All Facts about IQ 168

Scientists categorized the people who have IQ 168 into the ‘Genius at a high level’ group, and they also disclosed that only 0.000290570128% of the global population have IQ 168. This post will provide you with more information about IQ 168. 

I. What does IQ 168 indicate?

By years of research, people now estimate that only 1 in every 344,151 people has IQ 168. . In fact, Albert Einstein just had an IQ test of 160 and he was one of the most prominent physicians in the world.

Scientists categorized the people who have IQ 168 into the ‘Genius at a high level’ group, and they also disclosed that only 0.000290570128% of the global population have IQ 168

Scientists categorized the people who have IQ 168 into the ‘Genius at a high level’ group, and they also disclosed that only 0.000290570128% of the global population have IQ 168

Individuals having IQ 168 are more lucky than famous actress Emma Watson and Tesla’s founder Elon Musk as their brains are superior compared to the mentioned celebrities.

High- IQ talents also tend to select occupational fields which ask for high-level abilities of creativity and a logical mind such as construction engineering, computer engineering, computer science, software engineering, website development and so on. Besides, their personalities and lifestyle are different from others. Some geniuses can be unfriendly and introverted while others can be funny and are always the emotional source of every comedy story. 

II. Marilyn Monroe - Celebrity with IQ 168

Marilyn Monroe has an IQ score of 168, she is one of the most famous actresses of the 1900s. Also, she worked as a singer and model.

Monroe was born in June 1926 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. The full name of Monroe is Norma Jeane Mortenson. Her mother’s name is Gladys Pearl Baker who became a married couple with Martin Edward Mortensen in 1924 and rapidly made a separation after several months. Monroe’s childhood was happy and unchanged even though her mother faced financial and mental difficulties at that time. 

Marilyn Monroe - Celebrity with IQ 168

Monroe’s childhood experiences were the inspiration that encouraged her to be an actress. "I didn't like the world around me because it was kind of grim ... When I heard that this was acting, I said that's what I want to be ... Some of my foster families used to send me to the movies to get me out of the house and there I'd sit all day and way into the night. Up in front, there with the screen so big, a little kid all alone, and I loved it.", she said. 

Marilyn studied at Emerson Junior High School and came to Christian Science on a weekly basis when beginning to live with Grace’s aunt, Ana Lower in Sawtelle. Although she was a mediocre student, she was good at writing and contributed plenty of newspapers for her school. However, Monroe’s living was stable, she must move to live with the Goddards in Van Nuys at the beginning of 1941 due to aunt Lower’s negative health conditions. 

In January 1945, she began to work as a model for Conover and signed a contract with the Blue Book Model Agency in the middle of 1945. She became unemployed after a few extra roles in films which were produced by the Fox and Columbia studios. Monroe’s naked portrait which was placed on a calendar in the year of 1948 landed her a role in the film Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay. She was trained by Lee Strasberg to become a professional comic at the Actors’ Studio in New York City and her first comic films in which she played roles such as The Seven Year Itch (1955) and Bus Stop (1956). She appeared with Laurence Olivier as a co-star in Showgirl and the Prince (1957). She received plenty of critical praise as a performer for the first time in Some Like It Hot (1959). 

Marilyn Monroe with Jane Russell in Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

Marilyn Monroe with Jane Russell in Gentleman Prefer Blondes.

Speaking of her intelligence and curiosity, there is no surprise that people know Monroe had an inquisitive mind and was a well-read actress. That is the reason why her walls of the library were filled with works of drama, art, literature, poetry, biography, politics, philosophy, psychology and theology.

According to scientists’ study, the audience was perplexed and expressed their excitement when researchers incredibly published Monroe – A symbol of charm and sexy acting, who owned an IQ test of 168 which was even higher than Albert Einstein. 

People believed that Monroe was intelligent due to her reading passion and other extraordinary signs. Albert Einstein especially gave Marilyn Monroe a picture which was attached to his signature and it was extremely important to her. 

Although Monroe passed away during her on-top acting career, her works were still a symbol of charming acting until now. Her prominent films can be listed as Dangerous Years (1947), Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay (1948), Ladies of the Chorus (1948), Love Happy (1949), A Ticket to Tomahawk (1950), The Asphalt Jungle (1950), As Young as You Feel (1951) and others.

III. The passion of IQ 168 people

1. Reading

One of the clearest signs of IQ of 168 geniuses is the passion for reading. They often collect books with particular passionate topics such as biology, fiction, mathematics, philosophy, psychology and so on and spend a lot of time reading. Scientific studies have proven that reading books brings many benefits to mental health and helps improve yourself comprehensively.

Reading is the easiest way to provide your brain with new knowledge, which can lead you to a new perspective, forming new ideas. All it takes to change your life is great ideas, therefore, read books every day to discover new potentials and build your knowledge base.

You might think quickly that people who don't read books and become millionaires in this world are just special cases. However, there are many people who read a lot and are good at making money like Bill Gates and Warren Buffetts. Knowledge is the basic foundation of personal and career development. That is also the reason why most of the world's most famous billionaires advise people to read as many books as possible.

2. Discovery

High IQ talents are always curious about something they love such as physical inventions, types of engines and so on. Hence, they tend to look up and discover unavailable features based on their academic knowledge.

Albert Einstein once said: "I have no special talents, I'm just enthusiastically curious." An adult study published in 2016 found a link between childhood intelligence and curiosity.

Scientists observed thousands of people born in the UK over 50 years and found that those with higher IQs (when tested at age 11) tended to be more curious and adventurous than others. others (when taking the survey at age 50).

IV. Jobs are suitable for IQ 168’s people

1. Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineering is one of the major fields in the world and is witnessing rapid development. Increasing demand for energy while supply is scarce makes this industry challenging. Almost always, Petroleum engineers are involved in all stages of exploitation such as assessment, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields. They are the ones who design and plan mining methods from mines below the Earth's surface.

To put it simply, petroleum engineers are people who determine the location of gas and natural gas reservoirs below the earth's surface, then determine and calculate how much effort it will take to exploit the crude product. 

Basically, the job of petroleum engineers is to monitor drilling operations as well as solve any problems related to machinery or operations. They decide what to do to solve an ineffective activity. And at the same time, they also research and develop new drilling tools and techniques. From there, find newer, more modern ways to exploit oil and gas.

To become a petroleum engineer, you need to develop skills such as

1.1 Analytical skills

As a petroleum engineer, the requirement is the ability to translate and understand large amounts of information, knowledge as well as technical data, etc. to have specific assessments and analyzes to ensure the basis operates safely and efficiently.

1.2 Creative

In general, with each new drilling location comes new challenges. Therefore, as a petroleum engineer you need to be creative, to be able to apply it to specific terrains. Besides, there is also creativity in research and development of machinery, technology, operations,...

1.3 Communication skills

Communication skills are an extremely important soft skill, and for a petroleum engineer it is even more important. Working in a specialized environment, petroleum engineers may work with many people, from domestic experts to foreign experts, so communication is necessary to ensure the project operates smoothly. smooth and effective way.

1.4 Math skills

Certainly, being called an engineer always requires very high mathematical thinking. And to pursue your dream of becoming a petroleum engineer, you need to be good at math and physics to be able to analyze, design, weigh, measure costs, oil and gas output, etc.

1.5 Problem-solving skills

A petroleum engineer is someone who will find problems quickly and solve them once and for all. Therefore, problem solving skills are also an important skill on the path of petroleum engineers.

2. Interior designer

According to the general development trend of society, interior design is increasingly respected and there are gradually new advances in the furniture industry. furniture in general. Interior design is an extremely important part, inseparable from architecture. Because, no matter how large the architectural work is, how unique the shape is or how special the design is, if it lacks the interior design, half of it is lost. 

An interior designer is the person responsible for designing and creating interior spaces to meet the needs and desires of customers. Their work includes conceptualizing, planning, and executing interior projects, from choosing colors and materials, to interior layout and decoration. The interior is considered the soul of the house, therefore, the role of the interior designer is extremely important in creating a wonderful living space for the homeowner. 

To become a professional interior designer you need to meet the following basic requirements

2.1 Aesthetic aptitude & Painting skills: 

Interior designers need to be able to mix colors, combine smart lighting, as well as combine materials appropriately to ensure overall harmony and enhance aesthetics.

The interior design industry requires you to have basic painting skills and talents, especially skills in visual arts. Even when designing interiors, you need more painting skills than an artist because your design space is three-dimensional, so if you do not carefully consider the layout and sound elements , lighting, you will not be able to create a balanced and harmonious space.

Besides, interior design is also one of the highly applicable art fields, so you not only need to have continuous creative thinking but also have a practical and deductive mind. 

2.2 Creativity

This is considered an indispensable and extremely important factor for interior designers. To create a perfect interior design space, and bring the unique personality of each homeowner. Interior designers must have good creative thinking ability to arrange and arrange interior space in the most reasonable way.

2.3 Technology skills

Interior design is not only an art but also a technical science. Therefore, in addition to the ability to draw, it is also necessary to have a good set of knowledge related to technology and engineering, especially technical technologies in the construction industry to be able to calculate the size of objects. The materials used are suitable for the architectural space, the electricity and water structure is reasonable, etc.

Therefore, interior design is not at all a romantic art industry but also an industry that requires very high logical calculations. However, often, people who are highly artistically inclined are not good at calculating and vice versa. Therefore, to combine both of these elements together, architects must actually go through real-life projects, cultivate and learn a lot of knowledge to be able to reach a state of balance. 

2.4 Patience and meticulousness

To create an architectural space with high aesthetics and functionality requires the designer to be extremely meticulous in each step, such as: choosing materials for making curtains such as: How to optimize natural light, how to choose interior materials to highlight design style, etc.

2.5 Good communication skills

To put their designs into practical use, architects must undergo the approval and censorship of customers, so understanding their psychology and needs is extremely important. In addition, these psychological factors are often greatly influenced by social culture. Therefore, the deeper your social knowledge, the easier it is for you to grasp customer psychology and achieve success in your career path.

To be able to understand the customer's needs and desires in detail, the designer needs to work and communicate directly with the homeowner. During the work process, the designer also needs to present design ideas to the homeowner to ensure the design meets the customer's wishes. Therefore, communication skills are considered a very important skill for your success as an interior designer.

2.6 Understanding of materials

Not only knowing the types of materials, interior designers need to have a certain understanding of these materials, such as their properties, whether they are suitable for them or not. In what situations is it appropriate to use, etc.

Technical technology is increasingly developing, leading to the birth of new technologies and materials, better meeting the needs of consumers. Therefore, interior design architects also need to be able to access and update this information quickly to better serve customer needs. Besides, with the constant flow of social culture, if engineers do not have a sensitive sense, they will not be able to promptly grasp psychology and new trends in society.

The article provided you with the essential information you should know about people who have an IQ of 168. If parents want to know how much their children’s IQ score is, they can take children to educational centers or join IQ tests on websites to measure how intelligent they are in terms of IQ scores. Then, parents can orient educational strategies and help them to build an occupation roadmap in the future.

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