability to communicate, his parents do not understand his pursuit. After that, he started to seek and research physics deeply and his first achievement is that he was co-author of physics research that was published.

In an interview at Ohio State University, Joanne Ruthsatz - a psychology professor stated that high-IQ geniuses such as Jacob Barnett have appeared in about one of ten million cases and according to the biography which was published by Jacob’s mother, he was a member of both Intertel and Mensa (two high intelligence associations). 

In a series of videos that were posted by Jacob’s mother on Youtube in 2011, there are articles that appeared with headlines such as “12-Year-Old Genius Expands Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Think He Can Prove It Wrong” or “Prodigy Outshines Einstein”. Although there is no verified evidence for these videos, we must admit that Jacob is perfectly able to develop the field of physics with an IQ of 170. 

In 2013, Barnett took part in the 1-year Perimeter Scholars International Masters program at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo and he became the youngest student in this program. He finished the course perfectly in 2014 and he attended postgraduate studies at the Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo. In terms of publications, Barnett became a co-author of the article Origin of maximal symmetry breaking in even PT-symmetric lattices in the journal Physical Review A with a physics professor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in 2011 and he was the youngest co-author to publish the journal when he was 13. 

Even though this IQ 170 genius was diagnosed with autism and lost the ability of communication skills, he still made various things which changed and developed the field of physics in the world and became well-known as a child prodigy.

III. Personalities of IQ 170 people

1. Geniuses are often isolated

Geniuses are often isolated themselves from society because of their distinctive features. They can develop their ability of communication skills so slowly that ordinary people are mistrustful of their future development. But IQ 170 owners find out interesting kinds of stuff such as physics or mathematics, they surely will spend more time on researching them and that is the foundation of their career development.

2. Love the creativity in work

Talents’ ability of creativity is limitless. They are good at not only acquiring former academic knowledge but also making new inventions and theories which were based on previously researched works.

In conclusion, the IQ 170 owners are extremely intelligent in terms of aspects (personality, lifestyle, knowledge, and so on). If parents are curious about whether children are talented, parents can convince them to join IQ tests to determine their scores of IQ. Thence, parents will decide on the development roadmap for children.

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