All Facts about IQ 165

There is noteworthy information that people who own an IQ of 165 are extremely brainy and their personalities are surely different from others. Ordinary people could be more prominent or less intelligent in their own features but lots of intelligence decides on IQ 165 owners and always makes them prominent in life. If you want to know how it is, you should read this article.

I. Are IQ 165 owners really intelligent?

IQ-of-165 people are exceptional in terms of intellect and it is listed in the category of “extremely highly intelligent”. In fact, the German great physicist - Albert Einstein was officially revealed to have an IQ score of 160, and a lack of cases achieved this score at that time. 

What does IQ 165 indicate?

It is proven that people who have IQ tests of 165 are geniuses. In spite of an IQ of 165, those people do not necessarily achieve outstanding success in life as most people expect. So who are people that own such high IQ scores?

II. Celebrities with IQ 165

1. Charles Darwin - an English outstanding biologist with an IQ of 165

Darwin’s full name is Charles Robert Darwin. He was born in 1809 in Shrewsbury, England and one of the prominent biologists with the classic biological work “On the Origin of Species” for publication. According to the published report on the website celebrityiqs.com, this English naturalist achieved an IQ test of 165 and he is the only biologist who owns IQ 165 at that time.

Charles Darwin - an English outstanding biologist with an IQ of 165

His father was a doctor and his mother was a financer. Darwin was born and raised in a wealthy society and he has grandfathers who were great abolitionists in England. Charles took out general theories of evolution with common descent in his Zoonomia and these concepts were praised by his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin. 

Charles spent the summer of 1825 as a junior doctor who helped his father to treat homeless people and the poor of Shropshire. He attended one of the best medical education centers in the UK which is named the University of Edinburgh Medical School with Erasmus (his brother) in October 1825. He found lectures uninteresting and he started to be absent from the next lessons. 

When he was a sophomore, he took part in the Plinian Society, a natural-history student group with impressive debates. Darwin supported Robert Edmond’s explosions of the life cycle of invertebrates in the ocean in the Firth of Forth. His own discovery was presented at the Plinian on 27 March 1827 and this publication states black spores in oyster shells were the eggs of a skate leech. Latterly, Darwin’s fame is not only in the field of biology but also that of geography. He was the author of “The Voyage of the Beagle”. 

This book was published largely in South America and unlocked the puzzle of the origin of coral atolls. His final book is The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms.

With an IQ of 165, Darwin was really a reputable genius in multi-field subjects (geography, biology, and so on) and he studied multi-industry fields and discovered useful academic theories for life.

2. Richard Dawkins IQ 165 - A British biologist

When it comes to the IQ score of 165 owners, Richard Dawkins is the unskippable name. He is a biologist who specializes in the theory of evolution in Britain and his biological prominence became more popular with his book “The Selfish Gene” (1976). This book concentrates on the gene-centered concept of evolution and the term “meme” was introduced in the field of biology.

Richard Dawkins IQ 165 - A British biologist

Dawkins’ full name is Clinton Richard Dawkins. He was born and raised in Nairobi, British Kenya. Dawkins attended Chafyn Grove School in Wiltshire when he was eight years old.  He studied at Oundle School in Northamptonshire from 1954 to 1959. Dawkins read the masterpiece “Why I Am Not a Christian” which was authored by Bertrand Russell for the first time. 

He became a student of Balliol College (Oxford) who majored in zoology and was a bachelor of zoology in 1962. He was taught by Nikolaas Tinbergen - a Nobel Prize-winning ethologist and under his prominent teacher’s supervision, Darwin continued as a research junior student and received a Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1966 and kept with the position of a research assistant for about one year. Tinbergen's initiation in the study of animal behavior which specialized in the subjects of learning, instinct, and choice helped Dawkin to research in this period. The British biologist finished the theory of models of animal decision-making and was awarded a DSc by Oxford in 1989.

As we can see, the IQ 165 talents are outstanding not only in one field but also in other fields and the two above geniuses are the evidence.

III. Personalities of IQ 165 people

There are abnormal traits which appear in every IQ of 165 geniuses. Although some of them make intelligent people isolated because of the difference, they create the foundation of talent’s success and talents will be more advantageous in achieving particularly in their passionate fields. So, let's see outstanding traits which the IQ 165 geniuses often own.

1. Self-control is a sign of IQ of 165 people 

Smart people easily overcome the difference through their chain of soft skills. Before IQ 165 geniuses start to do something, they often elaborate plans that include goal determination, alternative strategy exploration and consequence consideration.

2. An IQ 165 is often a sense of humor

According to Advita Bihani’s study, almost highly IQ-scoring people often have a fascinating sense of humor and this concept has received a lot of praise from psychological scientists. Another study also pointed out that authors who wrote more humorous captions for cartoon movies passed IQ tests with the higher score in terms of measures of by-mouth intelligence and comedians were proven that they scored on IQ tests which were higher than the average score on measures of verbal intelligence. 

People know Albert Einstein not only because of his own physics inventions but also his sense of humor. We can easily understand via his funny pictures and he often had exciting and funny talks with businessmen and comedians (Charlie Chaplin is one of them).

3. Talents are curious about everything

High-IQ people always make questions about what they don’t know. Thanks to that trait, they often acquire a lot of knowledge from new things and those understandings sometimes are the foundation of geniuses’ passions and IQ of 165 talents can create prominent results from their passions.

4. Have open-mindedness

Instead of rejecting ahead opportunities, IQ 165 talents are always willing to receive and acquire experience via them. Hammett states that smart people are often “willing to accept and consider other views with value and broad-mindedness”. It is believed that open-minded residents who often look for alternative concepts and evaluate those fairly score higher on IQ tests and the SAT. Alas states “An intelligent mind has a strong aversion to accepting things on face value and therefore withholds belief until presented with ample evidence”.

Finally, those are traits of the IQ test of 165 owners that you should know. If you really want to know what score you have, you can attend IQ tests on websites. When you determine your IQ scores, you easily plan your suitable occupations and own development roadmap.

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